College is a whole new world

(Part 1 from 1)

When Angie came to Duke University, she was placed with a roommate that was randomly selected. Since she was moving so far away from home, she knew no one at the school, so she really had no choice but to live with a stranger. When Angie met Melissa, she was so relieved that she had a seemingly normal roommate and Angie and Melissa became friends fast. They even joined a sorority together, Alpha Theta Omicron. They had a blast their first semester, parties, sorority functions, and late night chats almost every night.

One night shortly after their return from winter break, Angie and Melissa were in their room reading The Notebook for their book club. It was a Thursday and since neither of the girls had Friday classes they stayed up late to read the book. Their beds were right beside each other and Angie’s was against the wall while Melissa’s was a few feet away right beside the built in dresser. Angie was propped up in the corner on her bed while Melissa was laying on her side facing Angie with her head propped up on her hand.

Melissa had always dressed a little different than Angie. While Angie usually preferred polo’s or T-shirts and Jeans with flip-flops, Melissa chose tank tops and low-cut tee’s with short shorts or skirts usually with heels or flats. She always looked cute but Angie just never felt she could pull it off. Sometimes the girls would borrow each others clothes, especially when one had waited too long to do laundry and only had pajamas to wear to class.

Angie noted other differences in them too. While they both had D-cup breasts, Melissa’s always looked better. Both the girls were thin, but Melissa just looked like she worked out more and ate less cookies. Angie had never had low-self esteem but Melissa just looked so hot. Not in a “gay” way Angie had told herself. She just didn’t know another word for it.

That night it had started snowing outside but the heat was on in the room. The girls continued to read and somehow the girls were always on the same part in whatever book they were reading. Angie could figure out what part was coming next: the steamy love making scene. The girls continued to read and go through the “hot” part. Angie peeked up from her book at Melissa to see that her tank top had fallen awfully low. A lot of times she didn’t wear a bra and just wore tank tops or camisoles, but her breasts were nice and perky so she didn’t look like an “old lady” when she did.

Angie heard a small noise and she could’ve swore it sounded like Melissa moaning. That was odd. She must’ve been hearing things in her head. She went back to reading when Melissa looked up and asked if it was okay to open the window. Angie said yes and looked back at her book and then watched Melissa hop of the bed in front of her, her breasts jiggling when she did. She walked around the bed to the window and took in a deep breath then stood there for a second with her arms crossed. Angie heard another small moan again. Weird.

Melissa left the window open and turned back to Angie. Melissa leaned over on her bed towards Angie, showing a good deal of cleavage. Melissa and Angie had raised their beds so she didn’t have to bend far but Angie could still see a lot. Melissa raised up and Angie could see her nipples looked rock hard. It was probably just the cold. “So what do u want to do tomorrow?” Melissa said.
“I was hoping to go dress shopping for the formal coming up.” Angie replied.
“Oh, thanks for reminding me! I need to too! Mind if I join you?”
“Not at all! I actually wasn’t looking forward to going on my own! Now you can tell me how awful I look in every dress!”
“Shut up! You have a smoking body, like your super sexy.”
“Um, thanks.” Angie said with hesitation, then shrugged it off. She probably says that to all of her friends.

It was quiet for a little bit after the girls got on their computers, Angie checking her grades, Melissa checking her Facebook. Angie heard yet another moan and looked up at Melissa but she was just staring at her computer, probably checking her email or grades. The girls had been sitting there for a little bit then Melissa moved to get more comfortable. She sat on the foot of her bed and sat her computer on the bed, leaning over to type, her breasts practically spilling out again. Angie stretched out and then went to check her email to see if her parents had sent her anything or if her professor had sent the test grades out yet. Melissa looked up from her computer and said “Hey, Angie, you had a long time boyfriend in high school right?”

“Yea, Ben. Why?” Angie said.
“I was just wondering. So, did you all ever do anything crazy?”
“We went cliff diving one time.”
“I bet it was hot.”
“Excuse me?”
“I bet it was hot… outside, like temperature.”
“Oh, yea, I think so.”

Melissa was acting strange tonight. Not too out of the normal but something was off. Melissa jumped off the bed right next to Angie again, her large breasts jiggling, and bent down to get something under the bed. Angie could see that it looked like Melissa was wearing no underwear under her booty shorts. Melissa slowly stood back up and Angie noticed her big, round, firm ass, it wasn’t too big but it was definitely something you could grab on to. With nothing in hand, Melissa turned to Angie and stretched her arms up and appeared to get a cold chill, her nipples hardening again. Melissa leaned into Angie, putting her leg on her thigh. “I really need to shower.” Melissa said.

“Yea, me too, I have an interview tomorrow afternoon and I really want to sleep in tomorrow.” Angie replied.
Melissa mumbled something and Angie thought it sounded like “we should shower together.”
“What?” Angie laughingly replied.
“I said you should take a shower. Your acting awfully strange tonight, Angie.”
“Sorry, I must be tired. I think I’ll go to sleep soon.”
“But I really wanted to stay up and talk tonight.”
“Okay, what do you want to talk about?”
“So, you’ve had sex right?”
“Yes, why?”
“I just wanted to share experiences.”
“I’ve never done that so I don’t know if I’ll be comfortable with it but if you are then you can go first.”

“Okay. My first time was with my longest relationship, Kingston.” Melissa started, “he was the sweetest guy I ever met and he was super hot as well, he had huge biceps, short hair, and big feet. We had been dating for 4 months and he was so romantic. He lived with his parents but we were in high school so I didn’t care that we did it there. His parents, who were never home anyways, were out of town on business. He took me to dinner and rented a limo. We made out in the back to and from the restaurant. When we got to his house he told me to wait in the living room and had slow jazz music playing through the whole house. I sort of figured what was coming and decided I was ready and then I started to get really nervous. He returned with a blindfold and led me to his room, which I had been to a thousand times so I didn’t have trouble even with the blindfold but he still held me the whole way. He opened the door and removed the blindfold and he had lit tons of candles and spread rose petals on the floor and I could hear the Jacuzzi tub going and it smelled like vanilla, my favorite scent. He said “surprise” and led me to the bed. He made sure I was ready and that he wasn’t rushing things.

I told him he was sweet and I couldn’t imagine anyone else to be my first time. He said it was his first time too. We got comfortable and he undressed me and I undressed him and we got familiar with the others naked body. Then we moved to the tub and just sat there for almost an hour. I was afraid that the candles would be an issue but he said a lot of them were fake flame because he didn’t want to worry about blowing out candles on our special night. We kissed most of the time and felt all over each other. It was my idea, I thought that it would enhance our sexual experience. He started with my breasts, rubbing his big, soapy hands over them and slightly pinching the nipples, I jumped a little but smiled and then he moved down my stomach and around to my ass. He squeezed it and I let out a little moan. He was on his knees, crouching on top of me, his cock inches away from me. He slowly moved his hands over my thighs towards my vagina. I put my legs outside of his thighs, spreading my pussy out for him to see. He started with touching my clit, rubbing a little, and flicking it. I let out another moan. Then he said it was my turn. He sat down in front of me his thighs on top of mine.

His cock pointing to my pussy. I ran my hands down his chest, to the skin above his cock and went around it to the thighs and rubbed. Then I touched it. It was the first time I had touched one. It was big, from what I knew, and it was hard. I grasped it and squeezed. Then I started moving it up and down a little. He stopped me. Then we kissed then stood up and moved to the shower to rinse off. He fondled my breasts again and I could feel his big cock rubbing up against me and I realized I couldn’t wait to have it inside me. We stepped out, quickly drying off and made our way to the bed, not even getting under the covers. He threw me down and hopped on top of me. We kissed for a while, my pussy getting wet and throbbing. I suggested I be on top so I could straddle him. We moved, kissing, I hovered over him, sitting on his cock but he hadn’t gone in yet. He groped my breasts, and we moaned. Then I couldn’t take it any longer. “FUCK ME!!” I screamed. He put his cock in my vagina and I rode him until I was shaking. I fell on the bed and he continued to rub my breasts and we kissed. We did it a few more times that night and then just slept together naked.”

“Wow.” Was all Angie could say. Her experience was nothing like that. Ben had never been a romantic. He was sweet, yes, but he never would have even thought of anything like that. Angie felt her underwear getting wet and her pussy throbbing. She had never watched porn or looked at dirty pictures. She only got like this right before she had quiet, semi-enjoyable sex with Ben.
“So what’s your story?” Melissa said.
“Oh, its nothing compared to that. I’m not sure I want to share it right now.”
“Its okay, just know that I want us to be able to talk about anything at all. Any desires, needs, fantasies you have, I wont judge.”
“Do you mind if I sit on your bed for a while? I need to lean against the wall.”
“Yea that’s fine.”

Melissa hopped off of her bed and climbed onto mine. She lingered when she was on her hands and knees and faced me, her large breasts hung down. She turned around and sat down close to me and I could smell her vanilla perfume.

“Have you ever masturbated?” Melissa said.
“WHAT?” Angie replied, astounded.
“Have you ever masturbated? You know, like, had sex with yourself or touched yourself.”
“No, that sounds dirty!”
“Its not! I’ve done it a few times when I’ve went too long with out a boyfriend, but I’ve never fully gotten into it and had an orgasm or anything.”
Angie wasn’t sure she’d ever even had an orgasm with real sex. “Well I’ve never really thought about it.” Angie lied. She used to lay in bed at night with desires, before she met Ben and lost her virginity. But she was sure her parents would catch her and ground her for life.
“Well I’ve got a vibrator if you ever want to try.” Melissa said.
“Thanks but I probably wont take you up on it.”

“Suit yourself. Oh my gosh. Look at these sluts!” Melissa turned her computer screen to Angie and right in front of her were two girls with their hands in each others vaginas. Probably standing in front of sleezy men with hard penises. She scrolled down the screen to reveal girls with their mouths on another girls vagina, girls kissing in a bed, and a girl shoving a vibrator into another girls vagina.
“Oh my gosh! Why would you show me that?” Angie said.
“Because, its hilarious!”
“Well I think it degrading to women! They probably aren’t even lesbian.”
“Maybe not, but I’m sure they like to experiment. I mean that’s what college girls do, right?”
“I guess.”
“Why don’t we go wild and walk around in just our underwear?”
“We wont leave the room and the blinds are closed. Its not like we can get caught.”
“Okay.” Angie said. So the girls got down and Angie removed her t-shirt and pajama pants to reveal her regular white, full-coverage bra, and semi-cute leopard print underwear. Melissa took off her tank and unleashed her big, beautiful breasts, and then took off her shorts and looked up.
“Oops, I forgot I’m not wearing underwear, oh well, guess I’m just the wilder one! Take off your bra, it feels great!”
Angie hesitated.
“Here, let me do it for you.”

Melissa came up to Angie and put her arms around her and unhooked her bra. Angie could feel her nipples hardening and she just stood there, frozen.
“Loosen up silly!” Melissa said. She spun around then grabbed Angie’s hands and danced with her. Angie laughed. She was actually having fun. And it felt good to not be cooped up in that bra for once. Then Melissa took Angie’s hands and placed them on her breasts. Angie felt them but then jumped back.
“What’s wrong?” Melissa asked.
“I don’t like you that way.”
“Touching my tits isn’t going to turn you gay, we’re just having fun. Do you mind if I touch yours?”

“Um, I guess not.” Melissa stepped over and grabbed Angie’s breasts, squeezing them and rolling them around. Melissa closed her eyes and let out a small moan. Angie’s underwear were soaked by now. So many thoughts were rushing through her head. Was she gay? Bi? Bi-curious? She didn’t know. All she knew was that there was an incredibly hot woman fondling her breasts and enjoying it, and the feeling was mutual. All of the sudden something came over her and she leaned in and kissed Melissa. Melissa hesitated at first but then she went in full-force. Their tongues danced together. Angie felt a sensation run through her. Melissa ran her hands down Angie’s back and started to take her underwear off. Angie decided she was okay with that. They got on the bed and Melissa laid on top of Angie and continued to kiss her. Angie groped Melissa’s breasts. Angie’s pussy was soaked. Melissa pulled back and sat down in front of Angie. She spread Angie’s legs apart and stared. She took her finger and started rubbing her clit. Angie felt so good. She was dying to have something inside her. Then, as if reading Angie’s mind, Melissa gets up and goes to her dresser and grabs her vibrator. Angie got nervous.

She had never used one but she wasn’t a virgin so it probably wouldn’t hurt. But it looked so big. Melissa got back on the bed and laid on top of Angie. But she laid on her back so Angie’s breasts were squashed and it felt good. Melissa took the vibrator and started pleasuring herself and it turned Angie on so much. She wanted to just grab it from Melissa and shove in inside herself so much. She moved her hand down Melissa’s arm and reached for the vibrator. Melissa stopped her and told her its better if you wait. Angie sat there, the images of the naked girls rushing back in. Her clit was throbbing. She noticed that Melissa was moaning awfully loudly and then she started shaking and screaming. Angie put her hand over Melissa’s mouth and hoped that no one heard. Melissa calmed down and rose up and turned around to face Angie. Melissa put the vibrator on her own pussy and it was covered with juices.

Then she stuck it in Angie’s mouth and said “LICK IT BITCH!!” Angie licked it dry and surprisingly liked the taste. Then Melissa took the vibrator and thrust it into Angie’s vagina and she let out the loudest moan she ever had. Melissa shoved the vibrator in and out over and over again. Angie was shaking and practically flopping around on the bed. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she was squeezing her nipples so hard that they would probably hurt for days. Then Melissa put her mouth up to Angie’s pussy and drank all the juices that had came out. Then Angie leaned up and kissed Melissa for what seemed like all night.

The girls slept naked in the same bed and talked for hours, cuddled up.
“Thanks.” Angie said.
“For what?” Melissa questioned.
“Getting me to let loose. I really enjoyed it. I think we should do this more often.”
“You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that. I’ve wanted to do this since I met you.”

“I wish you would’ve done it sooner. We need to be sure to room together next year.”
“Absolutely, I’m gonna miss your big, sexy tits when you go back to Rhode Island.”
“We should take sexy pictures to help us get through.”
“Oh, that sounds fun!”

To be continued…

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