College wrestle gets manhandled in a Private video booth

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I was about twenty years old when I first discovered an adult video arcade. I was a sophomore in college and I was away from home for the first time. In those days I was always horny and my cock got hard when a cool breeze came by. I was turned on and fascinated by all the porn on a 50+ channel environment. I always felt guilty like I was doing something wrong when I went into a porn shop; mainly because I was I was young and sexually inexperienced. I remember discovering booths with windows where you could see into the adjoining booth and watch the guy next to you pull their cock out and jerk off.

I was a little disturbed and curious at the same time because I had never seen a man jerk his cock off or shoot his load all over the place. Then later I discovered at other porn shops glory holes where another man would point his finger into the hole inviting you to stick your cock into the hole and heíd suck you off! The first time I did this it was the first time a man took my cock and sucked it so hard and so well I couldnít help but shoot loads and loads of my cum into their hot warm mouths. Then one day I went to the porn shop and this older guy, he must have been in his thirties, me being twenty was intimidated by him because he was much bigger, muscular, and stronger than me.

He smiled at me and it made me nervous! Every time I went to booth heíd follow me. I finally left and the arcade and paid for a private viewing booth and figured I could watch my porn and jerk off in peace. The booth had a TV screen in which the cashier had a video recorder and placed my selected video of choice. It was one of those ďColossal adventuresĒ. So I went into the booth and there was the tv and a small couch and I closed the door and locked the door so I thought. I was watching a video of some hot amateurs giving blow jobs and getting fucked. I had taken off my pants and underwear and was fiercely stroking my cock!

Then suddenly I heard someone trying to open the door to my booth and then the big guy open the door and came into the booth. I was startled, scared and half naked. When he came in and he smiled and closed the door and then locked a bolt lock on the door I hadnít noticed! Ssh! little man! I was so scared I couldnít even talk! He sat next to me on the couch gently grabbed my cock and began stroking it. nice cock he whispered. He leaned in and started kissing my check and ears and then forced a kiss on me and stuck his tongue in to my mouth and French kissed me. I was surprised at myself because I was terrified but turned on.

This man stroked my cock well and his advances were actually exciting me. I had never been with a man or a woman for that matter. I was a virgin and was pretty confused. He leaned down and began sucking my cock slowly, slowly working his mouth down the length of my cock. He then stopped sucking my cock and then pulled my t-shirt off and then started sucking on my nipples. I was totally naked and this guy was warming me up like I was a girl. He then stood up kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt off. He was in awesome shape, lots of muscles and tight abs.

He them pulled his shorts off and underwear in one sweep and out popped a huge, fat cock that had to of been a solid ten inches plus. His scrotum was huge and he had a dark blonde bush! He grabbed the back of my head and eased his cock into my mouth. I didnít know what I was doing, then began to suck him as he slowly slid his cock in and out of mouth. It seems like I was worshipping is cock forever. He then sat on the couch picked me up like I was a feather. I was pretty muscular and weight 175 lbs. I was on my collegiate wrestling team and I could believe this guy picked be up sat me on his lap and then began kissing me like I was a woman.

He kissed my mouth, my nipples and then told me to stand and feed him my cock. I stood on the couch face fucking him and he sucked my cock so well! I then felt him massaging my ass! And then a finger found my asshole! I pulled away and said no! He was enjoying my cock at that moment. As I pulled away he tightened his grip on my ass. He then spanked my ass and told me to behave! He then pulled me back to him and took my cock in his mouth and fingered my ass! It was a sharp pain as he slides his finger and then fingers into my ass! I finally couldnít hold it and let my load explode into his awaiting mouth!

He kept sucking onto my cock cleaning it of all my seed. I was exhausted and slowly collapsed in his lap and big arms. He held me close to him and I felt his huge cock resting against my ass and the crack of my ass. He lifted my head and kissed me gently and rubbed my ass and played with my ass hole. Are you ready little man to be fucked? I told him I had never done that and I wasnít really gay! He smiled and said donít worry; you can still have all the pussy you want. He made me lean over the side of the couch and I felt him lube my asshole with Vaseline and then I felt his big cock push into my virgin ass! It was massive, intrusive, and it hurt and he slowly penetrated me!

I screamed out but could barely be heard over the porn on the TV! He slowly eased his cock into me and then it felt as though he was bottoming out in my ass as I felt his big balls slap against my ass! I felt the sensation for the first time of my cock and balls slapping against his balls every time he went balls deep into me. Oh your so tight, he exclaimed. He fucked me bent over the arm of the couch and as it hurt with a hot pain as my ass was stretched out it slowly began to feel better and I found myself backing my ass up to meet his thrusts. He then rolled be over and mounted me with like legs up missionary like I was a woman.

I saw his big cock as he lubed it with more Vaseline and it gleamed in the dark video booth. He lifted my legs and then pushed his cock into my ass and fucked me with strong fast strokes. I knew he was about to cum after a while and he pulled his big cock out of my ass and shot his load all over my chest. He collapsed on top of me and then he sat up pulled me on top of him and kissed me. I was extremely confused. He said his name was Jason and gave me his business card. He was a General Contractor. He asked if I needed a ride home and I said I did because I lived on campus.

He told me no problem and smiled and said itís not a big deal sweetie you may have a problem walking for a few days, donít worry you still all man as he spanked my ass and tugged on my fat cock. As we dressed and left the booth there must have been ten guys hanging out by the door. They all just smiled and didnít say anything. As we left to go to his truck Jason handed the cashier some cash and told the cashier thank you. I found out he paid the cashier to get into my booth! I was embarrassed and he told me not to be because every guy in the video shop wanted to fuck me for weeks.

It was kind of weird being talked about like I was a chick. As he drove me home I told him I was a virgin and it was my first time and still wanted to be with a woman. He smiled and said no problem Iíll hook you up. Jason kept his word and we went to a hotel and he ordered to very hot call girls! Thatís another story, but honestly Jason is still a great friend and he was awesome lover all through college because he fucked me on a regular basis. Did I ever fuck him occasionally; however thatís when I learned about the difference between a top and a bottom. He also introduced me to a few gay gang bangs and taught me how to top! Iím in my 40ís and love pussy, but there is nothing like a muscular man with big fat cock to suck and fuck!

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