Drunk Girlfriends Cheats!!

(Part 1 from 1)

It was the 29th of October 2005. Me and my girlfriend had been invited to a halloween party two days later
so we were discussing what we were going to wear. She said she had it all planned out. She was going to dress up
as a naughty school girl. You know, plaid skirt, shirt tied in a knot with all the top buttons open...all the
good stuff. Now what made Jessica look even hotter in that dress was the fact she had nice round tits with the perfect
ass for an 18 yr old. For the jokes of it, I dressed up as Osama Bin Laden and what made that even funnier was
that I wasn't the only Osama at the party.

Anyway, so 31st rolls along and I pick her up from her house at around 7 p.m. I got an instant hard-on just
looking at her walking out her door and towards the car. We get to the party, go inside and I instantly noticed
all men OGGLING her, checking her out top to bottom. Now i'm the type of guy who laughs and says Thank You when
someone tells me my girlfriend's hot because my philosohpy is LOOK, BUT DONT TOUCH. There's nothing wrong with
saying she's hot because I know she is.

The party went along nicely. Me and Jess danced together, drank together, made out on the dance floor, it was
all good times. Jess is a cheap drunk so after about 3 - 4 drinks, she was feeling buzzed. By the time midnite
rolled by, she was pretty fuckin hammered so we had to sit down. My friend came along at that time and asked me if
I wanted to see his new DJ'ing equipment. So I went away with him to his basement to check out the new music
machines. I came back up about 20 mins later and saw Jess talking to this girl sitting beside her on the couch.
I went and stood behind her and kept talking to my friend. All of a sudden, I hear a guy's voice talking to Jess
and trying to pick her up. Since I was pretty drunk at this stage, it didn't register right away and all i
remember him saying is, "Come let me show you the rooms upstairs". I watched them go upstairs, Jess holding his hand
and swinging her ass side to side with a beer bottle in her other hand. Now that did register in my head and I
went after them. When I got upstairs, I saw them walking into a room and closing the door behind them. Now it was
very easy for me to just bust them right there and then but I wanted to see to what extent Jess would go with this
guy and if she would actually cheat on me.

I looked through the keyhole and saw Jess staring out the room's window and that guy sipping what looked like the
beer that jess was holding earlier. He then took off his shirt and went up behind her and hugged her from the back.
Jess turned around and looked at him, first with a shock but then it quickly turned into a smile. The guy took his
lips closer to hers and they were lip locked instantly. I watched as his hands opened up her shirt knot and went
inside her shirt, exploring her perfect tits from over her bra. His other hand, released her hair and went down to
lift up her skirt. I watched as his hand slid inside her panties and played with her clit. I could tell his fingers
were inside her by her facial expressions and the motion of his hand.

Soon he was shredding off all her clothes and she was naked in all her glory letting this guy do whatever his
heart desired with her. His hands went down to his belt buckle and he dropped them to the floor. Then he stopped
kissing Jess and pushed her down to her knees by holding down her shoulders. Jess went down and immidiately
grabbed his prick and started jerking him off. His hands went behind her head and grabbed her hair and pushed her
mouth onto his cock. His cock slipped into her mouth and from the way he threw his head back, I could tell she was
doing a pro job at sucking his cock. She was after all very good at it. I had given her some tips one time when
she was sucking me off and she seemed to have learned them well.

All I heard was him grunting hard and screaming .."I'M GONNA CUMMMM" and he blew off his load in her mouth and
she didn't seem to budge away from her cock but some still dripped off the side of her lips. She stood up to kiss
him but never released his cock and still kept jerking him. Within minutes, he was hard again he threw her against
the window sil with her ass hanging in the air. He came behind her inserted his cock in her pussy from behind.
All I could hear was her moaning loud and him grunting with every stroke as he fucked her hard and fast.

At this time, my alcohol level had gone down a little and I came to my senses, I crashed open the door and walked
in straight to the window, grabbed him by his neck and punched his fuckin nose. Having been in enough fights in my
lifetime I'm well aware of where and what to hit in order to knock someone out with one blow. He was out cold on the
floor so i looked over at Jess who was in a shock and was mumbling trying to explain the situation. I slapped her
sperm covered face, and walked out.

To this day, she calls me to apologize for her behaviour. I've forgiven her but haven't forgotten that fuckin night.
We have never gotten back together and she's rejected a couple of men since then because as her friends tell me,
she still wants to be with me. That aint gonna happen but whatever, I fuck her hard and harsh ...that to
me, is her punishment.

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