Dishonoured beauty : Part 4

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100% fiction!

Dominique was escorted to the officers brothels by the madam, Madeline LeClerc. The girl had only been fucked by two men, her lover Dan Patterson, who now lay in a prison cell after being broken by a public whipping and branding, and the French army's spy catcher, Dubois, who had enjoyed her body while interrogating him. Now the gorgeous 19-year old faced having to service all the officers in the town.

She had been an object of great lust while under Patterson's protection before his unmasking and arrest. Now she would have to submit to everyone with access to the officers brothel. There was great excitement at the prospect of riding her. She would be bedded first by the senior officers, then the junior ones.

The madam had already drawn up the list according to rank. It would take several weeks for all the men to enjoy Dominique. Some had just wanted to take turns fucking her over a table but the madam had argued that she would be ruined for further use if she was torn up in a mass ra-pe.

"There will be much more pleasure for you from her having one man at a time," she said. "Everyone will get their turn and she will still be able to continue working. The other way she will be too damaged. She will whore for you, I'll see to that." Dominique was terrified at the thought of what lay ahead as she was shown into the five storey former hotel used as the officers brothel. It had a big ornate lobby occupied for eating and drinking. The women sat or stood around to be chosen. Like Dominique, many had been forced into the trade after being captured

Camilla Sanchez and her two teenage daughters had suffered that fate.

The Mexican wife of a defeated general had been raped along with her nubile girls, witnessing them being deflowered as the laughing men took their turns. The madam had been tasked with looking after the shattered victims following the rape and ensuring they served as obedient whores. She didn't want a repeat of that with Dominique.

As Dominique entered the hotel, there were a large number of officers waiting to view her, some with bare chested whores, including Camilla, and one of her daughters on their laps. "Ha, she comes, gentleman," shouted one of the men. There were whistles and shouts as the scared Dominique appeared with the madam.

The girl look wide-eyed round the room, smelling the smoke, alcohol and sweat. She heard the crude shouts from the leering men. Her heart was beating as she was guided towards the stairs. She had always attracted the stares of men but this was different. They didn't have to hide their lust and thoughts. "I fuck you up the ass," shouted one.

"You suck my cock dry," laughed another.

The madam pushed her way through as hands came out to feel Dominique's body through the thin dress, roughly grabbing at her breasts and buttocks. "Upstairs, quick." hissed the madam, fearing the men would attack the girl. They got to the stairs and climbed, with the noise following them. The men were not behaving as officers and gentlemen, being aroused by the sight of the lovely girl.

They reached the higher floor. Dominique was shaking and sweating as she was pushed into a bedroom by the madam. White faced, Dominique stood trembling and feeling sick. "Very well, girl. You must get ready. The first will be here soon," said the madam

"I can't," she replied. "Listen, you silly little bitch. You've got no choice. They wanted to have you down in the mess over a table. Know what that would be like. I persuaded them that it was better to keep you fresh for each man. There have been other women here who've been raped on a table or the floor. They'll tell you this is much better."

Dominique looked around the room. A big bed, wash stand, dressing table and cupboards, worn carpet. Functional. It smelled of stale perfume from the last woman to have occupied it. "OK. Undress," ordered the madam.

With shaking fingers, Dominique began to undo her dress. The madam knew that she'd soon learn to whore. She'd seen this before with newcomers forced to prostitute themselves. After getting their first taste of commercial sex they learned to adapt, put up with the worst of the pigs that would ride them. To survive.

Dominique stood naked, displaying her superb slender body with its firm breasts, great legs and tight buttocks. Her face was tear streaked and strained, hair uncombed but she still looked ravishing.

"Right, you need your face painted and hair done," the madam said.

She was sat before the dressing table mirror and had her face made up. Thick red lip stick, rouge and powder, mascara. Then her hair cut shorter. Dominique churned inside as she was prepared. Never had she dreamed this would happen. It was a nightmare. But one she would not wake up from. She thought of her tortured lover, screaming under the branding iron after being flayed alive on the whipping post.

The madam guessed what she was thinking. "Your man is gone, cherie. Forget him. This is your new life. Accept it." Dominique was given just a silk chemise and stockings to wear. "After each man you wash yourself. I will tell you some things you must do to keep yourself clean and avoid a child." The madam gave Dominique some basic tips on contraception and hygiene.

Dan had previously instructed her on ways to avoid pregnancy, and she'd used them also with Dubois. But this was the mid-19th century and such methods were far from full proof. The madam had to deal with pregnancies and disease as part of her job.

Keeping women clap free was not easy. That's where an experienced madam like Madeline LeClerc came in useful. She had run brothels for years and new all the pitfalls and problems. "Now you will entertain five of the senior officers today," said the madam. Dominique gasped. "The same for the next couple of days. Then you will have the junior officers - ten a day."

"No, please, madame. Too many," she pleaded. "In the soldiers brothel they just queue up. 30-40 a day sometimes. Consider yourself lucky.
Dominique was in despair. "Right, when a man comes you wash him first - his cock - then suck him before he takes you. Dubois tells me you know how to blow men." Dominique bowed her head.

"Good. The first in General Deladier. Bow when he enters. Show respect. I'll come after he has finished." The madam left. Dominique had to piss she was so nervous. She'd just finished when the general arrived. A big swarthy man in his braided uniform, red faced with a large moustache. "Well," he said surveying Dominique as she stood facing him after bowing her head. "The whole town is talking about you. Come here."

She walked to him, legs weak. His hairy hands reached out and slipped the chemise off her shoulders, sending it slipping to the floor. She stood in only her stockings. He reached out a hand to squeeze a breast. "Magnificent," he said. "That bastard Dubois has been giving you a good fucking, no doubt, but now you will learn to whore properly.' He squeezed a hipple, making her gasp. " When I first saw you with that yankee shit I knew you were a little whore. Now I will see how well you can suck a cock."

His hands explored her body, showing a finger into her vagina. Dominique stood as he pawed her thinking of Dan, pressed against the rough uniform. He kissed her face and then shoved his tongue into her mouth, nearly choking her with his bushy moustache. "Right unbutton me and suck." Dominique took him to wash stand, undid his trousers and fished out a large heavily veined cock, already hard. She washed and dried him as he grunted. She'd given blow jobs to Dan and Dubois but this was different. He was a pig.

"Now, madmoiselle. Your mouth please," he said. On her knees, she ran her tongue along the shaft of his erection, and then licked the end. The General murmered, stroking her hair as he sat with her between his legs. "Good, good. Excellent," he said, as she kissed and licked the stem again before sliding it into her mouth. Dominique found it easier than she thought it would be, trying to think of other things as her mouth moved up and down, taking him deep as taught by Dan and she had learned to control her gag reflex.

The General cried out. It was very good head. He was surprised at her skill. Obviously not as innocent as she looked. He was leaking some pre-cum, and Dominique spat out into a bowl to clear her mouth. The General's balls were swollen and although he tried to hold back, he couldn't and shot a large gout of hot sperm into Dominique's mouth as he shouted as he orgasmed. He held her head so she could pull away and some of the fluid went down her throat, while some overflowed onto her face and breasts.

"Well, you certainly know how to pleasure a man, madmoiselle," he laughed, looking at Dominique, lip stick smeared and his crud splashed on her. She washed while the General undressed to reveal his hairy, fat body. Not attractive like Dan or Dubois. He lay on the bed, watching her. "You have a wonderful body. You should be in a top Paris house." Dominique had completed her first task as a prostitute and endured having to swallow his crud. She came to the bed where the General stroked her body.

"That was one of the best suckings I have ever enjoyed. And I have had many. I think you were made to be a whore," he said. Dominique lay listening to his burbling not paying much attention until he mentioned her future. "It would be a shame for you to become a barrack room whore," he said. " A waste."

"What do you mean," asked Dominique. "Well, after the officers, it's planned that you be handed over to Girard and the other NCO's. You remember the man who whipped and branded your yankee spy. Then you'll be given to the soldiers.' Dominique cried out. "No, you cannot. Not that."

The General smiled. "Perhaps not the soldiers. I'd hate to see you destroyed in their stinking barracks. Girard perhaps. He has been promised you for making your spy squeal. He is a bastard but he'll be told to enjoy you and not ruin you. The same with the other NCOs. We'll give the soldiers another one - Sanchez - the General's wife - in your place. She is getting old, anyway.'

Dominique thought of Girard - the sadistic animal who'd whipped and branded Dan. The thought of him inside her made her skin crawl.

"I think we'll get a very good price for you from the whore buyers who comes here looking for women for the Mexico City houses. There is a big demand there for white pussy." "You would sell me?" she asked

"Yes, there's is gold between your legs. Last month we got a very high price for a blonde yankee bitch. She was over 30 with a kid but had great tits. Wife of a yankee mercenary like your Patterson, who was working for the Mexicans against us. She got a real fucking from Girard and his boys and they made her husband watch. Then charged officers to use her. But they didn't ruin her. Knew how much she'd fetch. Girard auctioned her off to the whore buyers. Naked down in the market square watched by the whole town."

Dominique shuddered. The General cupped a breast. "And now I'm ready to fuck you." He was erect again. Mounting Dominique, he pushed his cock against her cleft and then pushed himself in. He was big and she gasped as he thrust high. "Like that eh." he said as she cried out. He went to her breasts, slobbering over them and then taking a mound into his mouth. In his excitement, he bit into a breast making Dominique squeal in pain.

"Sorry," he grunted. He took his time having emptied himself previously, and gave Dominique a hard fuck.

Once again, she experienced an involuntary orgasm from the friction of a big cock, surprising the General as she shouted and bucked against him as she came. She was about the best he'd fucked in a long time and he held back until he could resist no longer and climaxed in a series of savage thrusts deep inside the by now very wet hole.

"Magnificent," he growled, chest heaving from his exertions. Dominique got up to wash her sperm coated vagina and bush. " Be careful not to get a big belly," said the General as he watched her cleaning herself. "Some of the women here have had brats but that hasen't stopped them being used while they get fat. Some men like that. We have good sport guessing who the father is when the child is born." Dominique had no intention of getting pregnant.

The General was glad he was the first. She'd be servicing 60 odd officer pricks and after that the initial freshness would be gone, although she'd still be a great piece of ass. The officers had her for three months before Girard took his turn. That would certainly complete her training. And then she'd be auctioned off stripped naked in the square. No proudness left after that.

Four other senior officers were awaiting their turns with Dominique on her first day as a whore. She had to learn to stomach different men coming to her one after the other. But she had the temperament to do so. The General dressed to go. "Thank you, cherie. You will now have General Maxim, who enjoys the ass," he laughed, smacking Dominique on the buttocks.

Maxim was the superior of Dubois who'd unmasked Dan Patterson as a spy. He'd been away when Patterson was arrested and only just got back. He should have been in charge of the investigation and had Dominique in his bed. Dubois had enjoyed her in private before handing her over to the brothel and he was pissed off about that.

Maxim had - like many others - lusted after the girl while she'd been the spy's mistress, walking around town in her elegant dresses giving every man a hard on. A tall, thin man with a rat-like face, he'd captured the American mercenary Thomas and his wife and son. He'd fucked the woman before handing her over to Girard and his boys.

Now it was Dominique's turn to experience his gentle embrace. "So," he said surveying her as she stood in her stockings and chemise. "No big, tough yankee to protect you anymore. I hate spies. He has suffered what he deserves and you will also pay for his crimes." Dominique knew he was bad, very bad but her survival skills kept her from showing her disgust and hatred.

It was different from the previous officer. This bastard enjoyed hurting women. He pulled off tbe chemise and squeezed her breasts, toyed with the nipples and then crushed one between his thumb and finger, taking her by the hair and pulling. She was in agony. "No, please,' she begged. "I qm going to show you what happens to those who oppose the power of France."

For the next couple of hours, he subjected Dominique to degrading treatment. First he made her lick his backside in a thorough rimming before giving him head. He refused to wash and she was exposed to the sweat and dirt of his body while she used her tongue on him. He subjected her to verbal abuse and then fucked her so that it hurt.

Twice he sodomised her, spending a long time hammering away at the tight butt hole as she squirmed under him. He was a sadistic brute and spared her nothing. He knew how to inflict pain without leaving marks. Dominque was crying and very sore inside when he eventually finished. "Now you know what it is to be a whore," he said. "I'm sure that Girard and his men will entertain you in the same way."

The madam came back to find Dominique sobbing on the bed. "Now, now. That one is a bastard. They are not all like him. Come there is another officer waiting." The madam was an expert at keeping a woman working. She washed and redid Dominique's make up and applied salve to her sore anus and oil for the throbbing nipples. She managed to take the final three officers who were only there to fuck her and not cause pain. The oldest one, indeed, could not get really erect and Dominique only had to masturbate him.

She was very tired at the end. not used to the demands of constant sex. But she had survived the first steps in her new trade. The experiences had changed her forever. Some women would have shrunk back within themselves, but Dominique was tougher than that. She was determined to survive.

The next weeks were spent in the room as the men came and went. She was the talk not just of the officers mess but the entire army and town. "She's just kept in her room taking officers. One after another," said a soldier. "Not all the time. Saw the madam take her out to some shops. She had a veil on but I could tell who it was."

"When will we get a chance to fuck her?" "That'll be the day. Remember the blonde yankee with the big chest. She'll be sold like her." "Hear we're going to get that Sanchez - General's wife." "Rather have her daughters but I won't say no to fucking the mother."

After the senior officers, it was the junior ones. Tough fit young men with big hard cocks. There'd been a draw for the order of bedding her. Ten a day. "Shit, I see Valois is at the top of the list. Don't fancy going after him." said one officer. "Heard a couple of the generals talking about fucking her. They said she comes all over the sheets with a cock inside her." "I'll make sure I'll make the most of my hour."

Ten men in a day - especially ten young vigourous ones - would test an experienced whore. It would certainly turn Dominique into a brass bottomed prostitute. She was learning the tricks of the trade from the madam and from taking so much cock. Her pussy was getting even more sensitive and she didn't need to fake it with an attractive man.

Her sucking skills also drew comment from the men who'd enjoyed them. It took a lot of last very long in her mouth. She'd also learned to use her pussy muscles to squeeze a cock into coming and the use of a finger in the anus to produce an orgasm if a man was taking too long.

The madam saw the change. The unpleasant experience with the bastard Maxim had helped to toughen the girl. She'd now just greet the clients in her stockings, naked and provocative with a smile on her lips and legs astride. The madam had heard the officers discuss her.
"That is the best I've had. What a sucker. Hard not to shoot quickly in her mouth. Not as sweet and virginal as we thought. That yankee spy must have taught her a few tricks." "Yes, she comes easily. Got a great hole, tight and wet."

The weeks passed. Every officer had fucked her. And now she came down from her room to work the bar for customers like the other women. In a red corset and high heels, she circulated among the officers drinking and playing cards, sitting on knees, being fondled and taken upstairs very frequently. She got to know the other women - mainly a mixture of Mexican, American and French. Most of the 20 or so had been forced into prostitution,

Camilla Sanchez and her two teenage daughters were tragic. The proud, high born daughter of a leading family, Camilla had been captured after her General husband's defeat in battle and gang banged. Her daughters were also deflowered by officers, the youngest 13. It had been devastating for Camilla, forced to share a bed with her daughters for group sex sessions. At 38, she was still a very attractive woman with a marvellous bust and great legs who did not know yet she was to handed over to the common soldiers.

She befriended Dominique, advising her over intimate matters such as working during her period. Sometimes an officer liked a threesome and they would be chosen to pleasure him together. Camilla went through the mechanics of sex because she had to but no man made her come, unlike Dominique. The abuse suffered by her and her daughters had been horrific and shattering. Dominique found this to be a diffenence between the women. Some - even those press ganged into prostitution - could experience orgasms while other could not.

Dominique was by far the most popular woman and was repeatedly fucked whenever she was on duty. Officers paid to have her for an entire night. Her gorgeous body and face meant that her services were always in demand. Seeing her sitting smiling on the lap of an officer, a breast pulled out of her corset being played with while another hand rubbed between her legs, you'd never think she'd been forced into this life.

Dominique was well aware of what lay ahead. The thought of Girard fucking her was repulsive but so was being sent to the soldiers brothel. She'd never told Camillia of what the General had said about her. The thought of the lovely woman sweating her looks away in a filthy barracks with a queue of men outside was appalling.

Meanwhile, Girard had been pressing General Daladier about Dominique. "My men have been waiting a long time, general. We were promised her pussy." " You shall have her, Girard. But you must not ruin her. Understand? She is to be sold." Girard grinned. "Never fear sir. We shall just train her. The boys know they'll get a share when she's auctioned so she won' be harmed. Like the yankee bitch. Not a mark on her and we gave her a hard poking."

"Nevertheless, I want Madame LeClerc there when you enjoy her. I think this one will fetch a record price." "And do we get the Sanchez women before she goes to the men" "Yes, what you do with her won't make much of a difference where she's going." "And the daughters?" No they'll be sold with Dominique. Don't be greedy."

Word had got around about what was planned. "Girard and his boys get Dominique next week. She'll have a sore ass when they finish. They're going to auction her to whore buyers, and the Sanchez daughters. We get the mother at the barracks," "Rather have the daughters, but better than nothing."

Dominique was getting even more cock than usual. The officers had learned she was to be given to Girard and wanted their final times with her. A few of the younger men ahd grown very fond of her and brought presents. She in turn gave them the best sex they'd ever had as she rode their hard cocks. They knew what Girard would do to her but could not interfere with their superiors. It was sad but inevitable.

First it was Camilla's turn. Without even having time to say goodbye to her daughters, she was whisked out of the brothel by Girard and his thugs and taken to the rough bar where they drank and played cards. "Got a great pair of melons on her," laughed one of the gang as she was pulled into the den. Camilla was terrified because she knew Girard and his reputation. She'd been gang banged before and was to face the same again. 'Well. gentlemen, we have the wife of the famous General Sanchez," said Girard. "Your cocks will be honoured."

"I am in the officers house. You must release me," protested Camilla.

Girard laughed. "You're being sent to the soldiers knocking shop. Too old for the officers now but still a very good fuck for us." He reached out, tore her dress and the chemise beneath and fished out one of the large breasts. " Something to get your teeth into boys," he said bending his head and biting into a nipple as Camilla screamed.

She was stripped naked, spread over a table and fucked by one man while another had his cock in her mouth. When they'd finished with her vagina, she was turned over and sodomised. Twenty men took their turns and then had seconds. Camilla was smeared with their come and sweat as they continued for several hours, laughing and drinking as she squirmed on the table.

They fucked her as hard as they could and the pounding left both her holes raw, while her hair was plastered with the crud that shot out of the pricks she was forced to suck. Camilla had been badly abused after her capture but this was even worse. Like Girard, several of the men were sadists who enjoyed hurting a woman.

Her thighs were a mass of bruises and her breasts covered in bites by the time they finally finished. She lay open legged, her cunt a gaping hole, chest heaving, eyes staring, totally shattered. "Ready for a soldiers whorehouse now," aaid Girard. "Tomorrow night we get the main dish, gentlemen. Your chance to fuck the ass off that spy's little bitch. Make her squeal like he did. You'll all be getting top class officers pussy."

The men cheered. Dominique faced her worst ordeal yet at the hands of the man who'd tortured her lover.

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