Door 2 Door

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Sharon Moore was convinced that her late husband had died from the combined stress and lack of cardiovascular exercise that often happens when a man has a wife who won't share him. She knew that he needed more sex than one woman could give him, and she had failed him in that way. She would always feel guilty about that fact, for having let her previous religiously-based views get in the way of a happier, longer marriage to a truly wonderful man. He had provided for her and the kids very well, and she had been inconsolable when he died. To make matters worse, Father Boyle had failed to give any kind of real answer. On paper, going to Heaven seems nice enough, but she wanted her husband back down here on Earth!

Now a lonely housewife, who had to work 5 days a week suddenly to pay the bills, had been initiated into swinging by her boss, Dr. Ramon Hernandez (that's another story), and she was determined to free others from the same trap as her old life. So, this fine Saturday morning, with the kids still asleep, she was working on the house, since she had little time and energy through the week for that. Her swinging thing was only done when the kids were at Grandma's- so far.

All of the sudden, the doorbell rang. She answered it quickly, abandoning her chores, only to be met by the annoying presence of a Jehovah's Witness. She knew what they were, because she had seen them many times before. This was a young man, however, and quite handsome, which she thought a waste, given the fact that he was probably a virgin. Huh, she thought, well perhaps this time I should take action, and ensure that the next time this young man rings my doorbell, it's for a better cause than the local Kingdom Hall.

"Sir,", she answered politely, but irately, "I'm busy doing my chores, and frankly, I don't appreciate the repeated visits, however well-intentioned they may be. However, since you're here, perhaps we can get to know each other better. You're in the neighborhood, so you qualify as a neighbor, and I would like to get better acquainted with you, young man. (She was about a dozen years older than him.)"

"Well, ma'am, I appreciate your hospitality, but I'm here in an official capacity to encourage people to read our literature.", he answered nervously. Clearly, her tendency to wear only a robe and an thong was having an effect on him, zealot though he was. His manhood started to show, through his dress pants, and she was impressed at its 9 inches- this fanatic had a porn star's cock! She had to "corrupt" him, she was sure of that fact now!

"Well, sir, I think that I like reading you better- you're a lot more fun! Just look at that cock of yours- what a shame, to let that only go into your wife!", she teased him.

"I don't have a wife.", he anxiously responded.

"So, I'm guessing that you're celibate."

"Yes, ma'am- that's what we're taught to be."

"That's an even bigger waste! You could please any woman with that thing, and you're not even using it! Shame on you!" By now, he was totally self-conscious, embarrassed, and on the defensive. She had the psychological edge, and she was going to use it. She simply prevented any more verbal response by planting a soft, gentle, but clearly passionate kiss on his lips. He was stunned, and he did not have a reply to that- he just stood outside the door.

"Well, now, you're letting the wrong air- do come inside, and let me make you more comfortable." He just followed her into the house, and she started to remove her robe, after which she took off her panties.
There she was, buck naked, in front of a Jehovah's Witness, and he was no longer saying a thing to her. He was too paralyzed with confusing emotions and thoughts, which he had suppressed for a long time. Now, they returned to the surface, and he had no way to cope with them.

Now that she had his complete attention, she began to undress him, starting with his shoes, socks, then pants, briefs (how square!), dress shirt, sports coat, and T-shirt. She had him as nude as herself, and she was going to make full use of him. She suddenly began to kiss his cock, then lick it from the tip to the base, and she finally put it into her mouth, getting him extremely hard from the new experience- he had never had been blown before, and it was sending all kinds of strange signals to his brain, making him more and more erect. Finally, his penis was fully hard, and she sucked the entire thing, as she had some real experience with fellatio.

He was reeling from the sensory input, and she had to make him sit down, just to keep him from falling down onto the floor. She resumed the blowjob, and his brain was starting to force him to the point of ejaculation, but before he could cum inside her mouth, she acted to ensure that he went beyond any return, by getting up, sitting on his lap, and landing her pussy right on top of his cock. She made her target, and his stiff dick was completely inserted into her cunt.

This experience dwarfed even the previous one, and the warm walls of her womanhood embraced his sex, making him feel truly every bit as comfortable as she promised he'd be. The pussy was tightening around his cock, and the balls were overdue for ejaculation, so after fighting it back a few moments, he let out a groan, and then emptied his sack into her womb. 

That was it- she had him for sure, because he had just lost his virginity, which meant that he was "damaged goods" as far as these prudes were concerned, and if the secret ever got out, it would make it difficult to find the kind of wife he believed himself to desire. Now, of course, he knew better, but he could not go back- that was the point. She wanted him to be irrevocably liberated, and now he was that.

"Oh, ma'am! You seduced me- you're a Jezebel!"

"Yes, but I'm your Jezebel, sweetheart! Feel free to fuck me whenever I've got free time."

"I can't get a proper wife, now, thanks to you, and what's more, I don't think that I would want one- you've ruined me for marriage!"

"No, my dear- I've simply rescued from entering the wrong kind of marriage- a long, boring, monotonous marriage, where you're both virgins until your wedding night, you don't know what you're doing, and you're always frustrated by having never found out what others are like in bed- I saved you from that, my young hunk! I'll marry you, if you want to be married, but you've got to agree to 3 things."

"What are they?" He was really uncertain now, and quite nervous.

"First, you've got to take control. I was dominant this time, because you were my student, as it were, and you had to be taught how to get laid. From now on, however, I expect you to learn more things, and gradually, to assume the man's role in our relationship- that is one traditional thing I do like- a strong, dominant male. I will demonstrate a little for you, but I expect you to begin to act on your instincts, and assert yourself. That leads to the second condition- we 'share and share alike'! You won't be any good, unless you both observe me fucking guys and girls, and do so yourself. Also, I figure that if you get plenty on the side, you'll not only get better at sex, and less frustrated, but you'll be less likely to get jealous of my other partners, and I will have them! You'll think more about your own affairs, and less about mine, over time. 

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