Darcy Chokes Up on the Bat - Part 1

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The days when sports newscasters are overweight, middle-aged men sitting behind a desk appear to be over. I guess it’s because stations have figured out that most sports news viewers are horny men. So now, instead of those fat guys behind desks, more and more stations are having hot babes with ruby red lips standing right out in the open wearing jeans so tight, their panties have to be measured for material width. That’s certainly how it is at our station, where our girl recently put her lips to work MAKING, rather than just reporting, the news.

It started innocuously enough. Darcy was standing in the studio in her traditional tight jeans and heels, reporting on an inter-league baseball game; and then, suddenly, she made a comment about a rookie pitcher taking his first swing of the bat.

“That guy chokes up on the bat more than I do,” she said, only realizing after she’d said it what most viewers would be thinking. But then she made it worse, by putting her hand up to her mouth, laughing, and saying: “Whoops! I can’t believe I just said that.”

Well, our producer couldn’t let Darcy get away with that one; so suddenly, from off stage but loud enough to be picked up on audio, he called out: “Hey! We’ve got some bats over here you can choke up on.”

Unbelievably, Darcy took the bait. “Okay, guys,” she said, looking right at them, but still on the air. “I’ll choke on all your bats if the Jays make the playoffs this year.”

“On the air?” the producer called out, sensing an opportunity.

“You bet,” Darcy smiled confidently.

In fact, she WAS confident, because our beloved Jays were 7½ games out of a playoff spot, with just 10 games to play. But, in retrospect, she should have done her homework; because the home team was going to be playing all of their last 10 games at home, where they’d been nigh unbeatable for the past 6 weeks, and they had one 3-game set to close out the season against the team they were chasing. If, by some miracle, they could narrow the gap to 3 games by then, they’d have a chance. Still, who could have imagined the Bombers losing 6 of 8, and the Jays winning 7 straight going into the final series? But, along the way, the Jays swept a four game series against a last place rival, and the Bombers were swept in a 3-game series against a team that, admittedly, had had their number all year long. Suddenly, the gap was 4 games with 6 to go. Still pretty improbable. But when the Bombers lost 3 of 5 at home, and the Jays extended their winning streak to seven, the most improbable had happened, and the gap had been narrowed to two games by the time the Bombers came to town for the final 3-game series.

In the final days leading up to this, letters kept pouring in asking if Darcy really was going to keep her promise, on the air, if the unimaginable happened. When asked by the producer, Darcy replied that she would, if he’d let her. Of course, given the overwhelmingly positive fan response and a letter from the head office encouraging him to go with it, he was happy to. And we, at the station, teasingly placed three Bomber bobble-head dolls on Darcy’s desk at the back of the studio set, in plain view during all telecasts, with plans to knock one over for each game the Jays kept winning. And, being two games back with three to play, they HAD to keep winning.

“Is the home team going to force me to my knees?” was how Darcy opened each of her pre-recorded half-hour shows the morning after the first game. Sure enough, like the team was giving 110% effort just for Darcy, they managed to pull out what seemed like a sure loss by scoring three in the bottom of the ninth to tie; and then won it 6-5 on a bloop single, scoring a runner from third in the eleventh inning.

The morning after the next game, Darcy again stood in front of her desk with one bobble-head down, excitedly asking the question: Would a solo home run in the first inning stand up and put me one step away from Gagsville?” she asked. And then she happily reported, inning by inning, as it did, to secure the home team a 1-0 win. Now the teams were tied with one game to go. But there’d be no ties after the next game. Darcy either would be off the hook; or she’d go down in infamy as the pretty sportscaster whose mouth was gang-fucked on live, country-wide television.

The ‘Plays of the Day’ announcer announced – “Soon, Darcy, you’re going to be batting balls with your chin.”

Darcy laughed and said she certainly hoped so.

The next evening, the station ran a special, 3-hour show during the live broadcast of the game, with Darcy seated between the two regular newscasters. Darcy seemed relaxed, her knees crossed, waving a little home team flag to demonstrate that she still as going to cheer for the Birds.

“This is the night, Darcy,” the one male newscaster, named Dave, reminded her. “When we find out whether or not you’ll be doing all your work below the belt for the next little while.”

“Uh huh,” Darcy answered, playfully grimacing, but then laughing.

They then replayed those few fateful moments from that fateful day when Darcy had committed herself to ‘choking up’ on all the guys’ bats, live. The other female commentator followed this by explaining that, being the good sport that she was “just before this broadcast, Darcy promised also to ‘go deep’ with TWENTY additional fans for every run in the margin of victory.”

“So, Darcy” Kim clarified, “if they win 8 to 2, you’ll be the designated gagger for 120 lucky fans?”

“Yup,” Darcy nodded, confidently.

“Wow!” Kim added.

“That’s a full blow, going deep?” Dave clarified.

“Yup,” Darcy confirmed. “I’m taking all the way,” she explained, looking straight into the camera as if speaking directly to those who soon might be fucking her throat.

“Wow! So who are you rooting for, Darcy?” Dave asked her.

“The Jays, of course! Woohoo!!!” she answered, puffing out her chest to reveal her home team T-shirt with the words ‘GO DEEP’ written in blue on the front, and waving her little flag. Of course, she probably was hoping for a close, one or two-run ball-game, to save her mouth too much extra work. Or a score like 5-2 would be perfect; some comfort going into the final few innings, but Darcy wouldn’t need to have kneepads permanently stitched to her jeans.

But the game wasn’t even close. Darcy knew she was cooked after the first inning, when the home team scored 8 runs to jump to an early 8-0 lead. They then added three more in the second to go up by eleven, and four more in the fourth to lead by fifteen. The route was on!

Through it all, Darcy kept waving her little flag and bravely cheering her team on. Meanwhile, increasingly as the outcome became less and less in doubt, hundreds of male fans in the stands pulled out placards pleading with Darcy to add at least one more to her list of randomly-chosen, free fan blowjobs. Darcy thought this was so, so sweet! She insisted that every guy holding a placard leaving the park be pulled aside and added to her list.

“So, what are you going to wear tomorrow?” Kim asked her in the fifth inning, taking this opportunity to prime the millions of men watching the game.

“Well,” Darcy answered proudly. “This t-shirt, and…” she stood up and spun around slowly to reveal her amazingly tight 5-pocket navy-blue designer jeans and 2½ inch black heels… “these jeans and heels.” She even took a moment to bend over a bit to show off her sweet, sweet ass.”I like them so much, I’m going to wash them when I get home.

“So they’ll be EXTRA tight,” Dave commented.

“Yup!” Darcy said proudly.

“Nice!” Dave replied, earnestly. Darcy had picked out unquestionably flattering jeans for her amazingly sweet little behind.

By the sixth inning, with the score still 15-0 and the Bomber batters still just whiffing at the ball, there was no doubt that Darcy would be on her knees and quite busy, starting the very next morning. But how busy and for how long still had to be determined. The Bombers certainly knew how to score runs. An offensive explosion might not save Darcy’s mouth from being porked, but it would lessen the number of times it would be.

‘Five runs would be nice,’ she thought to herself. Given how the game was going, getting off with just 200 blowjobs to strangers would be good.

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