Crazy Summer Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

When Cindy came home from Portland that evening she found everything relatively normal. Of course I was wondering around grinning like a Cheshire cat. After all it wasn't everyday a fellow lost his virginity, especially with a women as sexual and sensuous as my Aunt Elaine. Cindy had indicated to me that her plan was to take my cherry as soon as she had finished her period, which had just begun. Elaine obviously had other plans and it was going to be very interesting finding out how Cindy was going to react when she found out, if she ever did that is. For the next few days our routine in the ranch house was pretty much the same. I'd work all morning, have lunch and relax by the pool in the afternoon. Cindy was rather distant, probably because of her period, and spent much of her time in the house playing with Samantha and reading in her room. Elaine and I met occasionally for a quick blowjob or fuck, but we were trying to keep Cindy unaware of our activities for a short time. Apparently Aunt Elaine had something planned and she wasn't sharing it with me. 

One thing for sure was Aunt Elaine was definitely coming out of her shell since that first afternoon when we screwed ourselves silly. Her apparel changed from her very casual jeans and blouse attire to a much more provocative and dressy look. During the day the jeans or cutoffs remained but the conservative blouses changed to tank tops and tee shirts, sometimes without a bra on, although considering size and leakage this didn't happen often. These are what I started to think of as boner food. She had almost permanently hard nipples and her milk would leak out if she even thought about feeding the baby or having sex. Her tits were so large and heavy that going bra-less was typically an experience in itself, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. She also had to change often because of her excessive milk production and the wetness it would cause on whatever she was wearing. 

Occasionally she would put on her skimpy bikini and join me in the pool for an afternoon swim. During the morning and afternoon she was typically very playful and occasionally she would corner me and rub her tits against me until they started spilling milk over both of us. Sometimes it was as quick and simple as a shirt lift in the kitchen exposing her magnificent breasts to me and smiling wickedly. She jerked me off one time in the pool and gave me a BJ one morning while I sat in the kitchen eating my breakfast.

In the evenings she would usually change for dinner, emerging from her room in some of the most attractive dresses I've ever seen. Before she had her baby and her rich husband was still around, Elaine possessed an extensive wardrobe, and their lifestyle demanded a very elegant dress code. Now, more than six months after having the baby, her figure was back to normal, except of course for her milk laden breasts. All her dresses were by design very low cut, but now they tended to squeeze her tits provocatively and push the flesh out the top creating one of the best jiggle shows you've ever witnessed. She would not wear her utilitarian nursing bras with these outfits and we headed gone into town one day and special ordered more appropriate lingerie from a specialty store.

This had been her first time out of the house in months and her and I hit the road just after the baby's eleven o'clock feeding. This would give us four to five hours for the round trip and shopping time. Cindy was staying with the baby, had plenty of expressed milk for feedings and could contact us immediately on the cell phone if required. The trip in was fast as Elaine decided to drive her BMW and she was excited about the outing, and anxious not to leave the baby any longer than normal. She knew the city well and we had completed several errands at the bank and grocery store before ending up at this elegant lingerie shop in a very high class part of the shopping district.

At first I thought this was another of her boring errands and I didn't even get out of the car to go in with her preferring to wait and catch a few of the babes walking on the street window shopping. She was about halfway to the store when she noticed my absence and came back to get me. "You don't have to wait for me here Don, besides I'll need your input on a few decisions," she said as she leaned in the open window giving me a great look at her cleavage, "believe me you'll enjoy this."

At that point I had not even realized where we were going so I just followed her without really paying attention. As we went through the door I caught a very feminine fragrance in the air and was immediately overcome with the visual prominence of sexy lingerie, nightgowns and other women's private attire.

"Oh Mrs. Young, it is so good to see you after all this time. You certainly look good after having the baby, what is it we can help you with today?" a maternal looking women in her late forties or early fifties said from behind the counter.

"Hello Madeline, you can start by not calling me Mrs. Young any more, Elaine is fine. My ex-husband and I are divorced and I don't want to be reminded of him. Thanks for the complement but as you have no doubt noticed I am in dire need of some upper body support mechanisms, so to speak. My tits are so large from breast feeding I have only been able to wear nursing bras because none of my old ones even come close to fitting. You know I never thought that I'd ever need anything bigger than the 38DD you fitted me for during my late pregnancy, but it appears I've done it. Please show me what you have immediately available plus I want a fitting for some custom made bras, they always fit so much better than the off the shelf ones." As she spoke she walked over and gave Madeline a quick kiss one each cheek. I actually think Madeline's tits were bigger than my aunts. Although she was older, and much shorter, it appeared like she had been able to keep her hourglass figure even though it showed signs of sagging a bit. I imagined she must have been very attractive in her younger years, plus she must have had about a 50 inch chest, unbelievable.

"Who's this than," Madeline asked nodding towards me. "That's my friend Don, he'll be helping me make some selections today." Elaine responded as she smiled and winked at both of us. I had noticed she didn't mention I was her nephew, but thought it not unusual. I had been standing there starring at all the lacy negligees on display against the back wall of the store on mannequins. I was turning my head from side to side when I noticed another clerk coming out of the side door. She was one of the most statuesque women I had ever seen, and although not young she carried herself well. The most striking thing about her was her height, she must have been about six foot two or three. She was dressed entirely in black with black hair, black nail polish and solid black stockings. 

"Elaine my dear," she exclaimed in a French accent, "I am so happy to she you again at last. It certainly looks like you need our assistance, but I'm sure that is why you are here. I see you brought a friend, that is nice. I had heard about your husband leaving you, probably for the best." She too gave Elaine a kiss on each cheek and turned towards me and did the same thing, much to my surprise and delight. This woman was overwhelming to the nth degree and a person could not help but be drawn to her. I blushed and she patted my cheek soothingly with a very friendly smile. 

"Mrs Young, or I'm sorry, I mean Elaine, has asked for a special fitting for some new brassiere plus some immediate help with shelf product, Michelle."

"Very good than, you go and pick out some appropriate sizes from stock, I would suggest something in a triple e or double f cup. We will go into the back to the showroom for the fitting." Her and Elaine started walking back to the door Michelle had come from leaving me standing there. I didn't think it appropriate to follow and they were whispering to each other so they didn't notice I wasn't following. Once they had left I stood there looking around the store at all the sexy items before my eyes imagining what Elaine or Cindy would look like in any of them. Suddenly Madeline called me from across the store, "Come here Don, I need your help." I walked over wondering what she needed me for, but glad I was not just standing in the middle of the store looking like a dolt. "These are the only styles we have in the appropriate size for Elaine, which one do you think she would prefer?" 

She had laid about eight boxes out on the counter with different bras pictured on them. "W-w-ell I'm not sure," I stuttered, "I think they all look nice, it's hard to tell." Madeline was smiling at my obvious discomfort and said we would have to have a look at all of them then. She picked them up and handed me several of the boxes and marched over to the door leading to the back. We went through the curtain and into one of the rooms beyond the regular show rooms. We entered and Elaine was sitting on a chair by the wall and Michelle was showing her different bolts of material. "Here are all we have in anything near your size," said Madeline, "Don couldn't decide which one he liked best so we brought them all back." She giggled a little and the other two women smiled knowingly. 

Madeline left and returned to the store while Michelle looked at the selection we had dropped on the table. "Any of these will be better than you are used to," she commented, "lets get a definite fitting and see where we can start. Get up please, Don you can sit down here." Elaine stood up and without hesitating removed her sweater over her head and stood there in her nursing bra. She reached behind herself and unclasped the hooks and let the material fall away from her slightly engorged breasts. 

It had been almost two hours since Sam's last feeding. Michelle stood there shaking her head back and forth. "You poor dear having to wear that ugly thing on such a beautiful body. They should make nursing bras sexier, nursing is such a sexy thing after all. Maybe I will make some special for you Elaine, is that okay." Elaine responded that that would be great but that she also wanted some for relaxation also. Michelle nodded knowingly and proceeded to pick up her measuring tape and walk over towards Elaine. Elaine hefted up her breasts, one spilling out of each hand, and Michelle wrapped the tape around her chest just under her breasts. She noted the measurement and then raised the tape and measured around Elaines chest including her boobs. The tape went right across Elaine's nipples which were already hard. I wondered if bra measurements took nipple extension into account. "Oh my," she said, "we will not have too many choices with that, looks like you are up to a double or triple F, maybe a GG, depending on the bra. Customized will be our only real option for the next while."

She released the tape letting it fall away from Elaine's chest and hung it around her neck. She reached under Elaine's breasts and lifted them, bouncing them somewhat getting the feel of their weight and firmness. 
"Very nice, still very firm and now so big." I was sure Elaine's nipples extended even further with the manipulations and I could see little drops of milk forming. I knew how much she enjoyed the release of milk and I could see a blush building across her upper chest and face. 

"Excellent," said Michelle, "I am so happy I get to see you milk, may I taste?" Elaine just nodded with a big smile on her face while Michelle reached over with her finger and removed the drops from each nipple and licked them off. "Mmmm, so nice, it has been sometime since I breast feed but I always liked the taste and the feeling." She walked over to the table where the bras were laid out and after looking at a couple selected a box and took the bra out. "This should be close, let's try." She walked back and handed the bra to Elaine just as a little buzzer rang. "Excuse me please, the store must be busy, Madeline needs my help." She turned and left the room leaving Elaine and I alone. 

Elaine looked at me and smiled, "Here, quick, suck my tits, I think I'm going to burst. It's a wonder I didn't start leaking all over the place when she touched my nipples." She came over and shoved her nipple in my mouth and I immediately started sucking. After a few minutes she switched sides and started rubbing my hard on through my pants. "I'm going to cum just from you sucking my tits, ohhhh, if feels so good." I felt her shudder slightly and she pulled back releasing her nipple from my mouth and spraying milk on my face at the same time. She bent over and licked my face clean and whispered that she would relieve my pressure as soon as she could. 

She stepped back and picked up the bra and tried it on. Unlike the nursers she had been wearing up to now, this one was very lacy. It was deep blue in color and the bottom half of the cups were a very satiny material and very stiff. The straps across the back were wide and carried four or five hooks. The ones over the shoulders were also wide to help carry the extra burden. The top part of the cups was see through lace. Elaine put her arms through the straps and bent over allowing her breasts to fall into the cups. She shook the bra a bit working the flesh into the cups and stood up straight and reached behind her back at the same time holding the two straps.

Michelle entered suddenly and walked over behind Elaine and offered her help doing things up. Elaine said yes and Michelle took the straps and pulled them tight and hooked them up. She then reached up running her fingers through the shoulder straps, adjusting them to a comfortable position. She then encircled Elaine from behind with her arms and grabbed her tits from underneath. She bounced them up and down filling the cups evenly and producing a lovely pair of upper mounds for me to feast my eyes on. She then brought her hands up and patted the exposed tit flesh, obviously enjoying the feeling of the jiggling skin.

"Oh, that feels great, I'll take it," Elaine said, "let's try the others." The two women repeated the procedure on the next one, which was basically the same style except light pink in color and just a tad skimpier. I liked it a lot because I could easily see her swollen nipples through the fabric. After modeling it for a minute she looked at me smiling, not at all unconscious of my raging prick snaking it 's way down my pant leg. "I think Don likes this one, wrap it up also." The next two were too big, and the next three fit okay or were just a bit snug. She took them all. I thought we were about to finish when Madeline came back carrying a large box and explaining that she had found this also in Elaine's size and asked if we would care to try it. I was somewhat impatient to go and indicated to Elaine that it was getting late and we had to start back.

"Don't be in such a rush silly, we have lots of time. Let's look at this new addition." Madeline handed Michelle the box and turned to leave, giving me a big smile as she glanced at the bulge in my pants. I couldn't believe this mature woman would even be interested in a young cock like mine, or any cock at all for that matter. Michelle set the box on the table and opened it. Her and Elaine peered inside together and both started to smile.

"You have to try this one, it will look great on you." Michelle said matter of factly. She lifted out a black satin corset with ties up the back and garters. "You get undressed and I'll have Madeline bring in a pair of stockings too." Elaine wasted no time at all shedding her slacks and stood there in her panties waiting for Michelle to return. 

She reached up and cupped her tits and smiled at me. "How'd you like to suck on these Don, do you think your man enough?" she said teasingly. My cock wasn't getting any softer when Michelle returned with the stockings. She helped Elaine on with the corset and tightened the laces on the back as hard as she could. I wanted to take out my tool and start jacking off right then and there, I was so horny for her. Michelle handed her the silk stockings and she walked right towards me, put her foot on the chair seat right between my legs bent over and inserted her foot into one of the rolled up stockings. At first I stared at her breasts jiggling in front of my face, fighting the urge to lean forward and bury my face in her cleavage. I couldn't believe her tits weren't falling out in my face as it was, but Michelle had obviously done things up good and tight. She slowly rolled the stocking up her leg stopping on mid thigh and pulling the garter clasps down to hook them up. As she removed her foot she rubbed the sole down the length of my raging hard on, making me almost cum in my pants. She repeated the same process for the other leg except she let her foot linger longer on my prick this time. I'm sure Michelle had seen the move as she was also staring at my crotch smiling slightly. Elaine stood up straight and looked at herself in the full-length mirror, admiring her fantastic body and ultra-vixen look. "I'll wear this Michelle, I just love the way it looks and it makes me feel so sexy, don't you agree Don?."

Both ladies turned and looked at me with smiles on their faces. Elaine stood with her legs spread slightly in a very domineering fashion, the only thing missing from her outfit was the spiked heels and whip. Michelle stood slightly behind her, her height and stature made it look like Elaine was a puppet in front of her. I tried to respond but I was too overwhelmed to speak. "Could you please excuse us for a minute Michelle, I think I can help Don relax a bit?" Michelle didn't move at first and continued to look at my bulging crotch over Elaine's shoulder. "On second thought, maybe you could help me out," Elaine continued, "why don't you model something for us, just like in the old days, I'm sure both Don and myself would like to see some of your more imaginative creations."

"Of course my dear, I was hoping you would ask. I have something here that we just finished, you're the first to see it." Michelle responded and went to the far corner of the room and reached into the closet. I couldn't really make out what she was holding because of the dim lights and distance. "I'll return in a moment, I have to tell Madeline not to disturb us during the modeling and then I will change." Elaine came over to me and sat on my lap, rapping her arms around my neck and lowering her mouth to mine where we kissed passionately for a few minutes. I had my arm wrapped around her hip and was squeezing her ass cheek while she rubbed her other hip against my woody. 

"Don't be so embarrassed Don, Michelle and I have known each other for years and she always has modeled her new creations for me, and sometimes my ex. Just wait and see, I'm sure we will both like what we see." Right then Michelle reentered the room wearing a full-length robe. I could see her feet were sitting in red high heels and she had removed her black stocking and a bit of her alabaster legs were showing. A very sharp contrast to the almost totally black look she had earlier. 

She walked over to us and stood about three feet away and a bit to the right, allowing both of us to have a full view. She untied the belt and as it parted she shrugged her shoulders and it fell to the floor. She was wrapped in a red garment that matched her shoes. It was somewhat like a corset but barely touched even a portion of her tits, leaving them essentially bare, with her nipples fully exposed and erect. The lacey material encircled her waist and flared naturally with the swell of her hips. She also had on a relatively heavy pair of red satin panties. As she turned around so we could view the rear I could feel my hard-on pulsating in anticipation. Her broad shoulders dropped very quickly to her thin waist and then expanded again with her hips giving her back a classic hourglass look. The rear of the panties covered her buttocks a little too much for my liking but they looked very inviting also. When she turned around again she was rubbing her palms against her nipples arousing them even further. Retaining a very professional voice she looked at Elaine and said, 

"This is just the outer portion, I've designed a little something extra in the panties." She moved her hands down to the side and unhooked a hidden clasp on each size of the panty. When she let go only the straps fell away with the front remaining in place. She then pushed the top of the panties down and exposed a stub of latex that was clearly inserted into her vagina. She pointed at it saying, "This is for those occasions when you just want to feel filled for a long period of time. The device will be interchangeable in the final product with different shapes and sensations. I may even include a small battery powered vibrator in the options. What do you think Elaine?"

"I want one as soon as they're ready," she responded, "let me get a closer look." Elaine reached over took Michelle's hand and pulled her close. She deftly placed her hand down the front of the panties and grabbed the dildo with her thumb and forefinger. She slowly pulled it out to check out the length and then inserted it back in again as far as she could. Michelle gasps slightly and closed her eyes. "I'll order two, one for me and one for my niece, I'll call you with her sizes. I also want you to make a couple of pairs of pouches for Don here. Don stand up and drop your pants so Michelle can get an accurate measurement." She stood up and pulled my arm until I was also standing, albeit somewhat stooped over because of my raging hard-on. I could see by her face there was no arguing with her and glanced at Michelle for her reaction. She just smiled at me and nodded and moved to the table to pick up the measuring tape she had left there earlier. Elaine undid the belt on my khakis and opened the fly, pushing the pants to the floor. I usually wear boxers or shorts instead of briefs, my cock being as large as it was. Today I had on shorts that hugged my thighs tightly and allowed my prick room to lay against the inside of my leg. 

Michelle gasped when she saw the size of my tool but didn't lose her professional demeanor. Elaine hooked her thumbs in the waistband and pushed the shorts to the floor, making my hard cock spring upward and stand right out in front of me. She stepped away after giving me a squeeze and allowed Michelle to come closer. She put the tape around my waist and noted the measurement. She then lowered it to my hips and measured again. As she wrapped the tape around this time it ended up sitting just above the base of my cock. Her arms brushed me several times making it jump with each contact. She than told me to spread my legs and proceeded to measure from my waistline in the rear, though my legs to my balls. Of course there was lots of contact with this exercise and I thought I was going to blow my load if she touched my balls again. The final measurement was from the base of my cock to the tip and back again to my scrotum. I looked at the tape and noted it read eleven and one-half inches as it passed over the crown of my tool. Michelle stood up and went to the table and wrote the measurements down in her book. There was a smear of pre-cum on the slit of my cock, which had obviously been done by the tape. 

"I am afraid I will need one more measurement now," she explained, "but you have to be relaxed for it." She eyed Elaine and they both smiled. Elaine reached over and wrapped her hands midway up my prick and pointed it at Michelle and started to pump it. It didn't take long for me to feel my cum rising up the shaft after so much visual stimulation and these two beautifully sexy woman standing so close to me. Elaine could feel me about to cum and just as I was about to explode she knelt and wrapped the head of my cock in her lips and let the spunk flow into her mouth, which she completely swallowed. As I came I looked directly at Michelle who was standing there rubbing her hand against the front of her panties no doubt getting off on her additional hardware. After Elaine licked my cock free she stood up and smiled broadly and kissed me full on the mouth, allowing me to taste my own cum. 

She broke away and turned to Michelle, "you better be quick with the tape, I don't think he will remain relaxed for very long, especially with you handling his meat." Michelle immediately came over and measured my cock about six different ways, lingering a lot longer than necessary, much to my delight. It was no surprise that I started to stiffen up again, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by either of the ladies. 

"We must be going," Elaine said rather sharply, "I can feel that it is time for Samantha's feeding soon. Wrap all of these up please Michelle, I'll just wear this little number and let us know when the special order articles will be in. I'll call you tomorrow with the sizes for my niece." Elaine picked up her jeans and put them on over the black stockings and garters. She then pulled her sweater over her head and onto her outstanding chest. I was truly mesmerized watching her get dressed, standing there with my semi-hard prick and my pants down to my ankles. Michelle coughed lightly bringing me out of my reverie, I reached down and stuffed myself back into my shorts and then pants and all of a sudden we were dressed and ready to leave. Michelle had put her robe back on and took all the purchases and placed them in a bag and handed them to me, smiling slyly and still eyeing my crotch. Elaine told her to add it on the account and that she was looking forward to finally being able to wear the finest lingerie in the world again. They kissed goodbye and we walked through the store saying farewell to Madeline on our way out the front door. 

I put the bags in the trunk and Elaine slipped into the passenger side indicating that I should drive home. She seemed very relaxed and went on talking about how good it felt to be wearing comfortable clothes again and how great a designer and seamstress Michelle and Madeline were. "You seemed pretty impressed with Michelle Don, did she turn you on more than I do?" she asked.

I had lived long enough with just my mom and sister to recognize the question that shouldn't be answered trap. If I said no, she would accuse me of lying because of the way I couldn't take my eyes of Michelle when she was modeling for us. If I said yes she would pout and feel like she wasn't good enough for me. 

"I couldn't help but notice her height and broad shoulders, you don't see figures like that everyday. She has a very attractive body, especially for her age, but she doesn't hold a candle to you love. Her breasts were not as full as yours either, and god knows I love them more than anything. Funny though, she seemed very interested in your boobs and milk, I think you turned her on as much as you turned me on." The perfect deflection if I must say so myself. Honestly answered without making Elaine feel the least bit jealous of Michelle or my reaction to her. Truth was that I was ready to fuck her at a moment's notice and her amazon like size and figure were a real turn-on. Be kind of like fucking Xena, the Warrior Princess from television, right down to the black hair. Elaine seemed satisfied with my answer and smiled to herself. She ran her hands across the front of her sweater pulling it even tighter over her tits. 

"Mmmm, this feels so good, I'm really horny but we don't have time to stop and fuck. I'm just going to rub my clit for a while on the way though. My tits are starting to get sore and I'm going to have to feed Samantha immediately when we get home." She undid her pants and pushed them down to her knees and spread her legs enough to allow her hand to squirm down to her pussy. 

"I'm so hot and wet, trying on sexy things and watching it turn you on is a real thrill. I wanted to jump you so bad back there it was driving me crazy. I had seen Michelle model semi-nude before but nothing like today, I think your right, I was turning her on also. I know she was eyeing your cock pretty good too, how could she help herself it is magnificent you know. I love the way it looks when it's nice and hard and your standing there. It's too heavy to point up and the bounce it gets from any movement looks sexy as hell. I'd love to have it up my cunt right now, all the way, fucking me like there was no tomorrow." Elaine was rubbing her pussy pretty hard right now and her legs were spread even further allowing her to shove a finger or two up her snatch with every other stoke. Her other hand had been rubbing her tits and I knew milk was flowing out her nipples and getting her new corset and sweater damp. She suddenly stiffened with orgasm and let out a sigh of relief at the same time. She relaxed somewhat and reached over and squeezed my boner through my pants. 

"Poor Don, all pumped up again and no relief in sight. Lets see what we can arrange for this evening." She picked up the cell and called Cindy at home. The conversation was one-sided and I got the impression that Sam was still sleeping and Cindy had every thing under control. Dinner was on and we could eat anytime after seven. Elaine instructed Cindy that she would go immediately upstairs to nurse Sam upon her arrival because her tits were ready to burst. She said goodbye and handed me the phone, obviously Cindy had something to say to me also. 

"Hello Don? I'm finished my period and I'm looking forward to this evening. I have something special planned for your first fuck so make sure to go to bed early and wait for me, I'll join you as soon as I can." She whispered. I said okay and put the phone back in its cradle. 

"She wants to fuck you tonight doesn't she?" Elaine said, "Are you going to tell her you're not a virgin anymore? Just go along with whatever she said, I'm going to enjoy surprising you two in bed together. Just play along with me and we will have a little fun with your big sister." 
I just nodded wondering what Elaine had in mind and watched as she wiggled back into her jeans and matted the wet sweater off with some Kleenex. We pulled into the driveway close to five and Elaine literally ran into the house and upstairs to the nursery. I carried the groceries in and set them on the kitchen counter and Cindy started putting them away, humming to herself and very cheerful. She brushed up beside and kissed me deep slipping her tongue into my mouth and giving my cock a squeeze at the same time. She broke away and whispered "later" in my ear and continued her chore. 

"I have some things for upstairs that I'll bring in now, see you at supper."

I went back to the car and took the lingerie bags up to Elaine's room and set them down on the dresser. Elaine was laying in bed with her top off and both her breasts pulled out of her corset. Samantha was sucking on one nipple, while the other one oozed milk by itself. Elaine looked very contented and smiled pleasantly at me. "I'm so horny right now and you wouldn't believe how turned on I am from the baby sucking. I've had about three orgasms already from the letdown of the milk, this is the best thing, and so natural too." 

I heard Cindy coming upstairs just then and darted out of the room before she saw me ogling Elaine lying on the bed. I went into my room and had a shower and dressed for dinner. I sat in my room for awhile watching the news on television and reading one of the books I had found on the shelf, Nexus by Henry Miller. Now there was a guy that new how to write about men. I heard Cindy call me right at seven and went downstairs to find the table set in the dining room and Elaine sitting at the head of the table. The wine was already poured and Cindy was in the process of bringing the meal out. Up to today, Elaine had cooked all the main meals so this was something special. Mom had taught both of us how to cook full meals, and Cindy was an excellent cook. We had a perfect Greek salad, followed by a main course of chicken with mushrooms and spices and strawberries and cream for dessert. 

Both the ladies were dressed to kill and my neck was getting sore trying to look at both of them at the same time. Cindy had on a white knit dress with absolutely nothing on underneath, not even panties. As she served the dinner you could see her hard nipples poking the knit material out, and as she walked her buns moved freely under the dress. When she sat in the chair beside me she crossed her legs and pulled at the hem of the dress exposing all of her thigh to me. Elaine had on a pale blue silk dress with a deep scoop neckline exposing the upper portion of her breasts. I could see she had one of the bras on that we had bought today and talked endlessly about how great it felt. I couldn't tell how long the dress was because of the table, but watching her mounds jiggle constantly was giving me a raging hard-on. 

After we finished I volunteered to clean up while the ladies retired to the study for liquors. Samantha was awake and they entertained her for the next hour before it was her bedtime. When I had finished I joined them and we sat around and chatted about the activities of the day. Elaine told Cindy that she had bought her a special present but it had to be custom ordered for sizing and that tomorrow morning she would have to call in her measurements to make sure everything would fit okay. Cindy tried to get us to tell her what the gift was but Elaine teased her and refused to speak. I said I didn't know what it was and Elaine must of ordered it on one of her errands that I stayed in the car for. Cindy accepted that and we continued on. 

Both the ladies were very lively tonight, Cindy because she thought she was going to take my cherry and Elaine because she had something planned that I'm sure would be just delicious. The baby started to fidget and it was obviously time for her feeding. Cindy changed her quickly while Elaine got ready. The first time this happened I was somewhat embarrassed seeing my aunt's breasts fully exposed for the first time. Now I was eagerly waiting to see her nurse, especially in consideration of what she had worn tonight. Cindy sat beside Elaine holding the baby. Elaine reached behind her back and pulled the zipper of her dress down. She reached up and pulled the thin straps down over her shoulders and then pushed it over her breasts entirely. She sat there smiling at me while Cindy starred at the exposed upper body of our aunt. I think she was kind of surprised by Elaine's openness with me in the room. Elaine smiled back at her and said that the bikini she wore swimming was a lot skimpier than a bra and I had seen her in that lots of times. Cindy nodded her agreement and handed the baby to Elaine. 

Elaine took Sam and brought her to her breast, at the same time releasing the front clasp between the two cups and pulling one side away, exposing her milk filled flesh. I could tell she was turned on because the milk was already dripping out and she practically jammed her nipple into Sam's mouth. I watched her face change from one of tense anticipation to one of contentment in a matter of seconds. It really was a beautiful thing to witness. I looked at Cindy who was alternating her looks between Elaine's beautifully exposed chest and my obvious reaction between my legs. 
Without Cindy noticing Elaine signaled me to make my exit and retire. I said goodnight to both ladies, Cindy winking at me as I left. I don't know what went on between the two of them after I left but I'm positive they both tried to be as innocent as possible about the activities of the night that were approaching. I stripped down completely and slipped into the silk robe my uncle had left. It came to mid thigh on me and just barely covered my cock. I slipped in the tape Cindy had left the previous night and watched my father and mother fuck each other's brains out again. Cindy had told me that she wanted me to fuck her exactly the same way when I lost my virginity. It was another hour and forty-five minutes before I heard the girls come up the stairs and say goodnight to each other. I continued with the video and waited for the next scene to start, the one Cindy had stopped the tape at the last time we watched together. 

This one started with my father sitting on the edge of the bed with a massive hard-on. His cock was only slightly shorter than mine and was probably the same thickness. He started to stroke it slowly and was obviously masturbating for whoever was behind the camera. It was intriguing watching someone else jack off, especially your own father. I was starting to stroke myself in the same rhythm when Cindy entered the room and immediately came over and stopped the tape, admonishing me for watching it without her. She had told me all about her adolescent fantasies about dad's prick so I just said I was sorry and looked up at her. She was standing there in the same dress she had on at dinner. She bent down and brought her lips to the tip of my hard cock and kissed the pre-cum off it. She then straddled me on the chair, with one knee on each side of me and her tits thrust hard against my face. She sat back pinning my cock between the cheeks of her ass and gave me a deep passionate kiss on the mouth.

"Are you ready for your first fuck little brother? I bet all you want to do is shove that piece of meat up my cunt and come inside of me, right? You have to follow my lead though because I want to enjoy this as much as you will." She pulled the dress up completely removing it in one motion without moving anything more than her arms. She was completely naked underneath, as I had expected. She squealed with delight and giggled in anticipation, rubbing her 38DD's in my face at the same time. Just then the door flew open and Elaine stormed into the room. She had on a see through black robe that was covering the corset we had bought that day. She had on the black silk stockings and had added the appropriately sized black stiletto heels. 

"What's going on in here," she asked loudly, "you two are siblings, you shouldn't be behaving this way. Cindy I can't believe your taking advantage of your little brother this way, don't you know men can't resist this type of temptation like a women can. Besides, I expected you to join me tonight, it has been over a week you know." Elaine said and then acted like she had not meant to say it "Oops, I wasn't suppose to let Don know that you and I have been lovers for some time now was I?" 

Of course I already knew that the two of them had been playing lesbian and suspected it had been more than the one time I spied on them. I acted surprised though and Cindy, who was still on my lap, was frozen. Aunt Elaine was playing the role pretty good and explained the outfit away well in suggesting she had dressed that way for Cindy. "Well what do you have to say for yourself Cindy, how long have you been fucking your poor little brother anyway?" 

I loved the way Elaine was making me out to be the innocent victim and Cindy the sole aggressor, it was nice to see Cindy squirm for answers for a change, she was usually so over confident and domineering. "We haven't fucked at all, Don's still a virgin. Besides, we are only step siblings so it's not so bad having sex together." Cindy replied quickly, trying to add a little offence to her answer suggesting it was okay to fuck a virgin stepbrother. 

"Do you think that matters you little slut. He's still your brother, virgin or not. Besides, how can you tell he's still a virgin. How do you know someone else hasn't fucked him already?"

"Believe me I know," responded Cindy confidently, "you have to understand that this seduction has been going on for some time and I know Don wouldn't fuck anyone else before he lost it with me, why would he? I am the obvious one to take his cherry, I would have screwed him week's ago if it hadn't been for the timing of me going on the pill and having to wait for my period to be safe. There's been no one else for him since we got here and I know he was a virgin before we came up, that is unless he lied to me." She gave me one of her patented looks of forcefulness and I quickly responded that I had not lied a bit. "See, he is a virgin and I believe him, just as a sister should." 

"Stand up right now you little slut and don't talk to me in that tone of voice. This is my house and I will ask the questions and determine the extend of your conniving, sneaky ways and the appropriate punishment." Cindy stood up in front of me, my cock standing up after her. I was having trouble keeping a straight face at the predicament Cindy thought she was in. It was time she was taught a lesson about how to treat people and I think Elaine was going to give her one.

"Your mom warned me about how you always tried to control poor Don and how much of a gentleman he was by not retaliating. I can just imagine how you seduced the poor boy into thinking the only way for him to lose his virginity was with you. How selfish you are. I can see by the size of his cock that you were probably only thinking of your own satisfaction with having that monster stuffed up you cunt. You're too young to be allowed to subject this poor boy to your manipulations and inexperience. As much as I love you Cindy you have to be taught that the world doesn't center on you and your desires. You will be punished for your attitude and given a demonstration of what it is like to be a real woman at the same time. Both of you come into my room immediately."

"We don't have to go if we don't want to, right Don?" Cindy looked at me pleadingly. 

"Don't resist Cindy, Don take her by the arms and lets get going, believe me your going to want to stay on my good side." She said this as a veiled threat so Cindy wouldn't suspect we were in it together. 

I stood up and with my prick poking through the opening in my robe I grabbed Cindy by the arms and directed her after Elaine down the hall and into her room. As we entered Elaine indicated the foot of the bed and I pushed Cindy in that direction. Elaine went into one of her dresser drawers and pulled out some short lengths of soft rope and told me to tie my sister to the bedpost securely. Cindy struggled a lot but I was stronger and was really enjoying seeing her in a submissive role. I finally had her hands and legs secured to the bedpost as instructed. My cock remained hard during all this and I couldn't help but be pleased observing my overconfident sister in such a helpless position. Elaine brought several belts of various lengths over and threw them on the bed in front of Cindy. 

"What are you going to do you Elaine, you have no right. I can do anything I want with my brother and you can't do anything about it." Cindy yelled.

"If you say anything again without being spoken to first I will have Don gag you. I'm going to punish you and teach you a lesson in sensitivity, that's what I'm going to do." Elaine said. She reached around me and picked up a black leather belt and threaded it through the bedpost and around Cindy's right breast. She tightened it up causing the belt to squeeze the tit and bulge excessively. It probably caused some discomfort but no pain. She repeated this with the other breast and both of them were tied to the bedpost and wrapped tightly around it. It caused Cindy's tits to turn red and the nipples hardened like I'd never seen them before, sticking out three-quarters of and inch at least. Elaine reached down and picked up a thin belt and wrapped it several times around her palm. Without warning she brought it back and hit Cindy on the ass with it leaving a red welt for the effort. Cindy screamed and was about to start yelling when Elaine reminded her about the gag, which shut her up real fast. 

"You must have thought I was blind, the way you teased Don by wearing that skimpy little bikini of yours. That's why I decided to wear mine, so he wouldn't think you the only one in the world that could wear something like that. The way you bent over so he could see down your tops and wiggled your ass without letting him touch was downright disgusting. And tonight, do you honestly believe I didn't notice the way you wore no underwear and hiked your skirt up for your brother to see your furry little cunt? I can't believe you have to tease someone so much to get attention. You should try to be more like your real self instead of some insecure little slut that has to control people to feel good about herself. Do you even have a clue what I'm talking about?"

"It wasn't just me you know. He was after me since the trip up here and it was all I could do to keep him from fucking me before I was ready." Cindy replied defensively. Elaine didn't like the response and whacked Cindy on the ass again, this time leaving a matching welt on the opposite cheek.

"You expect me to believe that you little whore, Anyone can see that Don was innocent here and if it wasn't for his loving aunt, god knows what you would have done to him. Don't you understand, Don's not your cock toy to play with at will and discard once your satisfied. He's a real person and has to be treated with the utmost respect. Don, take that robe off, I'll guess I have to show this retched little creature what I mean." I did as I was told and Elaine strapped Cindy a couple of more times causing her to whimper a bit. I liked the sound and when I laid on my back my hard cock was standing almost straight up." Now watch and learn little girl and let a real woman show you how to treat a man."

Elaine crawled on the bed beside me kneeling at my hips and removed her robe, exposing her corset glad body to my complete delight. She bent over and sucked the knob of my cock intthe mattress and placed a couple of pillows behind my head and watched as she planted her spiked shoe on my stomach and undid the clasps holding up her stocking. She had me reach up and roll the stocking down her leg and removed her foot from the shoe so I could pull it off her foot. She threw the shoe on the floor and had me hand her the stocking. She repeated the same thing with the other leg except this time I undid the clasps and was able to get a good feel of the inside of her thigh as I rolled it down her leg. She took the first stocking and squatted over my cock and pulled it over encasing my prick in the soft silk material and stroking me a couple of times while she was at it. She then stood up again and indicated that I was to pull down her panties, which I gladly did. She had trimmed the hair around her pussy to just a small triangle and I had no problem seeing the moist lips of her cunt glistening right before my eyes. She took my head and pushed it right into her muff allowing me to smell the wonderful odor of her womanhood. I tilted my head and she tilted her pelvis the opposite way allowing me to stick my tongue against her clit and lick some of the juices from her. She stepped back a bit and turned around so she was facing Cindy.

"I want to watch your face as I take your prize from you," she said tauntingly. She sat down between my legs and told me to undo the corset strings on the back. I complied immediately loving the way the corset had marked her back and the contrast it had with her white skin. I also looked at Cindy who was looking at us in disbelief with her mouth hanging open. I took my time with the string but finally had the back open and ran my hands up and down her back rubbing her skin lightly relieving the tension. She sighed and pulled the corset from the front and tossed it on the floor as well. My cock was running up her back still encased in the silk stocking, throbbing like it had never throbbed before. She leaned back into my torso pinning my cock between us and allowing me to wrap my arms around her to feel her breasts. I loved this so much I could have stayed there fondling her for eternity spewing cum in between our bodies. I kneaded and caressed her breasts and soon milk was coming from the nipples. I brought my hand back licking the milk from my palm and looking at Cindy remembering how much she had enjoyed sucking these fountains of life. I reached the other hand down and found Elaine playing with her clitoris as I rubbed her tits. I joined her and both of us shoved a finger up her tunnel at the same time. She jumped from the penetration and moaned from the pleasure. I continued to rub her tit pinching the nipple occasionally and felt the milk running out. She turned her head and I leaned slightly and kissed her vigorously, playing swords with out tongues and keeping our mouths open enough for Cindy could see the whole thing. I was humping here back now and knew I couldn't hold off much longer. Elaine sensed this also and stood up again and removed the stocking at the same time. The end was covered with pre-cum and she walked over and rubbed it under Cindy's nose. "I'm going to love fucking him in front of you, that's almost as much fun as having that great big cock up your cunt. Oh I forgot, you didn't know that Don and I have been fucking for sometime now. I just couldn't stand watching you tease him and put him off like you did. So even if I hadn't of stopped you tonight, he was my virgin and I can't tell you how great it felt to take his cherry."

I was flat on my back now and Elaine backed up and squatted down onto by prick with here ass facing me. She gently lowered herself onto my engorged shaft, slowly pumping up and down, in and out, taking more with each downward thrust. Slowly but surely she was able to take all of me and sat there filled with cock. All the time she was doing this she told Cindy about the first time she had fucked me and how I had not lied to her earlier because I was a virgin until just a few days ago. She rose up and slammed herself down again harder than she ever had before and I felt her muscles tighten and she pulled up again and repeated this again and again, impaling herself on my cock. I told her I was about to cum and she just speeded up the pace and started screaming in ecstasy as I pumped my load into her pulsating cunt. She sat down on me again after I had blown and squeezed my softening prick with her cunt muscles, sighing in the aftermath of our mutual orgasm. 

After a minute she slid off me and rolled to the side and put her head on my stomach. We both looked at Cindy, she was plainly in heat. She had worked her angles up the bedpost giving her enough freedom to spread her knees apart and rub her pussy up against the smooth wood pole. It had not been easy and frankly I didn't see that it was worth the effort, but she definitely got off on it. She looked pleadingly with her eyes at us, begging us to let her down. "We'll untie you as long as you promise to be good and do everything I say, you just have to learn to respect others and that you don't always get what you want." Elaine stated. Cindy quickly agreed and I stood up and untied her bonds and helped her over to the bedside.

"Now lay down my dear, Aunt Elaine has a present for you." 

Cindy lay on her back and looked over to Elaine expectantly. Elaine moved towards her and brought her leg over Cindy's body and lowered her pussy to Cindy's face stopping inches from her extended tongue. My jism was starting to drip out of her cunt and onto Cindy's face, mouth and tongue. "Suck my cunt dry you slut, eat your brothers seed from me." Elaine commanded. She moved herself lower and Cindy raised her head to her pussy and began to lap up the sex juices in earnest. Elaine was grinding her pelvis into her face and if it weren't for the continuous slurping sounds I'd have thought Cindy was smothering. Finally Elaine move off and bent and kissed Cindy full on the lips, licking of the excess spunk that was covering the young ladies face. "Good job sweetie, now I want you to get your brother hard again so you can have your reward."

Cindy eagerly sat up and moved toward me standing at the foot of the bed. Without saying a word she took my prick in her mouth and started licking and sucking with wild abandonment. Elaine rolled off the bed and we could hear her check on the baby and then go in the bathroom and have a pee. We could hear her stream of urine hitting the water with its distinctive noise. Cindy just kept on sucking and I could feel my prick coming back to life in her mouth. Elaine returned and opened a drawer, removing a number of objects that I couldn't really see from the corner of my eye. She moved toward the bed and I noticed a vibrator or dildo and a tube of something in her hand. She watched the action for a minute and decided to join in after shaking her head.

"Now Cindy, you are definitely making a valiant effort and it is having positive results, judging by the growth of his prick. However, if you pull his cock at the same time with your hand it reacts more quickly and you get to wrap your fingers around his thick meat. Let me show you." Cindy obediently backed away and allowed Elaine access. Needless to say the more experienced woman had a very positive effect on me and I was soon hard as a ramrod again. "You try it now," Elaine instructed. Cindy returned her head to my cock and I could feel the fingers of both her hands, and Elaine's wrapped around me. As she sucked she moved her hands up and down squeezing hard on the up stroke and letting off a bit on the down, a very quick study. 

"I think we had better stop this before he blows in your mouth," Elaine said. "Now I have figured out how you could lose two cherries in one night and that will be your present. Get up on your hands and knees like a bitch in heat." 

Cindy wasted no time at all and changed position on the bed. Elaine reached over and brought the tube of Vaseline over and put a generous dollop on Cindy's ass hole. "Now we'll see just how adventurous you are, we'll let Don lose his anal cherry on your virgin ass, that way you both get to pop a cherry tonight." Elaine explained.

"I don't think that tool of his will fit up my ass," replied Cindy.

"Sure it will sweetie, we just have to get it ready." Elaine was rubbing the vasiline over her anus and easily slipped one finger and then another one up Cindy's shit hole. Cindy gasped but after a few pumps was pushing back on Elaine's hand wanting more. Elaine reached for the tube again and brought the average sized dildo with her and smeared the lubricant all over it. She placed the head against the opening and slowly inserted it. The head popped in suddenly and Elaine slowly worked the device further in, giving it a bit of a twist on the way. "Do you like that up your ass you little bitch, I sure hope you do because you haven't felt anything yet. Cindy was pushing back onto the dildo obviously enjoying the sensation when Elaine suddenly removed it. She moved out of the way and gestured for me to move in behind Cindy's ass. I did as instructed and Elaine grabbed my stiff cock and smeared it some more and placed the head at the opening.
"Now don't force it Don, this will take a minute and there's no way you can really fuck her all the way with the cock you have. Just take it easy and everything will be fine. Cindy will push back until she feels comfortable. I gently pushed my hips forward and felt the resistance of the tight little hole. I kept up the pressure and suddenly her sphincter muscle relaxed and the head of my cock disappeared up her ass. It felt like a vice was surrounding my cock and I stopped to enjoy the tightness for a moment. I was just about to push a bit again when I felt Cindy move backwards, taking control of the situation. She slowly moved backwards and stopped with about four inches in and then moved forward. She went back and forth like this for awhile each time taking more in and eventually limiting out at six inches or so. Elaine maneuvered herself underneath Cindy and I could feel her hair brush against my balls as she licked Cindy's cunt. Cindy pushed back and forth harder and faster now muttering, "fuck my ass, fuck my ass, lick my cunt, lick my cunt." 

This went on for a few minutes until she stopped on a backward stroke and I could feel her come with great force. I pulled my cock out and jacked it off spraying my spunk all over her back and ass. I laid my cock on the crack and left it there, a natural resting-place. Elaine moved out from under her niece and looked at the globs of cum sprayed across her back. Cindy collapsed on the bed face down and Elaine licked my spunk off her back and tongued her ass crack from top to bottom. I had never thought about fucking anyone up the ass but it was definitely an experience and, under the circumstances, a wild turn on. I got off the bed and went in the bathroom to clean myself up. When I returned Cindy and Elaine were lying side by side talking things over. "Come over her Don and lay down." Elaine said. I walked to the bed and looked at the too gorgeous women looking up at me, both smiling. I snuggled into position beside Elaine and felt a peace wash over my body. "I've just explained to Cindy that in the future she will be a little less aggressive and a lot more cooperative around the house. Now I want you both to suck my tits." 

She tilted our heads towards her massive breasts at the same time and we both latched on and started to suckle. Cindy looked at me and I could see a degree of contentment in her eyes. We feed for a long time and Cindy fell asleep, with Elaine soon following. I laid awake for a while wondering what it was going to be like for the rest of the summer, the first two weeks certainly had changed my life. I finally drifted off dreaming of all the ladies in my life right now, including my mother, Michelle and even little old Madeline at the lingerie shop.

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