Corrupting The Golden Boy Ch. 03

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

The next day I woke up with a headache. I headed off to the bathroom to shower and shave. I felt sick when I saw the dark purple hickeys on my neck. Tara was going to ruin me and I had no choice but to let her. I turned on the shower letting the nice warm water hit my skin.

As I showered I began to daydream about Doreen. I missed her and I really needed her. I knew I should have been more careful about where we went, but never in my life did I think my sister would catch us.

"Hey mind if I join you?" I suddenly heard Tara's voice!

I turned around and almost jumped seeing her standing naked pulling the shower curtain open.

"Tara! Get out of here! I'm taking a shower! H-how in the world did you get in here?" I yelled at her.

She giggled and stepped into the shower with me. "Ah I used a credit card to open the door. It was simple, plus I need a shower too."

"Tara, there is another bathroom in the house you know. Besides, mom and dad are downstairs!" I responded trying to cover up my cock.

"Yes I know that. I just want to shower with you. Is that so bad?"

"Yes it is bad! Tara please! We could get caught!" I begged.

"Mmm this water is nice," she continued stepping closer to me and ignoring anything I was saying.

I watched as the water drenched her long hair and her naked skin. I needed to stop looking at her since my cock wanted to harden again.

"I need you to wash me bro," she said.

"Wash you? What? You got two hands!" I snapped.

She narrowed her eyes at me. "Have you forgotten that I can ruin you?"

I sighed. "Fine! Let me wash you up."

She smiled and handed me a washcloth. I lathered it up with soap and began to run it all over her body. My hands trembled as I got to her breasts. Her eyes filled with lust, were on me the entire time. I kept moving down to her stomach and her legs. I knelt down looking up at her.

"There I washed you up. Now please can I shower alone?"

She nodded. "No way. You're not done. You didn't wash my pussy or ass. You need to do that bro."

I grabbed some more soap and reached behind her rubbing the cloth on her ass. She smiled and began to kiss my neck softly. "You look good with the hickeys I gave you," she whispered.

I tried to ignore her and just get everything done. I was about to begin to clean her pussy when she stopped me. She looked right into my eyes. "Aidan, clean my pussy with your hand. Just lather up your hands and wash my pussy like that."

"Tara I can't do-"

"Yes you can do it and you better do it!" She demanded.

I put the washcloth down and soaped up my hand. Slowly, I reached in between my sister's thighs and felt her baby smooth pussy lips. I gently rubbed the soap on her pussy and saw her eyes close. They fluttered with each movement of my hand.

"Mmmm yes. Like that bro. Oooh like that!" She moaned softly.

Her hands were on my shoulders while I cleaned her pussy with my hand. I felt her squirm with each stroke of my hand. The soapsuds were increasing little by little. I felt my cock hardening and I just had to keep reminding myself that this was my sister, not some hot teenage girl that any guy would kill to have.

"Aidan put your fingers inside of me," Tara begged opening her eyes and looking right at me.

"Tara, please don't make me do that," I responded weakly.

Her eyes pierced at me. "Do it damnit!"

I took a deep breath and inserted one finger inside of her. She felt a little tight and so warm. Small little moans escaped her mouth as my finger went inside of her.

"Put another finger please!" She continued to beg.

I then inserted a second finger. She was coating my fingers now with her warm juices. I looked at my sister and her eyes were fixed on me. She pulled my head down a bit and planted a long wet kiss on my lips. We began to kiss passionately as if we had been lovers not siblings. My tongue slide inside of her mouth and massaged against hers. I found myself finger fucking my sister faster now and her moans were muffled by our hot kiss.

My fingers were now sliding in easily so I inserted a third without her asking me. I felt my cock hard as a rock by now. I couldn't believe I was now enjoying this game of hers. I had to stop! Oh God I had to! But it was too late when I felt her body tighten and she trembled with delight. She was cumming so hard. She was cumming on my fingers!

"Hmmmmmghghhhh oooh yess! Oooh bro I'm c-cumming! Fuck!" She wailed out.

I kept a steady pace while she came. Then I slowed down letting her recover from her orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly opened. I gently took my fingers out of her pussy and she smiled grabbing my hand and putting my fingers in my own mouth.

"Can you taste me? Do I taste good?" She asked breathlessly.

I didn't respond. I just kept sucking on my own fingers savoring her warm and sweet juices.

"Wow! Oh god that was hot! I don't think I've ever cum on guys' fingers before. Just my own," Tara said calmly.

I looked away. "Don't tell me that Tara. What you do privately is your business."

She cupped my chin and made me look at her. "Well it's true. I do masturbate. A lot. I masturbate thinking about you bro."

I felt my cock twitch.

Her eyes moved down and widen as she stared at my huge hard on. I tried to turn away, but she stopped me.

"I want to suck your dick," she blurted out never taking her eyes off my cock.

"Tara, no! Please get out. Mom and Dad are downstairs probably looking for us both!"

She giggled and reached up to give me a peck on my lips. "I know this won't take long," she said slowly getting on her knees.

Once on her knees, she looked up at me with the most loving blue eyes. I felt uneasy, yet so excited. Many brothers dream of having their sexy little sister's suck them off and now that this fantasy was coming true, I still felt so dirty for wanting it.

She took my cock in her hand and ran her tongue on the head. I tried not to moan but it was almost impossible not to. I was breathing hard not even stopping her. She was licking my precum quite nicely with each stroke of her tongue. I just stood there feeling almost helpless watching my sister lick my cock.

After licking all the gooey precum, she slowly took the head of my cock and put it between her lips. She looked up at me and smiled sweetly. I gasped as she began to take inch by inch of my cock inside her mouth. I immediately felt the heat of her mouth engulf my cock. The sight of my sister moving her lips up and down my cock and the water drenching her beautiful body set me on fire!

She moaned softly as she sucked my cock. Her luscious lips caressed my cock so nicely. I moaned as quietly as I could which was so hard. Her eyes stayed on me the entire time. I wanted to avoid looking at her but she looked so beautiful sucking my cock. I placed my hands on the back of her head and stroking her long hair. I knew it wouldn't be long before I blew my load. I also know it was going to be an intense orgasm.

Tara was blowing me better than Doreen ever had. I didn't know if it was so hot because she was my sister or because she was just so damn talented. I didn't care at that moment. I just wanted to spill my cum in my sister's mouth and watch her swallow it.

"Hmmmgghhh I'm gonna cum!" I whispered excitedly.

Tara moved faster on my cock wanting so desperately to milk it. I felt my balls swell up with my cum and my body began to tremble as Tara's had earlier.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I suddenly heard my father banging on the bathroom door. It was too late though I was already cumming!

"Aidan? Son? Are you alright in there?" He asked in his deep voice.

"Y-yes! Oh yes! I'm f-fine!" I barely managed to say.

My cum shot inside my sister's mouth and she swallowed it up. Every drop. My father's interruption hadn't stopped me from cumming.

"Have you seen your sister?" My father continued.

I was totally out of breath. "N-no d-dad! I don't... know where... Tara... is," I managed to say.

He left and Tara got up laughing softly. "You taste delicious! I could swallow your cum everyday!"

I tried to hide my shame and felt my face turn red. "You could have gotten us busted Tara."

She put her arms around me. "So what if I did? I'd be glad to tell Mom and Dad that we are lovers."

I pushed her away gently. "Lovers? Tara no we are not lovers!"

"What are we then?"

"We are brother and sister."

"Do brother and sister do what we just did?"

"Well... no but you are the one who is playing this sick game."

She grinned wickedly. "Yes that may be. But you love it don't you bro?"

I didn't want to admit that somehow I was getting used to Tara's seductions and actually looking forward to them. No! Wait I didn't mean to have said that! I had to stop my evil little sister. She was taking things too far. Oh but God she could suck cock so good!

"Well, I'll leave you alone now. I'm gonna go wash up in the other bathroom but I'll see you tonight," Tara said leaving.

"Tonight?" I asked puzzled.

She turned back and smiled. "Oh that's right you weren't here last night. Well last night the chief invited all of us for dinner at his house. You're lover will be there or shall I say your ex lover."

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