Discovering The Real World : Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

I can say that I am a product of the video game world. Starting playing video games at the age of ten and still living at home and playing ten years after High School. Having spent most of my awake hours indoors I can say physically I was more on the slob side than the athletic. I had managed to have a few jobs but when they took up too much of my video game time I would find a reason to get myself fired. No need to say that this kept me on the bad list with my parents. They even started making me pay rent , hoping I might see the rut my life was in.

All the fussing and cussing came to a head one evening when my father had had a little too much to drink and started using words to describe me like, bum, bastard, slob, and just about everything short of a sucking faggot. I was so angry that I just grabbed my jacket and stormed out the door, yelling that I would not be coming back. Since I did not own a car I started walking toward town. Two miles of walking calmed me down but knew I could not go back home or at least not for some time.

It was late or I should say early in the morning and the only place that was open was the old truck stop out by the interstate. I walked there thinking I needed some food since I had stormed out without eating. The cafe was empty except for the old fat man behind the counter. Taking a stool I sat down and he asked what could he do for me. Looking at the dirty old menu painted on the wall behind the counter, I ordered a burger and fries with a large coke. He got the coke first then tossed a couple patties on the grill which instantly started sizzling. Dropping some fries in the basket of hot grease he turned back around to me.

“What has you out so late and without a car?” He asked.
“Had a fight with my parents and had to just get away for a while.” I replied.
Giving me a long look up and down he asked. “You still live at home with your parents?”
Filling a bit embarrassed I just shook my head in response.

Turning around he flipped the patties and lifted the fries out of the grease. Placing the bun on a plate he added the lettuce, pickles, onions, cheese and tomatoes. Lifting the fries up he let the grease drain before pouring them on the platter. Flipping the patties one last time he pressed down with the spatula and I could hear the sizzling from where I was sitting. Placing them on the bun he flipped the other items on top of it and put it on the platter with the fries. Sliding it all in front of me, he told me. “Take all the time I needed.” Wiping the counter he turned back and used the spatula to scrape the griddle clean.

Taking the ketchup I drowned the fries before picking up the burger and enjoying the hot melted cheese and grease that oozed from the meat. I was mopping up some of the ketchup with the last few fries when the cook asked. “Would I be wanting any dessert to go with my meal.”
Though I wanted to say no, I heard myself reply.
“I will have a big piece of pie with ice cream if you have it.”
“Coming right up.” He said as he turned to the large refrigerator door.

I knew that I did not need the dessert but still angry at my parents it was a way of rebelling against them. They had been riding my back for years about losing weight so anytime I wanted to get back at them I would eat anything I knew they would not let me eat at home.
The dessert did taste great and actually I felt better after finishing it off and having a second coke. The cook handed me the bill and asked.
“Anything else I can do for you?”
“Where is your restroom?” I asked as I fished out the bills to pay for the meal.

Pointing to the back of the cafe he told me.
“Men’s room on the left and make sure you don’t leave a mess.”

The bathroom was already a mess if he asked my mother but for mostly truck drivers using it, it was probably more than clean. Using the facilities I washed my hands and made sure to place the tissue in the trash can. When I returned to the cafe it suddenly dawned on me that I did not have any real place to go to. I had made up my mind I was not going home. Thanking the cook I walked over and started looking at the items that I was sure the truckers might buy to give to their wives and families once they made it home.

I was looking at and reading the funny post cards when the bell rang announcing the entering of someone. Looking back I saw the heavy man stepping through the door. He glanced my way and gave me a little nod as he walked on to the restroom. Having read all the cards and looked at all the little trinkets I headed outside just as the trucker walked up to the counter and asked the cook if he could fix him a burger to go and fill his thermos with black coffee. Stepping out into the cool air I suddenly felt very alone, not knowing where to go or who I might go to. Slowly I started walking down the road with no place in particular in mind.

It was at least fifteen minutes but less than an half an hour when I heard the truck coming up behind me. It moved over to the other side of the road as it passed then began slowing down. I could hear the air hissing as the trucker applied the air brakes. It stopped about twenty yards past me. The trucker rolled down the passenger window and asked.

“Need a lift?”
‘Not sure. I replied as I hurried up closer to the truck
“Well if you are heading in the direction the road is taking me, you are welcome to join me for as long as you like.” He said as he opened the passenger door.
“Thanks.” Was all I said as I climbed up into the passenger seat.

He reached over and patted my left thigh telling me.
“Buckle up.”

The truck jerked into motion as he worked through the gears and got up to speed. Neither of us said anything for about five minutes.
“So you running away or toward someone or something?” He asked.
“I guess away.” I said after thinking about it for a few minutes.
“If you want to talk about it, I don’t have anything better to do than listen while I drive this old rig.” He said as he shifted into another gear.

Don’t know why but for the next few miles I gave the trucker my life story and he just responded with a few grunts now and then.
“Well I guess living at home with your parents at your age can be pretty stressful on everyone.” He started. “I can see both sides of the problem, you staying at home where everything is nice and warm for you, and your parents wondering if you are ever going to move out and start your own life.”

For the next few miles I set there and listen to the trucker talking about his family and the few problems he had with his children growing up. Once he was talked out we rode along for a good ten minutes in silence.
“Do you need for me to let you off at the next truck stop so you can head back home?” He asked.
“No!” I quickly replied as my anger toward my parents was still high.
“If you don’t mind I will ride along with you until you kick me out.” I continued.
“Hell, you can ride along as long as you want. I will enjoy having someone to talk to. It will keep me awake.” He said while reaching over and patting me on the leg. “If you want you can lean back and take a nap. We will be on the road just about all the night.

Feeling tired all of a sudden I did as he offered and leaned back. It was only minutes before the roaring of the wheels on the road and the rumbling of the truck put me to sleep. I don’t know how long we had been traveling but when the truck slowed and turned into the truck stop I woke up and shook my head trying to figure out where I was and how I had gotten there. Looking at the truck stop I asked.
“Where were we and how long had I been asleep?”
“We are about three hundred miles from where you got on and you have been sleeping for over six hours.” He said glancing my way.

Pulling into the parking lot, he parked the rig.
“Better get out and walk around or you will be really stiff, plus bet you need to use the men’s room.” He said as he stepped down out of his seat.

Knowing he probably was right, I got down and walked around the rig and followed the trucker toward the cafe area. Inside we both headed to the men’s room. There was one long trough for a urinal with no dividing walls. Stepping up beside the truck driver I opened my fly and began relieving myself. The trucker had done the same and respecting the unwritten law of not speaking to another man while standing at a urinal, we said nothing then shook ourselves off. When he shook I noticed there was a lot more movement about his hand and could not control myself and took a look.

I had seen naked men or boys in gym class growing up, but I had never seen anyone this large. Believing myself being a bit larger than normal I felt so inadequate at that moment. His hand and penis seemed to move in slow motion as the foreskin slowly moved back over the large mushroom head. His hand which was bigger than my own seemed be dwarfed by the thickness of his beer can sized cock while it moved from side to side. Feeling guilty of breaking another men’s restroom etiquette of looking at another man’s junk, I glanced up at the trucker who only grinned and gave his cock another shake or two.

With a sideways glance I was sure I saw his cock pulse and grow just a little as he tucked it back inside his pants. Feeling my own cock begin to harden I quickly stuffed it back in my pants and turned away.

Inside the cafe the trucker sat down at the counter and ordered breakfast. Taking the stool beside him I ordered some for myself feeling still embarrassed and something I was not sure what from the reaction in the men’s room. The trucker reached over and squeezed my leg just above my knee and told me to relax I had not done anything that most men hadn’t done before. We did not have to wait long at all for our meals and both were too busy eating to talk. Finishing we paid our tabs while waiting for his thermos to be filled. Neither of us said a word until we had pulled back out on the interstate.

“So from your reaction back in the men’s room I would say you haven’t done anything with a man before and looking at your body I don’t believe you have had much if any luck with the girls.” He said as he reached over and squeezed my leg again.
I sat there not speaking because I did not know how to answer him since any answer would let him know how right he was. I had not even had a date with a girl and never even thought about doing anything with another guy.

“You don’t have to say anything its pretty well written all over your face.” He said
“Look under the seat there and you will find some magazines you might find interesting.”

Doing as he suggested I pulled out four really used magazines and opened the first one. I was a little surprised to see it was a gay magazine and had very specific pictures of men doing every possible position imaginable between two men. They were doing things I had never considered were even possible between two or three or four men.

“Well looks like you like those magazines.” He commented as he pointed at the bulge in my pants. This time when he rubbed my pants his hand traveled on up my thigh and rubbed my crotch. I gasped as his hand cupped my hard cock but it did not stop him. Mainly I did not know what to do torn between knowing I should not be letting him feel me like that and wanting to feel more of the pleasure he was causing. He gave my crotch a little pat and said.
“Go ahead and enjoy the magazines while I find a place for us to pull over and spend the night.”

We went for another fifteen minutes before he pulled over into a picnic area on the side of the road. Looking around I noticed we were the only ones there. He cut the engine and proceeded to pull little curtains around all the windows. Locking the doors he said.
“Never know who might show up in a place like this.”
“Take the magazines and move up into the sleeper.” He ordered as he cut off all the little lights except a couple in the sleeper.

Finding the sleeper larger than I figured it would be I moved over as far as I could to give him as much room as possible as he climbed up beside me.
“Go ahead and look at the magazines and I will make us comfortable. He said in such a voice that I felt like I could not stop him even if I had wanted to.

With one hand on my crotch he began removing my shoes, socks, shirt and pants. Lying there with only my underwear I kept looking at the pictures mainly because I was so inexperienced that I did not know what to do. He began rubbing his hands over my chubby body finding places that made my balls tingle and my cock jump. Suddenly he stopped.
“Your turn to return the favor.” He told me as he spread out beside me.
“I don’t know what or how to do any of that.” I remarked.
“Just undress me and do whatever feels right to you.” he replied.

Rolling over and getting on my knees I eased his shoes and socks off before rubbing his feet, remembering how he had done mine. He let out a little moan to let me know I was doing a good job. With my cock pressing against my underwear I got a surge when I rubbed it against his leg. Reaching up I unbuckled his belt and noticed the bulge in his crotch. When I pulled on his pants he lifted his ass so I could pull them from beneath him. I noticed the hard muscles on his legs and ran my hands up and down them. Opening his shirt I could not keep myself from running my hands through the soft fur that covered his chest and his large hard stomach.

It must have been my rubbing his chest that set him off because everything became a blur to me. I remember him grabbing me and jerking my underwear off. His mouth was all over me moving from one tit to the other sucking and licking while his hands moved over my stomach and between my legs. He only had to touch me once and my cock erupted all over his hand, my legs and stomach. Sitting up quickly he ripped his underwear off as he pulled my head toward his crotch. Grabbing the back of my head he pulled it back causing me to let out little scream. With my mouth open he pushed as much of his cock into my mouth that would go in. Reaching up to try and give myself some relief, I grabbed a hold of his hard shaft. He forced my head back and forth on his cock while he began to thrust his hips at my face.

I had all sorts of feelings going through my mind, humiliation, shame, lust, excitement, and some pain. He was using my mouth like his own private fuck hole and in some way I was getting into it. As quickly as his attack on my mouth had started it stopped. Pulling me around he had me get up on my knees and I felt him rubbing something cool in the crack of my ass. Remembering the pictures it dawned on me what he was about to do. I tried to move away and he slapped my ass really hard causing me to scream out in pain.
“If you don’t relax the pain is going to be much worse than what you just felt.” He said as he pushed a little bottle beneath my nose.

“Take a big draw and hold it in.” He continued as he started rubbing his thick hot cock in the crack of my ass. He had me do it several times before he lined his cock up on my asshole and began pressing in.

I instinctively tighten up so he slapped my ass cheeks and pushed harder. I grunted telling myself I was not going to scream out, but when the head popped inside my sphincter I screamed out in pain and was sure he had ripped me open. While I tried to catch my breath he grabbed my hips and attacked my ass like a wild animal. Wanting to grunt and scream at the same time I found that everything sounded like one long grunt. I could feel my tears rolling down my cheeks and lowered my head down on the little mattress. I would hear his grunts followed by a few moans and words I had only read before coming from his mouth.

Letting out a long sigh he held himself against my ass while both of our bodies heaved from exertion. He began rubbing his thick hands over my back and ass which felt like they were on fire. Leaning over he ran them from my chest down across my belly and gently groped my cock and balls. Taking a deep breath he pushed himself back up and starting with a very slow short stroke moving his cock back and forth. Still painful I grunted with each movement into me, finding it muffled some of the pain. As his cock began to move easier he picked up speed and length of stokes. Reaching forward he took each of my chest in his hands and proceeded to pound into my ass letting me know by his grunts and moans how well it was feeling to him.

He was pounding on me so hard that he had pushed my head against the head of the sleeper so I started pushing back to take the pressure off my head and neck. This movement on my part did relieve the pressure on my neck and I found it it also relieved some of the pain around my asshole. This in turn allowed his cock to glide easier and faster which was met with several moans of approval. Deciding to give me a little treat he reached down and stroked my cock which soon began responding to his manipulations. Working as one we were moaning and grunting in unison. Thought my ass was still in a lot of pain every now and then he rubbed something that made shivers go through my body.

Gripping my hips he picked up speed and I knew he was close to cumming. Letting out a deep growl he drove hard into me and held himself there while his cock pulsed several times depositing his load deep inside my ass. Thinking he would pull out and give me some relief I waited.

“Just remain still and let your ass get used to my cock being inside it.” He said as he began rubbing my ass cheeks.

A few minutes later I felt my ass squeezing his semi hard cock out of me. Once it rolled out I felt it fall against my balls followed by a stream of hot cum. I could feel his body heaving against me while he took long deep breaths. Rolling over to the side of me he laid on his back and told me I could relax now. Easing my legs down I spread out as much as possible on my stomach. He placed his hand on my lower back and soon was moving it down into my ass crack. His fingers found no resistance as his hot cum provide more than ample lube. Moving them around and then in and out of my asshole he started making squishing sounds.

“Sounds like your little boy pussy was broken in good which means the next time you take my cock you will enjoy it more.” He said as his hand still had three fingers buried inside my asshole.

His breathing became softer and soon I heard some snoring with his fingers still buried inside my sloppy ass hole. It was not long before I was sleeping myself. Sometime later he woke and rolled up on top of me. His hard cock driving back inside woke me.
“Spread your legs so I can get deeper and show you more of the real world.” He whispered as he began fucking me again.

Before getting caught up in both of our lust I heard him say.
“Before this trip is over you will at least know all there is to know about the real world when it comes to men fucking men. Then maybe you will want to go home to your parents, or maybe not.”

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