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We are just newly married, but have been in the cuckold / hot wife lifestyle for a few years now. I love it when my wife is out getting her pussy, mouth and ass filled by cock. Its great when she comes home to tell me about it while bending over my face making me lick her clean. This is a story of when she was fucked all night upstairs while I was downstairs listening.

My wife, Colleen, is 5' 11", brunette with nice handful tits and a tight little waxed pussy and an ass that fits nicely in my hands.

Because Colleen finishes work earlier than me, she heads to the bar around the corner from her office for a drink while waiting for me to pick her up. Because she goes every afternoon, she gets to know the regulars quite well and becomes good friends with them. Mostly these are guys who have also finished work for the day. To start with they only went to the bar twice a week, but now go every day to have a drink with Colleen.

I am completely happy with this, as I really enjoy Colleen getting attention from others. Especially guys! Colleen has told me that she thinks that they want to fuck her. So I start finishing a bit later to give the guys extra time to woo her. They always bought her drinks, but recently have started opening up and talking to her if she is one of the guys. Talking about sexual fantasies and sexual encounters they have had.

One afternoon, she invites them around to our place for dinner and a few drinks. I'm still at work and have no idea that this was happening. I get a phone call from her when she is heading back to our place in their truck. She said "we have company tonight, I've invited some friends over for dinner, so if you just come straight home when you finish, there'll be dinner ready for you". I said I have just finished and was about to leave. I'll see you at home".
When I got home there she was in the kitchen preparing dinner and 5 guys sitting at the table drinking.

Colleen introduced them to me. Aaron, Tim, Mike, Rob and Johnson. They are all quite nice guys and I start drinking with them and talking to them like I had known them all my life. They tell me how lovely my wife is and how she is great company at the bar. I said "yeah, she sure is something special". Colleen starts to smile and I knew right then that she has plans for tonight. She asks me over into the kitchen. I walk in behind her and notice she is wearing a short skirt. I put my hand up her skirt and feel that she is not wearing any underwear and that she has her buttplug in her ass. She tells me "finish cooking dinner, while I go upstairs and fuck these guys". I smile and ask, "do you want me up there too". She replies with a no, telling me that I have to listen to her being fucked by these 5 guys. But not to worry because I will get to fuck her when they are finished.

She takes the guys upstairs and I hear a whole lot of laughing and talking.
My cock is super hard at the moment, thinking about when I get to fuck her loose, cum soaked holes when they have finished.

She starts it off by getting undressed and getting on her knees. She opens her mouth and the guys starting fucking her mouth with their cocks. I can hear the slurps and gagging from her. She really knows how to swallow a cock down her throat, so I can imagine how the guys would be feeling right now. Tim actually cum a little bit in her mouth, which she swallowed eagerly. She lay back on the bed and Rob and Johnson got on each side of her head so she could suck them both and Mike got down between her legs and started teasing her pussy with his tongue. He also noticed the buttplug in her ass and started gently pulling on it. Colleen was really enjoying the feeling of the pleasure to her pussy and ass. She was moaning and lifting her hips to get more pressure on her clit from Mikes tongue.

Colleen reaches her first orgasm for the night, screaming out "OH YES I'M CUMMING, FUCK YES, OH FUCK YEAH, FUCK MY PUSSY WITH THAT TONGUE".
I smile, satisfied that she is getting what she wants.

Mike moves out of the way and Tim, who has a rock hard cock starts rubbing it up and down her wet hole, he uses his cock to push on the buttplug which makes her moan more. The he puts the tip of his cock in her pussy, with more moaning from Colleen he pulls it out and puts it back in again. Every time he puts it back in he goes in a little deeper. Until he is all the way in her pussy up to his balls. He starts to ram her pussy as if it is the last fuck he is going to have ever. She is moaning and telling Tim to fill her hot pussy up with hot creamy cum. She says, "I love hot creamy cum in my pussy, I love it dripping out and running down my leg". With that said Tim starts to cum and fills her up. He pulls out and as soon as he pulls out Aaron gets into place and rams his cock in her pussy. Her pussy didn't even have time to let Tim's cum run out. When Aaron was all the way in Colleen let out a scream, "OH MY FUCKING GOD, THAT COCK IS HUGE!"

Aaron has a large cock, 9" long and almost 3" thick. Colleen cums straight away. She love big cock in her pussy stretching it open wide. She knows I love it when she gets a cock bigger than mine in her pussy too. I love knowing that a cock has done things to her that mine could never do.

Aaron pounds away at her pussy like no tomorrow. Colleen keeps cumming over and over. After about 15 minutes of fucking, he turns her over and gets her to put her ass high up in the air. He plows his cock back inside her. His cock is so big inside her that her buttplug pops out of her ass. It leaves her ass gaping right in front of Aaron. He slides a couple of fingers into her ass. Colleen cums again and when her pussy clamps around Aaron's cock, he cums too, unleashing a torrent of hot cum inside her pussy. She is well fucked now, but realizes that only 2 of the guys have cum inside her and there is 3 more to go.

Still bent over, Johnson approaches her from behind and tells her that he is going to fuck her ass. Now Colleen has only ever been fucked in the ass by me. She says its the only thing that will ever be pure for me only.
She tells him to fuck her ass really good and fill it up with cum. Johnson sinks his cock into Colleen's ass and starts pumping away. His cock isn't as big as Aaron's but big enough to stretch it open more than I could. Mike moves his cock to her mouth for her to suck on it. Which she does. She swallows his cock down, plays with his balls and only takes the cock out of her mouth to pull on it with her hand.

She works up another orgasm screaming "OH YES, fuck my ass, STRETCH IT OPEN AND FILL IT UP WITH CUM, I WANT TO FEEL YOUR hot cum SQUIRTING INSIDE MY ASS"
Johnson cums hard and deep in her ass. He waits a while before slowly withdrawing his cock from Colleens ass. Her ass was so loose that it didn't even grip on to his cock as he was pulling out. Her ass was not pure to me anymore, it was used by someone else, which got me hornier and harder. The tip of my cock was wet. And dinner had been burnt because I was concentrating on listening rather than cooking.

Mike then begins to cum and cums all over her face and in her mouth. She swallows the cum that went in her mouth and wipes up the cum on her face with her fingers and licks them clean.

Rob lays down on the bed and tells Colleen to get on top and ride him. She does and when she is riding his cock with her loose pussy, she feels something hard pushing into her ass. It was bigger than before. It was Aaron. He had gotten hard again and wanted some of that ass. Firstly, she couldn't take it and kept pulling away. But Aaron kept at it and got half of his cock inside her. It was going in and out with her riding Robs cock. Rob could feel Aarons hard cock through the thin wall of skin separating her pussy and ass. This send him flying into an orgasm and he unloaded into her pussy. Colleen stopped riding and Rob and Aaron was left there inside each of her holes. Aaron, started pumping away at her ass bring her to orgasm after orgasm. Rob had fallen out of her pussy with all the movement and was sucking on her tits.

Aaron was getting fast and faster. Colleen knew that he was going to cum again inside her. He came with a loud grunt. Colleen felt his cum splashing against the inside walls of her ass and it felt like he had more cum this time that last time.

Aaron pulled out of her ass and put the buttplug back into her ass to seal in the cum. The buttplug wouldn't stay in as her ass was stretched too much for it to clamp around the little buttplug. She told him to go to the side table and in the draw is a bigger butt plug that she hasn't used, because it was too big. He put it in her ass with ease. Colleen stood up and put on a t-shirt and the guys got dressed. They came down stairs and said their goodbyes and said they were going to get take-out for dinner and said "see you at the bar tomorrow"

Colleen then dragged me upstairs and told me what happened. By now my cock is pulsating wanting to feel her loose pussy on it. But first I go down and lick her pussy clean of the cum that is dripping from it. It was all over the place. Down her legs, on her ass, in her pussy, on her pussy. It was so great cleaning her up. She then told me what happened to her ass. I pulled the buttplug from her ass and saw the gaping hole left by the cocks that had fucked her there. I gave her the buttplug to lick clean herself while I headed down to suck the cum out of her ass. She told me to stop. She wanted me to bend her over and fuck her ass while it was full of cum. Which I did with no complaints. My cock went in with ease. It felt so good. I could feel the tip of my cock dip into the hot creamy cum in her ass. It sent me into 1 of the wildest orgasms I have ever had. After I unloaded in her ass, she said "now you can clean my ass" We got into the 69 position and she pushed her ass onto my mouth, letting all the cum drip out into my mouth. I was eating 3 loads of cum from her ass and she was sucking my cock clean. I got hard again and fucked her loose pussy until I was ready to cum. I pulled out and let the cum go onto her stomach and tits. she made me lick it up and put it into her mouth from mine.

She then told me how much she loved the night and would love to do it again sometime and especially wanted to fuck Aaron again as he has the hugest cock. She knows I don't mind and knows I like it. We fell asleep, and woke in the morning with the smell of sex in the air still. I felt her pussy and ass and they were still loose and slippery. I went down and did some more cleaning for her. She loved it and wanked my cock until I came in her hand. We went to work as usual and she went to the bar after work as usual.

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