Dragon's Blood

(Part 1 from 2)

Mistress Sandra was a beautiful strong, sexy and voluptuous woman with a taste for the sexually exotic and the taboo. She enjoyed examining and exploring her own sexuality with others who were as open-minded as she. Her sexuality was not set in stone and was forever changing and moving in as fluid a way as water. She flowed as easily with male energy as she did with female energy.

She was unique and it was for this quality that she was also highly sought after both as a partner and as Dominatrix. She was drawn to all things erotic and sensual in nature and welcomed each new experience as not only a sexually adventurous one, but a learning experience as well. She loved to test the boundaries of pleasure and pain with her partners and her subjects with their permission.

However, they were more than willing to allow her to take the lead in hopes that she may help them to uncover and indeed discover, their true sexual soul. She loved to peel back the layers of inhibition and fear of the unknown and to unmask the facade that we all tend to hide behind at times from the world and even from people closest to us.

Her goal was to unleash the sexual beast that lays waiting within us all. She knew this wild beast was hiding in each of her subs and relished the tease and the taste of the animal, once it was brought to the surface naked and at her mercy. Oh how she loved the struggle of the agony and release of the ecstasy. She loved the sound of the Flog and the verbal confirmation of hot physical release her subjects expressed at her expert fingertips.

Her latest sub in training was a young woman named Gia. Gia was a lovely and delicate brunette, with a mischievous smile and a delicious body that begged to be handled and disciplined. She was like a sweet, ripe peach, ready and willing to be plucked and stripped down literally and figuratively speaking, by her Mistress and of course her Mistress was more than willing to oblige.

On one particular evening, Mistress Sandra received a phone call from a friend. It was a Dom who went by the name Maxim or Sir Maxim to his underlings. He had called upon Mistress Sandra to inquire if she might consider allowing him to join Gia and her for a session one night perhaps, making things a little more interesting by adding a bit of male presence or even better his male trans sensuality into the mix. “Sandra, I want my smell in that room with you both.”

“I want you and Gia to experience me and to allow me to experience the both of you without limits.” “I want you both to experience my sting and gentle touch upon your sweet quivering flesh.” “I Want to take you both somewhere else…I want to take you both hard and make you both wet, so that you’ll have no choice but to take me deep and succumb to my will.”

“Are you interested?” Mistress Sandra laughed playfully and thought about it for a moment and grinned and then said, “Yes you’re more than welcome to participate in a session” “Are you available tonight Maxim?”


“Yes tonight would be fine.” Mistress Sandra playfully laughed again on the other end of the phone and Maxim asked curiously, “What’s so damn funny?” “Well I’m just not sure that it’s going to be that easy to get me on my knees and break me, if that’s your intention.” “I am after all a Mistress and am in control most of the time and rarely if ever, am I under anyone’s thumb, let alone a man’s.” He laughed in response and said teasingly in a low whisper, “Sandra, if I want you on your knees that’s where you’ll be by the time I’m done with you, but if it puts you at ease, I actually had something a little different in mind.

Mistress Sandra laughed again only harder this time, at the game he was playing and said, “I think that you’re a little too sure of yourself and maybe just a bit cocky don’t you?” To this he replied, “Yes on both counts and your point is?” At this they both shared a laugh. Maxim genuinely liked and respected Mistress Sandra and the feeling was mutual.

She could hear him smile over the phone and plans were then set into motion for the coming night’s titillating session. Maxim would arrive at 11:30 pm and share a glass of red wine with the Mistress and indulge in expanding and centering the mind through the mystic powers of Cannabis and then a brief discussion between Sir Maxim and Mistress Sandra would then transpire, on what was to take place that evening. The young sub Gia however, would not be allowed to take part in the ceremony nor the discussion, but would be allowed to kneel and listen.

Maxim was a transgender man to those who were closest to him and who knew the truth about his past as a female- bodied person, but to he and the rest of the world he was just another man or perhaps a different kind of man. However once he revealed the truth about himself to his clients or partners and after the initial shock had passed, they found this very personal fact about him to be comforting in a sense and exotic. He was pleased that his experience as a transgender man was comforting, but found the fact that people often found him exotic, to be somewhat amusing.

The attraction to his being transgender, was something that he didn’t even pretend to understand. Nonetheless, he would gladly indulge their fantasies to turn them on. It was important to him to heighten their deepest physical and psychological sexual pleasure, bringing them as close to the edge as possible, until they were ready to fall off.

To them his secret was erotic and taboo and one of the reasons that they wanted to experience him, though they would never openly confess to this truth. Either way, he didn’t try and change their minds. He understood their naiveté with regard to who or what he was, as they came by it innocently and not maliciously.

He even regarded it at times as quite endearing and this thought always made him smile. Maxim could be described as a live blood pumping raw nerve, when in heights of sexual passion and you either kept up with him or got left behind. He was very verbal during a session and could be known to spend hours digging into the subconscious and at the very core of what made his partners or his clients tick sexually. He was often described by those who had experienced him first hand as being a firm, but gentle giving Dom, which was quite the contrary to what a Dom was typically known for.

However he made it quite clear that if you disobeyed him directly, you would feel his wrath and many partners and clients would purposely disobey him just to feel his wrath as deep and as hard as it would go, praying that it was unforgiving so that they could go on indefinitely experiencing his physical and mental fuck. He was explosive and intense at his best.

When Sir Maxim arrived at Mistress Sandra’s Penthouse, he was dressed in a black long sleeved button up shirt, black leather pants, black leather workman’s boots and was carrying a black leather bag. Mistress Sandra’s newest underling Gia greeted him at the door naked from head to toe. She politely welcomed Sir Maxim in, never allowing her eyes to meet his, as she was not allowed to make direct eye contact with any Mistress or Dom. Unless otherwise instructed, she was expected to keep her eyes averted and pointing towards the floor.

This was the rule of the house and it was a rule that she was expected to follow as a good sub in training. Gia promptly lead them both through a dark hallway that brought them to a dimly lit room accented by candles and incense. Sir Maxim found the scent unusual and almost sexual in nature. He asked Gia what it was? “It’s called Dragon’s Blood Sir.” Maxim smiled and nodded his head in approval.

Mistress Sandra was seated at a table where she motioned Gia to make their guest more comfortable. At this, Gia quickly pulled out a chair for Sir Maxim and he graciously accepted her kind gesture, taking a seat at the table with Mistress Sandra. With the simple nod of her head, the Mistress motioned for Gia to kneel down by the table with her hands interlocked and positioned behind her head, where she would remain until released by her Mistress.

Mistress Sandra and Sir Maxim both quietly took a generous sip of wine and the Mistress then handed Maxim a very large and beautiful glass pipe filled with Cannabis. Maxim took the pipe and studied it for a moment and then grinned. He observed how it was almost phallic in shape, with its hard surface and elongated profile.

The Mistress smiled, as if she could read his mind. He put the pipe to his lips and proceeded to take a very long slow drag, taking the herb deep into his lungs and savoring it’s powers from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet and then slowly, he blew out a long and thick plume of smoke into the air, along with a deep sensual sigh of release.

He met Mistress Sandra’s inquisitive eyes and nodded reassuringly. The Mistress then proceeded to partake in the offering and in doing so, slowly eased the day’s tensions away. Sir Maxim looked at Mistress Sandra and then motioned in the direction of Gia and Sandra smiled and waved her hand, giving Maxim permission to allow Gia to enjoy in a bit of the festivities.

Sir Maxim summoned Gia and she quickly hobbled on her knees over to the table. Maxim placed the tip of the pipe between Gia’s pursed and readied lips and encouraged her to suck deeply and she did. He was both delighted and amused at her eagerness to please and found it very arousing. Sir Maxim took another sip of wine and said, “Mistress Sandra if it pleases you, may I have my way with your sub?” The Mistress smiled and said, “Please.”

Sir Maxim slowly rose up from his chair and turned to look at Gia. His stare was intense and purposeful. He walked over to her and placed her hands behind her back and whispered, “Open your mouth sub.” Gia did as instructed and Maxim bent down and kissed her hot and full on the mouth, using his tongue to tease and taste hers. Gia closed her eyes and surrendered herself to him completely.

He stood there with his legs spread eagle towering over her. He watched closely as the expression on her face began to change and her body began to quiver with excitement. He grabbed the underling firmly by the nape of the neck with one hand and drew her lips to his crotch and proceeded to grind his pelvis, using her lips to stroke the bulge in his pants. “Keep your eyes on me sub,” Maxim commanded and Gia dutifully did as she was told.

Maxim threw his head back and continued to fuck Gia’s mouth with more force this time, taking her sweet face in both hands and savoring the tease of this young sub’s service. He looked back at Mistress Sandra, who was now sitting with her legs spread and gingerly fingering her clit. She licked her lips and continued watching as the scene began to unfold.

Sir Maxim turned back to see Gia eagerly traveling the length of his hot swell with her delicate, but eager lips and tongue. Maxim could feel the underling’s hot breath through his black leather pants, edging him on to continue pumping her mouth, until her head began to clumsily bob and bounce up and down on his cock, with the force of his fuck.

He released Gia’s face and instructed her to raise her arms so that they were now outstretched and diagonally to the floor. He came up behind her and kissed her on the neck and then cupped both breasts with his strong able hands and began expertly kneading them. He took each tender nipple between his index finger and thumb and methodically began to pinch, pull and squeeze them until they became hard to the touch.

Sir Maxim then placed Gia’s arms down at her sides and very calmly said, “Gia, I want you to watch your Mistress play with her cunt and I don’t want you to take your eyes off her until I tell you to.” “Do you understand?” Gia responded with a yes. Sir Maxim firmly grabbed the underling’s hair, forcing her to look up at her Dom and said, “Yes WHAT?” “Yes Sir,” she quickly corrected herself. “Very good sub…that’s very good,” and released his grip.

He continued to manipulate the underling’s swollen buds, as Gia’s beautiful dark eyes watched her Mistress slide her fingers slowly in and out, in and out of her honey soaked slit that was now begging to be licked. Maxim saw this and once again grabbed the underling firmly by the nape of the neck and led her over to where her Mistress was seated and gently buried her face between her legs and then ordered her to lick. “Deeeep…DEEEEE-PRRRR sub…lick your Mistress DEEEE-PRRRR...that’s it…goood girrrrl,” Sir Maxim pured his praises into Gia’s ear.

Mistress Sandra began to move her hips against Gia’s mouth, sucking on Gia’s feverish tongue with her moist begging hole. Sandra and Maxim’s eyes locked in a heated gaze, as the underling continued to lap up her Mistress’s sweet nectar’s flow. Sir Maxim used his hand to guide Gia’s movements, pushing her mouth ever deeper into the folds of her Mistress’s pussy lips.

He then came in close brushing his lips against Mistress Sandra’s and then went in for a deep and wet soul kiss. Her response was almost more pleasure than Maxim could stand. Her tongue began to dance with his, bringing them both to a fever pitch. He then took her face in his hands and kissed her gently on the forehead and then proceeded to walk over to his black bag.

He reached in and pulled out a pair of black leather gloves and slowly slipped them on. He then went over to the underling and whispered in her ear. She rose to her feet and went over to stand in the center of the room. Sir Maxim looked over at Mistress Sandra and then he came up behind Gia and moved his hands under her arms and laced his fingers behind her neck.

He then used his foot to gently push her feet apart, so that she was now in a sort of straight-legged horse stance. He unlocked his fingers and released her neck and then took one hand and firmly and placed it on her throat. He brought his lips up to her ear and whispered, “Is sub wet?” Gia replied, “Yes Sir.” To this Sir Maxim said, “Let’s see,” and smiled.

He then took the hand that was on her throat and rubbed it over her face in a circular motion and then proceeded to insert his middle finger into her mouth and said, “SUCK Sir’s finger sub,” which she did. “What do you say sub?” With her mouth full, Gia responded, “Thrrrank yrrou Srrrir,” Maxim countered, “LOUDER SUB!” “WHAT DO YOU SAY?” Gia promptly answered, “THRRRRANK YRRROU SRRRIR.” Maxim replied, “Good sub,” and she continued gingerly sucking the digit. Sir Maxim took his other hand and moved it between Gia’s legs, teasing her pussy and using his fingers to brush at her sensitive clit and vulva.

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