Daddys Princess

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

I lived with my dad since my mum left when i was young. Ive always grown to seek comfort in him since then.. after all he's been like a mum too me.

One night i came home a little more intoxicated then i should be, I was wearing something i dont think my dad would of approved off ( a little black dress and heels) so i tried to come in quietly not to wake him. I put the key through the door stumbling not realizing how much noise i was making.

As i opened the door, i saw my dad sitting on the couch watching a porn movie. He notice me come in and was quick to flick the channel. I thought i'd act as if i didn't see, after all everyone has urges. He had seen me so it was too late. 'Darling did you go out dressed like that' he asked staring at me head to toe. ' Yes dad, Dont you like it' i said trying to get out of trouble. ' well it looks very nice but i dont want all those young boys thinking wrong of you' he said picking up a glass he'd been drinking out off. I wakled a bit closer and realised he has been drinking all night.. I knew this was the right time to ask him what i needed too.

'Dad' i said sitting next to him..'can i try some off this' signaling at his bottle which was very expensive. He looked and doubted it but he said ' sure just a little one, its quiet strong'. I smiled and hugged him and said ' Thank you daddy' and went to pour my self a drink.

(DAD) - as she went to go get her self a drink, she was bending over to pick up the bottle from the table, I noticed her bum cheeks falling out of her dress and i started to get a little hard. I thought to my self this is sick, this is my baby girl. As she walked off her ass swayed beautifully bouncing up and down. This was making me even harder.

I came back in to the living room and sat down opposite my dad kicking off my heels and putting my legs up on the sofa, I started to sip the drink and realised yeah it was strong, stronger then anything i'd been drinking all night. I could feel the alcohol in my body but i was having such a good time tonight, As me and my dad was flicking through the channels of the late night tv nothing good was coming up so i suggested i looked for a dvd.. I got up and walked over to the cabinet.. I bent over to look for what i should.. I found a scary movie i hadnt seen yet and went back to the sofa after putting it in.. This time i sat next to my dad.

As the movie got more scarier the more closer i got too him, Dad im scared i said while he just laughed.. 'your not a little girl anymore sweetie' I looked at him hurt, ' i thought i was always going to be your princess' 'course you are babe, now your the princess of my world' I giggled and put my head on his chest as we watched the rest of the movie. It was getting late now and i suggested we get in to our pyjamas and go to sleep.. So off i went to my room to change and so did he, I slipped off my little black dress unhooked my red bra and stuck on a little tank top. I slid in to my bed in my panties and top. A few hours later i woke up after having a bad dream, but i was kinda scared so i walked in to my dads room to see if he was still up.

He was sleeping but i walked in and jumped in to bed with him anyway. He musta felt me come in to bed because he hugged me, just like when i was a young girl.. i got comfortable as my dads skin pressed against mine.. but as our leg touched i noticed daddy wasnt wearing any trousers. I looked over at him but he was sleeping, i lifted the cover a little and noticed daddy didnt sleep with boxers on either. I was amazed at how big his cock was while he was sleeping.. I wonder what he was dreaming about.. I started getting a little wet and played with my self next to daddy sleeping until i went to sleep again.

(DAD) - the next morning i woke up and noticed my babygirl sleeping next too me, i realised she must of got in half way through the night because she was scared and drunk lol, I looked over at her and she was sleeping so beautifully like a little angel, I lifted the covers a little as i was hot but noticed she was just in panties and a top.. Her top had ridden up and i could see my daughters perfect breasts, My morning erection was just jumping with joy.. oh my these thought are in my head again i thought to my self .. I didnt care though.. i went closer to her and kissed her nipple, so softly not to wake her, making it wet in my mouth and hard.. i could see a little smile breaking out in her sleep.. I guess she thought was dreaming.. She put her hand in her panties without acknowledging.. This made me want to cum all over her beautiful face.. I pulled down her panties a little bit and looked at her beautiful shaven pussy.. I just wanted to lick it.. So i licked her finger and forced it to rub her clit.. I could see her pussy juices starting to run..

I put my head in-between her legs and licked her slowly sucking up all her succulent juices.. I didnt want to wake her as she'd be a little freaked out so i went soft.. But that's when i felt her hand hit my head and she pushed down on it.. 'come on daddy make me cum' i heard a slow and quiet voice say.. I looked up and saw my daughter looking at me.. I started to eat her out as she moaned and rubbed her nipples.. My dick was so hard i couldnt take it.. 'Turn around baby' I got her on all 4 and i stuck my cock in her.. She screamed.. I dont think my baby could handle my cock, Her tight pussy had my cock on ransom.. i started pounding her as she moaned harder and cummed repeatedly on my dick.. 'Daddy i love your cock' Mmm this made me want her even more, I pulled out my cock slowly and started licking her bum hole.. 'daddy ive never had this before as she moaned' It was perfectly wet at this point, I stuck a finger in and she squealed, I thought her pussy was tight but this was amazing! I didnt even think I just stuck my cock in her tight bum hole, her scream filled the house making me instantly cum inside her.. I could see my cum dripping out a little, I was dirty enough already so i licked it all clean for my baby..

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