Do you have any sugar?

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It was a nice evening, and the sky was filled with a delicate blue. I came home to an empty house, or so i thought. I am 18, just moved out of the house. I have green eyes, white skin, 5 foot 8, and a medium build, but i am strong. Anyways, i came hoe, and went about my usual routine of eating, but skipped tv and went right to the shower. I stripped down and stepped into the shower, washed my hair, and began to soap my body. I started thinking about my neighbor, Candice. She is short, about 5 foot, with DD tits, big blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, and overall a sexi woman!! A began to get hard, so i stepped out of the shower, and made my way to my room. I began to imagine her undressing, when there was a knock at the door. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. I opened the door, and there she was standing there. "Hi, can i borrow some sugar.. oh" she said as she looked down.

"No problem, come in hun, and ill give you all the sugar you want" i replied. Surprisingly she came in, and i closed the door. \i turned around and she was stripping!! it was a dream come true. She walked over to me with just her panties and bra on. She grabbed the towel and threw it to the side. She got down on her knees and immediately sucked my 7 inch cock into her throat. "Oh Eric you taste so good!" she moaned with my dick in her mouth. i helped her to her feet, and took her to my bedroom. She turned and threw me on the bed. "Im going to have some funn" she said with a scary smile. "what are you talking about?" I asked. "Lay down and close your eyes" she replied. I did as she asked, as this was beginning to turn me on, and layed down. She grabbed rope she had brought with her into the room, and began tieing me to the bed, hands and feet in the corners, and my bed is wide, so i was quite spread.

"Your going to like this, so be quiet and do not say a thing or i will whip you until you are covered in blood." I immediately swore to stay quiet, as i did not want to feel the pain of a whip. She climbed on the edge of the bed, and turned around so her ass and pussy were in my face, and she sat down. Just a thin layer of silk separated me from her erotic smelling woman-hood. i stuck my tounge out and licked, and her pussy began dripping like a faucet! she sat down and began grinding on my face, she moaned and reached down and grabbed my nipples, and squeezed and pulled so hard i almost cried. the she leaned down on my body, and began sucking my dick shile still grinding on my face. I could feel her hand going over my thigh, and went down to my ass hole. I tried to say no but her pussy muffled all my plees. "you will like this, or else i will make it hurt!" she demanded, and continued sucking my dick, grinding her pussy, and began rubbing my ass hole. She pulled her finger off my ass and i thought it was over, but she had just wet her finger and then, without warning, it was in my ass! she started going in and out, quickly, and put another finger in. It started to feel good!! i did not get it, im not gay! but it felt so good. She got off and left the room, came back with her coat and pulled out a massive dildo! "sorry, i have no lube, so please don't scream" she said softly. She came over and started to rub it on my asshole.

I shivered with anticipation, and then she just shoved it in my ass! i bit down hard on my lip so i didnt scream, and she began to work it slowly in and out of my ass hole. Then she let go for a second, and it was like my ass sucked it right up so the plastic balls touched mine! she climbed on top of me, and slowly sat down on my dick. she was so tight i gasped! She was facing away from me, and so she grabbed the dildo and worked it in and out of my ass at the same pace as she was going, so that i know how good she felt. She began to go faster, bounceing, and increased the speed of the dildo. I was so close to comeing and she could feel it. "oh god yess, yess eric how do you like to fuck and be fucked, just take my big cock as i take yours, oh goes yes, yess, yesssssss oh god im comeinginggg and so are you i can feel it yes you are comeing oh god yess!!!!!!!!!" and we came.

She left the dildo in and sat off the edge of the bed. I began to struggle to break the rope, and the dildo rubbed inside my ass against my praostrate, making me hard, and moan again, and so i squirmed more as she began rubbignherself, and the dildo felt so good i began to cum again and she did too, squirting all over me, and then she layed on me and we feel asleep, cum soaked and happy.

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