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Colleen Bagstrom loved her husband very much. She felt excitement and a stirring in her loins like never before as she waited at the airport terminal gate for him to arrive home from his year long tour in Afghanistan. Soon, she would feel his arms about her. . touching her and feeling her! She felt her passions rise.

Then, the first arrival came down the ramp and her excitement at the thought of seeing Sgt. Bagstrom laden with his bags and gear, arrive. As more people arrived and passed her by, she became concerned. . . surely nothing had gone wrong but this was the military world and often did! She continued to watch!

Then, she saw him. . . Chuck Bagstrom moving rapidly as he approached the exit gate. He stood erect, tall and physically trim as she remembered him.

As he passed the gate, the returning Sergeant suddenly broke into a run towards the woman he loved . . . his wife of nearly 20 years! As their eyes met first and connected, Chuck and Colie met in a solid embrace. It was a time of raw passion as they caressed and fondled and raced for their car and home.

In the care Colie was hot and horny. . . her mind was only on Chuck’s naked flesh and their pending sex! She loved him and she wanted to prove it . . . or maybe it was simply that she wanted some reassurance that he loved her.

Then, once inside Quarters 2419 their clothed fell in a race to their bed. This old married couple seemed compelled by the demons of sex. . . they had to have each other. There’d be time for slow sensuous love later but it was excitement that they craved now.

As they drew back the covers and exposed the clean sheets, Colie was the first to jump on the bed and lie on her back as Chuck moved over her. He hesitated! Was she ready? What did she need to make this time perfect?

Seconds later, he sensed her pulling him over her. . . into the position for penetration. Penetration! He needed it! It’s been over a year since he’d enjoyed the pleasures of sliding his cock into his wife! He’d dreamed often of his wife during that lonely year away and he was about to enjoy her! Chuck moved and seconds later he felt her hands guiding his erection into her waiting vagina.

It felt good! It felt better than anything and he was excited! He would fuck her now in spite of any obstacles - such was the compulsion that drove him.

Then, once fully impaled into her, he rested and their eyes met. Coli lay looking up into his passion filled eyes and hoped the message from hers was as passionate. She and Chuck had done it perhaps a thousand times but each time it seemed better than before. Each time she felt a renewed sense of security. He was her provider and her protector! He was her man! They kissed!

After a moment, they moved slightly together and the slow, steady thrusting and counter-thrusting of good sex began. Each knew the needs and desired well. . . the advantage of long experience had seen to that!

Shortly, Colie felt her passions rise to a peek as she tensed and rode the orgasm to yet another as Chuck steadily fucked her!

For Chuck, the feelings that emanated from his groin, as he steadily thrust into her, brought joy such as he’d often experienced but of which he never tired. His mind was totally engrossed in meeting her needs as Cloie lay beneath him and accepting his ministrations. Her body language, eyes and mouth communicated those needs to him and he sought to fulfill them!

Long before he was ready, he felt his ejaculation about to start. He called out to warn her. . . then came the first spurt of spunk!, then another spurt! And a rapid succession of spurts of his baby making cum into her belly.

Colie felt him lower his body so that they rested belly to belly with him on top - still connected by his rapidly deflating cock! They kissed! They touched as the world slowly closed in around them!


“When’ll the boys be home from school?” Chuck asked as they made3 fun and played.

“Oh! We’ve got two hours yet. Kelsey usually gets home from college around three.”

And so the day went as Chuck greeted his boys! To celebrate Chuck’s homecoming, the family went out to the club for dinner and both Chuck and Colie seemed distracted as their thought seemed to focus on their getting together.

That night after yet another fantastic session of sex, the two talked again. Chuck was pleased as he said, “You’re a good wife. We can talk about anything and we have no secrets. We were meant to be with each other.” They cuddled!

As they prepared for sleep, Chuck was soon sound asleep.

Colie, on the other hand, lay restlessly tossing and turning as she rethought her deep, dark secret. It was her secret and hers alone - or at least she hoped that it was hers alone! She wondered how she could have been so stupid.

Then she remembered how alone and desperately uncomfortable she’d been! Chuck was away in Afghanistan and she slept alone and cold in her bed! There’d been no one to lean on and no one to talk to. Every day there was word of new battle deaths in the war and she feared the worst.

To make matters worse, Kelsey had found a new boyfriend - a lad of questionable character and obviously trying to seduce her. Colie had done her best to redirect her daughter but it added to her stress and worry. Then, Ginny developed a bad case of acne and added more stress to her life. She’d done her best to support those girls!

When Hank Price, Ginny’s soccer coach, had come along, Colie had simply admired his good looks and trim figure of a masculine man. She hadn’t even notice the special attention that he gave her when they met a meetings.

At each of the soccer games and meetings, Colie remembered covertly adoring his person - his sexy manner! She thought, he did not and never could hold a candle to her husband. Why had she ever considered him?

As she lay awake thinking, Colie moved closer to Chuck and sought sleep but it still eluded her. Why had she agreed to meet Hank for coffee? Why had she sought him out? There in bed, she silently chided herself.

Colie sought sleep! She wanted sleep but it would not come as her deep secret haunted her. She reached out and touched the sleeping man beside her.

Again, as he lay there, she considered what she had done. She remembered the first morning that she’d gone to Eric’s apartment and the reservations she’d sensed that he’d try to seduce her even the and decided that she’d simply eject his advances. Of course, she was pretty sure that she couldn’t reject him - perhaps, deep down, wanted him to take her!

There was no doubt in her mind as she looked back that she had wanted to have sex with Hank. . . it was entirely her fault! Now, she was living with the result.

Colie wasn’t sure, that night, when sleep came. It came slowly and was troubled with portions of nightmares as she tossed and turned.

With morning, the couple arose together and started their day as Chuck prepared for work and Colie prepared breakfast. The only difference was that this normally happy, busy time was quiet and rather somber. They went through the same motions that they’d done so many times before and then, Chuck was off to work!

As she went about her housework, Colie worked silently, deep in thought. She considered her big secret again and felt a lump of fear build in her stomach. What if Chuck should learn of her indiscretion. Perhaps some off-hand comment or rumor would lead to her secret’s exposure. It could be the end of her marriage and her family.

Still, she’d been careful and her visits to Hank had been carefully planned to avoid suspicion! Even then, she’d been aware of the dangers of exposure. Hank wasn’t the kind to talk either. Perhaps she was too concerned. . . yet, there was the strong possibility that something could have tipped off an observer. She felt sick - her stomach reacting to her thoughts.

That night, as Chuck and Colie retired to bed, they sought each other’s closeness and began to initiate sex. The initial excitement of his homecoming had been expended the previous night and they looked forward to the slow, sensual intimacy that they’d always know and cherished.

It was as they began top play that Colie began to notice the effects of her big secret on their intimacy. Her dirty secret stood as an ugly barrier between them. . . one that seemed to grow with each passing day.

A week passed as their intimacy seemed to fade - Colie and Chuck grew slightly more distant each day and all might be lost soon. Only she knew the reason - Colie became frantic!

It was a Saturday, nearly three weeks after Chuck’s return, that Colie looked out the back window of heir quarters and saw Chuck hard at work in the garden - his massive body wet with sweat! She felt surge of lust as she watched the ripple of the sinews in his upper torso and knew that something must be done. She could no longer live with a secret from the man she loved.

She’d considered the probability of breaking up the marriage forever if he chose or of trying to raise a fatherless family. She’d considered the shame of admitting he indiscretion in front of her kids and family. She considered the possibility of living a lie and knew what she must do!

The boys were spending the day with friends at the beach and she and Chuck were home alone. Realizing that the time had come to resolve this issue, she went to the door and called her husband in. Soon, they were settled in the front room, fresh cups of coffee in hand..

Colie began, “Chuck, I want you to know I love you and only you - no matter what, you’ve gotta’ believe that. I’ve done a terrible thing in a time of weakness and I can’t live with it any longer. . . .”

“Whoa! It can’t be that bad. . . “Chuck interrupted!

”Yes it can,” she replied quickly, “I’ve been unfaithful to you.”

There was a silence as each considered those words. “I was lonely and scared that you might not come back. I needed someone to talk to! The kids needed a father and I seemed to fail,” she started and went to describe her six week affair with Hank Price, the soccer coach, and of ending it when her guilt had brought her to her senses.

“Did you love him?”

“It wasn’t like that. I needed someone to be close. I was confused.

“Did you love him?”

“I don’t think so, though I did consider going with him once briefly before discarding he idea.” I only love you!” As her eyes met chuck’s, he saw the tears and felt sorry for her pain even as his mind was filled with chaotic thoughts.

The thoughts of what had just happened lay digesting in his mind. Another man had enjoyed his wife as only he was entitled. Another man had known her closest intimacy! Another man had taken what was rightfully his alone! Suddenly, he wanted to hurt the soccer coach as he cried out his anguish - kill him maybe!

He wanted to hurt his wife! He wanted to somehow patch up his marriage. He had to think. He needed time!

Suddenly, he turned to his wife and said, “Colie, I’m going out and I don’t know when I’ll be back!

As Chuck left, he heard Colie crying out for him to “Don’t hurt Hank. They’ll put you in jail for hurting him and PLEASE come back!. . .. “

During the afternoon and evening, Chuck walked steadily about the base as his mind mulled over the facts. He loved his wife and his family and hadn’t wanted any changes.

As he considered those months when he was in Afghanistan and she was alone, he began to recognize her situation. she was alone, facing a tough world, and with her only support half way around the world. He’d seen men in his outfit succumb to those same needs and fears as they visited whores and ladies of the evening. Most of those men gained strength from dealing with their weakness and became good men in the outfit.

Still, she had no right to give this alien to our marriage those benefits that were rightfully mine to enjoy. She’d given him her love and intimacy and those were mine alone - stolen by an alien! She had no right to give those to another man!

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