Dan's Lil Sis : Part 3

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

--= 11 =--

I just looked at Danny, comepletely dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say, at least, I didn't know where to begin. How did he know? Am I that bad of a liar? Did Kevin tell him? No, he had no chance to. Unless, he texted him on his phone?

I played the stupid card: "I uhm, don't know what you're talking about?"

"Soph, I was there." I felt like I was going to hurl at this point.


"Yeah. I had to take a piss 'n I heard noises outside the door. Here I was thinkin': 'Wow, what mother fucker got lucky t'nite?' I walk in and see your shoes under the stall."

My face was burning. I was so humiliated. He may as well have walked into my bedroom when Kevin was there. Ugh, I don't know what's worse: being caught in a bathroom stall, or my "baby sister" image trashed in front of Danny's very eyes.

"Look Soph. You're an adult, you can do whatever you want. It's just that you're my sister. I know that I haven't been in your life much to really have the proper "big brother" title, but I'm still protective of you. I care about who sees you, and in what light."

I felt tears swell in my eyes. One dropped and I went to wipe it off. The stern look on Dan's face washed away into concern.

"Aw, I didn't mean to make you cry." He leaned in to give me a bear hug.

"No, it's not that," I muffled in his chest. He let go and I gave a soft chuckle. "As fucked up as this sounds, this is our bonding moment. You catchin' baby sis doin' the dirty in a bathroom."

We just looked at each other and burst out laughing. I could see where Danny's concerns lie, and I knew I had to clear things up. The scary thing was, I knew how I felt, but I didn't know how Kevin felt. Granted he tells me I'm his, but he could just be hopped up on hormones or something.

"Danny, I'm really sorry you had to see that. Believe me, I had no intentions of having you catch me in such a compromising position. I just don't want you to think that I'm being young and stupid. I know how I feel about Kevin. I didn't mean to fall for him so hard, but in the end I did."

"I see."

"And I know he just broke up with his girlfriend and all, I just-" I looked up at Danny and gave a shy smile. "I really like Kevin. Really really like him. He's on my mind all the time, and I care about him a lot." I paused. "But who knows; I could be a rebound. God, maybe I am young and dumb and full of..."

"Let's not finish that sentence," he laughed nervously, "I know Kevin. We've been friends since middle school. He isn't the type to just fuck around. Figuratively and... literally."

It felt good to hear that. But I knew that hearing it from Danny wasn't enough. I didn't want to pressure Kevin into expressing his feelings, or force him to say things he doesn't mean. It's just that I have a really bad habit of feeling emotions hard. I guess the best thing I can do at this point is to give each other space, slow us down a bit. See if there's more than just really hot, heavy, and mmm... gratifying sex.

--= 12 =--

The morning started off like any other. Danny and I decided to keep this between us. Jen was already gone and Dan was just about there. I just sat on the couch knowing that my day would be filled with nothing but loneliness. I pretended to watch TV, but really I was stuck on yesterday's events.

Was I feeling guilty? Should I? After confessing my feelings for Kevin to Dan, I started to think more on it. All night I just laid in bed staring at the ceiling feeling conflicted. On one hand, I knew there was no way I could stop seeing Kevin. Even if I couldn't physically see him, I will always think about him. And on the other hand, all we've done is fuck. So how is it possible that I care about him so damn much?

God, I hate being a girl sometimes. Always gotta over think things.

"Hey Soph, burgers ok for tonite?"

"Burgers are perfect."

"Kay well, see you later." And then he was gone.

I let out a heavy sigh. Sometimes I hated being alone. Being alone meant you were left with your thoughs. Normally I'd let my mind venture through all the things in my head, but for once I let my mind go blank. The TV played off in the background as I slowly dozed off.


It was a dreamless sleep, all it took was a light rap at the door to wake me up. I rubbed my eyes, then moseyed my way to the door. I opened it slowly, peeking my head around. I looked up and smiled weakly.

"Hey," he said, barely a whisper.

"Hey." There was something different about Kevin's presence. It was like our moods had synced and we were feeling the same way. "Come in?"

"Thank you." He stepped in, moving so I could shut the door, then we just stood there, awkwardly.

"So, uhm, I got a call from Dan."

I pursed my lips, "Did you now? I think I can guess how that conversation went."

"Oh yeah? Lemme hear it," he chuckled.

I cleared my throat and did my best to immitate Danny, "So, you're bangin' my sis'. Well lemme tell you, you hurt her and I'll be the last one to fuck you up. Understand?" I tried so hard not to laugh.

Kevin didn't: "Hahaha! Close, close! There may have been more swearing, but you pretty much nailed it."

"I knew he was a little soft with me. Guess you got the hard blow." This only added to my guilt.

"He also mentioned that I should be careful with your feelings, and to not toy around with you. Danny's a good man, always lookin' out for the people he cares about." He pressed his hands gently on my cheeks, pulling me to look at him. "But so am I. I look out for the people I care about, and your feelings are on the top of my priority list. Sophie, I care about you a lot."

By now he had his nose pressed on mine, and his voice was but a whisper. "I'm sure you've thought of yourself as just being a rebound or whatever, well I'm tellin' you right now, you're not. You're so much more. The second I met you, I felt it, this electicity between us."

"I felt it too," I said with my eyes closed. Hearing his voice was so soothing.

I sensed his lips curving up, "Good." He tilted my head up and gave me a gentle kiss. It was very reassuring, like all my questions were answered in the last three minutes, and I think he knew it, too.

"So, how do you feel about gettin' some icecream?"

I looked down at myself. I still had on my Snoopy pajamas. I laughed, "Well, could I at least get ready?"

"You look ready to me. Gorgeous," he smiled.

"Ha-ha," I mocked, "Nice try. But not even you can con me into feeling beautiful in the morning."

"I'm not conning anyone. Just stating facts."

I smiled over at him. What the hell was I so worried about? I should really stop over-thinking and just go with the flow. My instincts have proven itself useful so far.

--= 13 =--

We went into town for some icecream. We just sat there talking and talking. I think I went through three icecream cones before I finally settled for water. I learned a lot about Kevin. Like, he's been in the Airforce since he was 18. He joined the day he graduated and said that it was the best decision he's made for himself. He told me that things at home weren't too great, and this was his only way out. Then he finished by saying how he hasn't seen his family since he joined. I wasn't sure what to make of that. I knew that some family's could be seriously dysfunctional, but so much so that he hasn't seen them in nearly 10 years?

Anyway, I told him about my sad life story. Not so much boo-hoo teary sad, more along the lines of pathetic. I went on about my no-longer friends, and my no-life situation, and instead of feeling like the loser I normally feel, I felt relieved. Kevin just smiled at me the whole time, comforting me at my low points, and chuckling at the high points. For the first time, I felt like myself - my whole self, and not some sugar-coated Sophie I usually play for people.

Eventually we made it back to Dan's place, and settled on the couch to watch some TV. Kevin laid behind me, wrapping his arms around me so I wouldn't fall off. He kept brushing his nose across my lower neck and it drove me insane. He would run a hand up my side, just under my shirt, that sent chills everywhere. I tried really hard to hide my enjoyment, because anytime I moaned to his touch, he would laugh to himself and stop.

"You're the biggest fucking tease ever."

"What are you talking about? It's your cute ass that keeps pressing itself into my cock, sweetheart."

I looked down, and smiled. "Well what do you know, it is!" I said as I pushed my ass (this time intentionally) into his thickening cock. He moaned into my ear, and bit down gently as he sucked in a breath.

"And you say that I'm the fucking tease." He licked and nibbled just below my ear, and ran a hand over my waist, slipping two fingers just below my shorts. I felt him circle his fingers around my mound, twirling my hairs in anticipation.

I could feel my pussy burning in my panties, and every touch from Kevin was like electricity. The light touch of his fingers excited me, the warmth from his body behind me soothed me, his breath across my neck finished me. I reached behind me and stroked his cock through his jeans. It was definitely full grown and aching just as much as me. Finally his finger reached the slit of my outter lips and it gently grazed over my clit. My body jolted, causing my ass to bounce onto his cock.

He bit down on my shoulder, letting out a loud moan through his teeth. He removed himself from behind me and slid down off the couch. I laid back facing him, letting him undress me with his eyes before he actually followed through. He slid his hands up my legs, then down my thighs, and took each side of my shorts in his hands and pulled down, along with them my undies. He tossed them to the side and moved his way down between my legs.

He came face to face with my pussy, and looked up at me. He smiled before he plunged his soft tongue over my clit. I arched my back in pleasure and moaned as he swirled his tongue in circles. Both hands were placed on each ass cheek, massaging them carefully as he devoured my pussy. He kept flicking his tongue viciously onto my clit - over and over again. The abuse didn't stop there as he slid one hand away from my cheek, and tickled its way up my crack. He played with the bottom of my pussy, taunting the inner lips with his rough hands.

It didn't take long for his fingers to be lubed with my juices. He trailed them up and down my slit, still working his tongue on my pulsing bud. I had both hands clenched on the cushions of the couch as I pushed my pussy into Kevin's face. I couldn't stop moaning and whining, he just felt so damn good.

Suddenly I felt him slip two fingers deep into my pussy, taking me by surprise. I bucked my hips in response, and that only pushed his fingers deeper. As he circled his tongue around my clit, he twisted his fingers in my pussy, rubbing his thumb just below my clit.

I raked my nails lightly down my thigh before my hand met the back of Kevin's head. I pulled on his head and meshed my pussy into his face. He let out a buzzing moan that vibrated over my pussy. I rolled my head back letting out a heavy sigh, and I pushed my hips closer to him, (as if that's possible.) His fingers kept fucking my hole and his mouth kept sucking my clit. I was riding his face hard, I couldn't get enough of him.

He removed his hands and placed them on my hips, pulling them up so my pussy was higher. He grabbed ahold of them, then burried his face into my pussy. He widened his tongue and lapped all over my cunt, up and down, in circles, and sucked in my overflowing juices. Then he worked his tongue ferociously over my clit, bobbing his head up and down so fast I thought I was going to lose it. The moans that came from his lips vibrated onto his tongue, intensifying the feeling going on in my pussy.

I rocked my hips into his face, one hand grabbing the back of his head, the other clenching the couch beneath me. He sank in three fingers, twisting and turning deep inside my cunt. I looked down at Kevin, watching him suck in my pussy with such intensity it gave me chills. I rolled my head back and rested it on the pillow behind me. There wasn't much more of this torture I could take before I would explode. I could feel the orgasm building deep in me, and I wanted it released. I wanted to cum all over Kevin's face and feel his sweet sweet tongue lap up all my juices.

He made a suction cup around my clit, and massaged with his lips as his tongue flicked and licked between them. 'Don't stop. One more flick, just one more. That's all I'm asking for. No. Begging for! I need it. Just one more flick. Send me over the fucking edge!' I screamed in my head. All Kevin could hear was heavy panting and uneven breathing as I got closer to my orgasm.

It was right then, when I felt his teeth graze ever so gently over my throbbing clit that I felt the floodgates rush open. I screamed out, grabbing his head with both hands, forcing him to suck my pussy. He pulled out his fingers and smoothed them around my pussy lips, stroking up and down. He moaned as he continued his suction action, acting as a buzzer. My breathing became short, and exhausted. I couldn't make out words, I just studdered between groans.

Clearly, it amused Kevin because he pulled away to chuckle his low and throaty chuckle. "That good, huh?" he inclined. He traced my pussy with one finger.

My body shuddered. "Ughmygod. Yes. Yes, fucking yes!"

He moved his way up to my face and planted a deep kiss on my lips. He slipped in his tongue and I could taste my sweet and salty juices. I licked all around his lips, sucking in his lower lip and biting down on it. He pushed his crotch into my pussy, letting me know what all this has done to him.

"Horny much?" I joked.

"What do you think, baby?" He leaned down and kissed me again. I closed my eyes as I felt him trail his kisses down my neck, and his hand move up my shirt. He was just about to unclasp my bra, when we one car after another pull in from outside. I cringed my eyes, and opened them sympathetically up at Kevin. He just let his head drop, and shook it side to side. He chuckled uncomfortably, and pulled away from me.

Fuck, really? Right now? Just. Fuck.

--= 14=--

Kevin and I were in position to look like nothing happened. He sat up on the couch and I had my head resting in his lap. The TV was turned on and we just sat there watching it. I could feel his hard-on slowly melt away, and I felt so bad. Sure, I was horny as fuck and wanted that thick meat in me, but honestly, I can't even imagine how it must feel to have to suddenly stop. From what I was told, it's very painful.

In through the door came Dan and Jen. They had a couple bags in their arms, must have come from food shopping.

"Hello in there!" called Danny.

"Hey Dan, how was work?"

He walked into the living room and paused. He flickered his eyes over at Kevin, but didn't make much of it. "Same shit, different toilet. How's it goin' man?" He asked Kevin.

"Pretty good. Just came over to see Soph," he said with a smile.

"Yeah we went out for icecream and talked for hours." I stressed the word "hours" so he could look a little less stiff than he did.

"Oh yeah? That place up in Bar Harbor?"

"Yeah, I love their blueberry icecream."

"So uhm, you wanna stay for some burgers?" My face lit up. I thought that this would have been seriously awkward, but I tend to forget these aren't boys, they're fully capable, grown up men. Thank God.

We barbecued up some burgers and hot dogs, and sat out in the back enjoying the food and a few drinks. Dan was at the grill finishing up cooking while Jen and Kevin were in lawnchairs eating. I sat between Kevin's legs on the ground, leaning back into his chair. Dan and Kevin were sharing stories of the stupid things they used to do. Me and Jen just looked at each other and shook our heads.

"Can't live with them. Can't live without them," I said.

"Amen," agreed Kevin, planting a kiss on top of my head. I smiled to myself, and blushed slightly.

"Hey, you know what I'm in the mood for?"

"Oh please no," whined Jen.

"Guitar Hero! Yeaaah!"

"Seriously? Where did this even come from?" I asked.

"You're brother has this thing where when he's drunk, he thinks he's the shit at Guitar Hero when we all know, I can kick his ass."

"Pfft! I don't need to be drunk to kick your ass. I do it sober too. Infact, why don't we talk about just last week! In my bedroom..." He was definitly intoxicated, and funny as hell. He had no clue what he was saying at this point.

"Let's play that Guitar Hero!" I laughed nervously. I'd rather not hear about Jen and Dan's encounters.

I grabbed my plate and other garbage, attempting to clean up outside. Kevin followed, helping pick up other things, and bringing it inside. Dan was setting up the game while Jen washed up in the bathroom. That meant that Kevin and I were left alone in the kitchen. I rinsed off some plates and bent down to put them into the dishwasher. I felt Kevin's hands behind me ride its way up from the bottom of my ass, up to my waist.

I tilted my head to the right and Kevin placed a kiss and a nibble on my neck. "Ohh baby, do you have any idea what you do to me?" He ground his crotch into my ass to let me know.

I turned to him, "You better simmer down. We're alone here yes, but just around that corner is my brother."

"All the more reason to take you right here," he said wickedly. He pulled my body up to the countertop and sat me down, kissing me.

I felt his hands roam all around my body. First over my smooth tummy, then around my lower back, running his hands up to the clasp of my bra which he unhooked with ease. He moved his hands towards my perky breasts, which he cupped and held them carefully. He weighed them in his hands, pitting one against the other. He pressed his thumbs under each erect nipple, playing with the base before rolling the perky buds into my breasts.

I cooed a gentle moan as he teased me. He lifted my shirt and let one breast fall, only to be caught by his mouth, which he eagerly sucked in. He clamped down on the rosey bud and flicked his tongue across it twice. I felt him suckle the nipple, making light sucking noises. I tried to muffle him by pressing my breast into his face. That only made him suck more violently, biting down on the tender bud. My body jerked beneath him, jolting my pussy into his cock.

To my surprise, (not really), he was really hard and I could feel the heat through his jeans. I ran my hand up and down his shaft, and my reponse was faster lapping and quicker circles around my nipples. I slipped my hands under his jeans and boxers and felt his soft and warm cock. I ran my hand down the length, feeling his meaty girth with my tentive fingers. He let out a heavy sigh between licks, and muttered something that I couldn't hear under my shirt.

Then in the heat of all things, I heard Jen come out and talk to Danny in the living room. I grimaced, knowing I was in no position to get caught again. I felt Kevin reluctantly let go of me, and grunt in frustration.

I hopped off the countertop and let Kevin "finish up" in the kitchen and cool down. I walked into the living room only to see Danny already rocking it out on the guitar. There was another one hooked up laying on the floor. Danny saw me look at it and suggested we had a battle.

"Battle of the sibblings! C'mon. You know you wanna! Oh wait, there's no way you can win. I'm the mother fuckin' champ!"

I cocked my head to the side. "Wanna put money on that?"

Jen got excited, "Oh this could be interesting! I'll put in $10 for Soph."

"What! I'm the one who pleases you at night, honey. How could you betray me?" exclaimed Danny.

"I don't think that will happen tonight. Just look at you hahah."

"Fine. Kevin you in on the bet? Me versus Soph. Who will win?"

"Oh no, you're not suckering me into this one. The last time I wagered on you, I lost 20 bucks!"

"Why's everyone against me?" whined Dan.

I laughed, "Ok, so here's the deal. You can pick the song, but Medium is max. We all put $10 into the pot. Whoever wins, wins the $40. Sound good?"

"Woah woah, wait a second. Why do we have to put in $10 when we're not even in the competition?" asked Kevin.

"You're paying for entertainment," I cheekily replied.

Dan chose a song and we situated ourselves. Little did Danny know, I was the mother fucking champ at home. I've cleared all the songs on Hard and just about finished Expert. So setting the max as Medium made this a doosy for me. The song started and already Danny was tripping. He had his fingers down one key, but quickly corrected himself.

On my side of the screen I already had a streak going, and I wasn't planning on messing up. The peanut gallery was hootin' and hollerin', cheering me on. I could tell it was throwing off Danny's game because once again, his fingers were tripping over themselves. I just laughed as I clicked through the song with ease.

Faster than it started, the song ended, and I finished as the victor. Danny was not impressed.

"I was hustled, wasn't I?"

"Oh Danny, you learn something new everyday. Like, you will never be able to kick my ass in this game, ever. And, I'm mean enough to actually let you think you could," I said as I collected my reward.

"Oh well. It was for a good cause, because you will never be able to beat me like this in anything else. So enjoy the glory while you can." I gave him a hug and he ruffled my hair.

We played for the rest of the night. Having a few more drinks and just chilled. It was getting late and Jen had work the next day. So she left to get ready for bed. Dan soon followed.

I looked up at Kevin, who was softly stroking my hair as I laid in his lap. I took a satifying breath, just enjoying the moment. He stared directly into my eyes, but I didn't even attempt to dart away. I loved the way he looked at me. I felt very... special. Very wanted. Very needed. I started to confuse the looks I was recieving with the looks I was giving. In my eyes, he was very special, and I wanted him all the time, and all I know is that I need him to live.

"Stay the night? Please..."

I slipped into my jammas and curled into bed waiting for Kevin to join. He walked into my room, shutting the door behind him, and turning off the light. I heard him walk over to my bed, and felt his weight as he sat down. He flipped open the covers, and slid his body next to mine. It's been a really long time since I've slept next to someone, and I loved it. I love cuddling next to someone, especially Kevin. I get that "safe" feeling in his arms, which were wrapped tightly around me.

Kevin nuzzled his face into my hair, breathing in my scent. He planted a kiss, then rolled me over to face him. He looked down and smiled, kissing my forehead. I just closed my eyes and let myself rest on him. Then I heard some noises and my eyes shot open.

"Do... Do you hear that?"

Kevin chuckled, "Yeah, I do. Sounds like Dan proved Jen wrong."

"What do you mean?"

"Earlier when Dan was like, 'Hey I'm the one who fucks you at night.' and she's all like, 'I don't think so you're too drunk.' Well, they're definitely at it."

"Oh my God, ew. I don't want to hear them! Last time I lucked out. I had already fallen asleep." Just then I heard Danny muffling through the wall, "Oooh yes baby, right there. God yes!" I shuddered, and at the same time I was getting turned on.

I've had people have sex while I was in the same room, but it was always awkward for me. I was alone in my bed, and I didn't want to like, touch myself. This was a little different. I could hear Kevin's breathing change. It became much heavier and slower, I even heard him give a little groan as I shifted my leg to wrap around him.

I bit down on my lip and looked up at Kevin, who looked straight at me. His perfect grey eyes glazed over with lust, and burned with desire. I could sense the fire in him that wanted to rip into me, and I there was no way in hell I was going to put that fire out. I could hear Jen moan and gurgle, and Dan say "Don't stop baby, I'm so fucking close."

That rush of embarassment came back and I pulled my look away from Kevin. He pressed his hardening dick on me, and whispered, "You know I've been horny since I got in this bed. In fact, I've had a semi hard on all day since we had to cut our fun time short - twice."

"I'm really sorry about that. It's totally out of my hands."

"Make up for it now. I know I'm not the only one deprived here..." he trailed off as he traced his tongue up my jawline and down my neck.

I knew exactly how I could repay him for earlier. "You get what you give" came to mind, and he gave me a fuckin' A+, so I intend to give him an A+. I sat up above him, straddling him. I looked down at him and gave a cheeky smile. I knew he would want to see this so I turned on the light beside the bed. He rocked his hips up at me, grinding his cock into my heated pussy. I stripped myself of my shirt and let my breasts bounce free infront of him.

He stretched out his hands and grabbed one in each hand. He massaged them gently as I circled my hips into his dick, then rocked my hips back and forth, running my pussy up and down his length. He pinched my nips, and rolled them between his fingers. I bit down on my lip as I feasted my eyes on my God-like creature below me.

His hands found my shorts and tugged on them, telling me to take 'em off. I stood up over him, and slipped out from them. He pulled on my legs which etched me up a little higher on him. I was standing right over his face when he pulled on the back of my knees, causing me to fall short of his face. He pulled on my hips, bringing my glistening pussy to his mouth. He stretched out his tongue and ran a line from my ass hole, up to my clit. One... long... stroke... Then kissed my clit, moving his lips side to side, grazing over the unhooded bud.

This wasn't what I had in mind, but I could tell that each of us only had pleasing the other on our minds. But I was going to overpower him. I had to. I pulled away, twisting my body around. I still hovered my pussy over my face, but made sure it was out of his reach. My body was parallel to his, and my face was right between his legs. I tugged on his boxers, setting him free of them. Up bounced his rock hard cock, pulsing below me.

I could see Kevin under me straining himself to lick my pussy. "Uhh-uhh. I want you to see what sucking your cock does to my pussy. No licking, no touching. Only looking. If I feel you break these rules, I'll stop and wait until you're finished. Understand?"

I felt his belly bounce as he chuckled beneath me, "Yes ma'am."

I ran my hands between his inner thighs. I walked four fingers on each hand up each thigh, carefully grazing my nails. I traced the outlines of his cock with my hands, making sure not to touch it, but instead touch all the sensitive skin around it. I picked up his prick by pressing my tongue on his tip, lifting his cock just enough so I could lightly scratch the skin just below. I tasted his salty pre-cum, and I wanted more. I replaced my pointed tongue with my lips, and sucked on the tip.

I took in his mushroomed crown, rolling my tongue all around the head as my hands caressed his thighs and the base of his cock. He moved his hips below me, trying to get more of his dick in my mouth, but I just moved with him, keeping only the head in my mouth. I sucked on his cock like I would a lolipop - rolling my head around the tip and lapping all sides. I could tell I was driving him nuts, because he kept bucking his hips up.

Through the walls I could hear the bed creaking. They had an even rhythm going, and I could tell Kevin could hear it, too. His hips rocked in sync with the creaks. That was my hint to stop teasing him. Right as I was about to take the plunge, I felt Kevin's hands creap its way up my thighs. I stopped and looked around at him.

"What I'm not touching your pussy!" he exclaimed.

"One thing leads to another."

"All I'm doing is spreading your cheeks. You told me you wanted me to see what sucking my cock does to you. Well, all I can see are juices running down your thighs. I want to see what's going on inside. I'm just... merely pulling your cheeks aside to... watch." He gave a devious grin.

I wiggled my ass infront of him, to taunt and remind him: No touching. I thought about taking him inch by inch, but figured I had teased him enough so I took him whole. He must have been shocked because he let out a surprised groan mixed with a gurgle as he rocked his hips in a slow and circular motion.

I held him there, giving him a light coating of my saliva before I rocked my mouth over him. When I was satisfied with the pool of spit gathered around the base, I began to pump him in and out of my slippery mouth. The creaking still came through the walls, and I synced my sucking with it. Kevin had a hand on each thigh, squeezing with such intensity. He would push me forward while rocking his hips upward, causing his dick to go much deeper in my mouth. I took a deep breath, and held it as I took him all the way until my nose hit his pubes. I twisted my mouth back and forth, holding his mushroom in the back of my throat.

My throat kept gagging around the tip, massaging it as I twisted the rest of his cock. I pulled out slightly, replacing what was in my mouth with my hand. There was enough saliva that I don't think Kevin could feel the difference. As my head turned right, my hand twisted left, and vice versa. For a while I didn't suck in, just let my juices lube up his cock.

Finally I let go and placed both hands on his thighs, squeezing with each pump. I bobbed my head up and down, sucking with each upstroke, and lapping with each downstroke. Every other pump I would hold him deep and flex my throat around his dick, and lightly hum vibrating his cock. Once I reached the tip, I would lick like a kitten, light and short laps, before I sunk his prick in my mouth again.

There was so much spit, my mouth was covered, even around my nose and chin. His pubes were laced with dew drops of saliva and sweat, and he kept grinding that into my face. My pussy was throbbing, and I know Kevin could see it. My once pink pussy was glowing red, and shimmered as I bounced, dripping drop by drop onto his chest. I regretted telling Kevin not to touch or lick, because my pussy was aching for some attention.

I swear to God, it's like he can read my mind.

He grunted to himself, "I can't take this tease anymore baby. I don't care if you stop, give it to me." He rushed his face to my pussy, covering my entire cunt with his mouth. His lips surrounded everything while his tongue dug into my hole. Slurping sounds always turn me on, and if the sounds from my mouth around his dick weren't enough, the sounds coming from my pussy were. I love the feeling of his mouth. His lips are so plump and soft, while his tongue is gentle yet demanding. He continued probing my snatch as I fucked his cock with my mouth.

My head was a frenzy. Between what was going on in my bedroom, and the one next door, I couldn't make sense of what to do next. All my actions were pure instinct. I've lost control pretty much of everything. I'm pretty sure that Dan and Jen could hear what was going on here, but were caught up in their own business. That's what made it so much fun.

I bucked my ass into Kevin's face as he fucked my mouth with his stone of a cock. I love the feeling of his soaking wet dick in my mouth. The way it slid in and out, all the bumps and ridges gliding through my throat. And when it pops out, it makes that sound: -Pop-. But that was the last pop he allowed, before he swung my body around, and drove his thick prick in my pussy.

I dug my nails into his shoulders as he grabbed the sides of my ass to hold me down and bounce me up. I felt the length of his dick sliding in and out, over and over. Fast then slow. With each downstroke I ground my pussy in a circle before his hands could pull me off. I held my breasts just above his head, letting them dance and slap each other. They were starting to hypnotize him. I noticed his head swinging along with my breasts, slowly rising to meet them.

First he just settled his face between them, letting them bounce off each side of his face. He licked a trail between them, blowing cool sweet air over the trail, making my nipples pop alive. He kept the rhythm going on his dick, while he sucked on each nipple, giving them equal treatment. One would slip into his mouth and he would nibble on it. Then he traced his tongue to the other, nibbling it to extacy.

I heard Kevin chuckle in my breast, and strained my ears to hear what he did. Sure enough, the backboard was hitting the wall, and it wasn't mine. Funny, it seemed like they were competing with us. I knew for a fact that we weren't quiet, but I didn't think we were so loud that they would try to out-loud us. Well, game on.

I peeled Kevin's head from my breasts, and witnessed the cutest yet most seductive pout ever. I gave a sly grin, and turned my body. I twisted around, with his cock still burried in me. I could tell he enjoyed that move because he let out a deep throated groan that didn't seem to end. I soothed my hands down his legs, then grabbed the bottom of his feet to anchor myself.

I continued to pump myself on his dick, riding him harder than earlier. Soon my bed was making creaks, and my headboard was slamming into the wall. Kevin's hands slammed into my hips, clutching them tighly as he forced me onto him harder.

"Ooh baby, you're sweet pussy is so fucking tight. Don't you dare fucking stop. Please don't stop!" begged Kevin.

"Don't you worry you're pretty little head. You're in good hands," I giggled.

"Little?" he said, play-shocked. He then grabbed my ass, lifting me slightly, and pounded into me, fast. I let my arms drop to my sides supporting me as he fucked my pussy hole. He definitely showed me who's boss, and I fucking loved it.

Through the wall, the competition continued. Now screamed Jen, "Oooh! Daannny! Ahh Ahh Ahh!" I laughed to myself, could I top that? Should I?

I leaned down again. My breasts bounced on Kevin's legs as he continued his "punishment." I felt like I was going to explode. He knew what spots to hit and when. I tried hard to meet his thrusts, but his hands hindered that action. He was going to be the one to have the last say. Who was I to stop him?

Well, since I couldn't be the dominating one right now, maybe I could take him by surprise. I stretched my body, trying to reach his feet with my mouth. I pulled my body up by tugging on his feet. He kicked up, I didn't mean to tickle him. Oh well, he'll have to see.

His grunts became shorter, and faster, and so much louder. I could hear him cussing under his breath, complimenting my cute ass and pretty pussy every now and then. I think by now his death grip had officially bruised my ass and sides. I think they're a bit easier to direct attention away from, as opposed to hickies. And yet, it will still be a slighly painful reminder of tonights lust-filled events. Much more than hickies ever could.

Even through the beating I could still feel his cock grow, as if that's possible. This could only mean one thing, he's ready to blow his hot jizz right up my squeezing snatch. I stretched my body, and licked his big toe, then blew cool air over it. I could feel Kevin's energy drain from his hands and arms, as he let them drop. It was my turn to take over, so I bounced my lower body onto him, slamming his cock into me. I could feel my ass cheeks slap into him, giving me the spanking sensation. It wasn't enough that my ass spanking itself, Kevin had to have the last say.

He gave each cheek a light rap, and squeezed, massaging. From what I could hear, both room's occupant's were ready to spaz. Between the bed's rocking, the infinite groans and screams, and the sound of the bed's heels screeching on the wooden floors, this house was ready to pop.

So I sucked in Kevin's big toe, lathering my tongue all around it. The response was a pleasant thrust of his cock, that last thrust, that he held for as long as he could. His balls were scrunched up in a nice package that pressed against my clit; and just enough of the hairs grazed over the exposed bud, sending me into extacy.

I arched my back, body shooting up, and only my feeble arms to support me. I howled his name, which I'm pretty sure I said right. My head was in such a whirl that nothing made sense. All I knew was that his snake was writhering deep in me, lubed with a nice mixure of sex and cum. I must have blacked out for what seemed a split second, because when I opened my eyes, little sparkles fluttered in around my vision.

Kevin's body was already hovered over mine as I laid on my belly. He collapsed beside me, catching his breath. He pulled me towards him, closing the cold space between us. He held me, smelling my sweat-drenched hair. Our breathing were slowing to a synchronized rhythm, and I could feel his heart racing against my back. The even beats lulled me to sleep.

The only thing on my mind was Kevin. I drifted on from there.


The morning after was awkward to say the least. But not an angry "You fucked my sister!" awkward. Rather embarassing? I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I knew I wasn't embarassed. Maybe that's what was bothering me. Or maybe that's what was bothering Danny.

I think I passed all possible levels of embarassment when it comes to me and Kevin. After that incident, all shock value is out the window.

Kevin had to leave for work. He gave me a tender kiss good-bye, and told me he would see me soon. I wouldn't shut the door until his car was out of my line of sight. When I turned from the door, there was Dan sipping from his coffee mug, smirking.

"So, how was your night?"

"Just ask yourself, and you'll get my answer," I replied. We both just laughed.

"I don't think Jen could get out of here quicker," Danny said, laughing.

"Poor girl. Waking up to see your stupid-happy face in the morning."

"Kuh-huh..." he coughed. "Uhm, anyway. We're gunna see Mama and Pops tomorrow. Excited?"

"A little nervous, I'll admit."

"Don't be. Nothing's changed since you were last there. They still even have that pool. Though, they added a jacuzzi. It's pretty nice."

I pondered in thought for a moment. Sure I was excited to see more family, but it was a bit nerve wracking. I knew Danny and Jen would be there to support me, but they were two peas in a pod. Attached at the hips. Inseparable. Needless to say, they would be together... and then me. I didn't want to force myself onto them, or become a burden if things didn't go well. I know...

"Can Kevin come?" Please say yes. Please say yes.

... To be Continued.

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