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The music was slow, the lights were dim, and Alicia’s legs were wide open. She was naked except for a white T-shirt. She’d taken the rubber band off of her long blonde hair, allowing it to hang freely.

She held a book of erotica in her left hand. It’s amazing the effect that words and romantic music can have on the human body. The ecstasy pill that she had taken earlier was helping the mood too.

She placed the book at her side. She looked down at her own breasts. They were ample and firm, very perky.

She pulled each of them slowly from the T-shirt. She took a deep breath and watched the way they rose and fell. There was something weird happening tonight. With the sensuous, soulful music playing in the background, she was getting turned on by her own body.

Her nipples were erect. A shiver went through her body as she touched them. It seemed like her whole body was more alive now than ever before.

She was lost in herself as she fondled and massaged her excited clit. Her legs were trembling. Her whole body was tingling, even her feet.

It was like the man on the radio was singing to her, her alone. He knew the right words to say. He knew the right way to say them. He knew when to say them. He was inside her head, and he was making her oh-so wet.

She licked her fingers and swirled them in circles on her clit and her outer pussy lips, which had swollen immensely and were giving off a lot of heat.

Her eyelids felt heavy so she closed them. She opened her eyes when she felt something thin and flexible worming its way into her vagina.

She opened her eyes to the vision of a man’s head buried between her thighs. His features were dark and rugged. He was handsome and muscular.

He pleasured her with his tongue and fingers for a long time. He lapped at her clit and pussy lips and stimulated her inner walls with his long fingers and sensuous touch until he felt it was time to switch roles. He was in control and knew what he was doing.

He stood up, rubbed saliva on his cock until it was rock hard. He put it inches from Alicia’s face. She took him in her mouth, sucking the cock head before licking his balls and sucking him fully into her mouth.

The oral foreplay lasted for what seemed an eternity. The music had long gone off, now replaced by the sounds of them slurping on one another’s genitals, heavy breathing, and passionate moaning.

She’d suck his cock to the brink of an orgasm, then pull back just in time to prolong their erotic encounter.

He sat on the couch and lifted her onto his cock, which was tingling intensely after the way she had just finished sucking his dick in an upside down 69 position. He forcefully planted his prick in her wet hole. It met with a lot of resistance, but several shoves later, they managed to slide it deep inside her wet snatch.

It was a tight fit. Alicia started bouncing on his penis, synchronizing her movements to his thrusts.

He was a patient lover who knew her body well. He was gentle when he needed to be, and rough when she wanted him to be. He knew the right places to touch her as he kissed her, slipped his tongue in her mouth, and sucked her tits as they bounced up and down with her as she rode his prick.

They didn’t need to talk to know what the other wanted. They communicated with lustful gazed and loud cries of ecstasy.

Hours went by with them fucking in various wanton positions. They’d exhausted every muscle to its limits, and though tired, the vaginal assault persisted until fiery streams of cum burst free of her lover’s cock. Every drop landed on her pussy. It was saturated beyond belief when he was done cumming. Her pubic hair looked as if she just got out of the shower and didn’t have time to dry off.

He fucked her a while longer, though her pussy had an odd slippery feel to it. He pulled out. They kissed each other for a long time. The heaviness in Alicia’s eyelids came back. She dozed off again, but just for a brief moment. Her eyes popped open when she heard the same R&B music in the background that was playing before she started making love to this man who she didn’t know.

Her lips were still puckered and she was kissing at the air. Her lover was missing. She didn’t see him anywhere.

She closed her eyes and leaned back. She realized she must have imagined it, but if that was the case, why did she feel wetness all over her pussy. It was soaked and the liquid smelled of semen.

It didn’t make sense, especially now, because a blonde with a luscious ass wearing a leopard skin miniskirt sat on the couch and started playing in Alicia’s cum-sodden pubic hairs.

Nothing made sense anymore. She didn’t know the beautiful blonde, nor did she know how the woman got in the house, but Alicia was at ease. She felt a connection with the woman.

The rhythmic music was having the same affect on the blonde as it was having on Alicia. The blonde rubbed Alicia’s tits and played with her own erect nipples as well.

Her facial expression turned into a passionate grimace as she gazed at Alicia lying spread wide on the couch with her twat drenched in man juice. The two women fingered themselves as they gazed at each other’s beautiful bodies.

She came hard, everything went black, and when Alicia opened her eyes, she noticed something to the side that wasn’t there before. Two men—both handsome and muscular—were sitting on the other couch naked right next to them. They were looking at the girls and masturbating.

As with the blonde, Alicia had no clue who they were or how they got inside, and the thought to ask never crossed her mind. They looked so sexy and ready to please.

The first got up and went to the blonde. The other went to Alicia. They were patient lovers who did everything to make the women cum…and cum they did…several times each as the guys nailed them in every position imaginable.

The music had faded and been replaced, once again, by the symphony of moans and screams that the girls cried out as they enjoyed having their pussies crushed by their well-endowed sex partners. There was bouncing, grinding, pussy eating, cock sucking, partner swapping, and even a moment when the ladies pleasured each other by sucking each other’s tits and licking each other’s pussies.

On it went until Alicia pulled a dick out of the blonde’s pussy, licked her juices off of it, and savored the taste of cum as it spurt all over her soft lips.

She drifted off to sleep. The Ecstasy was still working. She was still horny. She woke up in the same haze that she was in when she went to sleep.

Who were those people? How did they get in her home? Where had they gone so fast? Had she imagined everything?

She did not know. She still doesn’t.

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