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My wife walked into the room after nearly an hour and a half getting dressed. I watched her nude from the bed as she looked for the perfect choker to go around her neck to complete her outfit. She had on blue jeans, that were considered low riders, meaning her tiny waist was on display and the red things she had on were clearly visible. For her top, she wore the red push up bra that came with the underwear we'd bought from a lingerie store together. Her mini Jean jacket was left unbuttoned allowing her perfect tits to be admired by anyone willing to look. I wanted to get up and fuck her again right at that moment, but we had just had a marathon session and I was spent.

I had fucked my wife silly, hoping it would prevent her from going along with her plans for the evening. I had given her my approval, but at the last minute, I had a change of heart. So, before she left, I thought I would wear her pussy out. However, my wife matched my enthusiasm and then jumped out of the bed to prepare for her threesome with her co worker.

A new woman arrived at my wife's job and instantly my wife changed. She became more vocal about sex and our romantic life exploded. She became insatiable and attributed it to the woman at her job who was becoming her best friend. My wife would go out for drinks with her after work and return horny as hell. We d fuck in the garage. The kitchen floor. The backyard. I learned quickly that time with this co worker meant my wife wanted to fuck right away so I rushed to meet her when she arrived home in the wee hours of the morning.

This woman had changed my marriage for the better. Her sexual energy had rubbed off on my wife and I was loving it. Thus, when my wife asked for permission to engage in a threesome with her co worker and her boyfriend, I agreed. Her co worker wanted to give her boyfriend the perfect birthday gift and a threesome was her idea.

My wife and I had never done anything like that before. In fact, my wife had complained that same sex intercourse didn't make sense to her. However, this new woman had my wife changing her outlook on many things. I had met the co worker a few times. She was gorgeous. She had the body of a supermodel. Firm and trim. What stood out to me were her pout lips. They looked like they were made for dick sucking.

My wife had finally found the red choker she was looking for and turned around to show me the finished product. I was horny as fuck. But being that I had just cum, it was going to be a while before I could get myself up again. I had asked about using some of the toys we had recently purchased, as using a vibrator or dildo on my wife had become something she had gotten into thanks to the co worker. I stood up and walked over to my wife and kissed her. She groped my dick as I held her. "Round two when I return," she cooed in my ear. Round two always lasted much longer as it took forever for me to burst that second nut. And after her threesome, I knew my wife was going to be a slut in the sheets, which was why I initially agreed to the plan for the evening.

My wife left the house and seconds later, a car arrived in our drive way. Normally, my wife drove to meet her co worker, but I guess tonight was different. I walked over to the window to look out. The co worker had on tight red pencil skirt with a red bra to match. She, unlike my wife, didn't cover up her upper body with a jacket. As they greeted with a hug and kiss on the cheek, my prick stiffened. I began to stroke as the two women walked over to our car and went in the truck. My dick had become Rock solid! I was stroking violently in seconds and to my surprise, I was ready to cum. Not wanting to waste my second d nut, I went to take a cool shower.

After showering and getting into a pair of gym trunks, I went to get the outfit I secretly purchased for my wife for our fun when she returned. It was a revealing g nurse outfit she eyed at the store thanks to a fantasy she was willing to share with me after all these years thanks to her co worker. As I made my way to the guess room where I hid the outfit, I heard voices coming from downstairs. It was my wife and her co worker. I figured they should have been long gone by now and went downstairs to investigate.

"It took you long enough," my wife said as soon as I entered the room where my wife and her co worker sat closely on the couch sipping on some champagne. Both women in all that red and dolled up was too much for me to take. I was immediately aroused. My mesh gym trunks did a poor job of hiding my groin erection. By the short time it took for me to reach them, my dick was throbbing. My stood and took me by the hands. "I have a confession," she said as she seduced me with her hazel eyes. As she spoke I only heard fragments of what she said as the extra set of hands reaching I side my gym trucks had distracted me. The coworker, from behind, no massaged my balls while stroking my cock.

"I thought you said it would be a couple of hours before he would be ready for round two? He seems solid as a rock right now," the woman said as she whispered the rock simile into my ear. Her breath smelled like vanilla. Or maybe that was her body lotion. Regardless, my nostril were even being aroused at this point.

"I thought he might like to watch some girl on girl action before having us," my wife said speaking g to her co worker while intently staring me in the face. I began to say something about the boyfriend who they had somewhere waiting before my wife silenced me with the pointer finger she had begun to sexually suck as she watched her friend jerk me off.

"I don't have a boyfriend," the co worker whispered to me. I turned my head to look at her. Those lips! She began to move her hands up my stomach as my wife freed her hands from my clutches and placed them on my chest. My pectoral muscles stiffed and jumped. My wife loved that as I had begun to work out like a find with the new sexual energy that had come into our life. As the coworker moved her hands up, my wife worked her way down. The four hands simultaneously rubbing my torso was electric.

"We made that boyfriend stuff up to throw you off of the plan for fucking you this evening," my wife said, now with her familiar hands gripping my dick. She had one hand wrapped around the base while the other toyed with the mushroomed head just the way I liked. "Now kiss her and those lovely lips. They're delicious.". My wife moaned to end her statement and the thought of my wife tongue wresting this beauty sent me nearly over the edge. I shoved my tongue into the awaiting mouth of the coworker. As my mind tried to name that flavor it tasted on her lips, it became blown away seconds later.

I had concluded the taste was in the cherry family when my wife had slipped a finger into my ass. The other had gently patted my butt cheek while the co worker masterfully moved her hands back to my cock while still orally pleasure me with her tongue in my mouth. My wife then inserted her middle finger deeper into me causing me to gasp and break the mouth lock I shared with the coworker. I turned to look at my wife and she looked like a wild animal in the eyes. It was shocking, scary and even dangerous, and yet, that look turned me on so much. The co worker then walked around me as she let her hand rub along my waste line the entire trip. The nerve endings in my body were being teased like never before. As I briefly thought of how lucky I was and what I could possibly do to thank my wife for what she was giving me, I was brought back to reality when the coworker placed her tongue out and my wife began sucking it before they turned it into a romantic french kiss. I let out another loud moan. My reality was currently better than any fantasy I ever had!

"What would you like to happen from here?". The question posted by the co worker threw me. I was the dog that chased the car that finally caught it and didn't know what to do. My standing their speechless in stupidity was thankfully ended by my wife who led us upstairs to our bedroom.

My wife got on the bed and spread her legs. The coworker began to give her oral pleasure. I looked on. "Fuck her while she eats me," my wife suggested, or should I say instructed. I entered the moist pussy of the coworker easily. Surprisingly, once inside of her, her pussy was tight and gripped my dick. I closed my eyes and let the sensation take over me. I opened my eyes to see the dilated pupils of those hazel beauties my wife possessed staring at me. My wife was beautiful and when near climaxing, her beauty took on this exotic look. We locked in on each other as we both knew we were going to orgasm.

It was weird as I was inside another woman and my woman was being pleased by that other woman, but the orgasm and moment seemed to be ours exclusively. My wife broke the stare as she began to trembled. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she began to exploded. I stepped away as I saw my wife yell in total pleasure. The co worker stood and marveled at the job she had just performed. My wife was spent. She couldn't move a muscle. The only muscle movements she made were the ones in her face that etched a huge smile across her face.

"Lay next to your wife," the co worker spoke as she saw I was still hung. I did and she took my in her mouth with those soft lips. Normally I would have looked at the woman giving me the marvelous blow job, but instead I turned to look at my wife. The ecstasy across my face aroused my wife who began to finger herself as her friend devoured my dick.

"I'm about to cum," I announced. My wife told me not to as she increased her tickling of her clit. She wanted to perfectly time out desires so we could climaxing together. It was too much for me and I burst my load in the mouth of the woman that swallowed every ounce of it. My wife was shuddering as she had given herself a mini orgasm. The co worker allowed for her to enjoy it before straddling my wife and kissing her with that mouth that had just taken my load. She then finagled her body in the middle of us. She took my hand and placed it on her hand sized breast. She led my wife to her neatly trimmed vagina.

"You two know you have to please your guest," she said to us as we lay there exhausted. We were new to this sort of sexual energy and it appeared she was a pro. I was glad she and my wife had formed this bond and looked forward to what the future would bring us. My wife had similar sentiments.

"Baby," my wife said to me. "She's unbelievable, isn't she? What are we going to do with her?"
" Enjoy every moment," I responded causing everyone to laugh.

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