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Lemuel, a hunky, black and 44-y/o cabby had heard a lot about Carla as a faithless tramp from Joe, her white, dominant and 27-y/o husband, before a mid-September Saturday night when the Mandingo was driving the couple along a street.

He knew he could take indecent liberties with the submissive 23-year-old, which he did by reaching across the front seat, opening the light coat she was wearing and rubbing her moist twat-flaps.

'Awesome. Joe was right. You're real juicy,' he remarked, then caressed her pretty face under her long, dark-brown hair.

'Thank you, sir,' she smiled.

'Yeah, she's a prime target for misogyny provided guys don't cause her physical harm,' the attractive husband said from the rear seat.

'Hell, I'm a monster but not violent,' Lemuel grinned as he removed his fat, 17-inched cock from his jeans.

Before Carla could react to it, a spiteful glint appeared in his eyes while he inquired, 'Wanna' sit your honky-ass on this and try spinning – huh?'

'I'd love to, sir!' the trollop exclaimed, though her husband usually requested men to start her sessions of infidelity by appealing to her craving for derogation with verbal abuse.

Nonetheless, the tart didn't realize he was about to entertain himself as he never had, whereupon Lemuel pulled his cab into an alley in a deserted area of town.

'You're gonna' show me what a fucking slimmer you are! Get out of the car!' he commanded.

'Yes, sir,' Carla responded as she obeyed.

Next, Lemuel bunched her coat around her waist, bent her over the car hood and started spanking her.

'Aaah!' she squawked.

'Quiet! Don't scare the wildlife away!' Joe ordered as he took his 10-inched pecker out of his trousers and began stroking it, after which Lemuel sat on the hood.

'Climb up here and drop your pooper on my dick!' he rumbled.

'Yes, sir!' the wife squealed as she slowly forced her dung-vagina halfway down the cabby's mighty weapon before he carefully started clubbing her anal shaft and sneering, 'I damn-well hope you're politically correct because you're gonna' take this nigger splitting you like a watermelon!'

'Yes, yes! Split me!' the trollop wailed, at which point Noam, Todd and Marcel emerged from the shadows.

They were white, 18-y/o studs playing for the amateur soccer team Joe volunteered to coach.

Having never done the nastiest with a prostitute, however, they'd been inspired to give that a whirl upon them and Joe watching *Belladonna in “The gangbang girl 29”, particularly being they liked the porn-queen rimming her co-stars, plus them calling her a 'dirty, little hooker' as well as a 'rancid whore.'

And, naturally, the players wanted to meet a hot, paid slut, while there in the alley, they started groping her.

'I forgot; who'd you say this skank is, coach?' Marcel questioned Joe before the latter replied, 'My wife, Carla.'

'For real? Your old lady's turning tricks?' Noam said.

'Lady? Come on, dude! Ladies don't earn a living snaring pricks!' Todd snorted.

'Well, Carla finds 'lady' an offensive term. Besides, she's not earning a living, only your spare change,' Joe told the youngsters.

'Radical, man,' Todd said while he and his teammates drew handfuls of coins from their pockets, to astonish but arouse Carla.

'Oh, god, yes, I'm a cheap hooker!' she cried-out.

'Ignore her irreligious babbling, especially since you guys won't believe she'll attend church, tomorrow morning,' chuckled her first-time pimp.

'No kidding?' Noam asked.

'None at all,' Joe confirmed the truth.

'Why, you little cuss!' Noam snarled while slapping Carla's face at the same instant as Lemuel shooting his wad into her bowels.

After a few seconds of silence, Marcel noted. 'I doubt you have a reputation, at least a good one, even if I can't believe you're defaming yourself for money on Saturday night and probably will tithe your earnings tomorrow morning!'

'Yeah, except you're too dumb to count your earning, let alone calculate 10 percent of that!' Noam scoffed.

'Crap, guys. White girls aren't able to count their own head-marbles!' Lemuel mirthfully said, then rolled Carla off his prick.

However, the jocks were determined to make her imitate Belladonna, with Marcel helping the slattern to her knees on the ground, lowering his uniform trunks and yelling, 'kiss my ass, “you dirty, little hooker”!'

'Uh-hmmm!' Carla assented while Noam stabbed 2 fingers into her gushing snatch and jeered, 'You're carrying a slime-bucket, scag!'

'It's not a pigsty?' Todd rhetorically asked, followed by Carla licking his butt and him saying, 'Do your business, you filthy ass-wipe!'

Once she'd serviced Noam's butt, however, he raised her muff onto his 9-inched penis and started bashing it, after which Marcel drilled his 11-incher into her guts.

'Aaaah, yes, fuck me hard!' she screamed while orgasms set her ablaze.

'Take my cock, you rancid, piece-of-shit whore!' Noam shouted.

'Guess rancid means you stink! Shit certainly does!' Todd laughed.

In a few minutes, Marcel seeded her entrails before Noam did likewise to her tight vagina, with Joe and Todd next sharing her slurping mouth until they mucked it full of dick-slop.

'Thank you. That was wonderful, sirs,' the slag murmured.

Immediately, though, Lemuel, Marcel, Todd, Joe and Noam sealed her debasement by pissing in her oral potty while she spluttered.

Nevertheless, Joe surprised her and his players when he divided the athletes' payment the best he could, handed it to them and cheerfully said, 'You guys deserve a refund for doing a such a great job - really.'

'All right! Listen, bitch, we care less than a fart about your tithes!' Marcel snickered...

… while that was as much the truth as the wife's commercialization, which she couldn't wait to be repeated, though whether or not she had tithes to put in the offering plate at church after the soccer players pimped her a week later shall stay a mystery.

After all, Carla was just a 'dirty, little hooker' and a 'rancid whore' - enough said!

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