Computer Setup

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As I walked in the computer shop, off the hot August, street, I could see I was the only one in the place. There wasnít even anyone to wait on me. So I looked around at the different computers set up as I made my way to the back of the shop. I seen a small hallway at the back of the room where it seemed that there was a door half open with a light on. So I went on back to see if anybody was there that might wait on me.

When I got to the door I started to say is anyone here. When I looked around the corner of the doorway I heard a moan and what I seen took me by complete surprise. I saw a guy sitting in a chair in front of a computer screen. He was almost completely naked except for a pair of cut off jeans open and pulled down. He had is cock out and was stroking it at a fast pace. He was a young well built guy with broad shoulders and a very tanned and muscular body. He was watching a porno clip on the screen of two guys sucking each others cocks in a 69 position. I must have froze there for at least 10 seconds watching him jerk on his big cock, that had to be at least 8 inches long and 2 inches thick or more.

When I came to my senses I quickly stepped back and turned around and started for the front door of the shop. Just as I was about half way to the door it opened and in stepped a guy looking like he was in a hurry. The door closed hard behind him and he looked at me and said, hi is there anybody here? As I started to answer, the guy from the room in back stepped out and said can I help you guys as he looked at the clock with a puzzled look on his face. I told the other guy I was in no hurry to go ahead. He said Iím looking for some of those expense photo type floppies. The fellow said well I have them but we close at 5. I looked at the clock and seen it was about 20 minutes after 5 Oíclock. He said I must have forgotten to lock the door. Then he said as long as youíre here I will sell them to you thatís what Iím in business for. So the guy got his floppies and out the door he went.

I looked at the fellow I had just a few minutes earlier watched stroking his big cock and said, Iím sorry I didnít realize you were closed and said I will come back another time. He said with a smile, thatís ok I need to do some business anyway, as he stepped to the door and locked it. What can I help you with?
I told him I need a computer, since my wife took mine in the divorce. I was interested in one that was fast to download things, with a lot of memory. He told me he had one that was on sale that sounded like just what I was looking for. He pointed at one and told me to sit down and give it a try. So I sat down at it and tried it out. He stood very close behind me with his face close to mine so he could see the screen too while he showed me several of itís features. He was so close to me I couldnít help noticing the wonderful smell of this guyís strong muscular body. Of course there was no mistaking the smell of the hot sex he had been having with himself a few minutes earlier. It was driving me crazy and I could feel my own cock begin to get hard. I turned to look at him and ask him how much the computer sold for. When I looked at his face he was staring at the growing bulge in my own cut off jeans. He stood up straight and that put his huge cock only a couple of inches away from my face.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said I can let you have this machine for a song. We negotiated the price and I said I would take it. I told him I didnít know much about setting up a computer and that I had no idea how to use all the new programs on this one. He said thatís no problem. If I wanted him to, he would bring the computer over and set it up and show me how to use the new programs for no charge. I said that would be great and we set a time for the next day that we both agreed on for him to set it up at my place.

Now I have never had sex with a man, but I have to admit this guy really had me hot. I guess the fact that I just hadnít had any pussy since, my now ex-wife divorced me. I was not ready to date again and the only sex I have had since then was with my hand. It seemed to be enough to keep me from going crazy till I was ready for dating again. Now I suddenly had a wild exciting feeling about seeing this hot stud with the huge cock stroking it like he could have cum any second.

That night as I lay on my bed to try to get some sleep, I stroked my own cock. I fantasized about watching him jerk his cock and wondered what it would be like to suck it for him and give him the pleasure Iím sure he would like to have. I had one of the biggest and best orgasms I could remember since I was married.

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