Don't Wake Daughter

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Note: Fictional Story

Lets hope that you remember the story of Megan and Dan. Yeah, the one where Megan waits till her father is drunk and fast asleep then fucks him. Well now its Dans turn seeing he's gotten really turned on my his daughter after that little 'wet dream'

The following morning when Dan got up late, he intended to have a talk with his daughter. After all THEY JUST HAD SEX! As he made his way downstairs in his red robe with boxers underneath, he spotted Megan. She was clearing out all the booze he had drunken. When he was about to have that little talk she just smiled at him and said "oh your up, you drank so much last night i thought you wouldn"t be up till 3"

Dan looked alittle confused and scratched his head rethinking what thankful that he just didn't imbarasse himself or Megan.
"weird it must have been a dream" Dan whispered to himself.

"what was that?" Megan inquired.
"oh nothing sweety just talkin to my self" Dan blushed quickley thinking of something to say. His muscels felt unusally stiff. He told Megan that he was going for his run and tha he'd be back.

As Dan began his run, he found that he couldn't stop thinking about his young, sexy daughter. His lust started to grow even more as he continued to run, quickning his pace. "Fuck it", Dan huffed. He wanted his daughter and began to set up the plan in his mind. He remembered some pain killers he had his wisdom teeth removed. They were powerful and he rememberd sleeping just over 24 soundless hours. Perfect Dan thought. He could set his plan in motion immediatly. His wife was still at the weekend get away. His dick was getting a real bad hard on as he plotted his cunning little plan. Dan quickley looked around for someplace private. He soon remembered a picnic area with plenty of green coverage. When Dan got there he found a nice spot where it was away from the popular picnic places.
Quickly stripping off his pants he decided he enjoyed being naked outside and qucikly stripped his remainging clothing. His Prick stood at attension. he started by slowley caressing his balls making them bounce slightly. The cool air suddenly made him want to go pee and he just shot out his piss where he stood.
"ohhh that feels good" he pictured it was his cumm shooting all over his daughters body. "I know you like it, you want daddys big dick, right?" He imagined lifting his 18 year olds body over his dick and plunging it in her.
He quickend his pace, now rubbing his shaft up and down with new vigor. He felt his dick getting bigger as his veins started to bulge.
"Fuck yes... thats the way, ohhh yeah" His breath qucikend and he shot his load on a near by bush.
Dan was home and had taken a shower. He got everything he needed: Pills already ground into powder, 'Gost Ship' a scary movie with a sexual content, Hot chocotate mix and he contimplated a condom but quickley threw it away.
"Megan! Honey?" Dan called.
"Yes?" Megan was in her room, thinking on getting her father to night. But this time make sure he knows whats going on.
"ya wanna watch 'Gost Ship and have some hot chocholate latter on?"
Oh well, i guess i could take the day off from getting him. Besides hot chocholate was her fav."Sure" she called back and got into her Silk PJ's.
They started the movie around 6. Dan got the Hot Chocholate and Megan set up the movie. They sat on the couch watching the movie, Dan already slipped the pain killers into her drink. He gave her her cup and started to sip on his drug free chocholate. The movie already got to a sex scene and the drugs were kicking in. Dan watched with careful eyes as his daughter started to dooze off.
"Hey there sleepy head. Ready for bed?"
"Naaaaww" Megan replied with a long yawn. "lets keep wa...wa..watching" Megan said stiffling another yawn.
"Oh no you don't, come on up to bed" Dan ordered.
Megan made her way upstairs nearly tripping.
Dan went back downstairs and watched half an hour more of the movie. Once he was sure that Megan was sleeping he stomped upstairs, opend the door to megans room and shouted,"Megan get out! Fire!!"
Nothing. Not even a stir.
"Perfect" Dan smirked sure that his precious little daughter won't wale up.
Dan stripped off his clothing and threw them into his room. Megan was lightly snoring with the covers half off. Like a lion he climbed ontop Megan removing the sheets. He quickley undressed his daughter and stared at her hot body.
"Ohh daddies gonna like this" He grabbed her arm and placed it on his dick. Directing her hand he marveled at how good she felt as she stroked his cock. With his other hand he began examing her cunt. He saw that it was wet, maybe from the movie, or... Dan thought. It was nicely shaven and invited a nice cock. He removed her hand and started to suck on her breast.
Megans breathing became laboured. He loved her soft bouncy breast. Dans cock was hard and he positioned his member inbetween her breast. slowley her cupped her moundes around his dick and started to pump.
"Oh baybe you feel nice, thats right daddy's gonna enjoy himself"
He loved the way her breast constriced around his dick and Pumped faster and faster.
"Take this love" he said as he shot his load messily on her face and neck.
Dan was far from done. He slid down and set his swollen dick right at the entrence of her pussy, which now seemed even more wet.
Dan slowley slid his large dick inside her. Inch by inch his monster was fully inside.
"Oh you feel nice and wet. Fuck yeah!" Dan was in heaven, her wet cunt wrapped around his dick like a hot, wet, slippery blanket. He couldn't help it and started to pound inside her like a mad man.
"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking god yes. You like daddys cock inside you. Yeah daddy likes it too. The pounding continued and Megan started to moan in her sleeps."ooooommhhhhpp" "ahh goollll" she would sleepily pure.
This only fuled Dans lust even more. He put her on her side and set up behind her. He positioned his stiffy at the new angle and roughly thrusted in. He lifted her leg for better access.
"God your mother never felt this fuckin good. Oh i'm gonna fuck you this way till you come."
Megan in her Slumber had started to pump herself up and down and now stared to moan in uninterprable lust.
Dan knew that she was close to cumming. Her hot pussy spasamed around his dick as he shot another load straight in her wetness.
"Your such a good fuck!!" He yelled, still pumping in as hard as he could. Megans Orgasam was not over for she was having multiples of them." yeahh fuck me" she wispered still sleeping.
This made him Blast another load. "I love your tight little pussy" he whispered.
Dan was tired from the days activity and soaked a towel to clean Megan off.
After he was done with the evidence he went back and slipped megans hand in her pussy. This would be nice when she woke up.
Megan got up for what seemed like ages. She checked the alarm clock and saw in was 5 pm. "Woah, i can't believe i slept in that late. I still have homework!" though it was worth the dream, she thought.
Megan went downstairs to see her father and mother at the kitchen table talking and laughing.
"Hey sweetie, how was your weekend? i got back a little earlier than expected." Doreen explained when she saw her daughters confused expression.
"I didn't want to wake you, your father said your father said you practically passed out" She continued.
"Yeah.. umm I guess... I needed the sleep" Meg replied
"Well i'm glad your up, Don't you have some homework to get down for tomorrow?" Dan said smiling.

The end
tell me if ya liked it :P

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