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I take my video camera with me everywhere. It drives my wife nuts. She has allowed the camera with us in the bedroom though. That’s the one place she doesn’t mind. She likes to masturbate while watching herself cum.

It’s always been her fantasy to be with another woman. It’s been mine to see her with another woman while taping it.
I always stop on Thursday nights at my usual bar for a beer before heading home. My wife works late on Thursday’s, so I get a little goof off time. One Thursday, I plopped myself on my usual bar stool and was immediately presented with a beer.

“I’ve got a problem,” I said to the bartender. He was always there for me. I told him about our fantasies. “So, as you can see, my problem lies in where to find a woman that would not only be with my wife, but let me tape it.”

“I’ll do it.” I heard in a woman’s voice over my shoulder. The bartender smiled and I turned to see my prey. She was about 5’8” with full C cup tits that were spilling over the pink top she wore. “I’ll make love to your wife with a camera in my face,” she said. She presented her hand. “I’m Kate,” she said.
“Kate,” I replied, stunned, “nice to, um, meet you. I’m Shaun.” I shook her hand. She sat on the stool next to me and the bartender moved to help another customer. “You heard what I said,” I asked her.

She smiled and fiddled with the straw in her drink. “Yeah, and I have to say that I got really wet just listening. Do you have a picture of your wife?”
I pulled out a picture of Tina and handed it to her. Kate smiled. “She’s cute. When can I meet her? I can’t wait to nibble those titties!”
My dick stirred in my pants when she said that. The thought of seeing my wife’s tits in her mouth drove me crazy. We set everything up, I got her address, and we went our separate ways.

As soon as I got home, I pulled my cock out of my pants and started stroking it, ever so slightly, thinking of Tina with Kate. I closed my eyes and leaned against the door stroking when I heard Tina pull in the garage. I went and sat down on the couch with my pants around my ankles. She walked in the door and saw my position and said, “Interesting night at the bar?” I smiled. She put down her bags and walked up to me, lifted her skirt and planted her shaved pussy on top of my rock hard cock. I love it when she doesn’t wear panties!

Tina bounced on my dick slicking it up with her juices, cumming in a matter of seconds. She must have been thinking about me too. She stopped and looked me in the eye. “What have you been up to?” she asked as she pushed her blonde locks out of her eyes.
I smiled again. “Well, I met someone,” I told her. “Her name is Kate.” Tina’s face dropped. “She thinks you’re hot.” Her face lit up. “She wants to fuck you,” I said. She started riding my cock again, cumming twice before stopping once more. “I guess you like that idea as much as I do,” I said grabbing her hips and pulling her down onto my cock making her cum again.

“When do I get to meet her,” Tina asked me. “My pussy is dripping just thinking about her,” she panted as she had another orgasm. I flipped her over into doggy style and rammed her pussy while she came two more times before I exploded in her cunt.
“Wednesday,” I told her and squeezed her almost C cup tits though her bra. She giggled.

I gave Tina the address to Kate’s house on Wednesday morning and told her to go straight over there after work. 
I ran to my car, camera in hand, as soon as 5:00 rolled around. I turned in on and pointed it toward myself as I started to drive to Kate’s house. I spoke to the camera in anticipation as I drove. 

I pulled up to her house and was amazed at the perfection of the situation. Her house was off the road a little ways, surrounded by huge pine trees that blocked the house from the road. Tina’s car was already there. I knocked on the door. Kate answered in a purple sun dress with her reddish brown hair pulled up. “Hi Shaun,” she said. She had two glasses of wine in her hand. I saw Tina had one too. I accepted one of the glasses as she kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “God she’s hot, I almost couldn’t wait for you to get here.”

Tina was already glowing, so I figured she must be on her second or third glass of wine. She must have left work a little early. Little sneak. I sat next to her on the couch. She squeezed my thigh and smiled her devilish grin at me. 
No one spoke for a minute. I sipped my wine. I set the glass down and picked up the camera. “Who’s up for a little show,” I asked. Both women set their glasses down at the same time and smiled at each other.

I flipped the record button on and moved myself out of the way so I could get a good shot. Kate walked up to Tina and whispered something in her ear that made my wife giggle. That little giggle made my cock stir. I knew this was going to be hot, so I set the camera down and undid my pants, pulling them down a bit so my dick was released before it got too hard. I grabbed the camera again and focused in on the two beautiful women.
Kate pulled Tina close and gently stroked her cheek, kissing her softly on the lips. Tina sighed. Kate put her mouth close to Tina’s again and Tina pushed her mouth to Kate’s, opening her lips in a gorgeous french kiss. Their tongues were going wild as my wife’s fantasy was coming true. They kissed all over each other’s necks and ears and cheeks and mouths again. 

Kate started to unbutton Tina’s blouse as my wife slipped the straps of Kate’s sun dress over her shoulders, revealing her braless breasts. I zoomed a little closer as Tina gently stroked her big breasts, stopping to pay careful attention to the dark brown nipples. Kate finally had Tina’s shirt unbuttoned and slipped it off. She reached around back to undo the clasp on her bra, letting it slip off her shoulders. They were both standing there topless, massaging each other’s breasts. What a beautiful sight! My cock was at full attention watching this sexy show!

Tina grabbed her own breasts, pushing them up against Kate’s, nipple to nipple. It was a little hard to do since Tina was slightly shorter than Kate. They both moaned. Four nipples were standing out firm like then ends of pencils, rubbing each other. 
Kate’s hands explored the zipper on Tina’s skirt while their nipples burned together. Her skirt fell to the floor, exposing her pussy with no panties. I silently praised her again for not liking to wear panties. Kate’s hand was immediately between my wife’s legs, stroking her pussy. Tina moaned a bit louder and fell backwards to the couch, spreading her legs.

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