Difficult choice : Part 1

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"No I won't do it," said an angry Maggie Chung. "No way." "There's no choice," replied her agent, Ben Lau. "It's the only way out for us. You've got to think of Tommy as well." The beautiful Hongkong actress and model had been trapped, along with her three-year-old son, a maid, a photographer and the agent when a revolution occurred in the small South American country where she was doing a shoot for a glossy book featuring her semi-nude photos. It was an upmarket special edition being published to relaunch her career, which had faltered following a messy divorce the previous year.

At 36 and after two children she was still stunning. Tall for a chinese, she had great legs, a generous 35 inch bust and a classically high boned, sultry face. Maggie had a reputation for being bad tempered and haughty at times, a strong willed woman who knew what she wanted. She'd been on a world tour aimed at Chinese communities in Europe and the US. It had been Lau's idea to use the spectacular scenery along the coast for one section of the photo book, and also to please a Chinese backer of movies in Hongkong who had links with thr country. A very bad decision, as it turned out.

Maggie had been persuaded to pose topless and show off her bare bottom to project a more sexy image as she battled to keep her place in the Hongkong show business scene. The collapse of her second marriage had resulted in taking a long break, as she tried to put her life together again. Her 10-year-old daughter Jasmine - now at school in Hongkong - had been badly affected by the break-up and needed her attention.

However, Maggie was determined to make a new start. She'd spent time getting into shape for the photo shoot and the tour. She had several film offers for when she returned to Hongkong and was eager for work. At one time, no Chinese actress would bare herself for the camera but now in the late 1980s several of the most well known women had done so. Maggie was photographed in various locations as she moved around the world and everything had gone well until now.

The coup had taken place suddenly in the capital. It had been masterminded by foreign interests who'd supplied a company of mercenaries to help the rebels. The fighting was brief and the government was toppled. It was Maggie's bad luck that the mercenaries decided to take over her hotel and discovered a high-class actress was staying there.

All communications with the outside world had been cut off and in Hongkong it was believed Maggie and her party were now doing a jungle shoot in Brazil. The mercenaries were a mixed bunch of 20 professional soldiers from all over the globe led by a burly South African, Rex Schmidt. It didn't take very long for the men's thoughts to turn to Maggie.

She stayed in her locked room with Tommy and the maid, while Ben Lau and the photographer, Ken Tsang, attempted to find a way of getting out of the country. They knew the mercenaries were better than the local troops who'd run wild after their victory, and were raping and pillaging in the city. "We need your help to get a plane out," said Ben. "Well. we'll be going in a few days," said Schmidt. "Job's done here. You can come with us." Ben's face lit up. "But there is a price for the seats,"

"You want money. How much?" "No. Understand you got some nice pussy with you upstairs." Ben sensed trouble. "Yes, she's a well known Hongkong actress - Maggie Chung," he replied. "Well. my boys aint had a woman for a while and they'd like something fancy. If she was to be nice to us we'd take you with us." "Nice?" replied Ben. "Yeah, put on a show. A strip and we take turns with her upstairs." "No, you don't understand," said Ben. ""She's not that type of lady. She's a leading Hongkong film actress - model. A mother of two children."

Schmidt grinned. "That's why the boys are interested. Not often they get quality skirt. Now she's lucky it's us. The rebels wouldn't be polite and ask. They'd have her knickers off and just line up. You don't have to accept our offer. You can stay here and when we've gone the local boys will be in here like a shot. No one will have to know what's she's done. Just two days on her back and it's off to Hongkong." Ben looked at the photographer who bowed his head.

"Now you go up and put the offer to her. She's got a kid to think of as well as her pussy. We'll treat her well and be respectful if she puts out. It's better than the alternative with the local guys." The agent had the unenviable task of relaying the message to Maggie. She was angry and disgusted. "Bastards. Dirty bastards. Do they think I'm a whore," she said, face flushed. "How dare they." "They won't molest you if you reject their ... offer. But they'll leave us for the rebels and that's not a good prospect," said Ben.

Maggie stood staring at him. She felt sick. It was a woman's worst nightmare. She was under pressure because of Tommy. His safety was her main concern. "Surely there'll be some international intervention," she said. "All the foreign embassies have evacuated. The country is shut off, borders closed," said Ben.

The thought of whoring herself appalled Maggie. Could she bear such humiliation. Twenty men. But how else where they to escape. Ben left her to think. Tommy woke up and wanted attention. She had to half heartedly play with the active child. It was him that made up her mind. His safety was the most important thing. There was no alternative. What Ben said about the rebels was true. They'd show no mercy. Rape her and possibly harm the child. She called Ben to the room.

"I've no choice," she said, her face pale, heart thumping, insides churning. "Tell them." Ben went to Schmidt. He was with several of his senior men. The soldiers were getting impatient. Several had wanted to just grab Maggie, strip her and take turns with her in the bar. Schmidt had stopped them. " This is classy pussy, boys. She'll do it. Better she drops her panties voluntarily. No force. And she won't want anyone to know that 20 guys like us have been up her ass." Ben told them Maggie's decision.

"Good. I'll come up to see her," said Schmidt. "Explain the arrangements." Ben ushered him into Maggie's room. "This is Colonel Schmidt," said the agent. Maggie was in a tight black skirt and white blouse. "Shit, she's stacked," thought Schmidt as he ran his eyes over her. "Hello Ms Chung. I just want to say we'll treat you really respectfully and then make sure you get back home." "Respectfully," retorted Maggie, "You animals are going to rape me. I've only agree to your filty terms because of my son. I've no choice." "Got spirit," thought the Colonel. "Be fun fucking that out of her."

"We're leaving in three days. Until then you'll .... work out of a room below. Away from your son. You got a maid to care for him, I understand. Your friend here..." he looked at Ben. "can look after you. Bring you drinks, food, towels, whatever you need. Now we'd like you to come down to the bar in an hour and do a strip for the lads to get things started. Nice dress and undies, high heels."

"No," responded Maggie. "Have I got to degrade myself even more. Please not that." "You have a good body. Guys want to see what you've got." He went over to the cupboard and sorted through her dresses. "This will do" he said, selecting a mini cheongsam. Rifling through her lingerie he found a bra, suspender belt and stockings and selected a pair of six inch red stilletos. "Put some paint on as well." he said

Maggie stood stunned at being instructed in how to dress as a whore for them. Ben just looked on, deeply embarrassed and ashamed. "OK, see you in a hour downstairs," said Schmidt. "Leave me," she said to Ben. Left on her own, she burst into tears. Recovering herself, she went to see the Filipina maid. "No, ma-am it cannot be," she cried. "There is no choice. They are animals but the rebels are worse. Now you'll have to look after Tommy. Keep him away from downstairs."

Then Maggie returned to her room and began to get ready. She'd posed in lingerie for some of the shots, and with the red cheongsam partially undone to erotically show off her breasts. Now she was to tease the soldiers by stripping out of it. The dress was skin tight, moulding her body as it was intended to do, with the slits up to her waist showing her stockinged thighs as she walked. Maggie put lipstick and rouge on her gaunt face. Looking in the mirror she saw the reflection of a despairing woman.

She was gorgeous and had generated widespread lust during her career. Now she was to satisfy the hungry soldiers. Maggie took a deep breath and left the room. Her legs were weak and heart thumping as she made her way on the high heels to the stairs leading to the bar. The men had been waiting expectantly, drinking and laughing. "She's going to drop 'em, boys," Schmidt had told them. "A cracking piece of skirt. You've got three days to enjoy her.

I'll break her in for you, Sargeant Green next and there'll be a draw for your turns. When everybody has had a go, you can have seconds." "She won't be sitting down for a week," laughed one. Several British soldiers remembered her from their days serving in Hongkong. "She was young then. Had all the locals wanking. Never thought I'd get the chance to put my prick up her," said one. "Yeah, real expensive. Not like the Kowloon whores. Only the rich bastards got into her panties."

Maggie stood at the top of the stairs. The men saw her and the talking hushed. She walked down, the slits of the dress exposing the famous legs as she moved. Her face was a mask. The hungry men began to feel their cocks harden. This was special. They were used to cheap whores, not a classy woman like Maggie. Schmit stepped forward. "Well, Maggie, you look magnificent." He indicated the long bar. "We'd like you to strip on the bar. A nice tease. Slow. You're an actress so we'd like a good show." There were shouts of agreement.

Schmidt put his hands around her slim waist and hoisted her onto the bar, giving a view of her legs and stocking tops as the flaps of the dress fell apart. There were whistles as she stood looking down on the men. She could smell the excitement and lust. Someone put on slow music. Maggie looked at the flushed, leering faces and closed her eyes. She'd thought of just pulling off her clothes but something clicked within her.

They'd asked for a show and they'd get one. Despite her fear and revulsion, she began swaying to the music, hands on hips as she moved slowly down the bar as her heels clicked on the polished wood. Unknown to her, she was being watched from above by Ben and the photographer. "It must be hell for her," said Ben. "Yes, hope we can keep this secret. If it ever leaks out... replied the photographer. Ben was not pleased at being given the job of looking after Maggie as virtually her pimp. It would be deeply embarrassing to see her after she was fucked by man after man.

There was a cheer as she began to undo the bodice studs of the dress, while swaying her body. It fell away to show her bra straining to hold the large breasts. "Got a great rack," said one of the men. Looking forward to sucking them." Maggie rotated her hips and pushed the dress, sending it sliding to her feet. "Show us your tits." shouted a soldier. In her lingerie she walked backwards and forwards, showing off her body.

Maggie was on auto pilot, as she flaunted herself. Who can say how a woman reacts in such circumstances. She was doing it because there was no point in doing anything else. The men were going to fuck her and she wanted to keep them as happy as possible to protect Tommy. And although she wouldn't admit it, she was reacting to the excitement she was causing. Her pussy was growing wet and leaking into her panties.

She stood still and reached behind her head. The men grew silent. Her trembling fingers unhooked the backband and then she slid the arm bands off her shoulders. holding the bra cups over her breasts and then letting the garment fall away to a roar from the men. Her breasts jutted out, with only a slight droop and bounced as she again moved along the bar top. Sweat ran off her smooth skin as she bent to undo a stocking and roll it off one shapely leg, then the other one. The men were going crazy, demanding she drop her panties.

First she rolled down the suspender belt and threw it into the crowd, then turned her back on them, bent over and peeled the panties off her tight buttocks to expose them to the shouting soldiers. Turning round, she stood showing off her pussy with its prominent tuft of pubic hair.

Several men reached up and pulled her off the bar. She was passed from soldier to soldier, as her body - slick with sweat - was explored by rough hands. Breasts squeezed, bottom pinched, fingers in her vagina. Everyone got their feel. They'd been surprised by the quality of the strip and wanted a fuck. Everyone grabbed a piece of her and left some bruises "Do her on the pool table," shouted one. Schmidt intervened, pulling her to him. "OK, it's time she went upstairs," he shouted. "Everyone will get their turn."

Picking up Maggie, he carried her in his strong arms up the stairs. He would be the first of a 20-man gang bang that would change her life forever. Over the next three days she was to learn a lot about herself.

To be continued...

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