Divine Intoxication

(Part 3 from 4)

Shocked, I didn’t know what to say. “What are we having for dinner?” was the best I could muster.

He looked at me like I was on the menu, “Firecracker pork chops with cherry sauce and midsummer salad with cherry vinaigrette.” 

“You must like cherries. But I don’t know about the pork. What about the prohibition in Leviticus 11, verse 26, regarding eating unclean animals? You know, those not cloven-footed that don’t chew the cud. Your cuisine doesn’t sound quite kosher to me.”

“Yes, I like cherries. Are you a cherry, Sarah?”

“That’s a rather personal question. What about the pork?”

“Would you prefer my pork?” He began to stroke himself.

“You seem to have somewhat of a phallic fixation, Dr. Montgomery. I mean, they are all over your walls. And hanging out of your pants. I must admit you are quite well hung.” 

I pulled the tape recorder from my purse, set it on the coffee table, and turned it on.

“Let’s talk about your penis, Dr. Montgomery,” I continued. “Like I said, you have a very large penis,” I noted, for the record. “Do you often expose yourself to women? Like flash them?”

“Yes, they all say that I have a big one. Who says size doesn’t matter? But it was not an act of God. I had surgery to enlarge it. Every woman who has seen my penis has ended up with it in her mouth, and happy about it, let me tell you.”

“What is that tattooed on your penis, Dr. Montgomery?”

“The sacred name.”

“And the significance of that is…?”

“It brings my sheep closer to the divine source of my supernatural power, and that of my called ones, my disciples. Of course you can’t say the sacred name aloud. Strictly verboten. But you certainly can find the sacred name in your Bible. Are you fluent in Hebrew, Sarah?”

“No, unfortunately I’m not.”

“The sacred name is written in Hebrew on my penis. Look, no vowels. Would you like a closer view?”

“Uh…not right now. Perhaps after dinner.”

“Speaking of which, would you please partake in the table of the lord with me?” He brought out a tray of the bread-like wafers and wine or wine substitute that had been offered at the Sunday service.

“Of course I will partake with you, Dr. Montgomery.” We did. I wanted to prolong the current topic of conversation as long as possible. “Are you saying that your semen contains some supernatural substance?”


“And that consuming your semen causes your female subjects to act like zombies?”

He became quite agitated. “Not zombies! Devoted followers. The girls have a mind of their own. I don’t coerce them or otherwise influence them to do anything they don’t want to do.”

I began to feel a little light-headed.

“Speaking of mind, Dr. Montgomery, your actions in the service on Sunday seemed to me to be closely akin to mind control techniques.”

“Mind control? I don’t think so, Sarah.”

“By the way, Dr. Montgomery, what do you think of the Gay Pride parades, proliferated by the recent Supreme Court decision that struck down sodomy laws particularly designed to persecute homosexuals? What did you think about laws in such states as Texas and Oklahoma that prohibited sodomy between homosexual couples but not heterosexual ones being made moot? What do you think of Canada lifting the ban on same-sex marriage?”

“Motherfucking faggots!” he blurted, eyes bulging. “The queers will be flocking to Canada just like the draft dodgers did during the Vietnam War. Texas and Oklahoma had it right. . Anything a man and woman do is natural. Oral and anal are perfectly acceptable between a man and woman and even encouraged in the Bible. But the same sexual acts by two people of the same sex is total perversion, an abomination. Punishable by death in the lake of burning fire and brimstone. Leviticus 20, verse 13.”

“What did Jesus say about homosexuality, Dr. Montgomery?”

He looked puzzled.

I answered for him. “Nothing. Not one word did Jesus say about homosexuality. But he did rebuke religious leaders for their self-righteous condemnation of others. He called them a brood of hypocrites and vipers.”

Now he looked angry. “You are not to challenge me, young lady! You must submit! Now get on your knees! Repent, you harlot!”

I ignored his outburst. “How do you define a consensual relationship between a man and woman, Dr. Montgomery?”

He calmed down a little. “The woman must submit to the man. Unconditionally and unquestionably. It is very clear in the Bible. A wife must submit to her husband. A woman who has no husband and is a believer must submit to her higher power, as represented here on earth by her spiritual mentor and his disciples. ‘Obey those who rule over you, and be submissive, for they watch out for your souls.’ Hebrews 13, verse 17. If the woman does not submit, the man is obligated to undertake whatever means are necessary to make her submit.”

“Are you saying a man can use any means necessary, including force, to have his way with a woman he wants?”

“Obviously force should be the last alternative. There are various other ways to…uh…assure the woman’s compliance in these matters.” He winked lewdly at me. “But yes, occasionally force is required. The woman must submit, even involuntarily, or she is committing a grievous sin. Her immortality is at stake.” 

“Dr. Montgomery?”

“Yes, Sarah?”

“I’ve had intimate relations with several women. It was wonderful. Incredible. Girls can do certain things to girls…uh…that…uh…”

“Repent you harlot! Fucking dykes and faggots! You will all burn in hell! Repent, Sarah, repent! Get down on your knees! You must accept the sacred seed to achieve the state of perfect blessedness. Get down on your knees, harlot!”

I stood up. I wanted to leave. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t walk. I felt dizzy. A dreamy floating sensation made me feel like I was being removed from my body. I began to have sound and visual hallucinations. And then I lost consciousness.

* * *

About five hours later I started to come to. I was lying on the couch in Dr. Montgomery’s office. Naked. He was at his desk on the computer and didn’t hear me get up. I looked over his shoulder. Kiddy porn.

“Dr. Montgomery, what…uh…happened. I can’t…uh…remember…anything.”

“Would you really like to know what happened, Sarah? Here, I’ll show you.” He popped a tape in the TV-VCR combo unit.

I watched in horror as I saw myself kneeling in front of Dr. Montgomery performing fellatio.

“Oh yes, Sarah, you were very, very good. First you licked my butt hole and stimulated my prostate. Then you gave my balls your undivided attention. I couldn’t believe it when you popped my entire cock down your throat. That’s a first! How in the world did you do it? Look how your nose is nestled in my pubic hair. Fucking incredible! You are a wonderful cock sucker.”

My jaw dropped. I just couldn’t believe this was me. I detested this man.

“This is one of my favorite parts,” he continued. “I just shot a huge load down your throat. Now I pull it out and cum all over your face and tits. You have great tits by the way. I gave you some pearl necklace, honey, didn’t I?” He then ran the tape in slow motion. “I love to watch my spunk dribble out of your mouth and down your chin. You have such a pretty face. Especially with my supernatural semen all over it. You look simply heavenly, my dear.”

I knew my face was now chalk white. But in the movie it was cum white.

“Look at this, Sarah! You are holding my big cock up with one hand, my balls in the other, and you are licking the underside of my monster from the base to the very tip. Just like a lollipop. Lick it, baby, lick it! Little girl likes lollipops. You got me hard again very quickly.”

My eyes looked dazed in the movie but I knew now they looked icy cold. Like they could freeze over hell.

“In the next scene of course I am fucking you,” he went on. “Look how much you like my big cock in your pussy.” My face looked rather blank. He was on top of me and humping away. I didn’t seem to be responding at all. “Sarah, you were the best high priestess I’ve had yet and let me tell you, I’ve had many. You have such a nice tight little pussy.”

He paused the tape momentarily.

“Sarah, did that turn you on? Would you like to blow me again?”

“Not right now. Maybe in a little while.” I was beginning to regain my senses. “Don’t you have the part where you perform cunnilingus on me, Dr. Montgomery?”

“I don’t do that. But I did fuck you in the ass. Here, I’ll show you.”

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