Daddy Girls

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This is not a true story.

My name is Catheryn and my sister is Carlie, and we are twins. I should describe us before I get into the details of the story. We both have long red curly hair, piercing green eyes, are about 5'7, and 110 lbs. Just turning 18, college was so much better than we had anticipated. We both have huge tits, 38 Ds and are in great shape. 

One day, while my mother was away visiting my aunt in California, Carlie and I were out by the pool sunbathing in our string bikinis. We were talking about our secret fansties, and how much fun it would be to fuck dad and his brother, Bruce.

They both were in great shape in their mid-forties, muscular, with just the beginnings of getting older. Dad has been married to my mom for almost 20 years, and uncle Bruce was still single, but many of the women in our small town want to become the new Mrs. Bruce Bangur.

Anyways, we sat lounging about barely covering what should legally be covered, when they came out to look at our new grill. 

"Hello, Dad. Uncle Bruce." I shouted over. I wanted them to come over and get some reaction.

"Hey girls. Suppers going to be ready soon, why don't you get cleaned up?"

"Ok, Dad." We both rose and gather our belongings to go inside. Carlie and I could feeling their gazes on us, and when we were showering together created a plan to seduce them both, while playing with each other. 

Ever since we were little, Carlie and I've loved to experiment with each other. At the age of 15, we were sucking each other off. And for our 16th birthday, one of my friends gave us a strap on cock and we've used it non-stop for the past two years.

"Ugh, Cath, fuck me! Fuck me, bitch, fuck me!" Carlie moaned as I brutally fucked my sister with the fake dildo. She cummed all over the plastic cock and I lapped up her pussy juices that streamed out of her vagina. I spread out on the bed for my turn, and she strapped in on. And my fun began. 

After the orgasams were over, I told her to get up and dress for dinner. "Wear the see-through top with out a bra. That ought to get Uncys attention."

We practically ran down the stairs, and out to the grill, were Dad and Bruce were grilling. Giving them both kisses, "accidentally" on the lips, we sat down and waited for the fun to begin.

"You guys want some beer?"

"Yeah, Carlie. Grab a few for you and Cath, too." She came back with the semi-drugged beers, and sat next to me with a big grin. They downed about four or five drugged beers with in the next hour, and when we suggested watching a movie, they didn't object when we put in a porno. 

We sat, watching both the movie and Dad and Bruce for signs of their, ever growing cocks. Within the first 10 minutes, I was rubbing my clit and fingering myself off to a multitude of orgasams. I looked across the room, and saw Carlie was in the same position. Dad and Bruce weren't even watching the movie, they were in rapture with the sight of us.

After my release, I went over to Dad and Bruce. I unzipped Dad's pants with my teeth, and release his huge penis. "Holy shit, what do we have here? Carlie, come and look at Dad's cock!" She came over, and stared, but went to Bruce.

"Uncle Bruce, is yours as big as Dads?" Before answering Carlie unzipped his pants and was in awe at his huge cock too.

"Baby, suck it. Suck it!" Dad said, pulling off his boxers and pants. I kissed him and made my way down his body, and eventually making my way to his huge purple head. Slowly, I licked all his cock, all 10 inches, plus his delicious balls. When I swallowed some of his 10 inches, he moaned like an animal. 

I stopped, and told him to talk dirty to me. When I went back at it, I heard, "Daddys little whore wants some more of his big cock. Suck it you little slut. Come fuck it, I know that you've always wanted some of Daddys big meat. Suck me off, you little whore. Bitch, come on, I bet Carlie could do better!"

I deep throated all 10 inches of him, and after awhile of sucking and licking, he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed all his yummy cum. I pulled away from his still semi-hard cock, and watched Carlie suck off Uncle Bruce. When he came, I saw a triumphant gleam in Carlies eye. 

We let them rest, and started on each other in 69 position. Carlie bit my clit, and I pushed three fingers into her wet pussy, which just made Carlie tounge my pussy even faster. I came first all over Carlies face, and she came moments later. I still licked all of it up, because her pussy juice tastes even better than liquior. 

...To be continued...

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