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“Be safe! We love you!” My family yelled as I maneuvered my silver 2001 BMW down the driveway of our 2 story brick house on my way to freedom. I gave one final wave as I pushed on the gas and started off to college. Finally! I thought as I started off to GT where I planned on making my dream come true… being and actress. Now, don’t get me wrong, I could care less if I’m famous… I just wanna act… to be on stage and in the spotlight. 

The college campus was only about 45 min away from where I lived. When I pulled into the parking lot, I found my building and tugged one of my many suite cases out of my trunk. I trudged it upstairs to my dorm room and I unlocked the door. There was no evidence of life there and I figured my room mate hadn’t shown up yet. Oh well, I just hoped we got along… 

“Ugh…” I groaned as I heaved my bag onto the bed. I decided to explore before unpacking. I went to the door and pulled it open but was brought up short by a tall, blonde girl wearing baggy jeans and a roomy top that left everything to the imagination. She looked me up and down and groaned… “great,” I heard her mutter under her breath. She pushed past me and walked to the bed opposite mine and dropped her bags on the floor. I was just about to introduce myself when my cell phone rang. 

“Hello?” I answered. “Hey, are you at the dorm yet?” It was my best friend, Kori. “Yea… I just got here. Where are you?” I walked over to my bed, opened my suit case and started to pull my clothes out. “I’m still at home. My mom wants to have a last dinner thing. Just wanted to call and let you know I wont be able to meet with you tonight. We can get together tomorrow, ok?” she explained. “Ok… I’m kinda tired anyways. I’ll see you later.” I hung up and turned back to my roommate. “I’m Emily DeRosa,” I said. “Maryssa Dunn.” She went back to unpacking and I took the opportunity to study her. She was tall, I guessed about 5’9’’ or so and had wavy shoulder length blonde hair. I couldn’t even begin to guess her weight because her clothes were so baggy… But I could tell she wasn’t big. She had fairly pale skin and from the logo on her t-shirt, I guessed her to be a sk8er. Total opposite of me. 

I’m 5’7’’ and 125 lbs. I have straight black hair that falls to my butt and dark skin as I am half Hawaiian. I was currently wearing a tight black tank top that hugged my 34-D chest and short cut offs that emphasized my long, shapely legs. This is going to be a long year, I thought to myself as I crossed to the bathroom and started to place my toiletries in one of the two medicine cabinets. When I returned, Maryssa was gone. Now was the perfect time to explore. I walked out and went to the main lawn where students sat under trees and talked, and were walking through. I saw Maryssa hanging with a girl that resembled her in the clothes department. I decided not to push my luck. I shaded my eyes from the sun with my hand and looked around for someone I knew. I knew a lot of my friends from high school were going to attend school here… Finally, I spotted Keith, Mike, and Rachael standing a few feet away from Maryssa and the girl. 

I started my way over and just as I passed Maryssa, I heard her say to the girl, “My room mate is so preppy.” That’s when she noticed me. I was surprised and I stopped in my tracks. I saw color flush her cheeks. “Oh. H-hi Emily…” she stuttered. “I…uh…” I raised my eyebrow in question. I was just about to say something when I heard, “Yo, Em! Over here.” I turned to see Keith waving me over. I looked back at Maryssa and then stalked off to my friends. 

Rachael immediately took me into a tight embrace. I hugged her back. “Can you believe we actually made it?” she asked as we stepped back. I laughed and hugged both Keith and Mike. We talked for a few minuets then decided to go out for dinner at the campus café. By the time we finished eating and we parted ways, it was nearly 8:00. I was really tired and choose to sleep. I unlocked the door and went inside and changed into my pink hello kitty pajama bottoms and a semi-tight old navy t-shirt. I had just started braiding my long hair when I heard the door open and Maryssa walked in. I glanced at her then went back to my braid. 

“Uh…I’m sorry about earlier,” she said. I shrugged and started to make up my bed, putting on my signature tiger-striped sheets, and my tiger print comforter on it. Maryssa started to do the same with her white sheets and black comforter. I was about to ease my way under my covers when, again, my cell phone rang. It was my mom this time. “Hey mom.” I said. “Did you get there ok?” she asked. “yep… no problem.” she asked me about my room and I said, “it’s ok…” We talked for a few minuets and then finally, she said, “Well, I’ll let you go then. We all love you and miss you already.” I smiled at the thought of my family. “I miss ya’ll too. Love ya…bye.” I hung up my phone and slid under the covers, intending to sleep the night through cause I was so tired. I found a comfortable position a closed my eyes. 

The next thing I knew, I woke up and it was pitch black. I looked at my phone to see that it was 3:00 am. I needed to use the bathroom, so I dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom, careful not to wake up Maryssa. When I was through, I opened the door of the bathroom to see Maryssa sitting up in her bed flipping through a magazine. “Sorry if I woke you,” I said as I crossed to my bed. “I couldn’t sleep anyways,” she replied and continued to read the magazine.

I wasn’t really tired anymore and I pulled out my laptop computer that my mom gave me when I graduated high school and I turned it on, intending on working on a story that I had started writing. I opened the document and stared at the screen. I couldn’t think of anything… suddenly, I realized what was wrong. “I’m not a prep,” I said, turning to Maryssa. She looked up, startled, and said, “Right… sure you’re not,” then went back to her magazine. “I’m not!” I argued. “Ok! You’re not a prep. Now leave me alone!” she closed the magazine and tossed it onto the floor. 

“What is your problem?” I asked, “Why have you decided that you hate me? You don’t even know me!” I cried. She looked me and my stuff over… “Let me guess, you’re from the suburbs… from a nice house with loving parents and ritzy cars… You come from a financially secure lifestyle and you get whatever your little heart desires… Well, guess what little girl? Not all of us have those things in life!” with that she turned off her bed-side lamp and turned on her side, leaving me with my mouth hanging open… What was that all about? I thought to myself. I turned off my computer and turned on my side, willing myself back to sleep… It must have come because the next thing I knew I opened my eyes to the early morning light. 

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