Corrupting The Golden Boy Ch. 02

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I woke up the next day close to noontime. I had never slept that late before. I knew my Mom was at work and my father would be going to work soon. After washing up, I headed downstairs and could hear Tara talking to my father. My heart was pounding.

"Well it's about time you get up," Tara said sarcastically.

I didn't say anything to her. I just shot her a dirty look. "Hey Dad."

"Aidan, I hope you're OK son. I mean you didn't go out drinking last night did you?" My father asked.

"Dad you know I don't drink," I replied.

"That's right daddy, our golden boy is completely innocent. So chaste."

I gave my sister another dirty look and she just giggled.

I went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat and heard my father leave for work. A few minutes later I heard Tara come in the kitchen. She put her arms around me from behind and leaned on me.

"Mmmm how is my lover today?" She asked softly.

I moved away from her. "OK, sis? I'm not your lover. I'm your brother."

Her eyes darkened. "No. You are my lover. Aidan have you forgotten how I can destroy you're reputation? Come on bro I thought you were smarter than that."

I knew she was right but having her call me her lover just sent chills all over me. "Fine whatever."

She put her arms around my waist. "Can I have a kiss?"

I leaned down and gave her a quick peck on her lips. She groaned. "Oh! I wanted a long wet kiss like that one you gave me last night. Or don't you remember?"

"Yeah I remember."

"Well then can I have another?"

I didn't reply I just leaned down and shared another long kiss with my sister. It was another kiss that kept me feeling sick but not really sick for doing it, but sick from actually enjoying it a bit!

Tara's lips felt so soft and her tongue swirled against mine so seductively. I could feel her rubbing her body against mine very gently. My hands were on her back slowly rubbing up and down. She moaned softly while we kissed. This time I was the one who broke the kiss. She looked up at me blankly and I pulled myself away from her.

"Well that was another nice kiss Aidan. This is going to be a fun summer indeed."

I began to make myself something to eat and felt her eyes piercing at me. "Well I'm going to go shower, and when I get out I want you to be in my room you got it?"

"What? For what?" I asked in agony.

She gave me a wicked look. "Don't ask questions just do it."

With that, she stormed off to take a shower. I ate and afterwards went to wash up. I wanted to call Doreen up and see her, but I knew it was going to be almost impossible with Tara there. I heard the shower go off and knew that was my cue to go to her room. I entered her room, in which almost everything was pink. I knew pink was her favorite color. Her bed sheets were a soft pink satin material. I sat on her bed and she came in wearing nothing but a large white towel. Her long brown hair was still wet and she smiled so deviously.

"Well, glad you're here bro. Now you're going to start your first job for me."

I looked at her as she walked closer to me. "Alright what is it now?" I asked faintly.

My eyes widened as she let her towel fall off her body and stood there naked in front of me! I quickly looked away feeling so ashamed. She giggled.

"What's wrong Aidan? Now don't tell me you've never seen a naked girl before. After all, you've been with that slut of Mrs. Davis."

I kept my eyes off her. "Tara, please put your clothes back on. I don't want to see you this way."

She cupped my chin making me look at her. I couldn't help but look. She was so naked and God she had a great body! Her breasts had to be a large b-cup size with dark brown nipples. Her tummy was completely flat and smooth and her pussy was all shaved. I did have to admit she looked sexy as hell.

"Do you like what you see bro?" She asked as my eyes searched her body.

"Tara, please don't ask me things like that. I don't feel right looking at you."

She smiled and gave me a soft peck on my lips. "Aww is my big brother shy to look at me all naked?"

"You're my sister Tara. Come on now."

She then turned around showing me her perfectly round and firm ass. I wanted to touch her but then reminded myself that she was my sister and it would be sick and wrong!

"You like my ass bro?" She asked shaking her butt.

I quickly turned away but deep down I wanted another glance. She turned to face me again and sat on my lap. There I was on my sister's bed with her sitting naked on my lap. It was something I never thought I'd ever be doing.

"Now, I haven't had much sexual pleasure in a while, so I need you're help," Tara began.

I fought hard to keep my cock from getting hard. "Fine. What kind of help?" I asked forcefully.

She stood up and reached over to her nightstand pulling out some handcuffs. I felt my heart racing as she dangled them in the air and smiled at me.

"W-what are the handcuffs for?" I asked nervously.

"Well, I'm going to fuck your face and I want to be sure you don't try to fight me off."

I was in shock. "You're going to what?" I asked loudly.

"I want to fuck your face. I need to cum on your mouth Aidan."

I stood up and paced the room. My eyes still wandered to my sister's sexy naked body. "That is going to far Tara! I won't do it!"

She sighed frustrated. "Very well then, I think Chief Davis is working right now and I'm sure he'd love to see the tape-"

"Fine! Damnit!" I screamed knowing she was in full control.

Her face lit up. "Ok now lay down on the bed while I handcuff you to the post," she ordered.

I did just that and felt her cuff one hand and then the other. I was there now completely handcuffed to the bed letting my sister take control of me. She stood above me and I kept my eyes focused to the sides.

"Aidan. Come on now look up at my pussy, you know you want to," Tara said laughing.

I didn't move.

"Aidan, do it now!" She demanded.

I moved my vision looking up to her pussy. It was a really nice looking pussy that was for sure. She was all shaved, baby smooth. Her lips were a mix of pink and light brown. Her clit wasn't visible yet.

"You like what you see? Wait until you taste me," Tara said in a softy sexy voice.

By the time I knew it, she was moving her little body down and I watched her spread her pussy lips open letting me have a view of her little pink clit. She placed her pussy on my face and adjusted herself until her clit was rubbing up against my lips. I heard her moan softly as she began to move her body back and forth. I could smell her female scent really well. She smelled so clean and fresh. Her pussy felt warm on my face. I was able to get a really good sight of her ass too.

"Hmmgghhh yeah! Oooh fuck yes!" She moaned loudly grinding her pussy on my face.

I tried to keep my mouth as closed as possible, but as she moved her pussy up and down, my lips spread open slightly feeling her clit rub up against them. She began to move faster now and I could feel her juices ooze our slowly. I knew she was going to cum on my mouth and it was all still so weird. The toughest part was trying to keep my cock from getting hard. Her smell was so intoxicating, that just the smell of her pussy could make me hard.

"Aidan! Oh bro this feels so good! Aidan lick me please!" She wailed.

I didn't want to lick her. She was my sister for Christ's sakes! I wasn't enjoying this immoral act. It was incest! Something so taboo and illegal. No I wasn't going to lick her!

"Ooooh please! Oh please lick me! I need to feel your tongue!" Tara begged.

As hard as I tried to fight it, I felt my erection growing inside of my pants. I slipped my tongue out of my mouth and flicked it on my sister's now swollen clit. I was licking her warm, and sweet juices.

"Ahhh yes! Like that! Aidan keep doing that! Oh let me cum on your mouth! Drink my honey big brother!" Tara screamed out in the moment of pleasure.

I found myself licking her faster while she kept fucking my face. She was moaning so loudly that I was afraid the neighbors might hear her. Suddenly, I felt her move her hand down to my cock. I felt so embarrassed knowing I was hard as a rock. She rubbed my cock over my pants making my toes curl. I grunted slightly trying hard to hide my own sick pleasure. She knew she was turning me on and I hated that. I wasn't supposed to be turned on! She kept rubbing my cock harder over my pants while I licked her pussy.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum!" Tara cooed and rubbed my cock faster.

I felt her tense up and slow down her rhythm on my lips. She was cumming! Oh God my little sister was cumming on my mouth!

"Hmmmgghhghhhh ooooh bro! I-I'm c-cuming! So h-hard!"

Just at that moment I felt her hand squeeze my cock and I couldn't hold back my own orgasm. I moaned into her pussy as she finished cumming. I felt hot spurts of cum shoot out of my cock. I knew I'd have to wash my pants afterwards.

I felt Tara pick her body up and finally I could breath right. I could feel her juices all over my mouth. She looked at me with her eyes glowing full of lust. She smiled and touched my face.

"Oooh you dirty boy. You just let your own sister juice all over your mouth!"

I felt my face turning red. "Can you please un cuff me?" I asked shyly.

She nodded and began to set me free. Once I was released I stood up quickly and began to walk out of her room. I could feel her staring at me as I did.

"Aidan? Wait! Did I say you could go?" Her voice was stern.

I turned around and faced her as I wiped her juices off my lips and face. "Tara, you got what you wanted now please let me leave."

She walked closer to me and gave me a hug. "Mmm that was so good! I need to do that again soon."

I didn't hug her back. I felt ashamed and dirty for actually having enjoyed licking my own sister. I gently pushed her away. Her eyes searched mine.

"Aidan it's Ok if you liked it. I know you did. You came didn't you?"

I nodded. "Yes I did. Now you've embarrassed me enough sis. Please I need to be alone."

She frowned. "No you don't want to be alone. I know you want to call that slut."

It was true that I wanted to be with Doreen but I was almost afraid to admit that to my conniving little sister. "N-no I just want to go hang out with some of my friends."

She laughed. "Ok then, well I'm going to have to mark my territory," she said firmly.

I gave her a puzzled look. "What do you mean?"

She didn't respond. She just put her arms around me and began to kiss my neck. I could feel her mouth sucking on my neck hard. She was giving me hickeys! I pushed her away and she looked pissed.

"Why did you do that? I told you I was going to mark my territory. You are mine now bro. If we are not going to tell anyone that we are into each other sexually, then I want all the girls and everyone else to know that you are with someone so they can just back the fuck off!"

I gulped feeling scared. I couldn't believe I was frightened of this tiny girl. "Fine. Now you tell me how I am going to explain the hickey's to mom and dad."

"No I'm not going to tell you. That is your problem Aidan. You figure something out." She walked towards me again and began to nibble on my neck once again. Her warm mouth was enticing me but yet I still felt awkward. Her hot breath stroked my skin while she sucked on my neck. It must have been a while before she finished.

"There. Now you are all mine. You are free to go anywhere you want now. Be proud and show them your hickey's," she said playfully and I walked out the room.

I felt so enraged! How could she do that to me! Now I had to come up with a brilliant story to my parents. I went to my room and looked in the mirror. To my horror, she'd made over eight hickeys all over my neck! I looked like a damn leopard.

I decided to go out and not come back until late. I hoped my parents would be asleep by the time I got home and therefore I'd still have time to think of some reason for me having hickeys.

I called up a friend of mine named John and we headed out to play some pool. John and I were friends since grade school and we hung out every now and then when we were home from school. He knew I wasn't smooth with the girls and often teased me about being a geek.

"Hey man! What is up with all those hickeys?" John finally asked once we were in the pool hall.

I wish he hadn't asked. "Ah just some girl I've been seeing."

"You never mentioned any girl. What else you hiding from me buddy?" He asked wickedly.

"It's no one special."

"No one special? Yeah right. If a girl smothered me like that she'd have me begging for more," John said proudly.

"Of course you'd like that, you perv," I laughed and we continued to play. How could I ever confess to my best friend that it was my sister, my own flesh and blood who gave me the hickeys?

The entire night I couldn't get Tara out of my mind. I had called Doreen but only let the phone ring once knowing she might want to see me and she'd be mad as hell if she saw me with all these hickeys. John and I drank some beers and by the time I knew it, it was almost one in the morning. I knew my parents would be fast asleep and I'd be safe.

Once I got home, I quietly crept up the stairs and was relieved once I made it to my room. I turned on the lights and found Tara lying on my bed. She smiled at me and I froze.

"Well, it's about time you get home. I was starting to miss you."

She stood up wearing one of my long t-shirts and it looked like she had nothing else underneath. Her hair was down and she had no make up on. She opened her arms out to me but I just stood there without doing anything.

"Aww what? No hug for you little sister?" She asked with her blue eyes filled with innocence.

I forcefully put my arms around her and immediately smelled her soft perfume.

"Mmm that's better. How about a kiss?"

I groaned. "Come on now Tara. I'm tired and I want to go to bed."

"Wish I could join you in bed bro. But that'll eventually happen soon. Now come on, give me my goodnight kiss."

I leaned down and kissed her softly with lots of tongue just the way she demanded. I felt knots in my stomach and my heart was pounding with fear with what might happen in the next few days.

She was the one to break out kiss this time. She looked up at me. "Thanks. I'll be sure to dream about you and I hope you dream about me." She began to walk out of my room and before she left, she looked back at me and winked. "Night Aidan, my sweet lover."

I stood there still and watched her leave. The warmth of her mouth remained on my lips. That night I tossed and turned again thinking of Doreen but dreaming about Tara.

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