Difficult choice : Part 2

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Maggie Chung was carried up the stairs naked in the arms of the mercenary commander, Rex Schmidt, after stripping for his men. The Hongkong actress had agreed to submit to a gang bang in return for the soldiers getting her out of the country and providing protection from the maurauding local troops celebrating their victory in s coup with widespread raping. She was with her three-old son Tommy, a maid, s photographer and her agent, Ben. The safety of her boy had been the deciding factor in Maggie agreeing to whore for the mercenaries.

The strip had surprised Schmidt and his men because she'd put on a show for them, showing herself off as she peeled. They didn't know it but Maggie had always been obliged to give sex to the rich and powerful to further her career. It was very discrete and infrequent but even when she was married there had been times when she had to drop her panties to help secure a deal. The men who ran the Hongkong film industry used its stars to promote business, and the wealthy men who financed movies expected to bed a well known actress when they concluded an agreement. Occasionally a big corporation would want someone like Maggie to entertain a very important man during negotiations on a massive contract. Then the price for her services would be HK$1-million a night.

During her present tour there had been one-night stands for Maggie with top hitters in the Chinese communities she visited. It was the first time she'd so frequently provided services and had agreed because she desperately wanted to relaunch her career. These men were important links in the global Chinese film distribution chain and had to be kept happy because their money helped to finance the industry.

In San Francisco, there been three men on successive nights. She'd never done that before but at 36 she was less exclusive than in the past. Bringing her son, had been a last minute decision. She didn't want to be away from him for so long and, of course. he'd have no idea about her night time activities. That's why the ten-year-old daughter was left behind.

It was tiring being bedded after a hectic round of cocktails parties and dinners, where she had to smile and look glamourous all the time but she'd coped. Of course, her agent knew all the details and organised the visits to discrete penthouses where she was fucked. There was a lot of money between Maggie's legs and that was why he was so concerned about what was happening. There was no choice and Ben wanted out of the place as much as anyone.

But the gang bang would ruin Maggie if the news ever got out. Only Chinese had enjoyed her because Chinsese did not like their women being screwed by gwielos (foeigners). Her career would definitely be over if it was known she'd taken on so many white men.

Scmidt carried her into the room and laid her on the bed. Maggie lay looking up at him. She was sweaty and wet between the legs. One half of her was scared and revolted, the other half excited. Usually she was in control during a sex session, the man with her overawed at having a star suck him and then open her legs. This was very different.

"You did a great strip," said the South African, pulling off his shirt to show a hairy chest. He was an enormous man - 18 stone of solid muscle - a ruthles killer. Usually the men who took Maggie were pudgy, unfit aging businessmen. "You got a wonderful body, baby" He dropped his trousers and Maggie's eyes widened. He had an enormous thick 12 inch cock. She'd never seen anything near as big. She'd heard Europeans were large but this was amazing.

Schmidt saw her face and laughed. "Lot bigger than a chink cock, eh,

He got onto the bed and ran a rough hand over her belly and cupped a breast. "You've got a marvellous pair of titties." He gave her a long french kiss, tongue deep inside her mouth, and then went to one of the mounds. He started sucking, and his hand went beween her thighs to insert a finger into the vagina. Maggie moaned. He probed and sucked, feeling her wetness. Her juices were running out of her clit. "You'r ready for cock, baby," said Schmidt, mounting her. He could see the fear in her face, but also something else. "She's more of a whore than I thought," he said.

The famous face screwed up and she cried out as he pushed for entry. No one as big had ever penetrated her. She was wet but her snatch was tight. With a grunt the mercenary thrust up into her. "Ahhh," shouted Maggie bucking under him. The smooth skin of her belly and thighs rubbed against him like velvet. He filled her completely and was only half way inside with his cock before he started to thrust.

Maggie usually had to fake enjoyment but not now. After the initial pain. she began to move with him. Her red nails dug into his buttocks as he rode her. "You're hot baby," he said. Maggie groaned and felt the spasms build inside her. The soldier bent down and sucked a nipple and the stimulation sent her over the edge, as she orgasmed, screaming out as she came.

Schmidt was very surprised at her reaction after the ice cold maiden he'd first met. Her juices were now running out of her as he brought her up again to climax. Open mouthed, eyes staring, Maggie couldn't help herself, behaving like a brass bottomed whore. The soldier didn't have long as there was a queue waiting. All 20 men had half an hour. Even a Mongkok whore didn't have that rate of turnover.

Again Schmidt took her to the peak. His own balls were bursting and the slippery cunt was making him come. Maggie's breasts rose and fell as she gasped for air under his weight as he increased his thrusts, legs locked around his waist. The mercenary gave a loud shout and pumped himself into Maggie, crashing down on her as he came, sending he hot seed into her belly. He rolled off as she lay breathing heavily to catch her breath, lipstick smeared across her lovely face, looking more of a slut. The sheet beneath her was wet with sweat and sperm. "Sure like to stay longer, but I'll be back later. Next time you give me a blow job."

Maggie was already tired. She'd never been fucked like that. Her pussy was still twitching. "Next guy in five minutes, baby" said Schmidt bending to kiss her. Maggie got up to wash between her legs and wipe herself down with a wet towel. She was still drying when Schmidt's deputy came in. His boss had given him a wide grin when they'd passed on the stairs.

"She's hot man, real hot." The German already had a hard on from seeing her strip and now after she'd been fucked she looked more of a whore. He looked at the stained sheets but he wasen't fussy. There was no time to change them now.

He tore off his clothes and took Maggie in his arms as he guided her to the bed. "So, bossman says your are hot,. Let's see." The German had taken women like this before. A blonde Swedish nurse in the Congo who'd taken on a company in a tent if they agreed to airlift out some kids. She'd been a peach and screwed 30 guys. A British woman - 40 but still in good shape. Fucked while her kids and husband sat downstairs - either that or being left for the black bastards. All women would put out if they had to, he thought.

"I'll take you up the shit box," said, slapping her bottom. She knelt with her hands on the headboard. Maggie didn't like anal and she screamed as he roughly forced himself into her butt hole. He wasen't as big as Schmidt but had a really thick cock. It hurt as he wedged himself inside her. "Bit bigger than the usual chinks, eh," he laughed. This time there were not any orgasms, just pain. Maggie whimpered and bucked as he put all his weight into his thrusts.

She clenched her teeth as he literally did 'fuck her ass off." He took his time as she knelt on the bed, willing him to finish. "You got a prime rear," he laughed. The German enjoyed nothing better than a tight ass - that's why he was bi-sexual - liking young boys as well. At last he reached his climax and with several savage thrusts unloaded into Maggie's anus. His sperm spilled out of her crack as she remained bent over, her backside in the air. "All the boys are saving the blow jobs for seconds. See you then"

Again Maggie had to clean herself. The bed was becoming a mess. She pulled off the soiled sheet and put on a new one and rang for Ben. The agent was shocked to see Maggie with just a towel wrapped around her, hair awry and make up smeared across her face. Not the usual immaculate beauty wearing the latest fashion. More like a battered whore. "I need a drink. Vodka. And some more sheets." "Are you OK," he asked. "What do you think," she snapped. "I'm a soldiers whore."

Now it was the other ranks. Bill Bradley was a well built British guy who'd served in Hongkong. He'd sampled the local whores but this was way different.

Maggie dropped the towel and revealed her nakedness as he'd entered. She was gorgeous despite having been fucked a couple of times. Bradley knew that after some of his comrades she'd be a mess. He'd seen other women after a soldiers gang bang. That's why he was so pleased to have come at the top of the draw. They'd all been talking in the bar what they planned to do to her. He hadn't seen her films but remembered photos of her as a young starlet when she was making her name. He badly wanted to screw her because his time in the East had given him a taste for asian pussy.

"You are beautiful," he said cupping her breasts. She forced a crooked smile. "Will I be after all of you have finished with me." Bradley was too worked up to last long. Like many of his comrades, he'd been excited by the strip, nearly coming in his pants. The big breasts, smooth body, exotic face and the wet pussy all meant he soon came. "Too quick." he complained. "I'll be back for seconds." It was going to be a long three days for Maggie.

Ben came back with a large vodka, which she downed in one swallow. The liquid coursed through her. "Send the maid to me after the last one," she said. "Ill need a woman's help." He nodded, smelling the sweat and stale fish of sex in the room. He felt like a pimp. In San Francisco, Maggie had been far from happy with three men in three nights - something she'd never done before. Now it was 20 men in one night.

The quality of the soldiers varied. Some were outright pigs. What she expected from mercenaries. Nasty bastards like a Croat who'd fought in Bosnia. "There we keep girls and women in camps. Fucked them when we wanted. Thirty men a day for the sweet ones. Got them pregnant. Shamed their men." He gave Maggie a hard fucking, only knowing one way to bed a woman. Others were better. Her pussy was very sensitive and several times she came under a man who knew how to play her like Schmidt, not just give her a banging.

One young Canadian gave her several mighty explosions like Schmidt had done, but he was the exception. Her thighs were bruised and the excited mouths of the men left bites on her breasts and made the nipples sore. The men came and went as she grew more tired. Like the German, a few wanted to sodomise her and she had a raw anus, which hurt.

Her agent visited from time to time with fresh sheets and drinks, a sandwich or fruit. He saw her becoming ever more battered. They were supposed to visit Rio next for a showing of one her films and the entertainment of several very prominent Chinese who wanted to be sucked by Maggie. Good job they couldn't see her now, sprawled on the bed, hair a mess, face covered in stale, smeared make up, her pussy a gaping hole. The men who came last had been drinking longer and it was unpleasant as they roughly took her in their drunken state, slobbering and a couple biting a nipple as she protested. She tried to keep herself as clean as possible but it was hard with the frequent arrival of men. Finally all 20 had finished. Maggie was exhausted.

The aid came to give her aid. The Filipina was horrified to see her mistress lying bruised and worn out, in a real mess. She helped her into a hot bath, washed her body and hair and let Maggie just try to soak away the men's dirt. Then she oiled and massaged Maggie, applying creams to ease the itching of her inflamed vagina and sore anus. The pussy lips of the actress gaped open from all the cocks that had penetrated her. The maid cleaned the room, removed the pile of soiled sheets and sprayed the air to get rid of the smell of sex.

Maggie put on her dressing gown and despite her weariness was ready to see her son when all the signs of the men had been cleared away. The three year old ran laughing to his mother. She winced as he crushed against her tender breasts and bruised thighs. "Mummy, mummy when we go. I don't like these men," "Soon, darling, soon," she said. But first Maggie had two more days of fucking.

To be continued...

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