Destiny 2

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Later my mom need me to marry her and want to go abroad. So we flew to western country. There we got married and moved to countryside . It was our moon days. Mom was getting more and more fat as her breast was filled with milk. I drank her milk night and day. So our first night came. Mom came to bed in a lacy gown.

When she sat on bed i made her to sit on my lap. My cock was already erect. I squeezed breasts within her gown. She started moaning and her gown started getting wet as her breast was pumping milk. I removed her gown. She was totally nude inside. I lied above her and squeezed her breasts. The whole bed started overflowing with milk. I drink some too.

I went over mom's face kissed her forehead, nose and then lips. In fact i was eating her lips. I chewed her lower lip .our tongues twisted and saliva pumped to each other mouth. We drank enough of each saliva. When i took my mouth from her she was gasping for breath. I then went down to her breasts and circled her nipples. It again started pumping milk.

I continued my exploration down to her navel to her pussy. It was clean shaven as said by me. I now decided it is now time for some oral sex as we are now husband and wife. I inserted first my fingers then my tongue to her pussy. I tongue fucked her for about 15 minutes till she gave me her first orgasm. I drank it all and kissed her again so that she can also tastie it.

Now i made mom to sit over me and thrusted my cock into her mouth . She was a good sucker. She ride her tongue through my cock so well that i feel i was in heaven. When i ejaculated on her mouth my cock was dipped in her saliva. She then sucked my mouth for me to taste my love juices. I think it contain some urine too as it was a bit salty.

Now i made her to sit in doggy position in her knees. She thought i was going to stroke her pussy. Instead i was going for her virgin asshole. I gave her asshole a nice lubrication with my tongue. Then i thrusted my lubricated cock into her asshole at once and full. We both cried in pain. But gradually the pain decreased and we got into rythm and feel of an ass fuck.

I stroked her slowly and ejected my sperm into her ass. She now again took my cock into her mouth as it had gone down. Her sucking ability was once again proved as she aroused my cock to its full length within no time. Now i once again ride my mouth through her body to arose her. Her puppy again become yet.

Now waiting for nothing else i stroked her pussy but still i did it slowly by caressing her breasts and sucking her lips thus keeping her in full passion. She and i cummed together and her pussy was now filled with my sperm. Three months passed by and we were having a good sex life and made it new and stylish by eating with sex, bath sex etc. One find evening when mom was eating she vomited and at hospital doctor told us that we are going to be parents. (to be continued)

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