Conqueror's Reward

(Part 3 from 3)

On the last one Diun’s tongue flicked repeatedly across her right nipple as he licked and sucked her breasts before cumming inside her pumping his jism into her. Leaving half the money he had brought with him Diun kissed the women goodbye after getting dressed. Walking out of the strip club he made his way outside joining the city foot traffic. 

The Great Awakening

Diun wandered all day touring most of the city. As the sun began to set his thoughts turned back to Dana and the short time they had spent together. What was it about her that he couldn’t get out of his mind? Was it her smile? That in itself warmed his heart, or was it something much deeper? Standing in an empty parking lot he wished to be alone with his thoughts away from the distracting sights and sounds of the city. In the blink of the eye he found himself in the middle of a forest. Looking around he wondered how he had gotten there. Diun had never experienced something like this before. How had he traveled outside the city in such a short time? 

Going over the last moments before transporting himself instantly to this place Diun remembered his thoughts had been about Dana. Curious at this discovery he focused on her trying to search through his feelings about her to learn more. He remembered the sense of goodness he had felt from her and her openness. She had felt a connection with him that made her automatically comfortable. Diun had not had to try with her. Everything had felt so natural and he had truly enjoyed it. It was not simply lust but something different, something more. Finding this feeling interesting and wonderful he dwelled on it living in the moment. 

Like gas to a flame the dark flame he had used to win so many battles sprang forth showing on each hand at first. It was made from psychic energy that he had learned to control over the years. He alone had learned to master it while the rest of his people were incapable of achieving it. Turning white it began to spread over his body covering him from head to toe. 

Just like all the other times when it had stayed on his hands Diun felt no pain or suffered any damage. The same warmth was there like before but he felt the heat within him grow stronger. The heat went from the outside in meeting at his core it sprang out again in a powerful chain reaction. Diun barely kept himself together when the shockwave of psychic energy began to build up in his body. Diun called for help as his mind began to shutdown and he saw only a white light. 

Dana heard Diun’s voice calling for help and rushed to her car driving out of the city in the direction of his call. As she drew near Dana saw a flash of light ahead and immediately stopped her car. A shockwave rushed towards her and she ducked down unbuckling her safety belt to get to the floor. It struck the car sending spinning for several moments before it came to an abrupt stop next to a few downed trees. Getting out of the vehicle she found the trees on either side of the road knocked down. From all evidence she had been on the edge of the effected area. 

Diun’s voice still called to her but is was weak and barely a whisper. She climbed over a number of fallen trees before she found him in an open area free of trees and vegetation. Floating in the air he shown like a miniature star brightening up the entire place. 

“Diun, is that you?” Dana called out. The light from Diun dimmed until he was his old self again floating to the ground. When his feet finally touched the ground Diun sighed in exhaustion falling on his back. Dana rushed to his side cradling his head. “Hello, fancy meeting you here.” Diun said with a tired smile. 

Raising an eyebrow Dana said, “Well it seems your speech has improved. If nothing else that’s something. So…wanna tell me what happened?”

Getting up slowly with her help Diun replied, “It seems when I experience a deep emotion it affects the control of my powers. Now they seem to be stronger than ever, and I am witnessing new ones as well.” 
Looking around at the devastation Diun said, “Somehow I think I am responsible for all of this.” Glancing around Dana nodded saying, “You wouldn’t be wrong. Perhaps we should stop from the top. Who are you exactly?”

“Well there is an easy way to do this that is really going to hurt or the hard way which won’t but will take some time.” Diun offered. Thinking it over Dana said, “I guess I’ll take the easy way.” Bracing herself she felt Diun touch her forehead with his fingers and a searing heat stabbed into her brain. The heat was followed by a series of images that flooded into her mind until the pain disappeared all of the sudden. Opening her eyes even though she didn’t remember closing them Dana found her mind filled with uncountable images. 

“You wanted to do what?” Dana said coming at him threateningly. Raising a hand in warning Diun replied, “I should point out that hitting me would hurt you a lot more than me. In fact all I’ll feel is the impact. With that in mind I am a very different person now though I can now understand why you would be angry.”

“Well at least you know that!” Dana said kicking him in the balls and then crying out in pain. Slightly grimacing Diun said, “I admit that hurt a little. Do you feel better now?”

Rubbing her sore foot Dana said, “Good it was worth, and yes I do. Now that that’s done where do we go from here?” Hearing the distant sounds of sirens approaching Diun said, “My suggestion would be to get your car and head home before they arrive.” 

Looking in the direction of the sirens Dana asked, “Exactly how are we…” A single flash of light occurred and they were back at her house damaged car and all. Turning to Diun she found him rubbing his temples. “Got a headache?” Dana asked. 

Giving her a tired look Diun answered, “Yes, I suppose you are enjoying this as well.” Walking up to him Dana kissed him on the lips pulling his mouth down to meet hers. The kiss was short and sweet. “Forgiveness is a human emotion too.” Dana said looking into his eyes. Taking his hand she led him inside.

Feeling A Little Hungry

Dana awoke the next morning to find Diun eating ice cream. From the look of it she saw it was her French vanilla. “Hey!” Dana said as she watched him eat another spoonful. 

Swallowing Diun said, “What? I woke up this morning and was really hungry.” Walking over to the ice cream container she found it empty. “So you ate all my ice cream!” Dana said. Shrugging Diun replied, “It tasted good. You have really good taste.”

“Don’t try to kiss up. You owe me a new container of ice cream.” Dana said. Setting down the spoon in the now empty bowl Diun said, “But I don’t have any more money or a job for that matter.” Writing on a piece of paper she peeled off a notepad on the counter Dana handed it to him. 

Looking it over Diun said, “This looks like a list of chores.” Nodding Dana replied, “Yes it is, you can do it or get a job. Good luck on that without anything like a birth certificate or a social security number.” 

His shoulders sinking in resignation Diun got to it. He waited for Dana to leave before a smile appeared on his face. It was now time to see what he could do with his new found powers. Focusing he pictured each of the windows opening and saw each one had indeed opened. Moving furniture out of the way with his mind he levitated each rug to her washer in one of the back rooms. Picking up the detergent by hand he stuffed the smaller ones inside. 

Pouring the in the cleaner he started the washer. The larger ones he levitated near the window. Shaking out the dust using one motioning with one hand he collected the dust using his other hand. With another gesture with the same hand he forced the dirt outside. 

Finishing his “dusting” job Diun moved on to cleaning with sponges in the bathrooms and kitchen. Finishing mopping he moved all the furniture back smiling as he looked around at the now clean house barely an hour after Dana had left. The question was what to do now? Diun bored decided to head out into the outside world. T.V. as it turns out didn’t really appeal to him. After watching for a couple of minutes he lost interest. What he needed was something active to do. 

The world itself now seemed to have a new depth to it as he walked among the crowds of people. Each of them appeared to have varying degrees of white and black colors that highlighted them. A number of them fit into a comfortable gray. It was the darkest of them among the flood of people that interested him the most. Following a few of them Diun watched some gradually turn darker and darker while others went totally dark in one moment. Diun saw each decision and was able to anticipate it. 

After a time he was even able to intervene easily with a mere suggestion to just turn them around. Some of the harder cases found a ghostly figure whose eyes had a frightening fiery stare. Unnerved they chose to run rather than face him. In the end it saved them from getting hurt. It was easy to trick them by placing images in their mind. 

One however didn’t seem to care how scary he seemed and pulled a gun on him in the middle of a convenience store. The shotgun started to swing toward him and Diun moved too fast for the gunman to level it on him. Grasping the stock he jerked it up towards the ceiling allowing it to discharge before he cracked it back in the man’s face knocking him out. Unconscious with a bloody nose the man just laid there in front of the register. 

When he started to leave Diun heard a voice behind him. “Hey mister you forgot your reward!” The teenage girl behind the register said. Handing him some money at the door she thanked him for his help. Nodding Diun made his way to a nearby supermarket and bought some groceries. Finding a place where he wouldn’t be seen Diun blinked back to Dana’s kitchen. Once there he stored away some of the groceries sitting down after making himself a ham sandwich. Dana liked them a lot so he made another one for her and placed it inside a sandwich bag. Storing it in the fridge he cleaned up after himself. 

When Dana got home Diun said, “House is clean and your ice cream is in the freezer. He failed miserably when it came to hiding his smirk as he saw the look of shock crossed her face. Finishing the sandwich he had made Dana said, “Well considering all you have done today I think you deserve a reward.” 

Washing dishes Diun replied, “No that isn’t necessary. I was happy to help out.” A change in her mood caused him to perk up and turn around. Removing her top Dana took a spoon out of one of the drawers. Next she took out the new ice cream container from its place in the freezer. Opening it she dug some ice cream out using the utensil spreading it over her nipples. Motioning him over Dana smiled. Returning it Diun licked the ice cream off her nipples running his tongue over their entire length not missing a drop. The sensation of cold ice cream and then his warm mouth on her breasts was lovely. As he got into it Dana wished he would suck her toes just like that. Dana had always fantasized about a guy doing that to her. She thought of it sometimes when she played with herself. 

Taking her hand Diun led her to the shower in her room washing her body from head to toe while they were inside. Dana wondered what would be next as he handed her a towel after drying her off with another one and said, “Let’s move to the couch.” Following him there hand in hand Dana sat down and Diun knelt down in front of her. Taking her left foot he brought it to his mouth while keeping eye contact with her. Licking and sucking her toes he watched her gasp and squirm. Gripping the couch the act totally turned her on. “Fuck me!” Dana cried out. 

Pausing a question on his face Diun said, “But your other foot…” Grabbing him by the collar of his shirt Dana said, “I said fuck me!” Getting up Diun quickly got undressed as she unwrapped her towel exposing her naked body. 

“Yes maam!” Diun said positioning himself and entering her pussy. Grabbing both her feet he began to fuck her while continuing to give her toes some much needed attention. It didn’t take her long to cum like this loving what he was doing to her. Noticing Diun was still hard and ready to go Dana said, “Against the door baby. I want you to fuck me against the door.”

Picking her up Diun positioned her so her back rested against the front door. “Now give it to me Diun baby. Let’s see what you’ve got.” Dana said stroking his chest and kissing him. Their tongues moved inside each other’s mouths. Taking his cue Diun plunged into her with short thrusts so as not to hurt her. 

“Tell me when you get close baby. I want you to fuck my tits and cum all over them.” Dana said her head leaning back. Diun nodded continuing to fuck her without missing a beat. When he felt the first signs of his body getting close he pulled out letting Dana down. Laying on her back she cupped her breasts together waiting for him expectantly. Straddling her chest Diun moved his hips back and forth fucking his cock between her beautiful freckled tits. After a few moments Diun’s cock exploded shooting ropes of sperm directed over her tits and neck.

Looking down at the evidence of his climax Dana said, “Nice pearl necklace.” Seeing the puzzled look that crossed his face Dana said, “Never mind dirty joke.” Laying down beside her Diun smiled up at the ceiling enjoying the afterglow. “So how did you pay for all that food?” Dana asked curious. “I got a job.” Diun said with a pleased look on his face, “And you know I think I’m pretty good at it.” 


Diun sat by the bed in the hospitable room with his new wife. He smiled as she held their little girl Daniella. Looking on her with pride Diun prayed to Pree’mus his god, and creator of all that he had not made a mistake granting her the power that had been bestowed upon him that fateful night years ago. 

While his other children would have the physical strength of the Harreden she would grow into new powers they would not possess. The only half human among them she would represent the strengths of both races. Calling on the ancient words of worship buried in his genes and long forgotten by his people he asked that she become a moral person and strong enough to face the trials ahead.

Taking her from her sleeping mother’s arms Diun held his little girl so wondrous and beautiful. “Hello my little one. I will do my best to raise you in the best of both worlds. This I promise you. You will grow up to be a fine woman one day, and know that no matter what I will always love you.” Diun said kissing her forehead.

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