Ediths' New Life : Part 2

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I climb back into bed and Gabriel walks in behind me. I smile as he lays next to me.

"So Kitten, I wanted to know if you would like to go shopping today?" He smiles rubbing my leg.

"Shopping? For what?" I ask curious.

"Well if you're going to be mine you're going to need some stuff." He smiles again.

"What kind of stuff?" I giggle.

"toys Kitten and sexy clothes." He hugs me.

"Oh yea?" I smile excitedly. "I'd love to shopping, sounds like a lot of fun, but I need a change of clothes so can you take me to my apartment so I can get ready?"

"Of course Kitten. Get your shoes on while I get ready." He kisses my forehead then gets up.

"Yes Daddy." I giggle getting up. I comb my hair with my fingers a little then put it up in a ponytail. I grab my shoes and put them on. Gabriel comes out of the shower wrapped in a towel. I smile seeing him and he smiles back then flashes me. I squeal and giggle covering my eyes. He laughs going to the closet to get dressed. He comes out wearing a t shirt and jeans and boots. He puts on some Axe body spray and smiles at me.

"You ready Kitten?"

I smile taking a deep breath in smelling his spray. It smelt so amazing. "Yes Daddy." I give him a big smile and he smiles back. We drive to my apartment, the whole time he was rubbing my leg. We get to my apartment and walk in.

"Well make yourself at home while I shower." I give him a kiss then go to my room. I undress and start the shower. I grab a couple of towels from the closet and then set them on the sink. I brush my hair and then step into the shower. I start wetting my hair when I hear the bathroom door open. "Gabriel?" I call out.

"Yes Kitten." He answers.

I smile, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing." He smiles as he steps into the shower. I smile back. "Hi Kitten."

"Hi Daddy." I smile looking him up and down his cock semi hard. I bite my lip looking at it. "Can I help you daddy?"

"Possibly." He smiles grabbing me then kisses me. I kiss back my heart pounding hard. He rubs his hands up and down my body. I shudder loving the feeling of his hands touching me. He deepens the kiss my body starts melting into his arms. He pulls away smiling. "Hurry up and finish showering." He then steps out leaving me in the shower in shock.

"Really?" I laugh. "Did you really just do that?"

I hear him laugh. "Yes I did Kitten, now if you want to continue that I suggest you hurry so we can go shopping."

"Wow," I smile and continue showering. I wash my hair, condition, wash my body. I rinse off and turn the water off. I wrap my hair in a towel and start drying myself off. i wrap the towel around me and brush my teeth. I go to my closet and pick out tight skinny jeans with rips all over them, a tight blue low cut tank top. I take them and lay them on my bed. I grab a pair of black boy short panties and a black bra. I put on lotion as Gabriel walks in. I smile and finish putting on lotion. I slide on my jeans and put my short on. I go back to the bathroom and do my make up. I just put on some eye liner and mascara.

"Keeping it simple I see." He smiles watching me from the door. "You still look very beautiful with out a lot of make up."

I smile, "Thank you Daddy." I start drying my hair then straighten it. I put on a little lip gloss and deodorant and body spray. I put on some socks and my hi top shoes. I put on my rings and a bracelet. I look at myself in the mirror and smile. "Okay Daddy, I'm ready."

"Good," he smiles. "Oh and Kitten I packed you some clothes to take to my place. I picked out all your sexy outfits that I liked."

I smile, "Awww thank you Daddy." He takes me by the hand as we walk out the door. He drives us to a sex shop. I smile excitedly.

"Ready Kitten?" He smiles turning the car off.

"Yes I am Daddy." We get out of the car and he leads me into the store. I looked around seeing all the lingerie and porn and toys. "Wow," I smile.

"What Kitten?" He smiles looking at me.

"I've never been to a sex shop before." I blush.

"Aww Kitten." He laughs hugging me. "Come on then lets go pick out some stuff for you." He takes me to the back where the toys were. "Okay, I'm doing to get you a dildo so pick one that you will like."

I look at all of them. Some small, some huge, and all different colors. I pick out a long thick blue one and show Gabriel.

"Looks a lot like mine huh Kitten?" He laughs.

"Just yours isn't blue." I giggle.

He smiles taking it, "Now I'm going to get you a anal plug. I'm thinking the princess one." He smiles. "Pick which color you want."

I look at them and see a pink one. I grab it looking at it. "I like this one." I smile handing it to him.

He nods taking it. "Now a little clit vibrator." He goes and grabs one. "I know you'll love this one." I smile nodding. We walk around and I stop at the more kinky toys. He stops next to me. "Se anything you like Kitten?"

I blush a little. "Ummm well I always wanted one of these." I grab a ball gag.

He smiles taking it. "How about some of these too." He grabs two pairs of handcuffs, a mask with a whole in the mouth area, some lube, a paddle, and a pink collar. I look at him confused. "Well you're my Kitten right?"

"I've never had a collar before." I blush.

"I'm sure you've never had any of these things before. Not even a guy like me." I blush looking away feeling a little ashamed. "What's wrong Kitten?" He puts the stuff down and holds me.

"Why me? Why do you want a girl who has no experience in all this? You could have a girl who knows about all this stuff, but yet you choose me."

He smiles giving me a kiss. "Oh Kitten, I chose you because you are beautiful and cute and adorable. I don't care if you don't know about this stuff. I would love to show you about all this. And you will love it and be really good at it, I know you will. I can see that you are willing to be mine fully. To let me have full control of you. If I didn't like you Kitten I wouldn't bother with any of this. I wouldn't collar you." He smiles putting the collar on me. "So beautiful." He smiles kissing me. "Don't worry Kitten I will take good care of you. You're my girl."

I smile wanting to cry. I give him a big hug. "Thank you Daddy."

He kisses the top of my head. "No problem Kitten. Now lets get you a few more things. Go look at the clothes while I go get something."

I nod walking to the clothes. I pick out a school girls outfit, a fishnet onesie, and a french maid outfit. Gabriel comes up behind me.

"So what did you pick?" I show him smiling. "Very nice Kitten." He smiles. "Well I think that's it Kitten. Lets go pay then go get some lunch." We pay and head back to the car. "So what do you want to eat Kitten?"

I smile, "Hmmm how about Wendy's?"

"Sounds good Kitten." We drive to Wendy's and park. He turns to me and smiles. "Okay Kitten ready for some fun?"

I look at him confused. "Fun? Where?"

"Here." He gives me a devilish grin.

"Ummm okay." I smile nervously.

He grabs the bag full of toyes and pulls one out. I look at it not recognizing it. He opens it and hands it to me. "Here Kitten put this inside your tight little pussy for me."

"What?" I look at him shocked. "When did you get this?"

He laughs, "I got you a few surprises while you were picking out your outfits. Now come on Kitten, pull your pants down and put this in your tight little cunt."

I blush grabbing it. I slide off my pants and panties. I slide it in moaning a bit. "It's in."

"good girl." He smiles. "Now pull your pants back up."

I do as told. "So what does it do?"

He just smiles at me. "You'll find out soon enough." We walk into the restaurant and walk to the counter.

"Hi can I take your order?" The cashier asked us.

"Umm yes I'll have the number one with a coke." Gabriel told him. "Kitten, what would you like?"

I look at the menu for a second. "Ummm can I have a small chili, medium fries, 4 piece nugget, and a sprite." I smile.

"Would you like regular chicken nuggets or spicy?" He asks typing everything in.

"Spicy." I squeal mid word as i feel the toy start vibrating inside me.

The cashier looks at me weird. "Are you okay miss?"

I nod as Gabriel laughs. "I'm fine." I manage to gasp. The vibrating stops and i take a deep breath. Gabriel still laughing. I give him a little shove and whisper, "You meanie."

"Ummm okay." The cashier says awkwardly. He tells us the total and Gabriel pays.

We start walking to get a table and the toy starts vibrating again. I squeal nearly falling over. The vibration speed higher than before. Gabriel chuckles grabbing my arm helping me to the table. I sit down crossing my legs trying hard not to moan. The vibration stops and I relax a little. I look at him.<"You are so mean."

He shrugs still laughing a bit. "It's entertaining for me."

I roll my eyes smiling. "Your still mean." He smiles at me leaning over to give me a kiss. As he does it starts vibrating again. I bite my lip but he holds my neck still kissing me making sure I don't pull away. The vibration gets faster and I feel myself about to cum. He smiles looking into my eyes as I grip his pants.

"Don't you dare cum." He whispers. "If you cum I will punish you." He smiles and the vibrating stops. I breathe heavily my hands shaking. "Good girl." He smiles kissing my forehead.

Our food comes and we eat. He let me relax while we ate. No vibrating during our meal. Which I am thankful for because I don't think I could handle it again. We finish eating and head to the car. We get in and drive home, the whole time the toy vibrating inside me. I started wiggling in my seat moaning the whole time. He grabbed my hand putting it on his extremely hard cock.

"Mmm Kitten, just wait til we get home. You're in for it." He growled. I moaned louder feeling the urge to cum. "You want to cum Kitten?" I nod unable to speak. "Beg for it Kitten." I groan gripping his cock. "Beg for it." He growled.

"Please can i cum Daddy please." I screamed unable to hold back anymore as the vibration was at its highest level of vibration.

"Yes Kitten you can cum." He smiled as i screamed and came really hard. The vibrating stopped and I sank into my seat breathing hard. He smiles, "You're such a good girl Kitten. I bet your little cunt is dripping."

All I could do was smile and nod.

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