Dreams wished into reality

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Ariel always wanted the passion in her dreams to be transferred somehow into real life. In her dreams, Ariel felt hot beyond compare Ė she would let anyone do absolutely anything to her and she would love it. Her head would be spinning and the air around her would be 100 degrees, her pussy even hotter. Tonight she had one of those dreams. As always, it began in a normal setting, she saw herself walking along the sidewalk, a 5í4 brunette with long wavy voluptuous hair and 34 Dís to match. She loved her body and always took the opportunity to show off her thick thighs and big chest, but always without looking one bit trashy. It was night, and for some reason she ended up at an extremely private strip club, and she was the next one to go on. Never having done anything like this, getting on stage she was nervous yet very aroused at all the great looking men waiting for her.

Ariel had sort of a uniform on, which was soon unbuttoned to reveal not a bra but her two oiled up breasts with erect nipples. Her black skirt barely even covered her bare pussy, all the men sitting below her had no problem seeing up it and the juices that were already falling from it. She then looked down and saw a naked man lying in front of her, his erect penis standing straight up. Ariel looked to her ďbossĒ behind the curtain, who was telling her to start the show.

She realized that it wasnít a strip show, it was a sex show and she was demanded to have sex in front of all these people. Though no one could have guessed it, Ariel was a virgin, and she would have to fit this huge veiny cock inside of her. Bending down, she lifted her skirt and eased herself onto the muscular manís dick, amazed at how painful it was to slide down onto it, yet easier than she thought since her pussy was dripping wet. Once she was completely filled, Ariel began sliding up and down his cock slowly. Loving the sounds of her own moans, she opened her eyes to see several of the men getting out of their seats for a closer look. She was fucking the man right on the edge of the stage, in perfect distance for the spectatorís hands to reach for every part of her.

Pretty soon she didnít even have to move her pussy up down and around the manís cock anymore, hands were pushing and pulling her hips for her with great force. They had ripped off all her clothes and covered her body and pussy in sweet scented oils. Her eyes closed, Ariel felt hands pushing her shoulders down onto the dick while others were pushing her forward, followed by more pulling her pelvis back and others lifting her ass up. There were lips sucking and biting each of her breasts, someone pulling her head back by her hair and biting her neck. Ariel completely let go of herself, the men were doing all the work and she was loving it, losing herself in her own screams and the dirty words being murmured into her ears. Her thighs were wet and sticky, becoming even more so once she felt someones fingers playing roughly with her clit as she continued being impaled by the man's penis.

Feeling weightless Ariel was lifted up, still being fucked and manhandled none the less, and layed down onto another mans body. Her legs were pulled apart by forceful hands and her second hole was squirted with some warm oil and stuffed with another manís throbbing penis. She let out a blood boiling scream of pain while her arms were held down. She was being fucked from her pussy and ass now, both cocks ramming in and out of her, changing pace now and then with alternating or synchronized strokes. Ariel could barely breathe as several menís bodies were struggling for the chance to grab and bite her breasts. There was not a spot on her skin that was overlooked by someoneís mouth or hands. She kept expecting to feel a dick being forced into her mouth for her to suck, but the men couldnít get enough of her lust-filled screams and moans. She couldnít even count what orgasm she was coming to when she suddenly awoke mid-scream.

Her roommate Jessie had been awakened by Arielís moans of pleasure and got so horny she had to pleasure her. Ariel looked down to see her sheets thrown off the bed and across the floor while her bare-naked body was being taken by her also naked roommate. Her legs were spread wider than they have ever been and Jessie was eating her pussy out like no one had ever done before. As a matter of fact, no one had ever eaten Ariel out, and though she was shocked she couldnít tear herself away from her roomieís cum-soaked lips. Ariel never knew a tongue could move that fast or could dig that deep into her pussy, and she started moving her hips and forcing Jessies head into her. Jessie didnít even notice Ariel had awoken until then, but once she knew she went full speed and full force. Jessie lifted her friends hips off the bed and ate her like there was no tomorrow while squeezing her ass until it was red and sore.

Arielís hands searched for somewhere to grab on to but there were no sheets or pillows on the bed anymore, she was completely bare and vulnerable like she had never been in her life. Right before Ariel reached her next climax Jessie dropped her back onto the bed and stuck her fingers into her pussy, remembering how her last boyfriend had shown her how to do the ďshockerĒ, two fingers in the pussy and one finger in the ass. This drove Ariel crazy while Jessie bit and tugged at her right nipple while pinching and squeezing the left. She then grabbed hold of Ariels wrists and pinned them to the corners of the bed, climbing onto her and positioning her pussy directly onto her friend's. Ariel didnít know what was going to happen next because she had never done this before, but as soon as she felt Jessieís wet pussy press onto hers Ariel immediately lifted her pelvis up to grind into her.

All that could be heard from their room was the muffled and interrupted screams and moans from each of the girls as they kissed and fucked each other. Every single touch brought them into a higher state of sexual frenzy, like the times when their breasts would press against each others or when Ariel would break her hands free to grab Jessies ass and push her even harder onto her pussy. Ariel pushed her onto her pussy with all the strength she possessed, slapping Jessie's ass harshly every few seconds. This continued on for several more hours into the night, being the first and longest night of sexual pleasure Ariel ever had.

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