Darren's Diary - fucked in suspenders

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It’s the first day of term again. But it’s the first day of the last term. My last term here at St. Jude’s. Can’t believe it – after all these years I get to leave at last!

So what did I do in the holidays?

Well, the best thing I did was get fucked by Steve. Steve’s this guy who lives in the house across the road from us. If I look through my bedroom window, which is at the front of the house, I can see right into his bedroom window which is also at the front. Obviously! Steve’s about the same age as me, 18, but goes to a different school, I don’t know which one. Although we’ve been neighbours for years we don’t really talk. Or at least we didn’t until the last holiday.

This is how it happened.

I was in my room one night, about eight o’clock. My parents were out at some Cricket club function and I had the house to myself. I decided to try something new and had a rummage through my mum’s cupboard. I don’t know why, I just fancied it. Well, I found some stuff that I thought would be good to play around with and I also found a video tape, nothing written on it, just blank so I thought, ‘that looks interesting’ and I took it back to my room.

I put the tape in and nearly died when I saw what it was – two guys and a woman having sex. I didn’t know my mum was into watching porn films. Anyway, I sat on the edge of the bed and watched it for a bit, getting turned on by the guys more than the woman, and then I decided I’d put on some of the things I’d found in the cupboard.

I’d not done this before and felt a bit silly at first. I mean I didn’t know how to put on a suspender belt and I sat there trying to work it out for ages. I stripped off my tracksuit and my briefs and stood there, with my back to the window, while I watched the film, trying to see how the woman in the porn video had put hers on. I decided to slip the panties on first and the soft, light material felt really sexy around my cock. Then I pulled the stockings on over my legs and the hairs got a bit caught up but I managed it. When I worked out how to attach the suspender belt it was great. The panties only had a thong at the back and that went right up my crack, tight. I could feel the air on my arse, the soft panties around my balls and semi-hard cock, and the suspenders around my middle – a bit tight too, but that was o.k.

Then I lay down on my front on the bed and watched more of the film. As I got harder – watching the two guys slowly being stripped by the girl – I started rubbing myself against the quilt on the bed, getting harder within the panties. My cock-head slipped over the top of the panties and felt hot as it rubbed against the quilt. I pushed my arse up in the air and spread my legs to feel more of the cool air around my arsehole. Then, in the film, the woman started to stick her tongue around the arsehole of one of the guys while the other man did the same to her and I wondered what that would feel like.

My hand reached around behind me and I started poking at my own arse with a finger. It felt a bit rough so I licked my finger and was able to push it in a little way. That was really weird, feeling something in there for the first time, but I got used to it and it made my cock even fatter, it almost hurt it was so swollen. And then, in the film, one of the guys got his cock – it was huge and he’d shaved his pubes off - and started poking at the woman’s arse with his nob. She had started sucking on the other guy’s cock now and I wished I was in the film too. 

Beneath me my cock was leaking precum already and I could feel the quilt getting damp underneath me. I started rubbing myself harder, pushing myself back onto my finger and then down onto the bed and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came.

And then I heard the doorbell ring.

I was suddenly in a panic. I thought my parents were back early but then realised that if they were they wouldn’t ring the bell. Without thinking I grabbed my dressing gown, put it on and ran down the stairs. I checked that my cock – soft already – was tucked back in and opened the door.

It took me a while to work out who was there, and then I recognised Steve from across the road.
‘Hi,’ I said lamely. I could feel the panties and suspenders under my dressing gown and felt a bit stupid.
‘Hi, Darren,’ he said in a deep, masculine voice. ‘Sorry to disturb you but…’

He looked down at my legs and then back up into my eyes. His own eyes were half shut like he was concentrating hard and I wondered what he was thinking. ‘Nice stockings,’ he said and I went bright red.

I’d forgotten that he’d be able to see my legs. I looked down and saw the hairs on my legs pressed flat against my skin under the stockings.
‘Ah,’ I said. I didn’t know what to say and just flustered for a moment.

Before I knew what was happening he’d looked over his shoulder, as if checking that the coast was clear, and had pushed past me into the hall. I shut the door and turned to face him, afraid of what he might do, but he just smiled at me. Then he took hold of my hand and pulled me towards the stairs.

Without saying anything he led me upstairs and back to my room. The film was still playing and now the woman was getting fucked in the arse by one guy while sucking hard on the other guy’s cock. Steve looked at the film and then went to the window. I just watched. He closed the curtains and turned back to smile at me.

‘Thought you might want some company,’ he said and I knew then that he had been watching me. The curtains had been open and the light from the TV must have been enough to let him see what I was doing.

He came over to me, undid my dressing gown and let it fall to the floor. I stood there stunned and embarrassed.
‘It’s o.k.’ he said quietly. ‘I won’t tell your folks as long as you do what I say.’

I nodded. My heart was pounding and my cock felt really small inside those panties.
‘Get back on the bed where you were,’ he said and I didn’t argue.

I knelt back on the bed, facing the TV and waited. I heard him take off his shirt, heard a crackle of static as it went over his head. Then I heard a belt rattle and there was more noise as his jeans were dumped on the floor. He told me not to turn around.
‘Just watch the film and imagine you are her,’ he said.

I did just that, watching as the guy with the shaved cock slammed into her arse before me. And then I realised what he was going to do and I felt a bit scared.

And then the bed moved behind me as he climbed on. I felt a pair of large hands on my buttocks, rough and masculine hands on my smooth flesh. They stroked me there before sliding around in front where one of them grabbed my balls through the feather light material of the panties. His fingertips tickled the shaft of my cock and it started to react. I felt something hard and heavy rest between the cheeks of my arse but I didn’t dare turn around to see what it was. I felt a moist, warm smudge on my skin and then I knew what it was.

Before I could think, let alone do anything, my arse suddenly felt hot and wet and a thrill ran through me like I’d never felt before. I could feel rough skin again my cheeks and the fingers of his other hand pulling at the thong of the panties. They pulled it away and his strong, wet tongue suddenly stuck itself into my arsehole. I groaned, it didn’t hurt, it probed me deeper and I relaxed. On the TV one guy was wanking himself, his balls slapping up and down under his fist as the woman waited to catch his spunk.

My cock started to stick out over the top of the panties again, I could feel the suspender belt cutting into my waist but I didn’t care. I only wanted Steve to get his tongue in deeper and I pushed myself back into his face. He pulled away.
‘Good lad, that’s what you want isn’t it?’ he panted.
‘Yeah,’ I said and bent my head down.

I could almost see back through my legs like that. I could see his hairy legs behind me, his chest as he knelt with his face in my arse. And when he forced his tongue right back into me I could see his cock, huge and dark, sticking up flat against his stomach. His balls hung down below it and they looked huge too. But I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of his mouth as he sucked and bit around my arse.

The guy on the video was coming. I heard him and opened my eyes to watch. The woman was on her back now, the other guy slowly sliding his cock into her as she opened her mouth to catch the stream of spunk that the other guy let go. 

And then there was a new sensation on my arse. The sucking had stopped and that heavy, damp piece of meat was resting against me again. I knew what was going to happen. I tried to reach for my cock to start wanking but Steve pushed my hands away. He grabbed them and held them with both of his, behind my back. His cock rested against the wet hole of my arse and he gripped my wrists, holding me there.

On the screen the woman was on all fours, like me. One guy rested his cock against her hole, like Steve was doing to me, the other was watching. And then, as he slid into her, he slid into me. Pulling me back by the wrists so that our bodies came together hard. All the way in, burning me, splitting me, filling me with his fat shaft that slid right up inside me and filled me with a pleasure I’d never known before. He let go of my wrists and I fell forwards onto the bed. He pounded me, rising high above me, grabbing at the suspender belt and using it like a harness, like he was riding me like a horse. Fucking me as she on the TV got fucked by him. I was her; I was that woman getting a man’s cock inside me. The panties strained around my swollen balls, the tights rubbed against the flesh of my legs and my man slammed into me deeper and harder, using me, bringing me to climax by fucking me like I was his whore.

He was grunting like the guy on the video. I gasped and groaned like the woman, swung my head, tried to look back at him, my eyes screwed up with pleasure, with ecstasy. I begged him to do it harder just like she did. He pulled at my panties and my suspenders just like he did, we were the same couple. Fucking, like animals, sweating and grunting and begging each other to give more pleasure, to take it harder, to fill me with his cum, to fuck me like I was his bitch.

And, just when I knew I couldn’t take any more, he pulled out of me, backed off, flipped me over onto my back and lifted my legs over his shoulder. I could see his taught, hairy body for the first time, I could see the sweat on his face and I could see the long, solid shaft that had been pulping my insides. He gripped it in his fist his knuckles white, and pounded it towards me. Wanking himself over me like he was marking his territory. He rubbed his red raw cock head against the silky panties and I felt him hot and wet, soaking my balls with his juices as he grunted and panted and swore and came. 

A sudden burst of red-hot spunk stabbed into my balls and burned through the soft material, soaking me, drowning my balls. More and more came as he aimed his spunk at my cock, then my stomach and then finally onto my chest, each jet spat through the air almost in slow motion as I watched it, eyes wide and longing for it to land in my mouth. My hand was on my own cock then, the panties pushed down, trapping my balls within, my stockings against his shoulders, my arse open and loose before him. I felt my cum shoot up onto my stomach and I yelled out like the whore I was, thanking him for giving me this pleasure. He watched me as I wanked myself dry. He watched me as I wiped up the cum in my fingers and licked them clean. And he watched me as I lay there watching him, my underwear soaked with our spunk and our sweat.

And I watched him as his cock softened and rested against my damp knickers, my own cock spent and resting, my arse glowing and wide open. I smiled at him weakly not knowing what he would do next.

He smiled back, winked and got off me. Within a minute he was dressed and gone. The video came to an end, dull music played followed by a hiss. I just lay there and stared at the ceiling.

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