Dirty Laundry

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Me and my girlfriend just moved into our new apartment, and we have here for about a week or less. This is our first weekend. Our complex has an early morning special that's starts at 6 in the morning. I couldn't sleep so I decided to go do some laundry, I thought I would be the only one in there. We I finished gathering all my belongings, I walked over and looked thorugh the window, and to my suprise there was a little asian girl in sitting down, massaging her pussy while she waited for her clothes to be dry.

As I looked longer I could feel my dick getting hard. So I quickly walked in. She jumped, and stoped immeadiately. I looked at her and said hi. She blushed and said hi back. I proceeded to do my laundry. When I was finished loading the washer, I walked over to her and asked how she was doing, as if I couldn't tell already. She said fine and we just sat there for a moment in silence. She had her head down looking at the ground, then I could see her turning her head slightly and looking at my croch. I decided to break the silence, I said " I saw what you were doing when I walked in, and just to let you know I would be more than happy to help."

She looked at me puzzled and embarresed. I just took it upon myself to just make her feel better. I slowly raised my hand to take her pony tail out and let her long black hair fall to her breast. I slid my hands to her waist and pulled her sweat pants off, I was happy to see she had on no panties. I began to kiss her stomach and belly button. She gasped with every kiss, I slowly worked my way down to her sweet spot, it had a little patch of hair.

I licked it, I sucked her clit. Licked her pussy in a circle motion. She moaned and squirmed and wiggled in her seat trying not to scream too loud, but couldn't help it, she came on my face and I swallowed it all. I stood up, and dropped my pants, my huge 8.5 black dick fell out, half erect and she knew exactly what to do with it.

She was fairly small, making all her body parts small, tight mouth, small pussy lips, tiny butt hole, b cup tits. She took my huge dick in her mouth all the way down and choked on it as if she wanted to swallow it whole. She slurped and sucked long and hard, deep every time. But before I came I told her to get up I picked her up and sat her on the washer machine. I slid my my fullt erect cock in her small wet pussy and nearly came then.

She opened her moth wide gasping for air in pleasure. I ramed her, pulling all the way out and thrusting in. She screamed each time. Finally I couldn't take it any more and could feel my juice boiling and with one final push I grunted and let my hot cum stream into her. We lay slumped, and then we introduced our selves to each other.

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