Cougar Sally

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I have noticed that as some women age they manage to stay slim but their skin and the flesh beneath it starts to wrinkle, making them look their age or older. Other women put on weight as they age but their flesh and skin does not wrinkle as much as their thinner counterparts. As a result they look younger than their age. My fifty-something wife Sally is one of the latter group. She is neither thin nor overweight, she is plump, usually defined as full of form or well-rounded. Sally is full-figured, with 38C tits, a nice round ass and a nice hourglass shape. I explain all of this so you know that she looks like a slightly chubby woman in her early forties. Add this to her pretty face, blonde hair and flirty attitude and you have a very attractive, fuckable woman. Given her attraction to younger men, she also qualifies as a cougar.

This past summer we hired a company to replace our back privacy fence. It ended up being nearly a week-long job and the same three workers returned each day. They were young fellows in their early thirties, the kind who ski all winter and do outdoor work all summer. On the first day, Sally couldn't help but notice that they took their shirts off while working and that they were all muscular and tanned. That afternoon she offered them sodas and lemonade during their break. The four of them sat in lawn chairs on the patio and got acquainted. Cody was the leader of the crew and his two co-workers were Dave and Kirk. All were college graduates who were doing yard work and working at ski areas since they weren't able to get work in their chosen fields. They were having a great summer, going out to bars after work and hiking in the Sierras on their days off. But they were frustrated with the women they were meeting. All the women in their thirties seemed to want to start families while the twenty-somethings were just too immature.

"I wish I could meet someone like you" said Cody, "confident, witty and good looking. I think women in their forties are so much more interesting."
"And they are usually in bed," exclaimed Eric.
"Yeah, more experience." said Dave.
"You fellows are making me blush," said Sally, "good looking fellows like you can have your choice. Do you really find older women that more attractive?"
"Definitely!" said Cody. "Your husband is a lucky man."

The conversation ended when the drinks were finished and the guys got back to work. And Sally got to thinking. If she played her cards right, she could have some fun, right in her own backyard. That evening she talked to me about it.
"Those fence workers are pretty hot looking."
"Really," I replied. "Do they get your cougar appetite going?"
"Oh yes. Today I could feel myself getting wet as I watched them working without their shirts on. Would you be okay with me...?"
"Fucking them? You are such a little slut. Of course I wouldn't mind. But I've got to be able to watch."
"You have a day off in two days. I'll see if I can warm them up tomorrow and then we'll find a way to keep my wet pussy and your voyeuristic ways happy on your day off."

The next day Sally was ready for the workers. In the morning she wore a thin white top that was a size too small. Without a bra, her nipples pressed against the fabric like two dark cherries. Below she had on spandex workout pants that hugged her body. I jokingly referred to the pants as "pussy pants" because they so nicely accented that part of her anatomy. As the men worked, she paraded around the yard, deadheading flowers, moving pots, and watering plants. Of course, some of the water sprayed her front, turning her into a backyard wet t-shirt contest. By the time the men took their morning break for lemonade she had already put on quite a show. As they relaxed and finished their drinks she turned on the flirtation, joking with them and talking sexy. When they went back to work, she was certain she was making a connection.

That afternoon Sally decided to take a dip in the hot tub. She put on a white string bikini, did a little more yard work and then slipped into the tub. Then she laid down on a lawn chair in the sun to dry off. It was so comfortable that she fell asleep. When she woke up the men were gone.

That evening I asked Sally how things were proceeding. She told me what she had worn.

"I think I got their attention. I noticed them sneaking glances at me whenever they could. I wore sunglasses all day so I could watch them looking at me without them knowing. I think after I 'accidentally' sprayed my front with water one of them got a hardon."
"How could they not, you are so fuckable."

"At any rate, they are sufficiently warmed up for tomorrow. The privacy fence should be completed enough that our neighbors won't be able to tell what's going on. You can watch the patio through the blinds in the dining room."
The next day, my day off, I parked the car down the street and did several other things to make sure that the workmen didn't know I was home. Then I worked in my office until after lunch. By that time Sally had repeated the wet t-shirt and pussy pants routine of the day before. We talked in our bedroom as she changed for the afternoon.

"I'm sure they are ready," she said. "During the break this morning I told them how upset I have been because my husband is having an affair. They were very sympathetic. Then I made it clear to them that I am very horny because I haven't had sex in weeks."
"I'll bet they were close to jumping you after hearing that."

"Oh yeah, they each gave me a hug before they went back to work. I made sure each hug was nice and long and pressed myself hard against them."

Sally disrobed and put on a nearly transparent black string bikini I had purchased for her when we took a trip to Hedonism in Jamaica. She looked so good that I pulled her against me, rubbing my hardening cock against her pussy.
"Slow down. I'm already wet, but it isn't for you. After I'm done with the guys you can have sloppy seconds," my wife breathed into my ear.

I reluctantly released her and Sally walked down the hall and to the patio. I went to the dining room and found a place where I could watch and listen. I saw Sally walk up to the three guys, the bikini barely hiding her assets.
"You fellas have been working so hard I'll bet your muscles are sore. Why don't you join me in the hot tub?"
"That's tempting, but we don't have swimsuits," replied Dave.
"That's not a problem, our hot tub is clothing optional. Just strip down and join me. I'm sure you have nothing to be ashamed of. I'll go inside for a moment so you guys can strip in private and get in the tub. Then you won't be so self-conscious."

My wife came into the house while the three guys talked among themselves. Cody seemed unwilling but the other two told him that if two stripped the other had to as well. Finally they took off their clothes and slipped into the tub.
"Are you ready?" my wife called out, "Here I come."

Sally walked out in her tiny transparent bikini and joined them in the tub. Soon they were talking and laughing. Sally resumed her flirting, dropping hints about her horniness. I could tell the three guys were responding, as their own comments became more pointedly sexual. But it wasn't progressing beyond talk. I could see that Eric had shifted around in the hot tub so his lower torso was facing away from Sally. He was probably trying to hide an erection. But no one was making a move. Then Sally decided to break the ice.
"A few years ago my husband and I went to Hedonism II in Jamaica. Have you ever heard of that place?"
"I've heard of it but don't know much about it," responded Cody.
"It's an amazing place. There are two parts to it, a nude side and prude side. WE stayed on the nude side. That's the side with the best beach, the best pool, the best bar and the best hot tub. During the day everyone hangs around completely naked, at least the men do. The women can come in with bikini bottoms but can't wear tops. Like this." And she took off her bikini top, fully revealing the breasts that she had been partly showing over the past two days. Since she was turned on, her nipples were erect.

"I did hear that a lot of sex goes on," said Cody, his gaze shifting to her breasts.
"Oh yes. For some of us anyway. Every night at the nude hot tub, which was huge, there would be a bunch of couples and singles. Some were content to return to their rooms with their partners but others of us were there to do a little experimentation. In fact, after midnight the tub really heats up. I remember going up to a complete stranger and blowing him right there while he sat on the top of the tub. He came all over my tits." With that Sally shook her tits and then moved over beside Eric, grabbing him by his cock.
"Don't try to hide your hard dick, do you think I invited the three of you into this hot tub just to talk?"
Jerking on his cock under the water, Sally continued, "I enjoy gangbangs and one afternoon at Hedonism I took on four guys plus my husband."

With that, Cody slid over to the other side of Sally and grabbed one of her tits. She leaned toward him and gave him a long tongue kiss, her other hand grabbing his cock. Soon she was jerking on both Cody and Eric, while alternately kissing them. Dave moved forward and she spread her legs, allowing him to reach between them and caress her wet pussy through her bikini bottom.

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