Damian and Sean

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 18-year-old Damian Parker had started his Summer lawn-mowing jobs again. It was June, but the heat wave made it feel more like mid-August already. Damian was loading his dirty old push-mower into the bed of his Father's Ford pickup truck when his Mom shouted to him from the porch, waving a yellow sticky note she held in her hand.

"Damian! That Robertson fellow called back!" his Mother yelled. "He wants you to start this afternoon! Here's his address!"
Damian pushed the lawn-mower further into the bed of the truck, slammed the tailgate shut, and jogged to the porch of his families small brick house.

"Really? Great!" he told his Mom as he grabbed the note out of her hand. "That doubles my Tuesday jobs then. All I have today is Mrs. Grossman's place. Her yard is small, and she only gives me fifteen bucks! I heard this Robertson Guy's yard is pretty big....oh, it's forty dollars easy!"

"Well, good," his Mother nodded approvingly. "You need all the money you can get with that new car payment of your's. I still think you should've waited until after college, but it's your life..."
"I know, I know, Mom," Damian said, rolling his eyes. "Gotta run!"

"Be careful!" she called after him, but he was already in the truck and backing down the driveway.

On his way to Mrs. Grossman's house, Damian thought about his boyfriend, Craig, who was away on an ocean cruise with his family. Craig referred to the trip as his "last Summer vacation" with his folks and sister. Both Craig and Damian were going to be starting college in the Fall and were going to live away from home on campus. It was so exciting! Damian was preparing like crazy. It was a new chapter in his life, and he was going to be ready! But with Craig away for the next 2 months, Summer was becoming lonely for Damian. He yearned to feel the touch of his lover once again.

Damian was 5'9" in height, with a very slim build. His light complected body was naturally smooth, other than some dark hair under his arms and a trail of short hair that ran up his lower stomach from his pubic hair to his naval. He had dark-brown wavy hair, that he grew in long enough to hang over his eyebrows and ears. He was a cute, young-looking boy with deep-set blue eyes, and a small mole on the front of his neck...his beauty mark, as his parents called it. Damian was beautiful and that is how he attracted his partner Craig, whom he worked with at the local grocery store.

Damian had realized Craig was gay when he found a profile that Craig had set up on a gay dating website. Damian approached him at work the next night, and told Craig that he was also gay. They started dating immediately. Damian loved Craig, and was trying to be faithful to his serious boyfriend. But he was starting to notice other boys again. Like when he was at the mall on Saturday, Damian found himself checking out some of the boys walking in the stores. He even flirted with a hot young guy at the food court while he was eating lunch. He felt ashamed when he got home that night. He felt like he was betraying Craig. But what Craig didn't know, wouldn't hurt either of them, right?

Damian mowed Mrs. Grossman's yard fast, collected his $15, and hurried to get to the Robertson's house. It was starting to cloud up, and he had heard on the morning weather forecast that there was a 70% chance of rain that afternoon. Craig needed that job and the forty bucks! He arrived at the Robertson's and pulled into the driveway. It was a big two-story house, with a four-car garage and a swimming pool in the back. The Robertson's had money, and Craig wasn't going to get ripped off. This yard was large and hilly, worth every penny of forty dollars, if not more. It looked like a mini golf course.

Craig unloaded his push-mower and rolled it up the driveway, then walked the cobble-stone path to the front door. Kicking the loose grass off his shoes, he straightened his shirt, brushed back his long hair with his hand, and rang the doorbell.
"Just a moment!" he heard a youthful voice call from inside. Then, about a minute later, the door started to open. Damian furrowed his brow. The person inside was having trouble getting the door open, but why? Damian pushed on the door.
"Hold on. I'm so sorry!" the voice said, apologetically from behind the door.

When the door finally did open all the way, Damian was looking at a young man on crutches, his left leg in a plaster cast from his foot all the way up to his knee. Damian froze! This guy was so cute! It must be Mr. Robertson's son.
"Hi, I'm Sean Carter," the young man said, and rested his armpit on the right crutch while he extended his hand to shake Damian's. "I'm the Robertson's nephew."
"Oh, hi," Damian stammered. "I'm, uh...here about the..."

"Yeah, I know," Sean said, nodding. "You are the guy my Uncle hired to mow for the next few weeks."
"Yes, that's me!" Damian smiled, still shaking the pretty boys hand.
Finally, Sean pulled his hand away. "Yeah, my Aunt and Uncle are out of town this afternoon. They'll be gone until next Monday. Come on in, uh, what's your name?"

"I'm Damian Parker. Sorry."
"No problem," Sean said, walking on his crutches into a large living room. Damian followed the hobbled young man, staring at Sean's ass that was crammed into tight pair of khaki cargo shorts.
"So you live here with your Aunt and Uncle?" Damian asked, trying to get his mind off the looks of his sexy host.

"No, not all the time," Sean explained. "I usually stay here in the Summer because...well, look at this place. It's a lot better than home." They laughed together. Damian liked this guy's personality.
"So, how'd you end up like that?" Damian asked, pointing to Sean's leg.
"I had a bicycling accident a couple weeks ago and broke my ankle. Now I can't mow like I usually do while I stay here, so you got the job, Damian."
"I needed this job," Damian said, stopping by an end table. "But I'm sorry you had to get injured for me to have it."
Sean propped his crutches against the wall, and hopped on his right foot to the large sectional sofa in the middle of the big room and sat down. "I'm kinda glad you got the job, honestly. Not that I want to be injured either, but this gives me a chance to be lazy!" Sean laughed at his own joke.

But Damian wasn't really listening. He was checking out the young man with the broken ankle. Despite the huge white cast, Sean Carter was Damian's type of guy: young-looking, cute, clean-shaven, slim with an athletic build. He was dark tan and had shiny blonde hair, green eyes, and dimples formed when he smiled. He was a total babe. Damian found himself fantasizing about his new acquaintance.
"How old are you?" Damian asked, without even thinking. "Are you in College?"
"I'm twenty-one," Sean said, nonchalantly. "I attend UCI Tech."
"My cousin Cody goes to UCI," Damian said, staring at Sean's pretty face.
"Oh, yeah," Sean said. "I don't know anyone named Corey. Sit down for a minute."
"Uh, I better get to work, Sean," Damian said, gesturing back to the front door. He was starting to feel guilty for thinking 'naughty thoughts' about this Sean guy when he was in a committed relationship with Craig Harmon. Damian wanted out of that house. "I'll show myself out.

I have to gas-up my mower."
"Well, we have a riding mower in the garage," Sean told him. "You can use it...that is what my Uncle said."
"A rider?" Damian said. "Wow! I love those, but my Dad's quit running a few years back and we never replaced it. I have to push-mow everything."
"Not this yard," Sean said. "It's way too big for that anyway."

Damian smiled. "Too big, yeah." But Damian was thinking about something else that was big: Sean's cock. He could see the outline of Sean's package through his tight shorts.
Damian started toward the door and Sean called after him, "If you get too hot, just come in and get some ice water! The front door will be open!"
"Okay, thanks!" Damian said, and went back outside. He left the hobbled Sean sitting on the couch.

About twenty minutes into his work, Damian was already sweating profusely, perspiration dripping from his brow. It was so hot! The sun was right overhead and there wasn't much shade in this wide pasture that the Robertson's dared to simply call a lawn. Damian needed that drink of ice water. He stopped the riding-mower, climbed off and headed for the house. As he walked, he took off his sweat-soaked tee-shirt and crumpled it into a ball, tossing it into the pickup truck's bed as he passed the vehicle. Damian sniffed his own armpits as he stepped up onto the porch. God, I stink, he thought. He didn't think to bring any deodorant with him on a mowing job. He never suspected he would meet such a cute guy! I will just avoid Sean, Damian thought. If I don't go near him, he can't smell my sweaty body.
Damian opened the front door, and walked inside the big house.

The large kitchen with an island in the center was off to his left. The living room was directly ahead but he didn't see Sean anywhere. The boy was no longer seated on the curving sectional in the middle of the room. His crutches were also nowhere to be seen. Damian wondered where his host had gone. He didn't get too far on that broken ankle, Damian thought to himself. His mind was starting to drift back to fantasizing about having sex with Sean. With him hobbled like that, I could almost have my way with him, Damian realized. He smiled to himself and walked into the kitchen. Damian liked the idea of being in control during sex. He was a top, for sure, and he always fucked Craig, but Craig had never entered him. Craig was a little bit sub, and Damian preferred it that way.

In the maze of various cabinets, he finally found a glass, filled it with ice from the fridge, and poured some water into it from a jug of spring drinking water he found on the counter. While Damian stood at the sink, sipping the cold beverage, he heard a noise overhead - from upstairs. Sean must be up in his room or something. Damian then heard Sean moan and say something. It was distant and muffled, but the other boy's voice came through strong enough for Damian to know it was Sean. He walked around the kitchen and heard Sean gasp. Damian looked up in the direction of the noise. There was a heating vent directly over his head.

The noises were being carried through the ventilation system into the downstairs rooms. What is Sean doing up there? Was there somebody else here that Sean was speaking to? Damian's curiosity got the better of him and he started toward the living room where the staircase was. Carefully and quietly, Damian climbed the long, winding stairs to the second floor of the house. He reached the landing, which was a long hallway of doors...various guestrooms, bedrooms and a hall bathroom. Damian could hear Sean groaning now, then he heard Sean say "Oh, yeah! Do it, baby!"

Damian reached a door at the end of the corridor, and it was slightly ajar, so he peered inside the room. It was a small bedroom, with a television in one corner, several bookshelves of magazines and DVDs, and a computer desk with a laptop. There was a chest of drawers on the far wall with some body sprays and hair brushes on the top, and a few concert and movie posters decorated the walls. This must be Sean's room! But where was Sean? Then Damian heard Sean moan again and looked to the left. He saw a twin bed that was unmade from the night before, the blankets and sheets rumpled and tossed. On the floor, between the bed and the wall, was Sean.

He was lying there, with his shorts and underwear pulled down to his knees, no longer wearing a shirt. Damian's mouth dropped open with surprise. Sean was masturbating! The blonde boy had his cock in his hand and was slowly and sensually stroking himself, and was using his other hand to play with his nipples.

Oh, my God, Damian thought. He wanted to run into the room and start playing with Sean's dick. The urge was strong, but he couldn't just jump someone while they were wanking! This is not a porn movie, this is real life, Damian told himself. But what if I did walk in on him? What would Sean say or do? There's only one way to find out. Damian pushed open the door and strolled in to Sean's bedroom.

"Holy shit!" Sean gasped in wide-eyed amazement as the young man that was supposed to be mowing outside walked into his bedroom. "What the fuck are you doing in here?!" Sean was turning red and started to pull up his shorts. His leg in the cast didn't move but he started to arch his good leg to stand up.

"Calm down, Sean," Damian said, without inflection. "I just came in to get a drink."
Sean was struggling to get up, his arm on the bed, his pants pulled up just enough to cover his balls, and his right leg kicking to get leverage. "The kitchen's downstairs, Damian! Jesus, dude!"
"Let me help you," Damian said and approached Sean.
"I'm not dressed!" Sean protested. "Get away! No!"

Damian bent over the bed from the other side, and grabbed the hobbled guy under the arms and hoisted him up onto the mattress. "There ya go!"
"Damian, get the fuck outta my room!" Sean demanded, still blushing. He quickly laid back to pull his undies up the rest of the way. "You're invading my privacy!"
Damian wasn't going to let this opportunity slip passed him. He wanted to get this guy off, he wanted to touch every inch of Sean Carter. He wanted to have his way with this guy in the cast.
"Chill out, man," Damian said. He was standing on the other side of the bed, Sean's bare back toward him. "You are too upset..."

"Wouldn't you be if some stranger just walked in on you while you were jacking off?!" Sean said, with anger. "I can't believe you did that!"
"I heard you moaning," Damian said. "I thought maybe you had fallen and were hurt."
"No, I'm fine," Sean insisted. "I just...just please go finish the yard, okay?"
"In a minute," Damian said, and sit down on the bed behind Sean. He put his hands on Sean's back and started to massage his shoulders.
"What are you doing!" Sean said, turning his head to look at the intruder.

"Relieving some of your tension," Damian said, with confidence. "Just relax and enjoy it."
"But, Damian..." Sean started to protest. "I just...I don't know..."
"I do know," Damian said. "Let me take care of you."

At that moment, Sean seemed to give in. He sighed deeply, then fell silent as Damian rubbed his shoulders and then worked down his spine.
"Oh, Damian, that's nice," Sean admitted.
"I know, right?" Damian said. "I told you it would be."
"Y-yeah..." Sean said.

After a few minutes of massaging, Damian carefully lifted Sean's legs onto the bed. Once Sean was laying flat on his back on the twin bed, Damian nestled up beside the young man's left side and started to caress Sean's chest.
Sean closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head to let Damian take control. Damian ran his hands all over the blonde boy's chest and stomach, feeling every inch of soft skin. He pulled and pinched Sean's big pink nipples. Sean gasped. Damian then started to lick and suck the left one. Sean started to writhe on the small bed with pleasure.

"Oh, God, Damian!" he said. "That feels so good. Nobody has ever done this before."
"Enjoy it," Damian instructed between licks.

With his hand he rubbed Sean's right nipple, all-the-while still sucking the left one. Sean's nipples were hard and protruding now! Damian buried his face into Sean's left underarm and sniffed it, then started to lick the stringy blonde hair in the pit. Sean giggled. He must be ticklish, Damian thought, as he licked.

Damian was thoroughly enjoying this moment. Hearing Sean's cries of pleasure turned Damian on. He's mine! I'm going to have my way with him, Damian thought and a sly grin stretched across his face. Sean had basically submitted to the pleasure and Damian was going to give him the full treatment.

Damian got on his knees next to the hobbled boy, and pulled Sean's shorts off over the cast, tossing the pants in the floor. Damian eyed the young man's cock and balls. Sean was still hard. Damian estimated Sean's dick to be about six inches long at full erection, which was about four inches shorter than Damian's own cock when he was hard. Damian was packing a ten inch dick. Most of the boys Damian had slept with didn't have cocks as big as his own. But Damian prided himself on his monster cock. He liked to fuck boys and hear them scream because he was so big it was almost too much for them to handle. He got off on boys telling him "It's too big!"

Damian laid down on his side, next to Sean's crotch and started to feel of his host's genitals. Sean sat up on his elbows to watch Damian fondle his manhood.
"Oh, God!" Sean said. "I'm so horny!"
"I can see that," Damian said. "I'll help you out."

Damian started by running his left hand down between Sean's legs, and feeling Sean's sagging nut-sack, which hung hairy and loose. Sean did have nice big balls. Damian would pay special attention to them shortly. Damian then petted Sean's thick golden bush, running his hand back-and-forth in the curly blonde pubic hair. Sean laid flat again, preparing for what he knew would be coming next. Damian would be stroking his cock!

I have never seen such light-colored pubes before, Damian thought. Sean's pubic hair was so blonde, the hairs was almost bright yellow. Despite having brown hair, Damian's own pubes were stark black, and so were his boyfriend Craig's. Damian liked natural boys that let their pubes grow. Sean had a full bush! And it was so soft and curly. Damian started to pull on the blonde pubic hair and lick it. Sean could feel Damian's hot breath so close to his rigid dick! Please, suck me, Sean thought. It had been so long since Sean had been with another guy.

Damian spent several minutes bathing Sean's crotch hair with his tongue, then he turned his attention to his balls and cock. Damian slid down between Sean's legs and buried his face in the young man's thighs, licking the crevice between Sean's leg and crotch. Oh, it feels so good, Sean thought, biting his lower lip. And it did. Damian knew how to pleasure a guy.

Then, Damian turned his attention to Sean's hairy balls, sucking each testicle individually through the skin of the nut-sack. Sean yelped with pleasure as Damian used his mouth to make love to Sean's nuts. Nobody had ever worked on Sean Carter's ball-sack like that before! Nobody! Sean put his hands over his face in ecstasy. He had never felt anything like it. It was pure Heaven!

And suddenly, without warning, Sean felt his rock-hard cock enveloped in warm wetness and looked down. Damian was sucking the helmet-head of his six incher! Sean bucked on the bed, thrusting his pelvis as Damian sucked the most sensitive part of his whole body. He reached over his head and grabbed the wooden head-board of the bed to brace himself as Damian sucked him off. Damian was deep-throating Sean's hard-on now! And as Damian worked on his cock, Sean felt the pressure growing inside his penis. He felt his nuts tightening. He felt a tingling sensation growing stronger in his dick-head. He started to breathe harder.

He was going to cum, but just when he thought he was getting close to shooting his creamy load, Damian stopped sucking. What the...? Sean looked down at his pulsating dick, glistening with pre-cum and Damian's saliva. Damian stood up and stripped off his own jeans and underwear. Sean could see Damian's huge cock, dangling limp under a very curly black bush of pubic hair. Damian's body was beautiful...lean, toned and sexy. Damian's cock looked bigger limp than Sean's did erect! He must be nine or ten inches when he's hard, Sean thought, and felt himself blushing. Damian pulled some string out of Sean's sneakers that were lying on the floor next to the bed.

"We are gonna play a game," Damian said.
"What's the shoe-string for?" Sean asked.
"This is just to keep you from trying to help me," Damian told the young man lying on the bed.

With that, Damian quickly tied the two shoe-strings together and bound both of Sean's hands to the wooden bed posts over his head. Sean tested the strings, and it was strong enough to keep him from moving his arms.

"I was in scouts," Damian joked and laid down on the bed next to Sean again, but this time he positioned himself so that his crotch and legs were up near Sean's chest and head. Sean eyed Damian's large limp cock, hanging there untouched while Damian started to suck on Sean's raging boner again. Sean yearned to suck Damian's big monster dick, but since he was tied to the bed posts, he couldn't get to it.

"I want to suck you!" Sean said, pleadingly.
Damian laughed. "You can look, but you can't touch. I have a boyfriend. That is why I bound your hands. I'm off limits."
"But...but...!" Sean protested.

However, Damian ignored the tied boy's pleas and kept sucking Sean's erection. Sean gave up and laid back to enjoy the blowjob. Damian worked on Sean for about twenty more minutes, edging him to climax, but backing off and letting him calm down. Then Damian would work over the young man's cock all over again.
"Please, let me cum!" Sean begged.
"Okay," Damian said, finally, with a giggle. "I guess I can."

Using his left hand, Damian started to pump Sean's six inch cock hard and fast, still licking the head from time-to-time. Sean was writhing with pleasure as he neared climax for about the forth time that afternoon. It was going to feel so good to get that release. Finally, Sean shot his load of creamy man-juice all over himself, the jizz flowing like white hot lava down the sides of his stiff penis, coating his yellow pubes and stomach. It was an explosive orgasm. Damian had worked him up good with all that edging. It was the most intense orgasm he'd ever had!

"Did that feel good?" Damian asked.
"Oh, yes!" Sean replied, breathless, still trembling all over.
"Well, this won't," Damian said. And with that, Damian started to suck Sean's overly sensitive helmet head.

Sean bucked and writhed and tried to get free of the shoe-strings that were knotted just well enough to keep him held in place, but it was no use. Sean screamed and giggled as Damian tortured his sensitive dickhead. Damian then rubbed his palm over the head and stroked it repeatedly.
"Why?! Stop!" Sean pleaded. "I can't take this shit!"
"This is for turning me on when I already have boyfriend," Damian said, with a laugh.
"I'm fuckin' sorry!" Sean said, with desperation.

Damian stopped rubbing Sean's sensitive cock and let it go limp. Then, Damian started licking up all the cum off of Sean's quivering body. He lapped white cream out of Sean's golden bush and off of his stomach. Damian sucked cum out of Sean's belly button and then licked around inside the naval, drawing squeaky giggles out of the bound boy.

"You are ticklish, aren't you?" Damian said, and started to tickled Sean's armpits. Sean was kicking his good leg and laughing but couldn't get away. Damian tickled the boy's whole torso, then stopped suddenly.
"I gotta finish the yard," Damian said, sober all at once.

Damian untied Sean's wrists from the headboard, grabbed his jeans and shoes, then left the room quickly. Sean sit up on the bed. What just happened? Sean had mixed feelings about the encounter with Damian. He felt good and excited in one way, but used and abused in another. He looked at his now-limp penis, hanging between his legs, his pubes wet with saliva and dripping with his own cum. He rubbed his hand through his pubes and felt the cum, then brought a sample of man-gravy to his lips to taste it. No matter what, he would never forget what he just experienced as long as he lived.

Damian hurried down the stairs. He still tasted cum in his mouth. He loved that taste. He licked his lips. He was proud of himself. Damian had dominated Sean and loved every minute of it. It made him feel like a real man. I didn't even get a hard-on this time, Damian thought, looking down at his still-limp cock hanging large between his skinny boyish legs. Damian stopped at the foot of the stairs, and hurriedly pulled on his boxer-briefs and skinny jeans. He put his feet in his shoes, tied them up and looked around the interior of the Robertson's nice home. I will never come back here again, he thought. Fuck mowing this yard. Damian knew he wouldn't want to come back and face Sean ever again.

So, he went out the front door, closed it behind him, returned the riding lawn-mower to the garage, climbed into his truck, and left the Robertson's house, leaving the big yard unfinished. But one thing he had finished was making Sean Carter cum, and that was payment enough. As he drove down the street, rain drops started to splatter on the windshield, running down the glass. Damian smiled. It reminded him of the cum that exploded out of Sean Carter only moments earlier.


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