Dessert for Nadine and Jackie

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At the television news and weather station I work at, there are two girls who seem to have insatiable appetites for cock and cum.

Nadine is a VERY cute blonde with a gorgeous face and body. Rumor has it she has blown every guy in our very large building… a rumor she makes absolutely no attempt to deny. One time she was asked what she felt the most important thing was in choosing a boyfriend. She just smiled and said: “Taste”.

Jackie perhaps has blown fewer men, but not by much. A few months ago, on just my third day at work, I noticed a line-up of about ten men outside one of the copy rooms. None of them seemed to be holding anything worth copying so I asked what was going on. I was told that Jackie was on her knees inside, giving blowjobs until she was due on the air in about two hours. Sure enough, when I snuck a peek through the open door, I saw brunette hair bobbing too and fro into some guy’s crotch. Incidentally, Jackie also is cute…perhaps not quite as gorgeous a face as Nadine, but also a gorgeous figure, especially in the nice pants she always wears on the air for her weather reports.

Even in my first few weeks at the station, I was blown by Nadine. I have spoken with Jackie a few times, and once last week she seemed to be backing me into the copy room with a hungry look on her face… but then our mutual boss showed up, so she ended up feeding on him instead. I poked my head into the copy room a few minutes later to find her on her knees feasting on the boss’ bone. He didn’t see me, but she did. Her eyes looked up sadly at me even as she continued to bob in and out of his crotch… of course, she wasn’t sad at all to be sucking her boss. But she WAS sorry because she was due on the air in just a few minutes and sorry that she had excited me for no reason. 

Perhaps that is why Nadine approached me last Friday and asked me if I’d like to join her and Jackie for dinner.

“A threesome?” I asked.

Nadine laughed and said: “At least it’ll start out that way.”

I met her and Jackie… where else?... by the copy room. Both girls were on their knees taking care of some last minute ‘business’ before leaving work for the week. I waited patiently outside the room for about twenty minutes while the girls finished their work. I wondered if they’d invite me in for a blowjob, but when showed up together and Nadine asked… “Shall we go?”… I knew I would have to wait a bit longer.

I usually take the Metro to work, so Nadine was driving us to the restaurant. Strategically I followed the two girls, so that I could hungrily eye their two scrumptious little asses. Jackie was wearing a white blouse, a pink sweater, very nice, two-pocket pleated chocolate brown pants and pink spike heels. Her bum looked very nice. Nadine was wearing a white blouse, a yellow long-sleeved sweater, black pleated pants and black heels. 

Jackie and Nadine both were recognized immediately at the restaurant. In fact, the maitre’d gave each girl a kiss on the cheek and then told them he had reserved their private table for them. He smiled at me and said… “I haven’t seen you here before.” I admitted that it was my first time. He nodded and smiled again.

The two adjoining main rooms of the restaurant both were huge, each with probably at least fifty tables, but Jacques led us to a semi-private room at the back of the restaurant, a room separated from the rest of the restaurant by a wall containing a huge one-piece window, with a doorway off to the right. In this room there were just three tables, which I found to be surprising given the relatively large size of the room. I wondered about the seemingly wasted space, but said nothing. 

The main meal itself was wonderful, but nothing unexpected happened. We ate our meals in peace, separated from the noise and bustle of all the other diners but clearly able to see them through the huge window between us; as I sat facing that window, I amused myself by watching some of those diners. 

But then our waiter, Franz, handed us our dessert menus. Mine was a standard, laminated menu with the usual chocolate tortes and cherry cheesecakes on it. But the two girls shared an un-laminated, regular piece of paper with a handwritten list on it. The two intently scanned the paper together, hungrily licking their lips. After ordering just coffee for myself, I commented on the girls’ odd menu. They had apparently made their choices and handed it over to me as they turned to face Franz with their order.

My jaw dropped. 

Nadine and Jackie’s ‘menu’ was just a list of names… all male names… including Jacques and Franz and about fifteen others.

Nadine ordered first: “I’d like to start with Jason, Lawrence and José.”

Jackie ordered “William and Frank… and is Jeffrey new?... then I’ll also have him.”

“And, of course,” Nadine added, smiling over at me… “We’ll both have Charlie.”

I sat there stunned, my eyes darting back and forth between Jackie and Nadine’s smiling faces, until three waiters arrived. One carried my coffee. The other two each carried a little cushion, which they placed about three feet apart on the floor on the other side of the table from where I was sitting. One waiter then went to Nadine, helping slide out her chair so she could stand. The other did the same for Jackie. The waiters each took their girl’s hand and led them to their cushion where, still holding their hands, they helped them to kneel. Jackie kneeled facing left. Nadine kneeled facing the other way, about two feet further from the table so that the girls almost faced each other. The waiters all left and the two girls rested their bums back against their shoes to wait. Jackie turned to me and asked me why I didn’t order the chocolate mousse or something. But then she turned to watch the first installment of her and Nadine’s desserts arrive. Nadine’s appeared to be a waiter, Jackie’s a bus boy. Each girl reached up to undo the zipper and belt before her, even while chatting gaily to each other. I couldn’t believe it. The two girls were acting as casual as if they were merely adding cream to their coffee.

Nadine was the first to sample her ‘dessert’. She held a soft but growing cock in one hand and peered up at her waiter, as if waiting for grace to be said. He smiled, said “Bon appetite” and then she was off, leaning forward to take at least three inches of his still growing cock into her mouth. Jackie immediately followed suit, her eyes then turning towards me to enjoy my reaction.

“Hmm hmm,” she said to me.

I continued to watch my two ‘dates’ in stunned amazement as they slowly and seemingly in unison slid their faces to and fro into the crotches before them. The waiters obviously had known exactly where to position the cushions, staggering the couples so that both girls were visible to me. Even more obvious was that the two girls were in no hurry and were enjoying themselves tremendously.

After awhile, I started to appreciate the different styles of the two girls. Jackie was a licker… she loved to lick the cock in front of her, spending about a third of her time doing this as opposed to actually having it in her mouth. She licked the shaft, often from the side. She licked the balls. She tickled the penis tip with her tongue. She tended to have one hand always holding the base of the cock to steady it, and sometimes two. She never actually stroked the cock, giving the hand jobs that many girls do. No… she was all mouth and tongue. Her eyes always remained open, darting from her meal, to the face of her man, to me, and to Nadine.

Nadine was more of a diver. Once she had a cock in her mouth, it stayed there. She generally went deeper with every plunge than Jackie, and seemed to be going deeper and deeper as the blowjob progressed. Eventually, she obviously was deep-throating with almost every plunge, making her gag but never withdraw. She never placed her hands anywhere near the cock she was sucking, resting them always instead on her own knees or on her man’s thighs or butt. Like Jackie, her eyes always remained open. For the first several minutes, her eyes seemed only to be watching me, tilting her head ever so slightly to give me a good view of her gorgeous cock-filled face. And Man! Did she look gorgeous, such an amazingly cute blonde with a cock deep in her mouth! But then she started to tilt her head the other way, away from me. At first, I was disappointed and puzzled by why she was doing this. But then I realized. She was playing to the restaurant beyond that huge window. Sure enough, I looked up and saw several stunned faces watching her from tables in the main room. Nadine was putting on a show for her audience.

Eventually, she turned her head back towards me. Her eyes seemed to twinkle mischievously watching me watching her. When my eyes darted away from her face to her lovely bum, she noticed and then twisted her bum towards me so I could get a better view. With her kneeling upright and leaning into the waiter’s crotch, her pants were deliciously tight and her ass so enticing. One day I wanted to fuck that ass of hers, go deep right up her poop chute, if ever I would be so lucky. 

After another moment, my eyes were drawn back to Nadine’s pretty face. She had opened her mouth as wide as she could now, and was thrusting her head fully onto the rigid bone in her mouth, taking it clearly all the way into her throat. Her face didn’t stop until it was pressed full force into the waiter’s belly, her nose having disappeared in his fat. With her face fully impaled on his cock, she wiggled her head sinuously side to side as if wedging the cock even further down her throat. She moaned.

“Hmm… hmm… hmm… hmm…” with each twist of her head. The waiter sensed her pleasure and placed both hands on her head to keep her there as he tilted and pushed his pelvis even more firmly into her face.

Jackie still was bobbing back and forth, her eyes fixed on Nadine, obviously admiring what her friend was doing. Jackie could deep throat, and would deep throat a bit later, but not with the same degree of skill and determination as Nadine. 

By now I was sitting back, sipping my coffee and fully enjoying the spectacle before me. When a waiter returned to check on me, I did order that chocolate mousse. As happy as the two girls were to have cocks in their mouths, I did sense that both of them were at least somewhat jealous of my dessert, both eying me as I slowly consumed it.

I became Jackie’s second helping of dessert. After she’d swallowed her bus boy’s cum, she called over to me and asked if I was ready for consumption. I said that I was and happily went over to her where her nimble hands were waiting to unleash the growing bulge in my pants. Standing with my cock in Jackie’s sweet mouth, I was now much, much closer to the window. With my hand, I gently turned Jackie’s face towards it so she could see the crowd of diners watching her from not a dozen feet away. Maybe she had been purposefully avoiding looking that way, because she did seem a bit uncomfortable being on display like this, and rather quickly turned her head and eyes back towards me. But after a moment and every moment or so thereafter, I turned her face that way again.

Finally, she laughed and stopped resisting. Now she was gazing RIGHT at the crowd and starting to rival Nadine for all the diners’ attentions. Several guys sitting at tables nearest the window seemed to notice the change in her, and uniformly gave Jackie the thumbs up sign. Jackie now seemed proud to be on display. When one of the diners, an older gentleman in a tweed coat, stood up from his table holding a camera to take her picture, she playfully waved him inside our private room so he could get closer. Jackie proudly posed for him with my cock deep in her mouth.

Nadine was sucking a bus boy now. She was kneeling not three feet from me. I looked down at her and she lovingly looked up at me, her eyes riveted on mine as she sensuously sucked the busboy’s hard member. Later, when Nadine started to deep throat and just stay there, as she had done with the waiter, I found myself reaching out with my hand to hold the back of her head in place. At one point, Jackie deep throated me… so that I had my left hand pulling Jackie into my crotch and my right hand pushing Nadine into her busboy’s groin. 

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