Confessionss- Part 2

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Stef woke up to the sound of sirens at eleven in the morning, she looked to her left and saw a vision of wonder, Juanita was there and she was just...... beautiful. Her hair, was curly and it looked sexy and wild, she looking at her too and then stef smiled at her, she moved in closer and whispered in her ear," Good morning Nina".

Nina was Juanitas nickname, stef called her that because Jua reminded her of an exotic beautiful countess of some sort, and Jua liked it and the name had sort of stuck.

Stef slowly kissed Jua's forehead and she went downstairs to make them some toast and put on the kettle, then suddenly she heard Jua come down the stairs. She asked her if she was ok, when Jua sleepily told her she was, stef hugged her, Stef was at the bottom of the stairs and Jua was on the first step, so Stef lifter her and kissed Jua's breadth bone and she held on to her gently and carried her to the kitchen table, she place Jua on a table and went to check on the kettle which she had put on earlier. After eating breakfast both girls decided to go swimming at the beach, but stef wanted to surprise Jua, so she told her to wait for ten minutes and shell be back.

Ten minutes later, stef brought a vespa in front of Jua's house. Being in the Mediterranean, and in summer, the weather was treacherous and both girls were sweating after a few minutes in the sun. Jua held on to stef and they rushed through traffic and passed through countryside to get to the beach. The whole time, jua was holding on to stef with a vice like grip and stef was losing her mind with each passing minute. She felt juas hand on her tummy, she felt jua's boobs against her back, stef succumbed to dirty thinking but she was determined not to let it go overboard.

They arrived at the beach, it was a quite beach, quite isolated yet comfortable and cute. Stef had also packed in a little snack and beer for them. They settled down on the sand and they started taking off their clothes. Stef moved in on jua, she looked her in the eye and smiled and said," You're just breathtaking... do you know that?" and kissed jua's forehead, then jua smiled back and said'" You're always complimenting me..but we have to talk...."

Stefs heart froze, she couldnt feel a thing, her heart was beating like crazy, her mouth was dry, jua hated last night, stef started to panic......." How are you feeling after last night?" Jua asked.
" i feel alive, i feel love and i feel extremely turned on" stef answered and caught jua and lifted her and walked to the water with her in her arms... jua was going to answer to stefs previous statement but stef stopped her " Save it till we're in the water.."

when the water reached up stefs torso she told jua to tell her what she wanted to say. " i dont know what got into us, we're straight, we cant do this! what will our parent say? what will people say? we're just best friends! we can't---" and before jua could finish her sentence stef dunked her into the water without a moments hesitation.... she started swearing and at the same time scooped jua up from under the water and kissed her. Hard. On the lips. jua started to fidget but when she realized stef meant business she let go, she let loose and she put her hands in stefs hair. then stef put jua down and told her. "

There's nothing wrong with us Nin, i mean sure we're both straight, i mean we always went out with boys, but i've always felt something for you, always wanted you to be mine when you were in the arms of another, im dedicated to you and you mean the world to me, i care too much about you and i'm the wierdest person you met, you're the most strongest girl i know" with that stef put a hand on jua's cheek, and continued," You are reserved yet adventurous you are funny yet you can be very mature, you are amazing, last night was a new start, a new start with the person i've been loving for over a year.

I love you. and i want to be yours, i'm here for you and i need you." with that stef kissed jua again, this time jua responded differently, they was passion this time and jua put her hand in stefs pants before stef could make a move, jua went crazy, she touched stef all over, kissed her neck, made love to her in the sea and then after two hours of heated kisses and moans, jua slumped into stefs arms...," I dont know what the fuck you do, but you turned me on and to be honest i felt something for you too, and im sorry for now but i know with you it will never be wild" with that, she bit stefs earlobes and stef just lost control, she just kissed juas neck, kissed her tummy, kissed her tighs, she laid jua to float in the water, she went between her legs, with juas legs on the shoulder, she kissed the inner thigh, she kissed jua's cunt and then she breathed, softly on her cunt..

But didn't do anything, she kept on doing the same thing until jua was screaming for sex, for a finger fuck but stef never yielded, instead she put juas legs down and carried her onto the beach, she laid her down on the towel, and she opened a beer and she lit a cigarette after drying off.

Then jua was feeling drowsy so she took a nap, she wasn't on her back so stef took the opportunity to message juas back, she touched her back sensually, they talked about normal things and then stef turned jua over, kissed her cheek, kissed her collar bone kissed juas left boob , kissed juas left hand and placed a necklace in juas hand,.... and then kissed jua ever so gently on the lips....

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