Daddy's Virgin Daughter

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I will say, before I start, that I am not condoning incestuous sex. I am very aware of the damage that can be done to people by those who have been abused sexually. I have a great friend that endured the most horrific childhood at the hands of her stepfather - and it has left her with deep emotional scars. But that is not my experience, and that is what I am sharing with you. 

It was the summer of '2005, just after my 18th birthday, that I came home early from being with friends. So basically I came home earlier than expected, thought I'd better tell my Mum I was back before I went to my room to read. She was nowhere to be seen downstairs and I figured she was in her room. I was right. I've never had the need to knock on doors - the main reason is that I cannot hear any answer so I just don't tend to bother. In this case, maybe it would have been better if I had. I walked in to find my mother naked on all fours in the middle of the bed with my Dad, also naked fucking her from behind in strong powerful thrusts. They were turned away from me, I'm guessing they were making noise of their own too - Mum certainly looked as if she was being vocal - but they didn't see me - and it looked like they hadn't heard me either. 

I don't think I have ever been as turned on as I was that day - I had never seen a couple have sex - and I had certainly had no experience of my own, except for a bit of a pash (just kissing) with a guy at a party a few months before. But this was a real hot couple having real hot sex - and I was completely mesmerised by the scene. I drank the whole thing in. My Mum, so beautiful, long blonde hair being tossed around her head, lovely golden tanned skin (it was still Summer), smooth and sensuous. I saw her breasts jiggling and bouncing wildly - her whole body rocking in time with my Dad's pumping. I could not see his cock, or even her pussy, but I was guessing he was quite big, as he took long full strokes. His strong hands gripped her body as he thrust behind her. 

I could feel my own arousal - it was so shocking and yet so beautiful to see the people I loved most in the world so caught up in each other - a beautiful expression of their desire and passion for each other. My imagination wandered to think of what it would be like to be loved this way. Even though I had not had sex before, I knew all about it - my education coming from school and my Mum - who had sat me down a couple of years previously and told me all about it and answered all my questions. 

I'm not sure how long I was watching them - a few minutes perhaps - I could see them increasing their rhythm and instinctively knew that he was about to ejaculate - and I knew that I should get the hell out of the room before they caught me. I did just that - hoping I was being quiet! I got to my room, my head spinning with the images of my parents having sex. Without doubt it was a major turning point in my life. It was a new awareness of sex, and of my own body. 

At 18 I was about as tall as I was going to get (5'5" or cm) and I had filled out over the last couple of years to a 36C cup. My hair was a shoulder length mousy brown. Until this time though, I'd never worried too much about my body. But when I got back to my room after spying on my parents, all that changed. My heart still pounding, I went to my full-length mirror and studied what I saw. I started to slowly caress my body with my hands - feeling the touch was very special - lingering over my breasts, feeling their size and weight and tickling my nipples with my fingers until they were hard and erect….. and then touching myself lower and lower until I brushed my sex and felt the wetness of my arousal. This was the first time I had ever really concentrated on my own body and what I could do do it to make it feel good - it felt so good, I was hooked. 

That night, I tried to sleep. My mind would drift back to what I had seen earlier - I was so aroused thinking of my Dad, his lean gorgeous body and his big prick. Even though I hadn't seen it I imagined him to be big, and I imagined what it would be like to touch his prick. While these vivid thoughts were playing in my mind, my hands once again explored my body - I was so sensitive, my fingers brushed my nipples which stood to attention at the slightest touch, and then I again explored lower, opening my legs to accommodate my fingers, tracing around my labia, feeling the wetness on my fingers, before inserting first one, then two, then three fingers into my body. It felt so good, my clit was so hard and I soon realised how good it made my whole body feel to touch it. 

Almost before I knew it I was tumbling deep, deep into a new sensation, my whole body aching for a release that I had never known before, I was so aware of my focus on this delicious feeling that I was experiencing - my naked body now writhing on my bed - longing for this feeling to never end and yet aching so much for a release. Almost without warning, my whole being froze... I had reached my first orgasm without really knowing it, my mind screamed at the wonderful beauty of it all, my body trembled and shuddered in surrender to the feeling, my vagina tried to grip my fingers like a vice. The sensation swept through me and over me and then subsided, leaving my body to come down off its high. 
I slowly opened my eyes. It was amazing. My body and then my mind began to refocus again, very slowly things returned to normal - and then I realised I was not alone. Mum was in the room with me, smiling, radiant, looking gorgeous. 

"Hello, beautiful" she said. 

I was taken aback. I had no idea what her reaction was going to be… but it wouldn't be long before I found out. 

I was shocked, stunned. I'd just been totally involved in my first masturbation session that had led to my first delicious orgasm - and it was all because I was thinking about my Mum and Dad having sex - and here I was, naked on my bed, still calming down from the emotional roller coaster of cumming to find my Mum in the room. 
It was too much, I wasn't feeling guilty at mu nakedness, but I did feel somewhat ashamed that I had been fantasising about my Dad making love to me as I brought myself off. I started to cry. 

"I'm sorry Mum..." I started to blub. 

My Mum came to me quickly, sat on the bed and hugged me hard for a minute or two until my sobs subsided and I returned to normal. Then she broke the embrace so that she could look at me and I could see her mouth. 

"Oh, baby," she said "Don't cry, its me who should be apologising for being in your room - I thought something was wrong, we heard you cry out. When I saw you playing with yourself I was just transfixed!" 

My heart leapt a little, the tables had been turned on me - I had been the voyeur earlier on in the day, watching her and my dad fuck each other. Now she had caught me. 

"You're not mad, then?" I asked 

"Of course not, baby" she both spoke and signed."It was very special to watch you, I hope you forgive me for watching - it was very beautiful" 

Once again I started to cry and instinctively held her tight again, aware now that she smelled so good. I loved my Mum so much, we got on so well, sometimes it was like she was an older sister. I knew so many of my friends who just battled with their parents, but it wasn't like that for me. Where we were now, sitting on the bed, reminded me of a time a couple of years earlier when my Mum had told me all about sex in an open and honest way. It hadn't meant much at the time, but now I felt that my whole being wanted to know all about sex. But I knew I had to be honest with Mum, even if it meant her hating me for it. 

I pulled away from her again. "I have to tell you something" I said 

"What is it, sweetheart?" 

"I saw you and Dad this evening, having sex." I had to go further. "I stayed and watched you" 

"I know" my Mum replied "I saw you" 

If I was stunned before, it was nothing compared to how I felt now. I couldn't believe it. 

"You what?? You knew?? Why didn't you say anything" 

"To be honest" my Mum replied "I enjoyed it, it turned me to know you were watching. God, I really came hard knowing you were watching, baby." 

"What did Dad say?" 

"He didn't know you were there, and I didn't tell him. I think he had other things on his mind!" 

I laughed at that , and that did the trick. I didn't feel bad about what I had done - I was kind of pleased that Mum had enjoyed me watching. 

"Yeah, he did look kind of wrapped in his work. You both looked like you were having fun" 

"reetu, your father is the best lover in the world. I hope you get to know what that feels like, soon" 

I almost choked. Did she know what I had been thinking about my Dad, thinking about his hard cock drilling deep into my body. Or was I overeacting - surely she meant that one day I would know what a good lover was. Either way it was shaky ground we were treading. I was lost for words, my Mum broke the silence. 

"Did you like what you saw?" 

I saw no reason to hide the truth from her, we had gone so far into this now for lies or deception. 

"It was beautiful to watch you both" I replied "To see your bodies, naked, enjoying each other - made me get so hot. Thats why I was playing with myself tonight, I never knew my body could respond the way it did, like that. But I felt a bit guilty, because I was thinking of you two as I was playing with myself." 

Mum smiled, a beautiful thing to see. 

"You shouldn't feel guilty, sweetie. In fact I'm pleased. I'm going to tell you something now, reetu, something that not even your father knows. I want to tell you so that you will know I understand how you are feeling. When I was about the age you are now I lost my virginity to a beautiful man, a man I had loved for so long and who I knew loved me. It was the most precious thing in the world, and it meant so much to me. There is a big difference between making love and having sex, and the first time you allow a man to touch you, you should be comfortable knowing that it is with someone who loves you deeply." 

I kept quiet, sensing I was going to hear (or at least see signed) something amazing, but not quite sure what it was. I didn't have to wait long. 

"reetu, my first lover was your Granddad - my father. reetu, I'm telling you this because I think when you saw your Dad this evening your reaction was one of lust and love all mixed up - am I right?" 

"Yes." I replied "I was thinking of Dad making love to me when I had my Orgasm" 

"Is it something you want to pursue further, reetu, or would you rather just leave it alone. I don't mid, its your decision, but I want you to know that I would support and help you in whatever you decide. In fact, I should be honest, I would encourage you to make love to your Dad - I can think of no better man to instruct and teach you of the joys of sex than someone who loves you so dearly." 

I was dumbfounded, but I also knew how excited I was. I became aware that for the last couple of years I had been very attracted to my Dad, but had in so many ways repressed those feelings, thinking them improper. The thought of being able to give into them with my Mums blessing was almost too much to comprehend. 

"Does Dad know about this?" 

"No, he doesn't. But I know him well, and after his initial shock I know he will accept the idea and love you the way you need to be loved. Deep down, I think most fathers lust over their own daughters - most are just too afraid to admit it - even to themselves. There are a few things we need to do first - but if you are sure then I will help you. OK? I'll leave you now - and let you think about it - you can let me know what you think in the morning." 

And with that she bent over, kissed me gently on my forehead and left. It was the most remarkable evening of my life. Once again my mind started to think of all the things the two of us had shared. My mind kept telling me that I was wrong to be thinking the way I did about my own father, but in my heart I knew that I wanted him to make love to me more than anything else in the world. 

The next morning (after just a little sleep) I told Mum that I wanted to go ahead with the plan. She told me she was so pleased, and that we would do something in a few days - that she needed to prepare Dad right. I had no idea what that meant. Later I found out that she had really teased my Dad about his feelings for me - getting him to open up that he really wanted to make love to me. She even role played with him - calling him "Daddy" when they were making love - to the point that he was getting excited at the thought of screwing me. 

About a week after I had caught them in bed - and had had my own first orgasm, my Mum came to my room at about 10pm. 

"reetu - if you're still keen to do this, come into our room in about fifteen minutes. OK?" 

I nodded my acceptance. The next fifteen minutes were the longest of my life. I was so nervous I could feel my heart pounding. I had no idea what to expect, and no idea if I should go in naked or not. I decided against that, just putting my oversize T on that I normally slept in and a pair of lacy knickers. After 15 minutes I crept down the hallway to my parents room and very gently opened the door. For the second time in a week I saw my parents making love. 

My Dad was laid out on the bed - naked, except for a black scarf around his eyes and pair of earphones connected to a Walkman. (I later learnt that he was listening to the sounds of a very vocal couple making love - I have no idea where Mum found that!!). Mum was bent over him, wearing a sexy negligee and she was in the middle of kissing him lightly along the length of his body. She saw me and motioned me to come over and be quiet. Of course I had no idea how quiet I was being, and my heart was pounding so much I'm sure that it could be heard next door. I crept over to her, my eyes fixed on my Dad - and more specifically the hardness and length of his cock - that was stood to attention - a living testimony to the skill with Mum had aroused him. She looked at me, looked at Dads cock then licked her lips with a smile. Then she continued to administer light kisses to him again, working her way down his chest to his stomach and the kissing the head of his cock, which responded slightly to her mouth. I crept closer still. This was the first time I had seen a mans cock - I was very impressed with what I saw. I would guess he was about seven inches big, but his girth was also large. . As I was watching my mother proceeded to give my Dad a blow job. She nibbled the top of his cock ever so ightly and then ran her tongue down the shaft to his balls - then licked up the underside of his cock. I noticed it twitch uncontrollably at her touch. Then when her mouth was at the top of his cock, she took him in her mouth, just the head, licked it like it was an ice cream and then slowly brought her head down and took him inch by inch about halfway. Then she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. 

All the while she was doing this she looked at me to see what my reactions were. I think she could tell I was turned on like crazy. I knew my nipples were straining against my T-Shirt - their erectness giving away my excitement. She released Dad's cock from her mouth and smiled - "Your turn" she signed "Still keen?" 

My reply was my smile and I drew closer to them both - my Dad still oblivious that I was even in the room. I could turn back now - Dad would never know. I had to make my mind up quickly. I knew there was really no choice - I was going to make love to my Dad 

Very slowly I approached. My Dads throbbing hard cock was just inches from my face. It glistened, I was so drawn to it. My Mum was holding the base of his cock, smiling as she offered it to me as if it were an ice cream. 
I don't know whether it was pure lustful instinct that took over - but I do remember that I forgot about being nervous and just concentrated on what was before me. I copied what my mum had done just a few moments before, put my tongue out and licked the top of the cock head. It felt fleshy but firm, and tasted a little salty, but it was not unpleasant. I licked it again, with more confidence now. 

I looked up at my mother, who smiled and released her grip. My hand replaced hers, grasping the base gently but firmly and then running my tongue down the shaft to my hand then running it up the other side. 

My whole body started to ache from the wanting. I was so turned on, sucking the beautiful cock of my naked father (who still was oblivious to my presence) and looking at my Mums naked body next to mine. I started to almost tremble in desire, and began to loosen up. I almost attacked the cock in front of me, dropping my mouth over it and taking the whole head in and then lick the tip of it with my tongue, sucking on it. I was loving this and just gobbled my Dad like crazy. 

As I was doing this I looked up. My mother smiled at me, and silently clapped her hands to let me know I was doing well. I saw she had one hand buried in her pussy and was stroking herself - and this got me turned on too. She then bent over and started to once again drop little angel kisses onto my Dads stomach. 

I was too involved in the whole scene to think through the consequence of her actions. For a few moments so was my Dad. It wasn't until she was passionately kissing him, their tongues feverishly sucking each other that he finally twigged that it just wasn't possible to be kissed and have his cock being sucked at the same time, unless of course was more than one person giving him the attention. As I sucked him deep into my mouth he sat up, opened his eyes and went almost white at the sight of me giving him a blow job. 

I stopped what I was doing, unsure of how he was going to react, what he was going to say. I don't know exactly what he was saying, but I imagine it was a few noises of incomprehension as he tried to get his mind around the fact that his hard cock had just been in the mouth of his 18 year old daughter

Mum, always the super cool one, decided it was time to say something. 

"Manoj, calm down - snap out of it" 

He looked to her, looked to me, and then back to her. If I hadn't been so nervous I think I would have laughed. He finally managed to say something coherent (at least as far as I could lip read) 

"Reema, what the hells going?" 

I had noticed that his cock had started to lose its firmness, this also helped Dad realise that he was naked and he pulled up a sheet to cover himself. 

"Manoj, Its OK" my Mum replied "reetu and I have talked this through a great deal, she's told me she wants this. Manoj, I know you have fantasised about making love to her too." 

"Yeah, but fantasy and reality are two different things, Reema" 

"They don't always have to be, hone. reetu knows all about sex but she's still a virgin. I can't think of anyone to teach her the beauty of sex than someone who loves her a much as you do. Agreed?" 

It was a good argument. I could see my Dad trying desperately to think of a really good reason why this shouldn't happen. 

"It's just wrong, Reema, I mean the whole thing could scar her for life" 

"Manoj, don't fight this. It won't scar her for life - My first lover was my Dad and I turned out OK. Trust me, the very best person to show reetu the beauty of sex is someone who loves her deeply and understands the mechanics of good sex. You qualify on both counts." 

My Dad was once again trying to absorb all th information. I sensed it was time for me close the deal. 

"Dad, I want this - I really do. I love you so much - and I want you to be my first lover. I want to know how good sex can be - with you." 

Although he didn't say anything for a few minutes, I could see that the sheet hiding his cock was starting to tent. He was excited about the idea I knew. 

"I won't lie to you reetu - you are a very beautiful girl. Hell you're almost a woman. Your mothers right - I have fantasied about making love to you. But are you sure this is what you want." 

We could have talked all night - but I now senses that actions would speak louder than words. I came right up to him and kissed him. Not a dutiful daughter, kiss on the cheek type kiss, but a full open mouthed lovers in lust type kiss. For a few brief nano-seconds he resisted, and then he returned the kiss, strong and hard. 

It felt so good, I was almost dizzy in my desire. Our tongues sought each other out and danced around our mouths. He started running his hands over my body, making me tingle all over in excitement. He felt my breasts through my t-shirt and started to caress them, playing his fingers over my nipples which stood to attention at his touch. Still our tongues greedily explored each other. It was awesome. 

When we finally broke our kiss we were both a little out of breath, I was still kneeling on the bed, vaguely aware that my Mum had moved off of the bed and was now sitting on a chair in the corner of the room. My Dad knelt before me too, the sheet still hiding his cock from me. He reached down to the hem of my shirt, lifted it up over me head - my body now before him, my breasts thrust out. He smiled. 

"You are so beautiful reetu. Are you sure you still want to do this?" 

"Oh, Dad, make love to me, I need it so bad" I pleaded with him. 

His reply was to bring his head down to my breasts and take each one in turn in his mouth. His tongue swirled around the aureole then flicked the hard red nipple. While his mouth was busy with one, his hand was busy with another. I closed my eyes, giving myself to the heavenly feelings of his touch. I moaned my loving acceptance of his touch. 

With strong hands he cradles me and pushed me down to the bed. His mouth and tongue now exploring my body, my neck, my ears (that turned me on so much) as his hands moved down, stroking my leg then stroking higher and higher. His fingers slipped into the waistband of my panties, rubbing my fur. I opened my legs so that his exploration could continue unhindered. His fingers, now trailing around my labia, then inching into my vagina - my pussy so wet now with its ache to be touched. Gently he probed deeper into my pussy, then withdrew slightly to rub them against my clit. This touch on my most sensitive love button - the first by someone other than myself - caused an immense reaction. My whole body shuddered in submission to this touch, a wave of pure pleasure ran the entire length of my body as I climaxed. I groaned in pure pleasure. 

"Ohhhhhh Daddddyyyyyyyyyy......" I surrendered myself to him. The man I loved more than any other, my father, was the first person to give me an orgasm. He gently caressed my pussy now, now lifting my senses even higher. I didn't think it could get any better, but each moment brought new suprises, my whole body completely at his mercy, his fingers exploring the depths of my drenched pussy then pulling back to gently rub my clit. Before I knew it another orgasm ripped through me, I was now totally lost to the sublime feelings that my body was going through. 

His mouth again returned to my nipples as his hands continued to work on my sex. The feelings of intense pleasure were almost too much for me. I groped eagerly for his manhood, finding it easily and caressing it in my hand. But I knew that I needed it inside of me, I needed to feel his cock buried deep in my aching cunt. 

"Oh, Daddy, fuck me" I cried, amazed at the crudeness of my own mouth, I'd never said this to anyone before. I just knew it was the right word though. 

"Yes, baby, yes I will" he replied. 

He almost tore my panties off me, I was naked before him, opening my legs to him, desperate to be filled with his cock. I looked at now, it was hard and big and strong. He positioned his body over mine, brought his cock closer and closer to my waiting pussy. 

He made his cock hover at the entrance of my pussy. 

"Darling reetu" he said "Because this is your first time, it may hurt, but I'll be as gentle as I can" 

I nodded, I didn't care , I needed to have him, I was amazed at how strong my lustful feelings were. He slowly inched his way in. I was so wet and he went in quite easily. Then I could feel me giving him resistance. I looked up him, he smiled - reassuring me of his desire to be as gentle as he could. Then with a swift stroke he pierced through my virginity. 

The pain shot through me, sharp, intense agony, I whimpered at the shock of it - but then quickly realised that the whole feeling of being filled with his huge cock was so good. It felt so complete. His cock sank deep into me, I could feel it filling me. 

When he was as deep as he could go, he slowly started to pump in and out. He would lean forward slightly so that I could feel it better, I started to rock my own hips in time with him, our bodies now working in unison. The feeling was sublime, I could feel my own desire start to climb again, I now knew that I was building for another wave of orgasm. My body ached to be fucked by by father. Slowly our bodies increased the rhythm, I was fast losing control again. 

"Come on, baby, cum for Daddy" my father said. I closed my eyes again, lost in the pleasure of the moment. My cunt felt so good, my whole body electrified by the whole experience and then it happened. My third orgasm rushed through me, as intense as the first two. My pussy muscles clamped down on my Dads invading cock, trying to milk from him his precious seed. I was too involved to think through what would happen if he came in me - fortunately Dad was still able to think straight. As I opened my eyes I could see by his expression that he was close to spurting, his face a mixture of agony and ecstasy as he approached his climax. His pumping in me became erratic, but just before he shot his load he pulled out of me, grasped hold of his cock and stroked a couple of times. I looked intently at his cock as he shot spurt after spurt of thick creamy jigs, it arced through the air and landed on my chest. Gob after gob of white hot spunk settled on me, resting on my boobs and stomach, a little even landing on my my face. 

I was exhausted and I could see Dad was too. It was the most thrilling experience of my life, I loved it and I never wanted it to end. I looked over at Mum, who had been sitting close by. She was naked, her left leg brought up on the arm of the chair - I could see she had been masturbating as she had watched her husband and daughter fuck each other. She smiled at me, and then came over. 

I didn't realise it, but I was about to move on to my next sexual lesson - my first lesbian lovemaking - with my Mum. 

I was basking in the euphoria of my first sexual experience. My own Dad had made love to me in the most wonderful way - and I was on an emotional high. I felt like my whole body was electrified by the experience - I was still tingling. 

My Mum, who had been watching my Dad and me fucking was very aroused by what she saw. Her eyes locked on mine, and she smiled. 

"Was that good, baby? You look liked you enjoyed it." she said as she came over to me. 

I was still lying on the bed, my Dads cum still on my body. My Mum seem mesmerised by it and without saying a word she joined me on the bed, put her head down and gently licked my father cum off me. 

It felt incredible. I couldn't believe how turned I was by her doing this, the smoothness of her skin so close to mine, a hint of subtle perfume mixed in with the aroma of sex was strong and overwhelming. The softness of her tongue made me melt into her as she licked up the cum from my neck, then traced down so that she was cleaning my breasts, spending time on each nipple, letting them regain their erectness. 

"Oh, God, Mum, that feels so good, don't stop" I breathed, gently grasping her head, her long blonde hair cascading over me, making sure that she didn't break what she was doing. 

The biggest dollop of cum was around my tummy, and she ate greedily. I could feel my arousal building again, my pussy was starting to ache again from needing attention. I couldn't believe it. She continued licking and when she had finished the cum meal from my stomach, she went lower still. I opened my legs in anticipation, the smell of arousal must have been so clear to her. She licked around my labia, teasing me a little by delaying her intrusion of my pussy - long flicks of her tongue agonizingly close to my clit. I breathed harder with each lick. Then, when she sensed I couldn't stand it any longer, she brushed her tongue over my red hot clit - sending me into a a near convulsion with the pleasure of it all. She then used her fingers to probe me, I could feel them within me, not filling me as my Dads prick had done, but still feeling so good. Again I closed my eyes, drinking in the feeling that this was causing in me. 

When I opened them I was treated to another great view. My Dad had goteen himself hard again at the site of his wide eating out his daughter, and he had positioned himself behind her at the end of the bed so that he could take from behind. My Mum took a deep breath as he penetrated her, but kept on with the job in hand (and mouth). Her tongue was now working its way into my pussy and then withdraing to slide across my clit. 

I started to massage my breasts, roughly pulling at my nipples, lost in the sensation of it. We must have looked so incredibble, the three of us, all naked and fucking. My Mum and Dad were building upto a good rhythm and I knew I could not hold back from yet another orgasm. My Mum sensed this, she slurped harder and teased my hole with her fingers, now two or three buried deep into my hot wet cunt

At last I could stand it no longer, a huge wave of orgasm swept through me - my whole body racked with desire - I screamed out my pleasure. It started a chain reaction. I could see my Dad pistoning hard and fast into my Mums cunt and she was barely able to hold out her own orgasm. 

It was too much, our orgasms had taken most of our energy. I couldn't get up but both Mum and Dad joined me on the bed. 

"How was that, angel?" Dad asked 

"Oh, it was so incrediible" I replied. 

"Yes, it was, wasn't it. Would you like to sleep with us tonight?" 

I was exhausted. I don't think I could have got up if I'd wanted to. The three of us snuggled up, still naked and drifted off to sleep. I still had this warm feeling deep inside - the knowledge that I had passed from being a girl to a woman in a beautiful way was very special.

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