Daddy Fucks Redheaded Stepdaughter Ch 2

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

 Tears began welling up in Scarlette's hazel eyes as she looked down at her room's melon colored carpet. Gilbert sat down beside her, tossing a pillow towards the head of her canopy bed. He laid his right hand gently on her shoulder as her turned her chin towards him.

"Oh, Scar, it's only a minor incident. Nothing to worry about, you're finally starting to become a woman," he replied. Knowing deeply within his innermost masculine part that this was one of the days he had been patiently awaiting. In due time, he would be able to make her even more of a woman and enjoy her body to the fullest. Only in his mind had he explored her thus far, but he knew he would not be able to withhold much longer know the bud in this rose was starting to flourish.

He often fantasied about her while working on the cars the townspeople brought to his garage for repairs. Thoughts of her school uniform's knee-length skirt inching up her sweet, round, succulent ass turned him on while he was showering at the end of his work day. He didn't even bother to think of Loretta anymore sexually, as his wife was too often tired to have sex with him after 16 hour shifts, low pay, and heated conversations with the diner's management staff. They slept facing away from each other most of the time. He would wait till he heard Loretta softly snoring before he would endulge himself with the thoughts of entering the young teenager down the hall. He would stroke his cock gently, thinking of her sweet mouth on him. Wishing he could do something with his hard on, he would walk quietly to the bathroom and relief himself in the shower.

"Daddy, what do you mean, becoming a 'woman'?", she asked demurely. Scarlette was worried that this 'change' would consist of too much for her to handle. She was trying so hard to do well for Mom and in school. She didn't want to make any mistakes that would take her mother even further away from her. She excelled in her classes and never had to be told to do her chores. She was often outspoken, but felt that it was not fair to have no time with her mother, and have to stay home while other girls her age went to dances, parties, and out on dates.

Gilbert looked at her, taking her by her small, delicate hand and said, "Sweetheart, all girls become women. What you are going thru is a part of every female's life at some point. I will take you to the store to buy the items you need for this and you can read the instructions on the box. I know it's painful and scary right now, but you'll grow accustomed to it eventually."

So Scarlette and Gilbert took a quick trip to the local grocery store where he went in and bought the feminine products necessary. On the way back home, she watched a few local teenage girls walking down the block to a local poolroom, she wondered if one of them had the same problem she was enduring now. She settled on the idea that probably half of them already knew about this last year or maybe even longer. Again, the sadness and anger welled up in her, wishing her mother had been the person to talk to her and experience this 'first' with her.

Finally, they arrived back home; Scarlette quickly ran to the bathroom, open the boxes of sanitary napkins and tampons. She scanned over the instructions obeying each step. Tricky and a little painful, she managed to get things in place.

The next few days were emotional rollercoasters for her and her Mom didnt even notice! Gilbert seemed more patient and nicer though, and for her, it made life a little easier.

In his mind however, he wondered if life could be any more strange. He had never had to go thru such an ordeal, and Loretta not being in the know of things didn't help much. He was starting to wonder if she was having an affair. If so, he thought it would be for the better, for he had lost all feeling for the woman. Too little time at home and lack of communication created a wall between the two spouses.
His thoughts continued to surround Scarlette and her budding womanhood. He found her impossible at times, and yet, he longed to understand and comfort her. His fantasies became even more sensual as he watched her once boyish body develop with voluptous curves and breast enlarge. She was small breasted but he could sometimes see the lush nipples peeking thru her sweater on winter evenings. As the seasons turned he found himself eager for summer when she would be clothed in shorts and t-shirts. Sometimes on extremely hot and humid days he would turn the outside sprinkler system on in the yard and they would run thru them to cool off. Little did Scarlette know, it was a ploy for him to see her beautiful hard nipples sheening thru her wet t-shirt. 'Boy, that cutie is naive!', he often thought. He didn't feel much remorse for his lust for her, as he was not her biological father after all. He rarely let her out of his sight after school, somewhat worried that she, being gullible, might fall prey to those less disciplined than himself.

Another year passed and then another. She finally turned Sweet 18 in July. Birthdays were seldom celebrated outrageously with the small family, yet Gilbert had planned a little something for Scarlette this year. He decided that he would surprise her that morning with her favorite breakfast, bringing it to her bedroom with presents from him and Loretta. Again, Loretta was working early and leaving past closing hours, and could not be there for Scarlette's birthday. Knowing the teen would be disappointed he avoided saying anything about it that morning.

He quietly prepared the breakfast, arranging the meal on a tray with a daffodil alongside. With tray and presents in both hands, he nudged her door open. She sleeping soundly, he noticed. Sitting the tray and gifts on her bedside table, he sat down on the bed near her. She was laying on her stomach curled up in a ball. Careful not to wake her, yet wanting to perhaps take a peek at her sweet tender body, he pulled the thin sheet down a bit, exposing her shoulders, back and the curve of her small pert breast. Instantly, he felt a throbbing in his jeans. He gently touched the soft velvet skin of her shoulders, caressing them gently. His rough hands glided down,taking the sheet further below.

He could see her round little belly and lower back and upper thigh. Now he had a full blown hard-on. Thinking to himself, 'What the hell, no one's around and she's sleeping. It wouldn't hurt just to explore her a little.' He let his fingers move expertly below her waist, turning her a little so that he could open her lush fair legs. He discovered the fiery patch between her creamy thighs. It was a beautiful sight to him, being the first redheaded pussy he'd laid eyes on. He licked his lips and with deft fingertips, traced an outline from her bellybutton to the red mound waiting. She quivered for a brief moment, still sleeping soundly. He was surprised by the deep sleep she was enjoying, and he took the opportune time to enjoy her. He slip his index finger and thumb around her clit, kneading it while spreading her lips apart with the other. He heard her moan softly, he hestitated, pausing his stroke briefly. Scarlette's eyes remained closed, Gilbert continued to finger her clit. Then, daringly he entered her pussy with his index finger, just a little at a time. She began stirring, writhing a bit under his hand. Did she realize what was happening?, he wondered. If so, she made no indication. He noticed her sweet tight pussy was becoming warm and wet to his touch. He knew he should stop before he found his self fucking her. But he didnt seem to be able to stop that morning.

He slowly unbuckled his pants and unzipped. He had to do so, or else his cock would burst, he thought to himself. She was spread eagled now, beautiful long ringlets of auburn hair flowed along and down her back and shoulders. She looked so angelic for such a sinful scenario. Knowing he would not resist a moment longer of this temptation, he rose to relieve himself of clothing. Cautiously, he laid beside her as she stretched her legs and arched her back, sleepily. He wondered what, if anything, was she dreaming. He hoped she was thinking of him, but doubted it, as she was inexperienced sexually. He watched her youthful face on the pillow as he caressed her thigh and round firm ass. He wanted to put his cock in between the cheeks so bad he could feel the head of his member throbbing furiously. He stroked his cock, and gently eased those cheeks apart. He noticed her eyelids starting to flutter, and she was awake at last.

"Ohh!," she murmured, startled by the occurrences she found happening to her on awakening. She couldn't believe what she saw. Her stepfather was nude beside her and in his hand, was something she had not seen before.

"Sshh! It's ok, baby. Daddy's here. I'm not going to hurt you, honey. I just thought it was time for you to fully become a woman, now that today is your 18th birthday. I came to show you the secret a woman and man share. I promise you will like this. But like all new things it may hurt a little but you'll grow accoustomed to it, like the other.", he said, as he continued spreading her ass cheeks apart. The head of his cock touched her moist pussy lips, warm and pert. He took his other hand and spread the lips apart, gliding his finger inside the wetness.
"Daddy, Please. What are you doing?" she whimpered. trying to scoot away.He grabbed her by the waist a little to keep her still.

"I'm just going to love you a little bit, baby. You'll like it, just wait and see.",he replied. He rubbed the head of his cock along the slit of her sweet pussy, feeling the heat from her love.
" What will Mom do if she found out? I dont know if we should do this or not, Daddy. I dont want to get her upset.", Scarlette asked as she trembled at the feel of his cock between her legs. She knew what this was but had never openly discussed it with anyone. She had often masturbated while alone in her room thinking of boys at school and teen heart throbs.

"She won't do anything. You see, Mom and I dont do this anymore, and your Dad really needs this right now, babygirl. You dont know how long I have waited for you to come of age, so I could teach you how you should enjoy sex, kitten. I promise to take it easy on you, love. I care about you and want you to be happy. Dont you want to make Daddy happy too?" He asked as he steadily began inching his cocking inside her. She shuddered as the pain of his entrance hit her.

She sobbed as she felt his large thick cock penetrate her tight virgin pussy. Yet, it felt so wonderful at the same time. She could only compare this to her first time on a roller coaster. The strangeness yet ecstastic feeling she was experiencing was overwhelming.

He was finally inside her pussy - sweet, hot, tight, wet, and only His. He knew he would fuck her everyday he could from now on. As he fed her his entire length, holding her waist and grinding into her ass cheeks, it was heaven! This is what he had been waiting for, no more jacking off or doing without fucking for him! This sweet redheaded angel was going to be his personal vixen starting today. Everything sexual, he would gladly teach her. He could not wait to train her to please him. And he could care less if her mother found out!

She lay there silently, letting him fuck her. She knew he loved her, and he Had been there for her when her Mom had not had the time or was mad at her. He was really all she had, so she decided then that she would let him do what he wanted. After all, it hurt a bit, but he had told her it was part of becoming a woman. This is what she wanted, she thought.

Gradually, he lifted her to her knees and began thrusting his cock in her sweet cunt. She moaned, "Daddy, Please, it hurts." He continued to pump away, regardless, ignoring her.
"Oh, baby, but it feels so good to Daddy. Dont you love your Daddy? You know I love you and I love the way you feel honey. Daddy cant help it. I need you and I want to fuck you, so just let Daddy do this,ok?" he sweet talked her as he fed his entire cock into her tight pussy.

He knew he was fucking her tight pussy a little too hard, ripping the skin and causing her some discomforting. Yet it was futile to stop, after all, the first time always hurts virgins, he thought.
Tears were streaming down her face, as she felt her stepdad's cock pump in and out of her. He fingered her clit a little so she could enjoy it too, as he was she started to move a little with his rhythm.
"Ah..", she murmured, beginning to enjoy his motions. This isn't so bad after all, she began to think. She slowly began to bounce back on his cock and her thighs relaxed.
"Oh, that's it baby. See, I told you, you'd start to like it. I just had to break that pussy in a little. And just think sweet heart, this is only the beginning! There is so much more to show you." He exclaimed, smiling. He was surprised to feel her begin to loosen up and move with him. He thought to himself, 'It won't be too hard to make her love this cock, and she'll be begging for it soon!'

With that thought, he slowly began to pull away from her, teasingly. Wanting to see what she would do, he took his cock out and rubbed it against the puffy pink lips briskly.
She started panting and her legs opened further. She couldnt believe her own reaction, she wanted some more!
"Oh, Daddy..."she moaned, as she backed against the head of his cock, pressing him into her pussy.
"So you want Daddy to fuck you? Tell Daddy you want his dick in your tight wet pussy. Tell me you want to fuck."He demanded as he grinded and stroked the lips with the head and shaft of his throbbing cock up and down her pussy over and over.
Shyly, she obeyed him.
"Daddy, please do that to me again, I really am starting to like it, it feels good.Please, I promise I'll do what you want."

Gilbert pushed his cock in her pussy to the hilt, and began thrusting hard and quick. With no regards to her whimpering and soft screaming, he fucked her hard. She was undoubtedly crying, yet he continued til he felt the gush about to explode from his cock. He quickly took his cock out of her pussy and spent all over her sweet round young ass. The jism flowing down her virgin asshole.
She felt the warmth of something sticky on her bottom, but didn't say anything. What Daddy had done to her was incredible and painful. She was scared but enthralled; she felt torn apart. She was unsure of what to do, and wanted to forget.

Gilbert rose from Scarlette's bed to clean up himself and leave her to think with her gifts and breakfast. Her food was probably cold by now, but he knew she'd be ok. He would give her time to think of what had happened and then console her later.

Loretta never came home that evening from work. Due to lack of sleep and stress she was victim to an automobile accident one mile from her residence. Life changed for Gilbert and Scarlette.

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