Drunk Encounters

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My name is Alaric van Hundley. I'm 5'2", long blonde hair to my waist, baby blue eyes, a curvy waist, and a 34C cup. I know what you're thinking: Wow, you must get all the guys! Well, I do, but I don't have any interest in men. I'm lesbian. I always get horny and fall in love with women. I never was straight. This is my story of the night I first had sex.

It was cold and damp outside, and I found my drunk self ending up staring at a woman just across the bar with the most beautiful body ever. My insides tingled, so I sat next to her. She had big brown eyes, and her short brown hair was flipped to the right. She had a tomboyish look, but I could tell she was a girl.

Her breasts were huge, and her nipples got hard. "Hey, sweet cheeks," I said, slurring my words together. She turned to face me and she smiled. "Let's go somewhere," she told me. There was no time to get to know each other, we were both horny. 

We took a taxi to her house. It was out in a forest, and it was small with no neighbors. She invited me in, and once the door closed, her lips crashed into mine and her fingers intertwined in my hair, tugging at the roots. I moaned, my pussy getting wetter and my clit throbbing. We made out and made our way to her bedroom, which had a huge bed in it. "Let's fuck," she whispered. I bit my lip nervously. I've never had sex with a girl before. 

Our clothes were gone within a few minutes, and we positioned ourselves to scissor. Our pussies grinded against either other as our hips moved in sync. We moaned loudly and our pussies grinded harder and harder. My clit at this point was throbbing like crazy, and I pressed myself harder and harder against her, and she did the same. My eyes fluttered shut and my boobs bounced. "Oh, fuck yes!" I screamed. She was moaning louder and louder. After a few more minutes of our wet pussies grinding against the other, she flipped me over and spread my legs.

The woman began sucking and flicking her tongue on my clit, causing my back to arch and my eyes to clench. "Mmm, baby!" I moaned. "Fuck me!" She inserted her tongue inside me and I gasped. "Yes!" I screamed, grabbing the headboard. This lasted for minutes, and I cummed into her mouth. After she ate me out, I ate her out.

She crawled on top of me and we started grinding pussies again. It felt so good to have her clit rubbing against mine, our juices mixing, and our arousal take over. Our clits went sensitive and we were tired. The next morning, we fucked again. Ever since then, we had sex every day. 

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