Do Mommy Daddy do too

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This story is complete fiction. It includes a relationship between a Mother, Father and son/daughter takes place.

It is approximately 6:00pm and I am sitting at home watching some TV. Mommy enters the house dressed in a nice skirt and blouse. You are wearing a pair of black pumps and you have on a pair of dark sheer pantyhose. I can see the trace of your bra through your blouse as you remove your jacket. You kick off your pumps and come over to me before going into the kitchen to get something to drink. Give me a kiss you say and as I bend forward to kiss you, you wrap your hands around my waist and pull me into you. Our lips meet and you thrust your tongue into my mouth which I accept. We kiss for a while as you run your hands over my face and back, which I quickly respond in a similar manner, grasping the wonderful curves of your stunning pantyhose encased buttocks. You sit down across from me watching the door as I watch the TV show. Your beautiful legs are soon crossed and for a brief moment I see up the inner part of your beautiful legs. You begin a conversation with me about how things where for me today and I answer in a positive way and you enjoy my conversation.

As time passes, you decide that you are tired and decide on going up to bed for a brief nap until Daddy comes home. I remain watching TV as you make your way up the steps. Each step, I admire the sensuality of your beautiful stockinged leg, the sway of your hip, the jiggle of your beautiful chest and can only dream of the possibility of us ever getting together.

Once up stairs, you take your blouse off, draping it over the chair in the corner of the room, next your bra which you place on top of the blouse, than you fluff up one of your pillows get onto your bed and settle down laying on your stomach. Your beautiful breasts crunched between the weight of your body and the softness of the bed and pillow as the curve of your breasts appear to be making an attempt to escape from the captivity you have placed them in by laying on your stomach. The curve of your back glistening from your efforts of earlier today. Your beautiful buttocks covered with the sheer fabric of your dark pantyhose, throwing reflections of light, becoming all that more enticing. Your upper thighs are firm and plentiful, your calves tight and wonderfully enticing, your ankles ever so sweet and your beautiful stockinged feet totally captivating to those of us like myself that have a true fascination with woman's stockinged feet. There you lay relaxing as you slip into a deep deep sleep.

Daddy comes home shortly after you have been upstairs for about 45 minutes, slipping deeper and deeper into the vast depths of your slumber. I remain in the living room where I am asked, where is my Mother. My response is simple and I inform Daddy that you have gone upstairs to take a nap. Daddy decides that he too is going to take a brief nap and we will have dinner when the two of them come down. I am fine with that as I had a late lunch and am not hungry at the moment.

As Daddy enters the darkened room, he sees his wife, Mommy, on the bed, deep in the depths of a restful sleep covered only by a pair of black pantyhose, nothing on. Considering his wife is practically naked, Daddy takes off his shirt, pants and briefs and lays down on his back and starts to relax and slip into a nice restful sleep just like Mommy did.

Some time again has passed and I decide that I have to go up stairs to get something out of my bedroom. As I approach Mommy's and Daddy's bedroom I peer into the darkness. I can't believe my eyes. Mommy is adorned in her dark sheer pantyhose, nothing else and Daddy is laying there with his cock simply hanging out. I can't pull myself away from the doorway and slowly ever so quietly move into the room. I open up my pants and position myself in a more comfortable manner. Than I decide that since Mommy and Daddy are almost nude, I should take off my pants and make myself more comfortable, which I do. Now I am in my parents room, nude gazing over them. Something that I have never done before.

I approach the bed quietly and as I get down on my knees at the foot of the bed I am captivated by Mommy's stockinged foot. I look at it, entranced, I reach out and picking up the foot by placing my hand under her instep and slowly raising it, I bring it to my lips where I kiss her beautiful stocking encased toes. First one, than another, than several at once, than the whole front of her stockinged foot inside of my mouth as I kiss/suck away the essence that is so uniquely Mommies. A soft moan of acceptance is heard over my breath and I look up to ensure that Mommy is still asleep which she is. I repeat the steps on the other foot and a louder moan is heard.

This moan, unknown to me, has awakened Daddy who does not move initially simply opens his eyes and takes in my actions. The actions of me advancing on his wife, my own Mother. A journey Daddy allows and hopes comes to a climactic conclusion. I continue my journey up your calves massaging and kissing as well as licking all the parts of your beautiful legs, first one than the other, Next your thighs and lastly your beautiful sweetest parts of all. My hands roam freely around your beautiful stockinged buttocks bringing the curves into my total control as you again moan deeply as a result of my actions. Than I do something that is ultimately beyond belief. I bring my fingers down your buttocks, and continue there journey until I am now tracing the exterior of your puffy, stimulated, inflamed and most responsive pussy. A moistness is felt and a slow downward thrust from you is received as I hold my hands firm in place, than I hear it. Another moan from Mommy.

I slowly remove my hand when I hear Daddy say the following " Don't stop" I'm shocked, he has seen everything, how long has he been awake, what do I do. Do I flee or do I stay. Mommy raises her beautiful head. " So my little boy likes my pussy does he" I've been discovered and attempt to get up. Daddy pulls me over to him while I am still straddling Mommy's stockinged leg and raises his now quite enlarged cock to my lips. So bad little boys like Mommy's legs and buttocks, tell me darling, how do you like Daddy's cock? With that Daddy brings his cock to my mouth and I open up as Mommy encourages me to taste the baby maker that brought me into the world. I bend down and start sucking hungrily as Daddy rests his head back on the pillow and enjoys the pleasure that is being administered to him. When Daddy erupts he regains his composure and being as fast as he is Daddy pushes down on me as I attempt to get up. "Don't move" I am told by Daddy and I simply slide down. My erect cock, brushing against the back of Mommy's stockinged leg as I straddle one of Mommy's stockinged legs.

Honey, Mommy sais, Our little boy likes licking my pussy, when he has had enough, why don't we make him rim me before You and I make him slide into his Mommy's hot pussy. I can't believe what I have just heard and instead of having Daddy and Mommy make me rim Mommy, I pull down your pantyhose and push my face between the beautiful cheeks of your buttocks as all light is extinguished and I am simply met by the wonderful smell of your rosebud and the softness of your cheeks. I'm captivated and most certainly entranced as I lick and probe Mommy's deepest depths of her anal cavity.

Honey, get the probe I hear Mommy say and I simply continue to lick, and penetrate Mommy's beautiful buttocks and pussy with my ever ramming tongue as I enjoy each and every nuance of her flavor. A flavor I will come to love more and more over time. Daddy returns with the probe and Mommy tells me to look up at her. I do and you grasp my face as you look into my eyes as you tell me the following. Bad little boys like you have to be punished, the punishment is that your are going to feel something like what I feel. The difference is that you are going to feel it while you slide that wonderful cock of yours into your Mommy's pussy. You want that don't you honey? You want to fuck Mommy, don't you?

I can't believe my ears and simply agree that I do. Mommy, you smile down at me and say, come on honey, stop rubbing on my stockinged leg and come on up more. I raise myself up her body, until the head of my now ever growing cock is at the lips of Mommy's beautiful pussy. You open up your lips and guide me inside of you. Once I am met by the moist warmth of your womanhood, I am soon pushing inside. You pull me down to you and holding me tight, start kissing me. I kiss back and with a knod of your head, Daddy comes up from behind me and slides the lubed probe deep into me. You hold me tight as my cock grows a little. "You like that don't you honey?" you say to me. I slide forward inside of you more and you smile. Daddy takes toe probe out of me a little and I slide out of you, than Daddy pushes it back in and I slide forward, deeper this time both from position as well as from length. You smile and this goes on for some time as we all approach an ever increasing climax. I explode deep inside of you and you pull me down as we kiss passionately, all the while you telling me how nasty and slutty I have been fucking my own mother.

Than you tell me that Mommy loves to have her son fuck her and wants it to happen as much as possible. As I get excited again, Daddy slides the probe deep into me again and I dive in for a treat that is again ultimately climactic.

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