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Growing up in the rural south for a personís well being one who had gay thoughts didnít voice them to anyone. That was pretty much the way a boy grew up in those days. There would be the occasional lucky moment of seeing another boy or man changing clothes or relieving themselves in a public restroom that would set the er than my grandfather but was a nice considerate person to work for. Having never been married he had managed to build up the station and made a very good living for himself and would take short trips out of town from time to time, little short vacations he called them. I did notice he seemed to be in higher spirits for a few days afterwards. When I asked him about where he went he simply said he had friends in a big city and enjoyed visiting them.

As summer approached with its hot sultry days so did my sex drive, stronger than ever. Still not sure what would soothe them I started spending more time in the garage and even smuggled a few magazines over to the station to keep me entertained on those evenings when the town seemed to roll up the sidewalks and go to bed. Several times I was almost caught with my proverbial pants down around my ankles but managed to either conceal my erect state behind the counter or cover myself with the local newspaper when Mr. Kemp would walk in to check up on things. He did not do it that often but since he lived just around the corner there were times when he could not sleep and would walk over just to talk or make sure everything was alright.

It was during one of these sudden interruptions that I had one of my magazines slip beneath the counter without me knowing. The next day I found it placed on a shelf beneath the counter and knew that Mr. Kemp had found it, placed it there and I expected would say something to me but never did. From then on I was much more careful with the porn but always felt a little guilty when I looked at them wondering why he had not mentioned them to me.

Having Sundays and Mondays off I found a note from my mother telling me to clean out the garage because my father was looking at new cars and would want to keep it indoors until the new wears off. Getting up early I started taking out items that had been stored there for years and placing them in the drive to be picked up later. After a couple hours I had worked up a pretty good sweat but had one side cleaner than it had been when it was new. Getting a coke while taking a break I went back to the garage to see what I had left to clean out. Seeing my boxes of reading and viewing material I got that urge and growth in my pants that would only lead to me jerking off.

Making sure I was out of sight of anyone that might pass by, I opened up one of my magazines and unbuckled my pants, letting them fall past my knees. Taking matters in my hand I began slowly stroking while flipping the pages of the magazine. The extra sexual heat added to the temp in the garage had sweat flowing freely off my body. I was so involved in my on sexual pleasure that when I heard the manís voice I almost shot my load immediately.

It was too late to try and cover myself as I glanced over my shoulder to see the big older man with a large stomach and upper body dressed in overalls. He was as much or more surprised seeing me there with my pants and underwear beneath my knees, one hand on the magazine sitting on the boxes while my other hand was still wrapped around my aching cock. For what seemed a long time but was only a few seconds we just looked at each other, neither knowing what to say. He made a sudden move as his hand went to his crotch and adjusted himself while telling me he had seen the items on the drive and was wanting to know if they were for sale or if we were throwing them away. As he asked he lifted one leg just enough that he could reach further beneath his gut and continued to adjust himself.

Feeling really embarrassed I reached for my pants which he told me looked better where they were while smiling at me. While telling him the items were going to be hauled off, he started coming closer to me. When his fat hot hand touched my ass I squeezed my cock to keep it from shooting. Taking a look over my shoulder he took a quick glance at my magazine and squeezed my ass cheek in approval. Reaching across he pushed my hand off of my cock and replaced it with his own. I moaned and closed my eyes trying as hard as I could to keep from exploding. Taking my hand he guided it through the side of his overalls and into his crotch. When my hand touched his hot skin I realized he was not wearing anything beneath the overalls.

My fingers instinctively wrapped themselves around his very thick cock the second they touched it. Comparing my cock to the ones in the pics I knew I was a little bit larger than the average cock but the thick meat in my hand was as thick or thicker than some in the magazines. Slowly running my hand up and down to the delight of the owner, his moans gave me the approval that he liked it.

It was the first time I had ever touched another manís cock and it being uncut caused even more exciting for me. He was maybe seven inches long and had a big upturn to his cock. With a thick mushroom shaped head that was followed by a shaft that seemed to get thicker the closer one got to his bushy pubic hair. Couldnít help myself as my hand went further down to cup his balls which were big low hangers. Moaning his approval, he slowly stroked my cock with one hand while his other kneaded my ass cheeks and began exploring my crack.

Suddenly my hand became wet and slippery from his precum leaking cock. Using his on natural lube I stroked his cock causing him to moan as his hands stopped where they were. Pulling his hands off of me he reached up and unbuckled the straps holding his overalls up.

When he dropped them his overalls followed to the floor leaving him there with nothing but his shirt to cover any of his upper body. With one quick movement he had his shirt off and his hands returned to what they had been doing earlier. For a minute or two we continued to slowly stroke and feel each others responding bodies.

Looking down I noticed the large wet spot on the floor where his precum had been collecting. His hand moved along my back and up to my head when he turned to face me and pushed down. He guided my head beneath his belly and while lifting what he could with one hand he pushed my head into his crotch. Pressing his cock against my lips he told me to open up. When I eased my lips apart his cock did the rest as it forced its way inside, stretching my entire mouth to the limit. I tasted his semi sweet pre cum and was glad it did not have a taste that I was expecting. Holding my head firmly in place he pumped over and over while his thick cock tried to force its way further into my mouth. Gagging, he released his grip allowing me to pull away and stand up.

He had me step out of my pants and bend over the boxes. Taking his cock rubbed it up and down my crack spreading his precum as he did so. Stroking himself rapidly he placed the head against my tight virgin asshole and soaked it with his precum. Knowing what he was about to do I turned my head to tell him I did not think I wanted him to do it, but gasped as he thrust forward. His hard cockhead forced its way past my sphincter and all I could do was gasp for air as the pain hit me. Once inside he started pumping faster and faster while forcing more and more of his cock inside. I was grunting right along with him but for a different reason. His was from pure pleasure while mine was from pain.

Reaching up he placed his hands on my shoulders and began pulling back on me while thrusting his thick cock into my ass. Spreading my legs as wide as I could to accommodate his hard hot cock I was gritting my teeth against the pain yet at the same time did not want him to stop. The pain seemed to lessen as I concentrated on his cock and moved back and forth with him.

He began telling me how tight my asshole was and how great it felt as it squeezed and milked at his cock. Because of the sudden attack on my body and the pain my cock had all but disappeared but I felt it begin to stir. His grip tightened on my shoulders as he began pulling almost out of me and then slamming himself back in until his pubic hair was rubbing against the tinder area around my asshole. Rolling his hips in little circles he would moan and pull back again.

He repeated this about ten times before I heard this low deep growl escape his throat and his cock began to pulse and fill my ass with his hot cum. Holding himself against me he would let his cock pulse a few times then pull back and drive it back in again. Finally spent he held himself inside me and reached around to take my hard cock in his hand. Starting slowly he picked up speed and I began spraying the boxes in front of me with probably the largest load I have ever shot. He commented about how great it felt having his cock squeezed and milked by my asshole as I shot my load. After a bit my not so tight asshole forced his limp cock out. Feeling his cum oozing out of me, he told me I better go clean up before it made too much of a mess.

Taking some old rags I wiped at my sloppy ass and pulled my pants up as he gathered up his overalls. Feeling really thirsty, I asked if he would like a glass of iced tea. As he fastened the hooks on his overalls he said he believed it would hit the spot. I walked away slowly thinking my asshole should be hurting from all the beating and stretching it had just taken. It was slippery feeling and felt puffy but no pain to my surprise. When I returned with the tea he was out looking at the items in the drive. Joining him I asked him if he saw anything he liked. With a giggle he said he had already had what he liked but if it was okay he would take all the items off of my hands. Said he had a friend that had a second hand shop and would probably pay him a little for all of it.

While he loaded up his pickup I gathered up anything else in the garage and took it out to him. After about an hour and a couple more glasses of tea we had removed everything that was to go and his truck probably wouldnít carry anything else. Most of my work was done on that side of the garage and I had moved my porn stash to my car so my parents would not accidently find them. He stepped inside to thank me for the items and especially for the piece of ass. Shaking my hand he reached down and rubbed my crotch which sprang to attention. Glancing around he asked if I was up for another round. Walking over to the door I pushed the button to close the doors and told him I was pretty sure I could force myself to take his cock again.

Removing his overalls he slowly stroked himself causing his cock to swell to its full thickness. Stepping up to him I told him I wanted to try something without his help. While he stood there I went down on my knees and started slowly working his thick cock into my throat. He moaned his approval until he could not take it any more. Pulling me up to my feet he looked around and moved me over to an old picnic table in the back corner. Throwing an old camping bag on it he had me lay on top of it. Lifting my legs up he pressed my knees back toward my chest as he rubbed his leaking cock against my asshole. With my asschecks spread open I was at the mercy of his thick cock.

Resting the head against my asshole he hesitated before slowly forcing it in. Expecting the pain I had felt earlier, I let out a moan when it did not happen. Leaning forward he slowly pushed himself inside. This time he took it slow and worked his cock inside and I started feeling a warmth growing in my ass and crotch. When his cock became slippery and was moving in and out easily he picked up the pace. My eyes flew open as a moan escaped my mouth when he rubbed against my prostate sending chills throughout my body. Wanting to feel it again I began thrusting my ass toward his cock. With the large upward curve of his cock we soon had me moaning with each stroke and from the way he was moving and moaning he was enjoying it as much as I was.

My cock erupted catching me totally off guard spraying my hot come all over his and my belly. This only excited him more as he began pumping faster and faster which caused me to have two more orgasms before he erupted inside me again. Holding himself against me he let his balls drain themselves into my ass while he gasped for air. Looking up I noticed the sweat rolling down his body and was thinking I wished he could make me cum again. Slowly pulling himself up he lowered my legs and rubbed my stomach. Sitting up I noticed the mess we had spread on our stomachs and suggested he could use the shower to clean up if he wanted. Rubbing his fingers through his cum matted hair on his stomach he told me he wanted it to just dry there so he could probably have a jerk off session later at home.

He dressed thanked me again and drove off waving at me. It suddenly dawned on me that I had no clue who the man was and could not remember seeing him around town before. Going inside I took a long shower and soak as I thought about that thick up turned cock of his. It suddenly became apparent to me what I had been wanting all along was another man to fuck and suck, then started thinking of all the other things that I had seen in the magazines that I still had yet to try. When I got dried off and started getting dressed my cock was hard and ready for action again. Looking at the time I knew my parents should be home any minutes so I had to put off what I wanted to do. Checking the garage mostly for left out porn or cum tracks that might be more than just wet spots, I was sure everything was okay.

As my mother came into the house she asked if I had seen the note she had left about the garage. Said it was apparent I had not or the drive would be filled with the items to be hauled off. Smiling I told her the garage was cleared and that some man had stopped to ask about the items and had taken them all with him. She walked into the garage and could not believe it was cleaned and that there was so much space. I suddenly had the need to just go out somewhere. Telling my parents I was going out for a burger, I got into my car and started driving. Ten minutes later I had been down every street in town and pulled into the only cafe. Going inside I order a burger, fries, and coke and began looking around.

There was a couple of families enjoying an evening out, two old men sitting in a booth sipping on probably their third cup of coffee and some teenagers being louder than they needed to be. My food came and I went about the task of eating finding I was much more hungrier than I thought I was. When I left I went to the station to see if anything was new there but just as expected found Mr. Kemp almost asleep behind the counter. He looked up and asked what I was doing out and about. Told him I was just bored and had to get out of the house for a while. He nodded and said he knew the feeling. A car pulled up and he headed out to fill their tank or whatever they were needing.

That night I jerked off twice before going to sleep and woke twice during the night on the verge of cumming again. When I woke the next morning I felt like I had not even slept. Taking a quick shower I got ready for work but found I had to satisfy my hard friend before he would get soft. At work I was able to stay busy while I opened up and the usual Monday morning customers came in to fill up with gas for the work week. After the rush of about fifteen customers was over I settled into the chair behind the counter and started thinking about the man I had been with. Naturally I was hard as possible when Mr. Kemp came in to make sure everything had gone alright for a Monday morning, which was his normal routine on a Monday.

He set down with his cup of coffee and asked what was on my mind. For some reason I was in a talkative mood so I just came right out and asked him how he had been single all his life and dealt with all the sexual pressures. He did not respond for a few minutes as he took a couple more sips from his cup of coffee. Without any prodding from me he told me he was gay and his little trips were to friends that helped him relieve those pressures I was referring to. Then as an after thought he asked what had happened to me that brought on this conversation. Feeling the need to tell somebody I spilled out the entire encounter from the day before. He sat there listening and did not seemed in the least bit shocked.

He finally told me that ever since he found the magazine I had dropped that I was either gay or thinking about it so when I told him about my encounter with the man it did not surprise him at all. Giving me a wink he let me know that if I felt like I just had to have some relief that he might be an old man but any hand in a storm is better than none. Understanding his offer I told him I would keep it in mind.

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