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As I woke up on the bus full of screaming kids, I saw the entrance of camp Winapasakee after a long trip in this humid yellow bus. We filed out of the bus and grabbed our luggage and we all entered the lodge. There was a woman in khaki shorts and a camp Winapasakee cap who was standing on the stage greeting the new campers. "Welcome everyone to our lovely summer camp! As you all know,, every camper will share a cabin with someone of the opposite gender so pair up now." I looked around And saw people grouping up to room together.

A girl approached me and my eyes lit up. She had strawberry blonde wavy hair and beautiful green eyes. She was wearing a crop top that showed a nice stack of tits underneath. She had tight short denim shorts that revealed her amazing curvatures. "Do u have a partner?" She said with a mesmerizing soothing voice. I answered with a shake of the head and she giggled. "Well, let's go get a cabin shy-guy!" I followed her to the ring of cabins and picked a nice roomy one where I plopped my bags down on the bed. "Well, I'm Cassandra" she said. I replied "oh sorry, I'm George!" She smiled, "George? Wow, that such a romantic name." In the distance we hear the dinner bells and we both walk together to the dining hall.

After dinner we come back to the cabin to take showers and get ready for bed. I let Cassandra go first and I place my clothes in my new dresser. She comes out glistening with only a towel on her head. She has the perfect golden-brown tan and my cock swells in my jeans. "Your turn, stop staring, you'll have to get used to this, we're living together now." "Ha, sorry you r very beautiful, but I'm gonna head in the shower." I hop in the shower and finish in about twenty minutes. I come out in a towel and retrieve my clothes from my dresser, she's sitting on her bed flipping through the channels on the tv. "Anything on?" I ask.

"Nah, I'm going through till the bottom to find the adult stuff you know?" She replies. I change quickly behind her but out the corner of my eye, I see her glance in the mirror at my larger member and smirk. I notice she's wearing a lace nightgown that stops above her also lace panties. I gawk at her juicy ass and you cock takes a full boner in my pants. The lights out horn sounds and we both crawl into bed. "Wow, why is it so cold tonight?" She asks in the darkness. "I have no idea, I'm freezing!" I agree. "Hey, I know this is a bit awkward, but would you mind climbing in my bed and cuddling me since it's so cold?" She asked in that sexy voice. "Um, sure why not, I'm cold too."

I climb in her bed and wrap my arms around her stomach. She rubs against me and her thick ass rubs against my ever growing cock. "Thanks a lot George, this helps a lot." I smell her wavy hair and it smells like watermelon. She places her ass against my hard dick so my cock is between her cheeks. "Mmm" she moans softly for a second and I rub my cock against her ass. She moans a bit louder now and she reaches back to grope my cock. "Oh, George, it's huge!" She throws the covers off us and makes me lay on my butt. "Oh my god, it's fucking huge!!" She exclaims and pulls down my shorts and holds it in both hands.

She licks the head in a swirling motion and then dunks the whole 9 inches into her throat. My whole body explodes with pleasure and I start thruster into her mouth. She takes all of my cock and uses a free hand to rub her soaking pussy through her panties. "Cassandra! I'm going to --" I explode all over her face and glistening tits.. "Oh yes George, cover me with your hot hot hot cum!" I spurt over and over load after load onto her face and into her mouth. "Oh George, I want your throbbing meat inside my soaking pussy!" She jumps on top of me and sinks onto my cock sending waves of pleasure through each of us. I start thrusting harder and harder into Cassandra's sweaty body over and over.

She moans and starts to scream with pleasure. "Oh George yes yes yes give it to me give it to me!!" My balls start slapping her ass as pound every inch of me into her tight pussy. She shouts "George! I'm going to cum!" "Me too!" I reply. As i continue pounding her wet pussy with her juices squirting everywhere we both explode in orgasm. "Oh yes George!" I pull my exploding cock out of her and dump loads onto her face as she moans. I fall asleep onto her as she does me.

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