Dans le Murs Part 10

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Synopsis: Colin and Nahdya have travelled to Bangkok to meet up with a Triad boss with whom they hope to cement a joint venture. They discover that he is basically a pae-do-phile and wants to push ‘porn’. Colin finds this abhorrent and they take one of his charges back to the hotel, hoping to discover more about his activities in order to destroy him. This chapter is basically a link between sections and is less erotic and more thriller. It can probably be omitted if the reader is simply keeping track of the sex.; however I have published Parts 10 and 11 simultaneously  in order to maintain interest.
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Part 10 – Fight and Flight

Authors note: As this is written in the UK any reference to the ‘Age of Consent’ is to the age in the UK, which currently stands at 18 years. Whilst consensual sexual relations between a 16-year-old girl and a 45-year-old man might raise eyebrows, it does not contravene English law. Don’t get it confused with the ‘Age of Majority’, which remains at 18, as does the age for consensual Gay relationships. The intervening years are a grey area. I have also tried to apply the national age for consensual sex in the country of origin where the person is not English. It’s called ‘bending the rules’. This episode also contains references to paedophilia. The author and the principal characters are unconditionally opposed to this sickening form of exploitation and, as will be seen from the storyline, positive action is planned by the team to stop the abuse and punish the abusers. I would dispute a charge of irresponsibility and sensationalism for including it in the story because paedophilia exists, especially in third world countries, and turning a blind eye does not make it go away. Only by raising awareness, even within the shadowy confines of erotic writing, will ignorance be dispelled and pressure exerted on the appropriate authorities to take punitive action. I hope that readers will understand my reasons for its inclusion. All characters, names and most organisations are fictional but some of the places exist. Geographical and logical errors are mine.

Some time after 8am we stirred. I ordered breakfast while Nahdya guided Simsa through the shower and talked with her. We sat and consumed vast quantities of pastries, coffee and yoghurt. It was collected, I hung a ‘Do not Disturb’ notice on the door and we spread ourselves to talk. Simsa sat between us; a diminutive and vulnerable child. Nahdya began to explain again how Simsa fitted in. I wanted to know how deep it went; sex slave labour would ensure the fullest weight of the law onto him and I wanted him out - period! 

It seemed that the girls were not forced to perform sex, at least only in a psychological way. Food, accommodation, money were the driving forces but still some refused. Those who did were returned to Cambodia unharmed. Simsa’s story, I gathered, was typical. A poor family, an offer of cash plus the possibility of more earnings they ‘sold’ their daughter to Saramsiya for a pittance. He would be prepared to write this off if the girl turned out to be difficult. Simsa was not sure of her age when she was ‘sold’. At first she was simply a servant until one morning Saramsiya took her to another house where there were two other men and a younger boy. Here, in great fear, the men removed all her clothes and intimately examined her. This was particularly stressful for her as, in her village, chastity was respected and nudity was just not done. Even her father would not see her naked. Here she had to accept such indignities. After this she was introduced to the boy who then similarly removed his clothes. She had only seen glimpses of her brothers, never even her father, and so was bewildered at what she saw. He was slim but muscular but it was his body hair that astonished her. Down between his legs, where she was smooth and curvy he had a shock of gingery, brown curly hair and a large, curved ‘thing’ sticking out of it. This ‘thing’ was definitely part of him but she understood from her mother that boys had a tiny pipe not a thick rod. 

Then, she was taken over to the boy and her hand placed on the ‘thing’. Yes, it was definitely his as it was hot and felt very hard. She dared to look at it; just above her hand was a roll of skin and above that a strangely shaped lump. Almost flat on the front but curving on the back with a slot right at the top. It was very red, almost purple and shiny. Under this lump was a long, thick rosy pole with bluish veins. At the bottom was this mass of hair and she could also see a bag of crinkled skin hanging down. Although she was holding this ‘thing’ she had no idea what they wanted her to do so she just did nothing. One of the men then took her hand and guided it so that it moved up and down the rod. She felt the loose skin roll over the lump but the boy didn’t seem to mind. The hand was removed but she continued, assuming this was what she had to do. The boy felt very strange, even more so when it trembled in her hand. As she looked she saw a little trickle of water bubble from the little hole making her fingers wet and shiny. Instantly she stopped and removed her fingers but the man stepped in and made her replace them. It didn’t hurt, the boy didn’t seem to be concerned so she assumed it was alright and resumed her slow movement. 

The boy seemed to be entranced and made soft noises while her fingers became very wet and slippery. Still she carried on until, unexpectedly, the boy gasped, she felt the thing shudder and something sprayed from the end. In a few seconds the end above her hand was covered in thick, white liquid with lots more bubbling out. The look on his face told her that it was not unpleasant for him and the older man’s gaze was enough to tell her to maintain her grip. After quite a while the boy stopped her hand and she let go. They gave her no idea what she had done or what it was all over her hand. She was taken to wash then returned to the house of her master. A few days later she was once more taken to the same house where the same boy but two different men were. She was once more stripped and intimately examined then the boy took her hand and placed it on the shaft once more. Remembering the previous time Simsa moved her hand and very quickly the same white fluid was pouring out. The two older men made approving noises after which they too revealed their large ‘things’. Both the men were older than her father she believed and Simsa did not know what to do. It was not done to touch someone of that age but she thought that she was supposed to. After a few moments the men took her hands and placed each on one of their ‘things’ and began to move. She realised that she should do like she did to the boy and began to rub. Both men groaned and strange looks came into their eyes. Simsa continued, watching both hands until first one then the other man moaned loudly and she felt the same trembling and watery white juice gush from both. Once more she was returned to her lodgings. The next time she was ‘persuaded’ to perform oral sex, which she disliked because of the taste. Nevertheless her benefactor insisted that she must. Finally she had to allow the boy and both men to penetrate her and allow the juice to go inside. After a while she was taken to a big studio with other girls together with old and young men and given instruction on making films. She had made two films by this time and was quite experienced. Nahdya took a deep breath as she finished her translation.

“And she is how old?” I asked.
Nahdya shrugged. “She cannot tell me Master. Nobody is sure outside the cities, here we often get delayed puberty.”
I thought for a moment. “Jeezuz Christ! We are not dealing with Leubeka.” I told her. “I have a little conscience problem with girls who are just about legal but this is beyond the pale. I think she is well under age and that is totally wrong. To get involved in this filthy traffic would endanger the organisation even if my personal conscience would allow it – which fortunately it will not. Leubeka cannot deliver in my book; we must ditch him and work only with Ms.T. I loathe sloppy business people, especially perverted ones and even more I detest paedophiles. If I get the chance I want him crucified – literally would be nice.”

She gasped at my vehement condemnation of the dealer. “Yes my lord.” she said with deference, “He is a bad man, very arrogant and treat you with contempt. I agree with your conclusion.”
“Treats us with contempt Nahdya.” I said, “We are a team and you will not forget that. Call him now and I will speak with him.”
“As my lord commands.” she picked up the telephone and keyed a number. After a few seconds she handed me the handset.
“Leubeka?” I enquired, “This is Mister Colin.” He acknowledged somewhat slurred with sleep and I could hear the sounds of a young girl in the background.
“Leubeka, you know who I am? Good. The corporation has decided not to touch your filthy business. You are a dishonourable pervert and you are fortunate I do not disclose your business to the authorities – for now. You will collect Simsa – she is untouched naturally – and our communication is at an end. You have one hour!”
“But sir!” he blustered, “We have good deal; I give you better price; no problem.”
I raised my voice. “You’re right, there is no problem, it is finished and you now have fifty nine minutes. Goodbye!” The phone crashed down.
“Jeesus fucking Christ!” I swore, “What a fucking waste of our time. I will fax this to the Grand Master; I have a feeling that Leubeka may well be in for a difficult time. Nahdya, explain to Simsa that she will be returning soon and we will not be seeing her again and then see if you can get Ms T on the telephone. I will be on the fax.”
“My lord.” she acquiesced.

I sat down and detailed the fiasco then faxed it to France. I felt a touch on my shoulder and Nahdya held out the cordless telephone, “Mrs Tharamdapur my lord.” I took it and gulped a deep breath.
“Good morning Ma-am.” I purred, “My apologies for this intrusion but allow me to introduce myself. My name is Colin deVilliers and wish to pay my respects to you . . . “
She cut me off sharply. “From the Greatorix Corporation of Bruxelles I believe?.” the voice was syrupy but musical, “Nothing of importance happens here in Bangkok that I do not know. I also know you deal with that asshole Leubeka and I think that you call me because he has failed. I tolerate him and his pathetic group because he is a joke, not even second rate, a licentious failure. It was inevitable you call me but you have made judgement very quickly. I approve. We will meet; I will send my car to collect you at midday, we will lunch, talk business. You will bring Nahdya too; I hear she is very beautiful woman, also very intelligent. I have respect for your organisation; we will make good partners I believe. I am looking forward to our meeting.”
I was shaking by now; this was a very competent and confident lady. “I am honoured ma-am,” I stuttered, “please be assured that we will be ready and we too are anticipating our meeting. Until then ma-am, goodbye.”

I switched off the phone and placed it down, my hand quivering. “Jeezus Christ!” I swore again, “She frightens the back teeth out of me simply on the telephone; I will be a gibbering heap when we meet. Just stay close Nahdya and support me. Oh hell, I didn’t tell her where we were staying.”
“I think she know my lord.” Nahdya replied.
“I think you may well be right.” I made light of it.

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