Cum To Class

(Part 1 from 1)

I saw you your lips so kissbul
A voice that made me wet in my pantys
In Collage We Sat.

You acidently fell on top of me.
Our eyes meeting in lustful stair.
I could feel our hearts beating off eachothers chest.
My cheek's where burning.
My lips where trebbeling with passion.
You placed your lips pressed on mine.
The taste so sweet.
Your touge wanting to enter my lips to retreve a kiss.
Our lips kissing as you wispered naughty things to me.
Your tounge circeling mine.
My wight vest ripped off by your hands.
I pulled your shirt off to see your angel like body.
You kissed my neck licking and sucking my all my neck.

I moaned with lust my fingers in your back my love burning inside.
You uncliped my bra my breasts popped out my chest beating faster.
Your Hands Squeezeing My Breasts Your hot mouth on lips kissing me.
My body shakeing over your touch moaning your name.
Your soft sweet lips sucked my breasts your touge licking my nippels.
My heart was yours I trusted you and I loved you.
I kissed your neck as I moaned you spanked my ass I Moaned.
You pulled my jeans down to see my pretty pantys.
"Your dripping al have to clean it up"you said.

You stuck your touge on my pantys where the front of my pussy was licking away.
I moaned "kiss me there"i moaned as I got more wet over him.
You pulled down my pantty your touge insterted in my pussy.
"your so wet"he laughed.
Your mouth was over pussy your tounge licking and biteing.
I orgazmed as my juices filled your mouth.
"mmmmmm you taste good"you suductively.

I licked your fingers kissing them.I lay on top of kissing your body.
You moaned as kissed your angels chest and stomach.
I pulled down you pants and boxers to see your nice cock.
You moaned my name as sucked your cock I was in love with you.
We lay on top off eachother your hair was soaked we kissed.
I spred my legs out it was my first time.

"are you ready"you said i nooded my head I screamed as your cock went inside me.
You bent over me kissing so it would take my mind of the pain.
Musical moans escaped your lips.
"erin your so tight and warm"you said.
"I'm gonna cum"I said breathless
"Me too"you said laughing.
"Antony Antony ANOTONY"i screamed as I cummed.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh"he cummed inside my pussy.
We lay kissing our hair all over the place.

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