Decorating Class

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“Okay guys. It’s time to finish what you’re doing and start tidying up.” I called to the six young guys in my decorating class. “Conner, I’m going to the staff room to get changed, so you’re in charge. No messing around, you lot! I need to be out of here in 30 minutes.”

I’m a part-time leader for a Community Programme. The kids (usually 18 to 20 year olds) come to us for six months at a time to learn basic skills like joinery, brick laying, mechanics, or, in my case decorating. This, current group were good fun and keen learners. Their term would end on Friday, and I was staying late with them to help finish their project.

In the empty staff room I lit a cigarette as I took my bag from a locker. I was looking forward to tonight. I was leaving the programme, myself on Friday, to take up a position with company on the other side of town, so a few of us were going out for a few drinks to celebrate. Because I’d stayed late I was going to have to get washed and dressed on site, and get a taxi into town. 

I threw my sweatshirt, boots and combat pants into my locker and turned the hot tap on. As I unhooked my bra, I turned to look at the door. “Gosh!” I thought, “What if one of them was to barge in and catch me looking like this.” Giggling, at such a naughty thought, I made sure that the door was firmly closed. Then after slipping my knickers off I quickly washed my private parts. Taking extra care with my freshly shaved pussy. My boss Sean was going to be there tonight and I hoped that ‘one thing might, lead to another’ and we could finally get the chance to have a quick fuck, before he had to go back to his wife.

It felt good walking, naked, around the room, knowing that at any moment one of my teenage charges could walk in and catch me. I took three pairs of pants out the bag and compared them. As I was beginning to feel horny I chose the smallest, slinkiest black g-string. It was so small that it hardly covered my ‘Brazilian’ stripe. Still smiling I decided not to wear a bra. I wanted Sean to get the message loud and clear! Without a bra my (34d) tits would look even bigger and wobblier than usual in my tight velvet/lycra dress. Fifteen minutes later, hair and make-up immaculate, I walked back into the workroom.

“Fucking Hell, Miss” Kyle whistled, “You look fucking gorgeous!”
“Mind your language, in front of a lady!” I reminded him. 
“She doesn’t look like a fucking lady to me!” Jon Jon laughed, “More like a Porn Star!”
“Maybe she is.” Someone shouted, “Miss are you a Porn Star? ‘Cos if you are I’d like a blow-job!” I turned to see Gavin simulating masturbation with the shaft of a hammer. 

“Alright. Calm down everybody. You’d think that you’d never seen a woman before, and Gavin, if that’s all that you’ve got, you’re no use to me.” I joked, and all of his friends burst out laughing.
“But, Miss. We’ve never seen you like this before………….your tits……..They’re fucking enormous!” he stammered. At work I always wore heavy loose fitting work clothes that disguised my ‘Rubenesque’ figure.
“Yeah Miss, show us your tits,” Jon Jon shouted, from the back. “Come on Miss,” Kyle pleaded, “You promised us a special treat if we did well.”
By now, all six boys were standing very close to me, leering at my sexy outfit. Embarrassed at their attention and foul language, I told them, “I meant that I would buy you some beer on Friday, after the presentation.”

“I’d rather see your tits!” Neil told me as he slid a hand over my left breast, and gently squeezed it.
“Me too, me too!” two or three shouted together. They were getting braver by the minute, and Gavin slipped one of my dress straps off my shoulder.
“What the Hell!” I thought, “I show them on the beach, so what harm will it cause? I’m leaving in two days, anyway.”
“Okay, okay! Stand back,” I told them, “If you promise to keep it a secret, you can have a quick look!” Stunned they all silently took a step backwards. As I took hold of the straps, I made them promise a second time to keep it a secret.
With all seven of us grinning like Cheshire cats, I slowly dropped the top of my dress exposing my swollen breasts to their teenage eyes.
“Fucking Hell! They’re fucking huge!” Kyle gasped as he held out a hand to touch them.

“No! No touching! I only said that you could look at them!” I shouted, as I gloried in the power that I held over them.
“I don’t think so!” Jon Jon shouted in my ear from behind me, as he grabbed two large handfuls of tit, taking me by surprise.
“Shit! JJ! Stop that!” I shouted, as my nipples doubled in size before their very eyes. “Haha, look at them. They’re sticking out like coat pegs!” he laughed as he juggled my breasts to his friends’ delight. As he had my arms trapped by my side the others became brave again and surrounded me like a pack of wild dogs.
As they mauled my breasts, poking, stroking and tickling the soft flesh, JJ whispered in my ear, “You like this, don’t you Miss?” 
Biting my lip, to suppress my pleasure I answered, “No, no. You’ve got to stop. That’s enough. Stop it now.”
“You don’t really mean that, do you?” he continued, as he pulled on my extended nipples, making me whimper. 

A hand was now up the back of my dress and was fondling my arse. “Fuck me! She’s not even wearing any knickers!” Conner called out, as he grabbed a handful of my large arse.

“I am, I am!” I shouted.
“I want to see!” JJ told Conner, as he pulled me further back onto the desk, “lift her dress up. Let’s see if the dirty cow is wearing any knickers!”
With two or three boys still playing with my tits, the others moved back. With a sharp tug Conner pulled my dress up until it was wrapped around my waist, exposing my tiny g-string which was so far up my pussy my labia were hanging either side of the gusset.

“Look, her cunt’s eating her knickers!” Someone laughed. “She’s bald! She’s fucking bald! She shaves her fanny!” A boy screamed with delight. “She must be a Porn Star! Look at her piss flaps, they’re hanging down to her knees!” Another shouted.
All of the dirty talk and the attention that they were giving my tits had me squirming with passion. I always get turned on when my lovers talk dirty to me, so I knew that my pussy must have been soaking right now.

As Neil and Conner knelt between my legs, JJ, realising that I was now enjoying their attention, let my arms go free.
I shuffled back along the desk, until I rested against the wall. Comfortable, now, I spread my legs as far as they would go. Neil and Conner were open-mouthed as my g-string sunk even deeper into my soaking hole. “Does that look nice?” I asked them. “Nice! It’s fucking fantastic, Miss.” Neil gasped. 
“Have you never seen a shaved pussy before?” I asked him.

Neil shook his head, “Only in dirty books.” “Conner?” I asked his friend, who was staring at my shaven haven. “No, Miss.” He replied with a cocky smile on his lips. 
“Anybody else?” I asked the room. With radiant smiles on their faces Neil and Paul shook their heads, the others nodded and laughed. “This should be fun then!” I giggled.

Closing my legs, I told them, “Okay Neil, take my knickers off.” In a second my g-string was hanging off my ankle and my bald, gaping, cunt was opened for a closer inspection. 

Like a pair of amateur gynochologists they stroked and probed my labia and bald pubic area.
Paul and Gavin were suckling on my aching nipples when I panted, “Put your fingers in…gently…put your fingers in.”
“Who Miss? Me or Neil?” Conner asked.
“Both of you!” I gasped, throwing my head back in frustration. Giggling, they did as they were told both sliding a bony finger into my hot cunt. “Oooohh!” I gasped, “Another one…More…ooh, yes.” I kept panting as extra digits entered me, stretching my cunt walls.
“I think that she really is a Porno actress!” I heard someone say.

I’m not a Porno actress, but I really, really like sex. I’m 42 now, and have been married twice. Both ended in divorce because I was having an affair. I’d never done anything like this before. I’d had two men at once, three times. The first couple of times were at College, and the third was with two of my first husbands’ brothers! I’d wanted to try it again, but the opportunity had never arisen. Now here I was with six horny teenagers. 

“Do you think that she’ll let one of us fuck her?” I heard Kyle ask JJ, who shrugged his shoulders, and looked at me. I nodded my head.
“Has anyone got any rubbers?” I huskily asked, as four or five of their fingers were now probing the inner reaches of my womb.
The boys looked at each other blankly. “Oh shit!” I moaned, “Just don’t come inside me then!”
“Who do you want Miss?” JJ, the eldest asked.
“I don’t care. Just somebody get their cock out and fuck me!” I shouted.

JJ unzipped his work jeans and pulled the two boys that were fingering me out of his way. Paul and Gavin stopped sucking my tits, to watch their friend fuck Miss Hutley.

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