Dans le Murs (Part 14)

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Dans le Murs – Part XIV

Synopsis: Colin has returned to Lille encountering the mysterious Fatima on the way. As Grand master Designate he is required to conduct an interrogation into a possible infiltration. The methods used by the interrogators are extreme and Colin is forced to justify their use to his own conscience. During this encounter he challenges the future role of Lalith, the Grand Priestess. The pair return to the Grand Master to report. Now read on.

Part 14 – Defectives and Detectives

Authors note: This is completely a work of fiction and fantasy. All characters, names and most organisations are fictitious but some of the places exist. Geographical and logical errors are mine. Oh, and Xytron-K gas is a figment of my imagination. I have no axe to grind regarding the Church of Rome or any other religion; it just happens that Opus Dei is a likely candidate for an arch-enemy of a radical, sexually orientated secret society

“Was it exciting to watch TP at work?” Lalith, the Grand Priestess asked suddenly.
“I felt sympathy for the woman. “ I replied. “I don’t think I have ever seen a girl so stretched; it must’ve hurt like hell.”
She chuckled. “If one is used to Oscar and he is not in official mode then he can be most invigorating.” her voice carried a little humour.
“I gather that includes you, my Lady?”
“Most certainly, my lord.” she was in ebullient mood. “You cannot imagine what it is like to be possessed by such a massive organ or to be impregnated with his seed.”
“Indeed?” I said as we arrived at the Grand Masters apartments. “I will accept your assurance that it is pleasurable, my Lady.” We strode in and asked for an audience with the Grand Master as a matter of urgency. Although we didn’t mention Opus Dei I suspect the importance of our request filtered through. We were soon shown into his conference office and around a small table with steaming, freshly brewed coffee and delicious pastries.
“I sensed your request for an audience was pressing.” he said, sipping his cup. “Speak.”
I looked at Lalith, she nodded. “My lord.” I began, “We have very strong evidence that Opus Dei is showing a serious interest in our existence.” I then précised the events of the past few hours. He nodded periodically and made a few notes. At the end he looked very solemn.

“You were absolutely right to bring it to me Master.” he said soberly, “And I congratulate you Grand Priestess for your observation. Of all the organisations that could cause us hurt, Opus Dei is by far the most dangerous. They claim total legitimacy by virtue of their relationship with the Vatican but are, in fact, no more than a clandestine religious police following their own narrow agenda. They have recruited from parish Priests to Cardinals and it is not easy to identify their agents. If we have discovered an agent in our midst then it means that a senior Opus individual is aware of our existence. At least we know it will be male, there are no females in high places. I am interested in the name Broder van Oostermolen; maybe it is a pseudonym, maybe real, we must discover.” He looked at his watch; I hadn’t realised how time had flown by.
“We were due to dine about now.” he smiled, “Let us eat and discuss a wide range of subjects. Grand Priestess, you will dine with us also? Unless you have prior duties of course.”
She bowed. “I am honoured Master.”
We removed to a large dining room in which was a beautifully laid table. We sat and were served with a sparkling white wine and smoked salmon. As we ate we spoke of many things from Opus through to the films and beyond but over the main course of Crown of Lamb we fell to the serious business of Opus. As both Grand Master and myself would be busy for the following few days Lalith was asked if she would take charge of seeking out the mysterious Broder van Oostermolen.

“When you locate him,” the Grand Master tapped his plate, “do not act alone. Report to TP and they will assemble the necessary team. We must determine the extent of their knowledge and where it came from.”
“My guess is the orphanage.” I intruded.
“You are likely correct Sethin.” he nodded. “However, why do you believe it to be so?”
I shrugged. “It is principally Roman Catholic.” I said, “It is unreasonable to expect our presence to remain secret for all time considering that some of the residents are sect members. In addition the presence of the Joker film unit has placed extra pressure on security. It only needs one fundamental Catholic to hear a rumour and it begins. It is quite likely that this Broder van Oostermolen is a staff member under another name.”

“I am certain it is not the parish priest, that is Father Louis de Chamonix.” the Grand Master mused, “I do not think him to be Opus; he likes young boys too much.”
“My lord.” I began, “We are thinking of a ‘him’, could Oostermolen not be a place; you know, the east mill?”
“Ah, of course. I forgot you speak a little Flemish Sethin.” he said. “We have mills here in Flanders, but why a mill?”
“It could be a meeting place.” I explained. “Or a pointer to someone or something, brother of the east mill, but surely we are drifting into the realms of espionage?”
“In our business we must consider all possibilities.” he said, “But you have given me a thought.” He called his acolyte and asked for a detailed map of the surrounding area that we spread over a cleared area of the table.
“I am not from this district.” he said, “But I recall that somewhere to the east of the city there is a watermill close to a windmill; it is a long shot.”
“Maybe not Grand Master.” I said triumphantly, “In the south of England we have two famous mills, Jack and Jill which have been used in thriller movies.”
“Ah!” he pointed to a spot on the map near a small stream. “There, Moulin d’Ersigne, that could be the east mill and here …” he pointed again, “… is the windmill about three hundred metres away.”
“We need more information from Catherine.” I said assertively. “As you say, Lalith, before she ‘leaves us’.”

“Then get it Emeritus Master.” the Grand Master gave tacit authorisation, “I will instruct TP to stand by. The mill is only about ten kilometres from here, quite a short distance for a possible 18 year old hein? We will travel more quickly. Report to me when you are ready. Lalith, accompany him but do not involve yourself unnecessarily.”
We both bowed and walked quickly to the medical area, about 200 metres away. I demanded to see Catherine and almost had to use Grand Master’s authority to do so. In the small room the pallid girl was on a drip with a sister beside her. At the sight of me she objected but obeyed once she saw Lalith.
“She is very sick.” the sister cried, “If she is disturbed she might die.”
“Not before she tells me more.” I said callously as I leant over her, “Then she can do what she damn well likes. Catherine, it is Sethin. You told me about Broder van Oostermolen, I need more. Is it the windmill? Whom do you contact? How do you contact them? When is your next contact? We cannot treat your injuries unless you tell me.”
She shook her head slightly. I turned off the drip making sure she saw me. “You will die Catherine.” I said, “Is it worth it?”
She still remained silent so I pulled back the light cover and flexed my fingers over her thighs.
“Now, how many fingers should I use, two, three?” I said, touching her covered pubic area.
“No, you cannot!” the sister screamed, “That is inhuman!”
“You will be silent sister!” Lalith intervened, “The Emeritus Master does what is necessary to protect the order!”
“I cannot allow it Grand Priestess!” she continued, “It is my responsibility to protect the novice.”
“Then you are relieved of your responsibility.” Lalith said simply, “Leave us and send in the House Mother. You will report to Sister Titania for reassignment; is that clear?”
She reddened and stood her ground for a brief moment before bowing in submission. “Yes my Lady.” she whispered, “It is as you command.” She withdrew, closing the door behind her.
“A few weeks of altar duties will bring her to her senses.” Lalith said sharply, “Ah, here is the House Mother.”

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