Dance Contest

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My name's Dan and I own The Glass Cat. The Glass Cat is a Female Impersonator club, although lately we're getting a lot of transsexuals, too. The club is pretty well-know, and and sometimes we get some big-name shemale porn stars in to do a show. Our biggest draw is Tuesday nights. Tuesday night is dance content night. Sheboys come in from all over and dance and strip for cash prizes and exposure. We get a lot of different folks in the audience, so it works out well for the contestants and the audience. Well, I've been in this business for years. I've never been particularly interested in the performers - I like my women with pussies! Still, I have to admit, some of these chicks are gorgeous, and you would never know from looking at them on the street or in a bikini that they didn't start out as women. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago on Tuesday, we were having our usual Tuesday night. That is to say, the house was packed. Music was playing and our usual assortment of customers from every walk of life were watching the stage as 10 different "girls" danced and paraded their stuff to music. We had a pretty good group, all pretty and at least nominally talented. And then came the last dancer - her name was Iris. Most of the "girls" that dance in our contest work in nearby dance clubs and come in on their night off to collect some extra money and have a good time. All the people that work in the clubs, we know each other. My dancers go to other contests on their nights off. There aren't that many clubs, so it's almost like we're all family, or friends of family. So the last dancer comes up and I've never seen her before. That's unusual. And she moves a little more like a real woman than the other "girls". She was about 5'11" with medium length red hair. She wasn't model-thin, she had full hips and big boobs with rounded thighs and a tight, round butt. And then I noticed something else, something that really surprised me. I was noticing Iris like I'd notice her if she was a hot chick. I was turned on! She was without doubt one of the sexiest "girls" I had ever met, and I've met a lot of them. But she had something else, an impossible to define quality that says "woman". When she took off her bra and showed those perfect shemale tits, the crowd went crazy screaming and applauding. And what tits! They were so natural-looking that is was hard to imagine they weren't real. They were soft and moved, and had a perky shape, a perfect C cup, I believe. I started imagining what those nipples would feel between my tongue and my teeth, like probably every other guy in the place. Shit, I even felt myself getting hard! After she had won the dance contest by a landslide, Iris came back to the office where I always give the winner "her" prize. For once, I was nervous as a school- boy. I wanted her, and I didn't want her - shit, in all these years, I've never gotten so much as a blowjob from these "girls". When she came in, I felt the same sexual vibes as when she was on stage, only much stronger. Fuck, I was ready to start begging! After I had given her her $250 prize money, I asked her to sit down and join me for a drink. She accepted and asked for a chevas and soda. I gave her one and we sat down. I congratulated her on her victory, her dancing skills and her smile. I felt like an idiot. I also felt hornier than I remember ever feeling. I wanted to touch this beautiful bitch's tits. I wanted to thrust my cock into her mouth. I wanted to see my cum dripping down her chin and chest. "So, how long have you been in town?" I heard myself asking inanely. "Not very long" Iris said, sitting forward and sipping her drink. And then she reached down and unzipped my pants! What could I say? My cock was already hard. Obviously I couldn't say she didn't turn me on. I didn't say anything. Iris leaned over and started sucking my rod, her tongue licking as she thrust my shaft down her throat. I reached to her and pulled off her top. Her perky breasts had pink nipples. I touched one and it hardened. She groaned a little as she kept sucking my dick. So I leaned toward her and started pinching both her nipples, making them as hard as my cock in no time. Iris kept sucking me, putting my cock deep in her mouth and teasing it. As I kept playing with her nipples, she began wiggling in her chair. She was getting turned on. I felt under her tiny miniskirt, sort of forgetting that "she" wasn't just a she. So I was pretty startled for an instant to touch a very hard piece of meat in between this beauty's thighs. And she kept sucking me - she was like a fucking vaccuum cleaner! She began gently squeezing my balls... "Take everything off" I told her, wanting to see that gorgeous female body with its hard penis, to see how I felt about it. She pulled off her skirt in one easy move. She was fucking hotter looking close up than she was on the stage. I felt my rod shudder. Her stomach was flat and her tits rose proudly. Her pubes were dark red and her hips, even close up, were rounded and feminine - but there was this perfect hard cock pointing straight up. I don't know why, but that turned me on even more. When she started sucking me again, I began thrusting back into her mouth. I held onto her red hair and pulled her back and forth, as I fucked her face. And she began jacking off, which fascinated me. She jerked her cock with tiny, female movements as I slammed my cock deep into her warm mouth. I was ready to shoot - "Take it all" I murmured as I felt my balls getting ready to let go. Her hand started moving faster on her cock as I began plunging my dick into her mouth faster and faster. Fuck, she could really keep up - she was made to suck a cock! As fast and deep as I pushed into her throat, she was sucking and slurping even harder. Then I felt thick, molten liquid shooting from my cock into her mouth. She kept sucking and began to cum, herself. Her hand moved frantically as she spewed cum on her perfect stomach. I felt my load shooting down her throat, choking her only a little as I kept pumping, pumping, pleasure pouring from me into her cum-hungry mouth. Would you believe it? Iris wanted a job here! I gave her one, and I'll have to try her again sometime!
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