Earning Her Grade : Part 2

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 Ms. Ball took the wine glass from Maria and sat it down on the coffee table in front of the large soft couch. She turned the young girl to her and kissed her softly on the lips as she again told her how sexy she was. She then took the bottom edges of Maria’s top in each of her hands and began to pull it upwards seeking to remove it from the girl and began the girl’s undressing for her sexual fun with her. Maria quickly pushed her top back down as she stepped back from Ms. Ball and told her no, that her clothes were staying on as she summoned the last desperate vestiges of her resistance to the inevitable. Instantly before the girl could even see it coming Ms. Ball drew her open hand back and delivered a stinging hard slap to Maria’s cheek knocking her back and down to the couch.

Ms. Ball then strongly commanded the girl that she would never tell her no or stop again or her punishment for her resistance and disobedience would be much more severe than just a slap. “When I tell you to do something your only reply will be, yes mistress”, Ms. Ball forcefully said. Maria was still trying to get over the shock of the slap as Ms. Ball stood in front of her and pulled the girl’s top up over her head and tossed it to the floor by the couch leaving her 36 inch breasts straining against the cups of her strapless push-up bra seeking to break free of their confinement. She then unsnapped the girl’s micro mini-skirt and sat down on one end of the big soft couch and drew young Maria into her with her arms around the girl’s body and leaned Maria’s head onto her chest so they both could watch her hands play with Maria’s tight body.

Ms. Ball’s left hand fondled and squeezed Maria’s breasts as her right hand slipped under the girl’s skirt. While she played Ms. Ball told Maria to unzip her skirt completely so she could see her hand playing in her panties. Maria immediately complied fearing another slap as she just weakly said, “yes mistress.” Ms. Ball watched her long fingers disappear under the thin material of the girl’s panties, the panties she had admired each time Maria had spread her legs when she got into and out of her car. Now she was playing with the treasure the girl’s panties held captive.

Maria couldn’t believe that she had come to this. She was letting this woman play in her panties and was doing nothing to stop her explorations. She didn’t want it at all but it did feel good as Ms. Ball fondled her breasts and teased her between her legs. She relaxed into Ms. Ball’s arms as she heard herself moan softly while her clitoris was massaged. She had to admit that her boyfriend didn’t take the time to touch her like this he had just got straight for the golden treasure and fucked her only lasting barely a minute as he did. She hadn’t gotten off at all with him before he deposited his load of boy sperm in her and withdrew leaving her frustrated and empty. He had gotten him some pussy but what had she gotten?

Ms. Ball’s middle digit found her fuck hole and sank inside of it fully as the girl moaned her approval. She had her eyes closed imaging that it was him fingering her when she heard Ms. Ball order her to get rid of her bra. Maria feebly unhooked the clasp between the cups of her strapless bra and leaned up to pull her bra away then dropped it on the floor leaving her topless in the lesbian’s arms. Ms. Ball took in the glorious sight of the girl’s immaculate twin hills of breast meat fully exposed to her now. She thrilled at the sight of them, how full and perfectly shaped the teen breasts were with the large nipples pointed upward just inviting a mouth to feed upon them. Ms. Ball had enjoyed the long looks down Maria’s top today in class but hadn’t imagined just how perfectly formed the girl’s breasts were till now when Maria lay in her arms completely topless and she could enjoy the magnificence of the girl’s breasts to her delight. There was no one or nothing that could stop her advances on the young girl now. There was no-one to interrupt her or rescue the girl from her intentions to sexually enslave the young beauty.

Ms. Ball sank another finger into Maria’s pussy and fingered her in earnest making the young girl move her hips to draw her molester’s fingers deeper inside. All the while Ms. Ball kneaded the girl’s breast upward just to watch it stretch with her hand then bounce back downward when she let the breast fall back. She had taken advantage of enough young girls to know when they were ready to be fucked by her over the years. Always as the semester wore on young girls became receptive to sexual advances from her power status over them in order to secure a passing grade from her class and it made them easy targets for her lustful need for their bodies. She had taken so many straight young girls to bed that she didn’t even bother to keep count any more. She enjoyed her power over the young girls to make them willing to take their clothes off and spread their legs for her to enjoy their fruits. She could feel Maria’s hips moving uncontrollably now as the girl approached an orgasm under her probing fingers. It was time to get her naked and fuck her.

She asked Maria did she want to be eaten and fucked now. Maria couldn’t believe the words that came from her own mouth as she said, “yes mistress.” Ms. Ball had the girl stand and let her little skirt drop to the floor as the scent of hot pussy filled the apartment. She admired the girl in nothing but her thong then ordered Maria to go turn down the covers on the bed for them so she could fuck her. She watched the awesome sight of the girl’s bare ass whip as she walked to her bedroom with her long brown hair hanging down her nude back. The sight of her thong with only a thin string running between the cheeks of her beautiful ass made her hunger for the girl’s sex. Ms. Ball knew she would enjoy this girl’s body more than all the other young girls she had turned into her lesbian playmates before.

Ms. Ball walked into the girl’s bedroom with a large bag of goodies she had brought to use with Maria to find her leaning over the bed turning down the bed sheets with her beautiful ass on full display for her eyes to enjoy looking at. She sat the bag down and ran her hands over the girl’s bare ass. Maria turned into her arms and they shared a deep french kiss. She told Maria she adored her little thong but it was time to drop it to the floor and show her bald pussy to her. “Yes mistress,” Maria said as she pushed her thong down past her hips and let it drop to the floor before stepping out of it leaving her totally naked in front of her lover to be.

“Mistress, what about my grade in your class, we haven’t discussed it yet,” the girl asked. Ms. Ball exploded and delivered another hard slap to the girl’s face. This slap was much harder than the previous one and sent Maria back onto the bed. “How dare you bring that up now when I am about to honor you by fucking you! I could have any girl I wanted and I chose you to fuck!” Ms. Ball exclaimed. “I’m sorry mistress. Please I’m so sorry. Don’t hit me again please. I know you could have any girl you wanted to fuck and you chose me. I will never mention my grade again. Please forgive me for saying anything about it”, Maria sobbed. “That’s better slave. You will have your chance to prove your worthiness the next two months by pleasing me in all I command you to do”, Ms. Ball forcibly said. “I’ll see just what kind of a pussy slave you can become for me and how good you can make your pussy when you are told to.”

Maria dried her tears as she now feared Ms. Ball completely. “I’ll make it so good for you I promise and do whatever you tell me to do mistress” Maria pleaded. She had the girl lay in the middle of her soft bed as she went to her naked body and started her final conquest of the young girl.

You will be fucked many times the next two months she told her as her hands began to roam freely over the creamy flesh of the girl. Their lips met softly at first as Ms. Ball’s fingers traced both of the girl’s breast globes going all around the bottoms of them and slowly working her way up to her large nipples. Now their tongues wrestled as Ms. Ball ran her fingers across the nipples over and over driving the girl deeper into a passionate kiss before licking her ear and neck softly. Ms. Ball held Maria’s right breast in her hand as she began to lick around the base of her breast before moving up to the top and licking all around the nipple being careful to not lick the point itself. Then she firmly licked the nipple several times with her entire tongue before gently biting it and taking a large portion of Maria’s right breast into her hot mouth to suck causing the girl to moan her approval as “oh yes mistress. That feels so good!”

Maria held the woman’s head to her breast as she sucked her breast so warm and lovingly. Ms. Ball caressed the girl’s other breast with her hand forcing the bottom of her thumb down and across the nipple intensifying the girl’s moans. Ms. Ball soon went to the girl’s left breast to suck it also not wanting to show favoritism to one breast only. Her palm down, she massaged Maria’s abdomen slowly working down between the girl’s legs. Ms. Ball broke the suction on the girl’s breast and let the meat fall from her mouth. Both breasts were red from where Ms. Ball had sucked them and the girl’s nipples were swollen to the size of strawberries now. She told Maria how beautiful her new slave was and they again kissed passionately.

Ms. Ball asked the girl if she wanted to be eaten really well. The solution Maria had unknowingly drank with her dinner earlier had soaked into her brain now and all she could think of was sex and how bad she needed to be taken and her overwhelming desire to give her sex to Ms. Ball. “Yes mistress. Please eat me, I need and want to cum for you so bad. Please, please take me mistress.”

Ms. Ball gave an evil smile as she lowered her head to the young girl’s pussy to feed on her sweet sex nectar. The site of the pure bald pussy on the girl was exhilarating to Ms. Ball as she swung around and got down between Maria’s spread open legs. She had to calm herself as experienced as she was at eating the pussy of young girls. She knew with Maria’s long creamy legs and beautiful pussy that this girl would be a treat indeed and could make her tons of money selling her body to men and women to feast on if she chose to do that.

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