Corporate Affair

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Barry and Janice Redmond met in 1972, moved in together a year later and married in 1975. He was 28 and she was 26. They purchased a home in 1976 and settled into a happy life. Janice worked for a multi-national corporation in downtown Toronto as Administrative Assistant to Bob Harding, the National Sales Director. Barry worked for the school board as a maintenance man.

Bob Harding retired in September 1978 and was replaced by Jack Smithson. Smithson began his career with the company in the UK and, following a term at Head Office in the US, was transferred to Toronto. It was common practice to move directors about like this and after his two year stint in Toronto he would be heading back to the UK. He was 47, married and considered a rising star in the sales division.

The company held their Christmas party in a downtown hotel every November. A swanky affair with a live band and a sumptuous buffet and was something most employees looked forward to. Barry and Janice sat with Jack Smithson, his wife Melanie and others from the department. Mrs. Smithson appeared two or three years older than Jack and Barry thought she might be the force behind her husband's success. She had the appearance and air of 'old money' that had, no doubt helped Jack in his career. She wore an impeccable wardrobe and make-up and had an attractive, well-maintained figure. Elegant, refined but somewhat aloof Barry thought. He was not much of a dancer but had the obligatory couple of dances with Mrs. Smithson while Janice, who loved dancing, had several with Jack.

Early in the New Year Janice came home and told Barry that Smithson had asked her out to lunch and hinted at a hotel afterwards. The sexual innuendos had started during his first week on the job but were becoming more direct. She told him politely she was happily married and not interested. Barry acted understandably with macho bravado but Janice told him not to worry, it happened all the time in large offices and he would move on to other girls until he found one that said yes.

Barry began to imagine what might have happened if Janice had said yes. He imagined them in the hotel elevator then hurrying excitedly down to the room. Once inside, the frantic kissing and fondling would lead inexorably to them writhing naked on the bed. He thought of her coming home with another man's sperm inside her and it made him very aroused. It filled his fantasies when they had sex or when she masturbated him and sucked his cock and his fantasies became evermore detailed.

Several weeks later Janice was giving Barry a blow job. She enjoyed sucking his cock and was good at it. Barry imagined his wife being fucked by Smithson in great detail. He was so aroused and absorbed in his fantasy that he suddenly blurted, "Oh Janice, I wanted you to say yes," and exploded down her throat.

"What!" she exclaimed after swallowing the last of his semen.

"I can't help it, ever since you told me I have thought of nothing else. I want you to go with him and when you get home I want to eat your pussy then fuck you."

"You can't be serious. You want me to have sex with my boss?"

"I can't get it out of my mind. He's married so has as much...more to lose than you if it became public knowledge. Before we were married you were dating Neil at the same time as me and you told me you enjoyed sex with both of us."

What Barry didn't know was that when she was dating him and seeing Neil, she was also having an affair with an older married man. She had always liked variety and found dating more than one man exciting but now she was married she had committed herself to Barry.

"That's true, but I wasn't married then. Smithson's an attractive man and it wouldn't have been hard to say yes. I even wondered what it would have been like if I had said yes don't think I could."

Well just think about it and if the opportunity arises and you want to you will know I want you to also."

The opportunity did arise again six weeks later on Secretary's Day. Like other directors, Smithson took Janice to lunch, "Strictly lunch," he had said, however, the restaurant he chose was some distance from the office. They chatted amiably over their meal when suddenly he asked, "So, are you still happily married?"

After a hesitation that Smithson sensed was too long she replied, "Yes, I am. Thank you."

"I do find you awfully attractive and no one would ever find out if we had a little liaison. I'm sure you wouldn't tell your husband and I certainly would never tell my wife."

Janice smiled to herself...telling her husband was crucial if she accepted his offer. She did find him charming, sexy and interesting and the thought of an amorous adventure held a definite appeal. Her thoughts went back to dating Barry, Neil and her married lover. Sometimes she had sex with all three over a weekend and she felt a rush between her legs.

Smithson pushed, "An older, experienced man can have its advantages." He knows how to please a woman, especially a young woman, like she has never been pleased before." He leaned forward over the table, held her hands in his and whispered, "And between you and me I've been particularly well blessed in an area you might like." He smiled slightly and gently rubbed his thumbs over the back of her hands, hoping he had set the hook firmly into his quarry.

She felt herself blush and her excitement increased, she knew she had made her decision and asked, "No one will ever find out?"

"No one will ever know except you and me, scouts honour."

After a pause she breathed, "Alright."

Smithson hailed a cab that drove them to the Four Seasons and she waited by the elevator while he checked in. Several people entered the elevator and they were separated for the ride up to room1213. Janice stood staring at the lighted floor buttons feeling flushed, nervous, excited and horny. She was interested to see just how blessed Mr Smithson was and the anticipation made her wet. Barry better not change his mind about this she thought.

Once in the room she excused herself to freshen up. Smithson took off his jacket, removed his tie and undid a couple of buttons on his shirt. He pulled back the covers on the bed, drew the curtains then sat on the air conditioning unit next to the window. He rubbed the bulge in his pants and thought of how often he had looked at Janice's lovely ass and legs as she left his office or peeked at her bullet-like nipples pressing against her bra and blouse. Soon he would explore her with his tongue, hands and cock and he realised his heart was racing with excitement.

Janice came out of the bathroom and smiled shyly. He stood and walked to meet her with his arms open and they embraced. She felt his hardness pressing against her stomach as their mouths met and their tongues entwined. It became passionate very quickly as his hands roamed over her neck, back and bottom, squeezing one cheek then the other.

"I've dreamt about this since the first day I saw you," Smithson panted as Janice broke away and knelt in front of him.

She undid his pants and they fell to the floor while Smithson removed his shirt. She sighed as she felt the massive bulge through his underwear then pulled them down and freed his erection. He was certainly right when he said he was well blessed she thought and stared at the long, thick, uncut cock twitching violently inches from her face. She wrapped both hands around it and pulled back the foreskin exposing the massive head. She jerked it back and forth a few times and caressed his balls. Her tongue began flicking and licking tentatively around the huge knob.

"Oh yes, baby, suck it, suck it," Smithson moaned.

Her tongue worked down the shaft and onto his nuts while her fingers fondled his knob. She backed off and looked at the huge, hard cock. It pulsed and veins bulged as blood and excitement surged through it. She opened her mouth and enveloped the head.

"That's it, baby, tease it, use that tongue," panted her boss. Spurred on by his talk she took more and more of the big dick until saliva ran from her mouth and his cock. He lifted her from the floor and she jerked him as they kissed.

"I want to watch you undress," he said as he broke away and he sat in a chair and removed the rest of his clothing. "You're a good dancer so I know you will be able to tease me as you strip."

She looked at he boss, naked in the chair stroking his giant cock and was as horny as he was. Slowly, she began to move her body sensually, her hands gliding over her tits, ass and crotch. She turned, bent over and lifted her skirt. She had removed her pantyhose in the bathroom and Smithson leered at her shapely legs, accentuated by high heels, and pink panties.

"What a fantastic arse," he said, "pull those knickers up tight." The material disappeared into the crack of her ass and also spread her labia apart. She moved her bottom about suggestively and traced the middle finger of her right hand along the thin line of panty material.

"Oh, you make me so horny; let me see your tits."

She turned and faced him and slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. His cock looked absolutely massive as he masturbated and she wanted to feel it again. The blouse then the bra was discarded and she cupped her generous tits in her hands and jiggled them then squeezed and pulled on her hard nipples.

Smithson went to her and mouthed her nipples while rubbing one hand over her almost-naked pussy and fondled her backside with the other. She caressed his cock and balls and was amazed by its size and hardness. He pushed her back onto the edge of the bed and removed her skirt and panties. Janice lay naked before him and as he stared down at her, his large erection pulsing up and down, she opened her legs as wide as she could. He knelt down and spread her labia with both thumbs and gazed at her open, wet pussy. He teased her clitoris and ran his fingers through the small mound of pubic hair then easily slid two digits inside her vagina and probed its depths.

His tongue found her clit and he felt it become erect under his expert manipulation and soon Janice squirmed in orgasm. Smithson straddled her chest and placed his cock between her tits and she squeezed them around the long shaft. He continued to stimulate her clitoris and vagina as he fucked her tits and she took him into her mouth on the upstroke.

"Fuck me, I want to feel you inside me," Janice cried and Smithson stood beside the bed and positioned her ass on the edge. He held her legs and moved his dick back and forth over her pussy, spreading her wet labia as he went. "Yes, yes, oh please, yes, yes," Janice whimpered in anticipation of his big cock entering her.

He teased her for a while longer until the head and underside of his cock was lubricated nicely with her pussy juice then he nudged the bulbous head into her vagina.

"Yes, yes, that's it, give it to me, give it to me," she cried and pushed deeper and deeper until he was slamming into her like a madman. Despite his size she was able to take it all and he sank into her time and time again. He touched her where no other man had and the sensation brought on powerful climaxes. She moved to the centre of the bed and he mounted her, hooking her legs over his arms forcing them wide and the pounding began again. After a few minutes he turned her over onto all fours and watched his huge dick pummel her pussy as he caressed and smacked her lovely ass.

Janice's clit was being pulled to and fro with each stroke of the thick dick causing her multiple orgasms and she wanted it to never stop. He did stop though and sat back in the chair. She straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock and he mouthed her tits and bit her erect nipples. His hands mauled her ass and helped to slam her down hard onto his cock until he groaned and she felt a flood of hot cum fill her. She got down and sucked his softening cock, tasting his seed and her own juices.

She sat on his lap and played gently with his cock while he fondled her breasts. "You are amazing!" he said. "My wife can't take my dick, she says it's too big and hurts her. As a result our sex life is almost none existent. I'm not sure she ever pays sex much mind."

"I love your big cock; it excites all the right spots and drives me crazy."

They kissed and his hand moved between her legs, at the same time she felt his cock begin to stiffen. He carried her to the bed and she opened her legs for him willingly.

By the time they got back to the office there was not much of the workday remaining but it dragged slowly by for Janice nevertheless. She was still horny and longed to get home and tell Barry about Smithson. Janice got home about 5:40 and heard Barry moving about in the kitchen.

"Hi Jan," he called out, "how was your day?"

"Oh, just fine," she replied, "I'll be there in a minute."

She hung up her coat in the closet, dropped her keys on the hall stand and made her way to the kitchen. He was preparing dinner and she stretched back against the doorway forcing her breasts and erect nipples against the thin material of her blouse. Barry finished chopping the carrots then turned to look at his wife. He smiled as he saw her sexy pose then noticed the look on her face.

"What?" he queried.

She said nothing, just looked at him, her breasts heaving.

The penny suddenly dropped and Barry said excitedly, "You did it, you let him fuck you didn't you?"

She lifted her skirt and fondled her pussy through her panties. "Yes, and I'm full of his cum and ready for you to fuck me."

Barry bolted over to her, pushed her onto the kitchen table and ripped off her panties. "Tell me what happened," he said. He ran his fingers over her pussy and felt how wet she was then knelt down to taste it. His tongue excitedly probed her vagina as he imagined her boss doing the same. The salty taste of Smithson's cum mingled with Janice's pussy juice excited Barry's senses and imagination to knew levels. It was all, and more, than he hoped it would be.

While Barry savoured Janice's pussy she told him about Smithson's huge dick and how she loved being filled with it. About the teasing strip she had performed for him while he sat and masturbated and how and where they had fucked.

When she had finished, Barry stood and mounted her but fired his load quickly in his rush of unparalleled excitement. Later that night they had sex again and this time Barry lasted longer and they both fell asleep satisfied.

The following week was month-end and the sales department was very busy. Janice hardly saw Smithson and wondered if he would ask her to go with him again. She hoped so; thoughts of his cock in her hands, mouth and pussy were never very far from her mind and thinking about it kept her horny most of the time. It was the first Tuesday of the new month when Smithson called her into his office at 9:10am. He was on the phone when she walked in and he motioned to her to lock the door. Janice's hand trembled with excitement as she flipped the lock and when she turned he waved her over. He was talking to his wife, Melanie, and when Janice reached his desk he pushed his chair back and she saw his erection jutting proudly and super hard out of his open fly. Janice smiled and knelt down between his legs and lathered his cock and balls with her saliva. He hung up the phone then bent her over the desk and gave her a tremendous fucking. Barry did the same after she got home after a prolonged cunnilingus session.

Over the next few months Janice and Smithson met in his office once or twice a week and at the hotel a couple of times a month. Whenever it could be justified, Smithson would book them both out of the office for the afternoon to attend a seminar or sales exhibition and they would fuck all afternoon. She would tell Barry what had happened and it never failed to make him super horny. For her part, Janice loved all the cock she was getting and wished she could feel Smithson's cock inside her every day.

Barry wanted to taste and fuck Janice right after Smithson had finished and thought of ways to achieve it. He devised a plan and discussed it with Janice. She would tell Smithson that Barry would be working Saturday morning installing a new boiler at a local school and if he was free he could come over. Barry would be in the next bedroom listening and after sex Janice would hurry her boss off. Smithson eagerly accepted Janice's offer and arrived just after 10:00. Janice wore only a bathrobe and hurried Smithson upstairs saying there was not a lot of time. Barry sat naked on a chair near the dividing wall and played with himself as he listened to the moans and cries of his wife as she was fucked. As soon as Smithson was out the door Barry went to the master bedroom and Janice joined him. He spread her pussy open and saw it was still smothered with cum and he tongued her wildly he drove his own cock in to the hilt.

Barry had played golf since he was a teenager and played most Saturday afternoons. As usual Barry kissed Janice, picked up his clubs and stowed them in the car trunk.

"See you later," he hollered and waved as he pulled out of the driveway.

Janice called Smithson's cell, "He's gone...can you come over?"

"See you in fifteen minutes. Oh, wear those stockings and heels, they are so sexy."

About the same time Barry's cell rang, "One seventeen," the voice said.

"Right, about ten minutes," he replied and hung up.

He parked at the Holiday Inn and took the elevator to room 117. The door opened and he walked in. As the door closed behind him he turned and looked again at the naked Melanie Smithson.

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